rescue chocolates


Did you know that 95% of live animals sold as Easter gifts die before their first birthdays?  This can be avoided!  Help us spread this message by putting on some bunny ears and taking a photo of yourself with a sign to educate the public further.  Remember to hashtag #notjust4easter.  Thank you for speaking up for the rabbits! 


Happy Birthday, Rin! ♥

Overworked Remedy = Dark Chocolate

I am officially wiped out and need some time off. I have work I have to do tonight again though. When new stuff is rolling out at work, I need to be helping out and available. Tonight, that means getting back to work on a conference call at 11:15 pm after working a 10 hour day already.

“But Ari, how do you look so perky in those pics..” you ask? Well.. the answer my dear is DARK CHOCOLATE. I picked up some incredible little dark chocolate hearts this weekend when I took my kids to a cool little candy shop. I just had a healthy share of them. I then danced around my apartment for a little bit to give my lethargic muscles a boost. As you can see in the pics I felt rejuvenated and dare I say it.. a little schmecksie ;) Considering I was not wearing any makeup today and had not shaved since early this morning, I am really happy with how these pics turned out. I think you can see a little of the stubborn shadow in that top right pic, but let’s keep that our little secret.

By the way.. just finished my fifteenth month of HRT. I also have my third laser hair removal appointment next week. These pics show some of my “up top” progress really well. The top I am wearing is just a shelf bra cami that does not provide any lift at all. I am so happy with how I am developing :)  I am so grateful for being able to access this treatment and to be able to transition. Boy.. chocolate really does make you feel all happy and giddy doesn’t it?!?

Finally, now that my manager is on board, I am beginning to work on writing my transition announcement letter for my company… eeeek!