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Update on rescue cat: With the help of the local animal society, we took this little guy to the vet. He’s healthy, except for the fact that he has a fungus, so right now he can’t be at my house around my cat, and he’s receiving treatment, away from other cats so the fungus doesn’t spread. He’s also going to be neutered, and after that, I have hopes that I’ll be able to adopt him!


I have never shared a pic with my face. It is something of a personal law that has turned into a joke. I’m going to break that rule tonight.

This is me with Seaquin during Sea of Lights getting some fishy kisses (really fishy kisses!). Sadly, today, Seaquin passed away today in the morning.

Seaquin was a Pacific harbor seal born in Marine World Africa in Vallejo, CA, in March of 1991. She came to Jenkinson’s Aquarium in 1992 to keep the aq’s rescue seal - Luseal (Lucy) - company. She was a huge people pleaser that loved tossing rings at her feeders upon completing a retrieval.

I only worked closely with her briefly before her diagnosis, but I loved her.


Saw this truck near my house. 

“We’re on the pull”. I’m sensing an AU.

The Antoine and Bunnie Retrospective - 120

The 25 Recap - 5th Era

How appropriate to end out this year with this wrap up. 

The 5th era includes…. 

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 101-125

This era felt like it was everything at once and yet nothing at all. We returned to the short and silly sand alone stories of old, but still had serious arcs and continuity mixed in. Half the book felt like it was still the Knuckles series and we had left overs from the previous eras sprinkled through out. The tone veered wildly from over the top parody to dark “edgy” tragedy, often within the very same issue. All in all this era was the very definition of “a mixed bag.” 

Major events of the era are…. 

  • Antoine is reunited with his dad - StH 102
  • Elias runs away from home - StH 102 
  • Eggman kills his brother Colin - StH 105
  • Snively is robotized - StH 105
  • The Overlanders are finally rescued by Sonic and Company - StH 105
  • Station Square agrees to provide a home to the Overlanders - StH 106
  • Chaos Knuckles brings everyone back from the dark dimension - StH 106
  • First appearance of “Jani-Ca” - StH 106
  • Ducly’s abusive boyfriend dies - StH 107
  • Chaos Knuckles teams up with Dimitri and tries to bring peace to the two Echidna groups - StH 107 
  • Hope Kintobor becomes a resident of Knothole - StH 108
  • Rotor frees his family - StH 109
  • Robotropolis is destroyed and the Source of All along with it - StH 110
  • Sally gives up the Sword of Acorns, the last link to the Source of All - StH 111
  • Scourge escapes into prison, but gets beaten by Antoine - StH 112
  • Mammoth Mogul returns - StH 113
  • Mammoth Mogul holds Dimitri hostage to get to Knuckles - StH 114
  • Introduction of Tommy Turtle - StH 117 
  • Eggman and Snively are permanently deroboticized by the Bem - StH 118
  • Geoffrey and Hershey become a couple - StH 118
  • Knuckles seemingly dies - StH 118 
  • Bunnie meets her arch-nemesis Jack Rabbit - StH 119
  • Elias is found, married to Meg and with a child on the way - StH 121
  • Knuckles is finds he’s not dead but in an alternate reality crated by the chaos emeralds and he meets the echidna  “god” Aurora - StH 121
  • Mina becomes a singer - StH 121
  • Vector and Julie-Su “bury the hatchet” - StH 122
  • Love triangle comes to an end and Sally and Sonic become a couple again - StH 123
  • All of the Robians, save Jules, are derobotized - StH 123
  • Shadow returns - StH 124
  • The Xorda attack and Mobius is revealed to be Earth - StH 124
  • Knuckles “comes back to life” but loses his powers - StH 125
  • Sonic “dies” to save the world but finds himself lost in space instead - StH 125  

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Let’s be honest if Crowley was in 2016 he’d send 2006 memes to random humans just to piss them off

-His snapchat is filled with him snapchatting about his plants, him taking pictures of ducks, and him reacting to humans fucking up

-He uses vine like how some people do…to fuck with Aziraphale

-He purposely messes up Bendict Cumberpatch’s name to piss off fans of him


- “ I promise you that satan wouldn’t save you a seat, he hogs attention.”

- *watching supernatural * “I knew that guy! I babysat him when he still pissed in his holy robes!”

- Him having way too many pet pigeons and doves. Also he joins a wildlife rescue company.

- fucking with people’s wifi

- Him somehow finding out what anime is and he laughs as he pisses off perverted fanboys on forums by telling them their waifu is shit

Bilbo is in Rivendell, Frodo and Gandalf by his side. The end is near, he can feel it. But it’s not an entirely unwelcome thing. After all, it’s not the rushing fear that consumed him when he faced Smaug or the sharp, draining sorrow he felt when he was dangling over the ramparts. This time, the recognition of death feels soft, like the feathers had been under his palms when the eagles rescued the company from fearsome fire and biting teeth. Bilbo looks to Frodo, his sweet boy, who carried the ring, the terrible burden, when he couldn’t, who he catches staring off into the distance, a sorrow so clear and consuming on his face that Bilbo can feel it piercing his own heart. He looks to Gandalf, that blasted wizard, who though he has a new beard and robes, looks just as mischievous and like as good of a friend as he always has.

Bilbo sighs, and closes his eyes to welcome the claiming softness. But before he lets it consume him, he feels the sting of reluctance. There is one final thing he wants to do, one final act, more impossible than all that came before. He wishes to see a face as handsome and still as carven stone, with eyes as blue as the sky above his lonely mountain, once more. He wants it more than anything. More than anything.

When he opens his eyes it’s to light, brilliant, all consuming yellow light that brings tears to his eyes. And if a loved face lingers in his mind’s eye, then no one needs to know but him thank you very much. He’s in a chamber with ceilings higher and grander than any he has ever seen, from which many darkened doorways lead out. At the end of each is a bright spot of light. Bilbo could almost swear he recognizes the scent of the sweet orange scones his mother used to make when he was just a laf wafting from the entrance directly ahead.

Beside that very doorway, leaning against the wall is a stout figure, darkened by the distance between them. The figure’s head jerks towards Bilbo, his crossed arms falling heavy at his sides. There’s a moment of complete stillness. Then the figures is walking forward, and Bilbo’s feet are carrying him as well, his heart beating like a hummingbird in his chest. From the moment he set eyes on him, Bilbo knew, knew those broad shoulders and that wild mane of hair. He knew in his heart, though his head was warning him differently, who it was.

They stop a few feet shy of one another. Bilbo speechless and Thorin staring. Thorin is without his heavy coat or royal robes, and is instead clad in a simple blue tunic. He looks some how younger though many years had passed since they last saw one another. He is just as royal and handsome as Bilbo remembers. So devastatingly handsome and alive that Bilbo barely breathes.

“Master, burglar. I have been waiting.” Thorin’s voice is rough, but strong and sounds nothing like the last whispered words Bilbo heard those lips form.

“W-waiting? How long?” When he can finally make his throat work, his words are stammered, breathless.

Thorin stares at him. His eyes hard as the ice that coated Ravenhill where he fell. Then all at once they soften, and a smile slowly spreads across his face. Bilbo can feel an answering one on his own lips. Thorin steps forward, his heavy boots soundless on the marble floor. He brushes a piece of golden hair back from Bilbo’s cheek, then slowly pushes his hand through loose curls to rest callused fingers on the soft nape of Bilbo’s neck.

Their foreheads touch and Bilbo grips Thorin’s wrist so tight he’d worry he was hurting him if it were anybody else.

“As long as it took.”