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Did you know that 95% of live animals sold as Easter gifts die before their first birthdays?  This can be avoided!  Help us spread this message by putting on some bunny ears and taking a photo of yourself with a sign to educate the public further.  Remember to hashtag #notjust4easter.  Thank you for speaking up for the rabbits! 

celiaequus  asked:

If Jane Austen was alive today, what kind of books do you think she'd be writing? What could possibly be considered revolutionary today, the way her books stepped out of the bounds of usual writing (especially female writing)? Pushing for equality, fair trade chocolate, rescuing victims of domestic violence?

Probably writing for The New Yorker or something equally satirical. I could imagine her urging people towards fair-trade products and that sort of ethical privilege, and though I think she’d be open-minded enough to acknowledge intersectionality and the complexities of social justice, Jane Austen is very comfortably #middleclassproblems, so her blind spots would probably be related to her White Feminism™ sort of general lifestyle. I want to say she’d join the big marches but I don’t honestly know that she would. In her own life and time she wasn’t overly concerned about helping lower-class people to transcend the boundaries of their situations. Her downtrodden underdog heroines are genteel girls that are faced with ‘poverty’ but never with real want. The Bennet girls might have negligible dowries, but they dine well.

Five minute ficlet (blinded pt3)

You settled Leonard against the outside of the shuttle, and flopped down beside him. You both sat in silence, listening to the leaves rustling in the warm morning breeze. You sighed, tired to the bone. Breakfast hadn’t gone far between the two of you, and you needed some rest before you went foraging for fruit and checked your trap lines. You also didn’t want to leave your ward alone, blind.

“You sound tired,” he commented without looking at you. “You didn’t sleep last night, did you?”

“I couldn’t,” you shrugged. He must have felt it because he turned toward you, even though his eyes were still wrapped.

“Because you were watching me,” he commented.

“It’s been a long time since that botanist died, Leonard. I’m not used to people,” you admitted. “And yes, I was worried. I’d rather deliver you back to your ship. Not your corpse.”

“I’m glad you found me,” he smiled, and reached up for your face. You leaned your cheek against his hand, instinctively knowing the gesture he was aiming for. His thumb traced along your cheekbone, and his fingers trailed down your jaw, eliciting a trail of goosebumps across your shoulders and down your arms. When you didn’t pull away from his touch, he drew his thumb across your lips, your chin, over to your ear, taking careful stock of what he felt. “Human?”

“Yes.” Your voice cracked a little. No one had touched you in nearly half a year. It had been even longer since it had been a man. His hand stilled.

“Do I need to stop?” He asked.

“No,” you whispered. His hand traced along your jaw back to your hair and threaded through the loose strands.


“Dirt mostly,” you admitted. “Water is not easy to come by.”

“You sound pretty,” he offered. “You feel kind.”

“How does that work?”

“Laugh lines. Smile creases,” Leonard explained.

“And sounding pretty?”

“Your voice is gentle. You’re patient. You hear more than what is said,” he offered.

“And if I’m a hideous beast who is cruel?” You asked.

“You saved my life, darlin’, you’re hardly cruel,” he laughed. “And you feel pretty symmetrical. You should try to take a nap. When you wake up, I’ll get you to check my eyes again.”


You wakened leaning against Leonard with his arm wrapped around you, playing with your hair. He was warm and strong and felt good by your side.

You looked up at him, and took in the strong jaw. You hadn’t really noticed his looks before, you were preoccupied with minding his injuries, but now that you’d had some sleep and knew he wasn’t dying, you really looked at him. The jaw was perfect, and his shoulders were broad and strong, tapering down to a trim waist and long, strong legs. You looked back at his face, half covered by the makeshift bandage as it was, and decided he was probably very handsome.

“You feel better?” He asked.

“A little,” you admitted.

“I’ve got good news,” he smiled.

“You caught an alien cow while I was sleeping and we’re having steak tonight?”

“Better,” he laughed. “Subspace interference has cleared. Enterprise has been in contact. We should be shipside before dark.”

“Shut up.” You were astonished.

“If you really want steak for dinner, I’ll make sure you get one, darlin’,” he smiled, squeezing your shoulder.

“Hot shower?”

“If I could see, I’d offer to scrub your back,” he laughed.

“Awful forward of you, Leonard,” you chuckled.

“You saved my life, you feel pretty, you sound kind and you smell like sunshine and berries despite not being able to bathe. I might be halfway in love already, Y/N,” he teased.

“I have a treat hidden in the shuttle.” You scrabbled to your feet and went rifling through your bag, pulling out a cello wrapped bag of chocolates. You tore the bag open and put one in Leonard’s hand. “To our rescue.” You popped a chocolate in your mouth and had to resist moaning. It was creamy and delicious and filled you with hope.

“I am going to hold off on checking my eyes until we’re back on the ship,” Leonard announced, still chewing his chocolate.

“Want me to read to you? I can offer a tech manual or Hamlet,” you suggested.

“Alas, poor Yorick,” he smiled. “Sounds lovely.”

Pre-Winteriron Concepts: Part Three

-Bucky refusing to let Tony throw out his t-shirt after he rips it. (“I can just buy five more, Barnes. Stop being ridiculous.”). Bucky carefully mends it and nobody is foolish enough to comment on how often Tony wears it.

-Bucky being extremely frugal with money. He clips coupons and, when it’s his turn to restock the community fridge,he spends hours shopping around at bargain stores. He prides himself on halving their budget and using the remainder to tuck away into a side fund for Tony. It’s Tony’s money after all, and old habits die hard.

-Tony hates grocery shopping by himself. He’s trying this new thing where he takes over small tasks rather than delegating them, but Bucky somehow still gets roped into grocery shopping with him. The first time Bucky goes with him, Tony complains loudly and to anyone who’ll listen about Bucky’s patient newspaper scouring. Tony’s also a big fan of throwing things at random into their cart only to watch Bucky promptly restock them neatly back onto the shelf; either replacing the products with cheaper, store brand versions or suggesting an alternative. Tony calls it grandpa shopping but refuses to go with anyone else but Bucky afterward.

-The next night finds a fat enveloped stuffed with coupons and online printouts in front of Bucky’s door.

-Tony introducing Bucky to 80’s Rock, which is too stimulating for Bucky, but he tries to listen to at least one song every day.

-Buck casually introducing Tony to blues. It’s too slow and sappy for Tony, or so he says. Bucky discovers Tony’s shipment of blues records anyway.

-Tony spending days making Bucky a playlist and teaching him how to use an iPod. There’s no 80s music on it, to Bucky’s surprise. It’s a history of blues, ranging from the 30’s to present day; arranged by mood and theme. Bucky listens to it so often that he begins to hear a story being told through the arrangement of the music: one of reluctant heroes, then war; one of falling from grace and then the struggle to climb back up; one of renewed friendship and…love.

-Bucky asking his teammates for help with his playlist for Tony. Natasha directs him to a few beautiful post-modern classical mashups that have just enough oomph to keep Tony entertained.

Barton shows him way too many parody songs but Bucky ultimately decides on a nice 80s pop song that talks about never giving up, never letting down. Barton almost busts a gut from laughter, to Bucky’s bemusement.

Wilson, who turns out to be Bucky’s musical soulmate, introduces him to the wonderful world of electroswing and indie funk. Bucky gets sidetracked for days with the two new sub-genres, but then picks a few upbeat mashups that suit what he’s trying to say.

Banner is probably the most thoughtful to Tony’s tastes. He shyly introduces Bucky to something called glam rock, which he assure Bucky that Tony will love. It turns out to be stylistically similar to Tony’s music, with powerful lyrics. Bucky peppers them throughout his playlist.

Steve, who’s in worse musical shape than he, urges Bucky toward their shared favorite: Ella Fitzgerald. Bucky ends the playlist with a quiet Ella song; it’s probably the most important one.

Bucky waffles for a week before he talks himself into sending it. Jarvis helps him do something called uploading to Tony’s phone, and then there are days of silence from Tony. No late night infomercials, no gym rescues, no hot chocolate. Bucky’s starting to realize the magnitude of his mistake when there’s a knock on his door. He opens it to find a dazed-looking Tony, days of stubble on his face and dark circles under his eyes.

Appropos of nothing, he shoves past Bucky and holds his phone out like a weapon. “ Did you mean to send this?” He asks, his voice rusty from disuse.

Bucky just nods; can feel himself staring a little too intensely at Tony’s face. Is that socially acceptable? It’s hard to say because Tony’s just staring back, just as intensely.

“Like half of them are love songs.” Tony says bluntly. Bucky nods again because it’s true; they are. “Say something!” Tony pleads. He sounds desperate. “Tell me what’s going on in that mind of yours. Tell me what this means.”

Bucky sighs. “ I ain’t being subtle about it.”


Happy Birthday, Rin! ♥


Gatsby’s life vest ended up being way too big for him. I got it at a Marshall’s a while ago and it was already a bit big for him then, but now that he’s a total Fitsby, it’s even bigger.

We put it on him right when we first got there and the little genius swam directly to the deep end. I think he realized he made a terrible mistake because he panicked a little and then the life vest shifted so one of his front legs got caught in it and he couldn’t paddle properly. Corgdad had to walk into the deep end to rescue him.

Also, that chocolate lab was like, totally in love with him. When Gatsby was swimming, he would walk (LOL) next to Gatsby as he paddled. 

Overworked Remedy = Dark Chocolate

I am officially wiped out and need some time off. I have work I have to do tonight again though. When new stuff is rolling out at work, I need to be helping out and available. Tonight, that means getting back to work on a conference call at 11:15 pm after working a 10 hour day already.

“But Ari, how do you look so perky in those pics..” you ask? Well.. the answer my dear is DARK CHOCOLATE. I picked up some incredible little dark chocolate hearts this weekend when I took my kids to a cool little candy shop. I just had a healthy share of them. I then danced around my apartment for a little bit to give my lethargic muscles a boost. As you can see in the pics I felt rejuvenated and dare I say it.. a little schmecksie ;) Considering I was not wearing any makeup today and had not shaved since early this morning, I am really happy with how these pics turned out. I think you can see a little of the stubborn shadow in that top right pic, but let’s keep that our little secret.

By the way.. just finished my fifteenth month of HRT. I also have my third laser hair removal appointment next week. These pics show some of my “up top” progress really well. The top I am wearing is just a shelf bra cami that does not provide any lift at all. I am so happy with how I am developing :)  I am so grateful for being able to access this treatment and to be able to transition. Boy.. chocolate really does make you feel all happy and giddy doesn’t it?!?

Finally, now that my manager is on board, I am beginning to work on writing my transition announcement letter for my company… eeeek!


“Are you sure you can’t just pretend to kidnap me?” Pacifica pleaded. “It would totally get my parents off my back!” They wouldn’t even have a hoard to tempt them, most of the coins in this lair were made of chocolate.

The dragon shook her huge, majestic head sadly.

“Heroes would hearken, hunt for my homestead.
Bright would their blades be, crying for battle.
Surely I must slay them, or swift take the sky-road
To far-off lands, friendless, my fair home forgotten.”

“Yeesh, you could just say no,” said Pacifica, pouting.

Inktober/Drabble A Day 14-15: Prompt “chocolate dragon rescue.”

Listen guys, hear me out. I love the au where Stan gets a dragon mom but what if Pacifica somehow got a dragon mom!? This dragon is named Kennings and she speaks only in Anglo-Saxon style alliterative verse.