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need help !! hurt bat !!

alright heres the deal: a collegue at work found a bat and gave it to me bc “i love that stuff”

and i hear yall “how do you find a bat ? you cant just pick those up off the floor“ well actually, with this one you can

because it’s missing about half of its right wing

ive been feeding it dry cat food mixed with water (thats what the vet assistant told me to feed it) and its been doing alright, i dont even think its health is that bad besides the wing thing

so heres the point of this post: QUESTIONS

if anyone knows stuff about bats, IT AND I NEED HELP

  • how can i keep it at my place in the best conditions until it gets better ? (or until i can give it to a shelter type of thing)
  • can it even get better ?
  • could it have been born like this ? is there anything i can do to help ?
  • what kind of “easily accesible” food can i feed it besides cat food ?
  • its been biting (?) its broken wing and i noticed whenever it does this its to the point of it bleeding (not much but still) whats up with that ?
  • there seems to be just a little bit of blood coming out sometimes when it poops but then again it could be the coloring of the cat food but still im a bit worried

its desperately trying to take off everytime i get it out of its box its heartbreaking please i just want what’s best for this little angel !!


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i find it funny that shiro is actually vld's damsel in distress

i’m living for this, honestly. all joking aside, this is one of the most compelling parts of vld for me, because here we have this archetypal guy—a military hero, a man who’s stated in universe to be a legend on multiple occasions, the unquestioned leader of voltron

but this is the side of him we get to see, over and over again:

he has this incredible vulnerability, and even if that’s not revolutionary, keith is, because here we have this sword-wielding firecracker loner who’s constantly watching out for him. keith is really the only one shiro feels comfortable enough showing this side of himself to, and this is the result: (pic heavy meta under the cut)

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Hurricane Harvey evacuees showed up to the Convention Center in Texas to sit outside in pouring rain. Why? Because they wouldn’t be allowed inside with their pets. 

Friends for Life, an animal rescue agency, set out to find a solution that allowed pet owners to stay with their furry friends. 

Just so you know, you matter a lot

[submission] I’m an animal person. Well, mammals specifically. Worked with them for years and never really *got* keeping reptiles, but I didn’t knock it. I live in one of those big apartment complexes with indoor hallways, and about a week and a half ago I was just chilling, minding my own business. I got up to grab a snack… 15 minutes into netflix and chill I walked by my foyer and a random noodle gave me this look

I….was…a bit taken aback. Reptiles aren’t my thing but I surmised he was A) not venomous and B) probably not from the united states east cost. 

I discovered he was scared but not aggressive and I figured he’d escaped from someone, and since I knew snakes needed to be kept warm I put him in my bra and went to knock on some doors. Nobody knew anything about him and eventually I went back, and looked up reptile rescue centers and the closest one was a hundred miles away. This was on a Sunday and I wouldn’t be able to get him there till Saturday, and I couldn’t just keep him in my bra for a week. I did a google search and came up with your normal rubbermaid and paper towel setup and…it seemed…idk. Reptile person I wasn’t, animal person I WAS and I decided to browse the tungle to see what I could see. 

I found your blog. 

I learned he had stuck shed like crazy, and that there was much more to keeping a snake than $20 worth of stuff from target. I also figured if I was going to shell out to give a temporary home…well…I’d just make it his permanent one. I didn’t have the chance to scour your blog as much as I wanted, since I felt bad for keeping him where he was for so long, but I went to the pet store and set up this

(it’s heated from underneath and 2 temp and humidity monitored) it’s not exactly what I want it to be, but I did what I could with what I had and since then I’ve made a few modifications (bigger water bowl for a start) 

I’ve been all over your blog and your frustration with the people who claim ball pythons are completely sedentary are starting to anger me too, because from what I learned and what I can tell this dude is doing a lot better. 

The fact that there are people who just their snakes nearly immobile and tucked away astounds me. 

(ignore old tape, tank was sanitized and salvaged from apartment recycling room)

He climbs. Sometimes when I stay up I’ll take a peek at his tank and he’ll be all over his bamboo pole or plants or on his hide. 

He choses places to chill other than his hides (that’s a super low powered heat lamp I used to warm up my budgie for spray baths; wondered if he’d like some ‘sun’ on his scales)

He has, thus far, been nothing but an enthusiastic eater.

I went from seeing people collect reptiles like trading cards and thinking that was all there was to it, to being absolutely fascinated by this chill little noodle and loving to see what he’s up to . I went from complete ambivalence to becoming more and more passionate about proper reptile husbandry. 

You don’t have to post this, I just want you to know that for every asshole who should probably stick to those morimo moss balls, you inspire another person to learn everything she can about properly caring for these guys, enriching and monitoring their environment, and trying to make sure they are as healthy and happy as possible. 

You ARE making a difference.

I really dont have any words that describe how i feel, but this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever sent me. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Job Ideas for Littles!

Sometimes Big Life is really hard, but it has to be done. Especially if you are a single little. I have had a hard time keeping certain jobs because of the pressure, stress, and anxiety that come along with Big jobs. Here are some ways I make money without having a “Big Job”:

🌻 Nannying
Of course you will be an actual caregiver so don’t lose responsibility, but I like being able to do things like coloring and going to the park for stress relief! You also have to be off your phone and computer for a while which is good for you both physically and mentally.

🌻 Start an art blog and online tip jar
I do this with music and it really helps! I don’t make enough for a salary, but it pays for my groceries or one bill a month.

🌻 Retail at a store that has “little clothes”
Being “childish” and having a child-like state of mind is actually becoming more and more accepted even down to the style! Stores like H&M have lots of nice things (for all genders) and you will get an employee discount.

🌻 Work at a pet store, animal rescue, or adoption center
Even though a lot of responsibility and regulations and paperwork go into this one, animals are therapeutic and getting to play with some pups or give a snake some hold time can really de-stress you at work!

My dog passed away overnight, I think I’m just a little bit in shock right now I guess and needed somewhere to just vent my thoughts for two seconds.

We got Grosby about 8 years ago from a rescue center where he was physically abused. I remember the day we got him he wouldn’t come near us and he hated human contact so much. I was like 11 then and so excited do get a dog, he wasn’t very social but he wasn’t aggressive and he was so cute I was just happy to have a dog.

He slowly warmed up to us to the point where he would play and cuddle but he never really got over most of the abuse I think, he hated being inside and he wanted to be left alone for the majority of the time. He lived a really good life with us and I feel really happy to of been able to give him the stress free home that most rescue dogs need once they have spent so many years in bad conditions.

He wasn’t in pain when he passed away, He was just very old and It was his time I suppose. I’m just feeling sad at the moment but I also just want to say that if you ever get a dog please get one from a rescue center. They are so full of love and they desperately need good homes.


A critically-endangered female northern white-cheeked gibbon named Polly at the @EndangeredPrimateRescueCenter in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. She was a youngster, and instead of sucking her thumb, she actually sucked on her big toe during our photoshoot.
Because they are hunted for meat, used in traditional “medicines” and sold into the illegal pet trade, Northern white-cheeked gibbons’ main predators are humans. Their forest habitats in China, Vietnam and Laos are steadily being destroyed as logging continues, causing their populations to diminish along with it. In fact, there hasn’t been a Northern white-cheeked gibbon sighting in China since the 1990s.
The Endangered Primate Rescue Center is a not-for-profit project dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, research and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered and critically endangered primate species. Their final aim is to reintroduce and release these animals as stable family groups into well-protected natural areas.

Furry, feisty, paw-erful—Otter Girl! For Sea Otter Awareness Week, let’s meet Abby! Rescued as a newborn in July ‘07 by the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Rescue Center, Abby was raised at SeaWorld Sand Diego. In June '12, she joined our sea otter program, and became a surrogate mother to her first pup, Sina, in January 2013!

To spot Abby, look for the all-brown otter who loves to stick out her tongue—she also likes playing with artificial kelp, taking ice baths and eating frozen clam pops. 

Thanks for all of your dedicated work for sea otters in the wild, Abby! 


Last known 9/11 search and rescue dog laid to rest

Firefighters and rescue workers lined the sidewalk as Bretagne’s body, draped in an American flag, was carried out. Tears streaked down some faces.Bretagne, believed to be the last surviving 9/11 Ground Zero search dog, was euthanized Monday.
The golden retriever was 16.
Back in 2001, Bretagne (pronounced, “Brittany”) and owner Denise Corliss were fresh graduates of Disaster City when they were deployed to New York shortly after the World Trade Center attacks.Corliss joined hundreds of other search and rescue teams sent from around the world to find survivors at Ground Zero, working 12 hours a day for two weeks straight.We know now there were very few survivors found in the rubble of the twin towers, and Bretagne, like so many other searchers, worked hard – only to find none.

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What would you tell a complete beginner? I want to get a snake, but I don't know that much. What should I keep in mind?

Hello anon,  good luck with all your snake research!  Finding out as much as you can before getting the animal is probably the most important thing. I can give you a few tips others may want to add if i’ve missed obvious stuff!

1) First consider if you accommodate a snake in your life?  How much space can you dedicate to the adult enclosure? Are you on a tight budget when it comes to equipment costs? Is there an exotics vet near you? Are you prepared to cover these costs? Are you prepared for their long life expectancy?   

2) What do you want out of a snake? I would really recommend looking into species that are easy to feed and care for or species that are slightly more tolerant of the “beginners errors”.  But ultimatley you will be caring for your pet a long time as snakes are long lived. So assess want you want from a snake and get a species that should fit in to this…eg)  Is it important you can handle the snake? Do you mind if they may be bitey as hatchlings? Do you mind if they are known for defensive behaviours? Do you mind if you never see them in the enclosure because they burrow or are nocturnal ? Do you want to be able to observe your snake during the day? 

Once you have an idea of your wants and importantly your limitations when it comes to space and money, 

3)  look into species that fits your wants and will thrive on your budget in the space you can provide. For a first snake I would probably advise to stay away from species that have reputations for being very hard to feed or fragile in captivity (or any very big/giant snakes). But as said above snakes live a long time! Find a species you are excited about keeping. 

4) When you decide on your species, find a good reputable breeder with healthy animals.

**- don’t bring it home until you have the equipment and set up all ready for it-**

Ask people that own the species you are interested in about good breeders, look for reviews on breeders, join species specific face book groups, ask questions about husbandry.  If the species you want is very common in the pet trade you might also consider adopting from a reputable reptile rescue center. Just speak to them and make sure you are getting a healthy animal thats an established feeder as your first snake. Many reptiles do just find their way into rescue by circumstance they are not always problem animals in poor health. Consider if you want a hatchling or an adult. Adults will generally be less fragile to care for and should have an established temperament which is an advantage.

5) Enclosure design! Gosh you will so much conflicting things on enclosure design. “ Too much space is scary for snakes (myth)”   “Tubs are fine forever for x species (they are usually not)” “ All you need is kitchen roll and a water dish and just plug in a heat mat! (no. It’s not that simple and you will always need a thermostat too despite what some keepers may say!)”  

It can be a bit of a mine field of misinformation, especially for people new to snake keeping. Assuming you want your pet to have the best quality of life possible that you can provide - look for tips, advice and inspiration from keepers who’s priority is the same!  (That is often not the large scale for profit breeders that advocate bare minimum husbandry.) 

Look at the natural history and behavioural ecology of the snake you decide on. Does it climb? burrow? bask in the sun? Spend lots of time in water? Is it a very secretive species? How does it hunt: activley or with sit and wait ambush tactics?  Does it come for dry habitat or humid habitats? What kind of micro-climates would it make use of ? Make sure your enclosure provides a comfortable and stimulating environment which allows your animal to express it’s natural behaviours and offers it a variety of choices.  Good enclousure design promotes both mental and physical well-being.  You can read more about why that is so important in this post here:  

or other bits and pieces in my “ animal welfare” tag 

Don’t get caught up with just meeting the minimum, go for the best practice!  

Also, worth noting that good enclosure deisgn makes snake keeping soooo much easier. You don’t need to be battling to keep temps and humidity right in a fish tank with a screen lid and a red heat bulb (avoid the hell out of those red bulbs btw).. It adds an unnecessary complication to deal with as a beginner and won’t facilitate good conditions for the snake. (Not to say tanks are always bad for everything of course, they aren’t and can be modified to make good enclosures).  Generally if its your first time setting up an enclosure you will be better off with either a big tub (with the understanding that depending on the tub size and the snake it will outgrow this), plastic caging or a properly sealed wood enclosure.  Some pro’s and con’s in this post here 

 @teleos  post below is also a good starting point for basic enclosure equipment and costs;  

Learn the difference bettween ambient heat and surface basking temperatures , (shown nicely in this guide by  @wheremyscalesslither )

Look to understand how this relates to different kinds of heat sources such as using conductive heat sources (heat mats) for basking temps or radiant heat sources ( ceramic heaters, bulbs, radiant heat panels) which can create both basking surfaces and raise ambient temperatures.  The way you heat an enclosure will affect the choices for thermoregulation avalible to the animal and thus how they utilise the space avalible. Shown really nicely by @skies-of-salt pics here.

Learn the basics of how relative humidity (RH) works. (ie warmer air holds more water vapour than cooler air). An enclosure with an RH of 70% at a cooler temp is not the same as an enclosure with a RH 70% at a warmer temp…Thus a snake that needs humid conditions may shed well and remain hydrated in the warmer  one and yet shed poorly and become dehydrated in the other despite the owners reporting their humidity is the same.

look at the different types of thermostats availble and which one is most appropriate for your set up and heat source ( on/ off stats,  pulse proportional stats or dimming thermostats). 

You can look into lighting, which is an often overlooked component of enclosure design when it comes to snake care in particular.

This might all sound like i’m overcomplicating things but honestly it will make choosing equipment for your species and personal circumstances easier, and you might be able to stop and question misinformation like  “lights suck moisture out the air”  if you understand those basics. For me, enclosure design is one of the most rewarding and interesting parts of snake keeping!   

6) As a final note : When you have one snake you might well want more!  

If I could go back and tell my past self anything about snake keeping it would be not get carried away with getting the animals I want to own too soon… Set yourself a maximum number of animals you can house according to “best practice” with the space you have and stick to it. 

In all honesty I got slightly swept up in the metric tonne of myths about small enclosures being “ just fine” myself when I first got in to snake keeping.  My snakes current housing is ok but its not as good as I would like it to be…I have plans for big enclosures for all my snakes but maybe if I was to start over I’d have done things differently and have fewer snakes  but get them in their final big enclosures sooner…ya live and learn. 

Good luck with your research. 

I sped through this. I hate how Mitch’s eyes turned out.
This is another @solgara inspired @longexposurecomic fan art.
It’s like a reverse thing with the Centaur comic solgara made where Mitch was a Centaur and Jonas was a human rider.
Then I was thinking, what if Jonas was the Centaur and Mitch was the human.
Obviously Joan’s won’t be a riding horse, cause based on solgara’s design. Jonas is a pretty small horse.
In this au Jonas is in this Centaur rescue center. And Mitch is volunteering there due to some trouble that he did that he had to work there to make up the trouble. And met Jonas there.

I wanted to do background, tried, remembered I’m terrible at backrounds. Gave up

I’m in a fan fiction mode and really want need to read some good fics about young Ed in the Military. I want stuff about little 12yo Ed starting out in the Military, or anything with 12yo-15yo Edward and his time in the Military before the main events of FMA.  I want fights with the Colonel, I want Hawkeye and Alphonse, I want the whole “Team Roy” and their hijinks. Nothing shippy or where the ships are anything more than peripheral. Pretty much any genre, from a Suspense/Drama where Roy’s team has to track down a serial killer, to a Humor/Fluff where Al and Fuery are basically running an animal rescue center out of the Colonel’s office. Preferably canon or close-to with one of the canon universes.

Any recommendations? I know these stories must exist, but I’m having trouble finding more than a small handful I like.  Do you have a favorite fic that fits into this description? If you do, please point me to it!

Thank you for your help!

NY/NJ Port Authority Police Officers Michael Wholey left and David LeMagne right last seen in this picture assisting in the evacuation on 9/11/01. They immediately ran back in to assist in further rescue, never to be seen alive again.