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Found and rescued this little kitty yesterday -  - he’s a 2 months old male ginger kitty. Took him to the vet : he’s in good health, no illnesses, has been treated against worms and fleas. I really, really want to keep him but after all I can’t so if you know anyone interested in ADOPTING this cutie, please get in touch! I’m in the Paris area (Garches). Please share.

J’ai trouvé ce chaton hier, l’ai emmené direct chez le vétérinaire : il a deux mois, en bonne santé, testé négatif leucose et sida; a été traité contre les puces et les vers. A faire vacciner et stériliser d’ici ses 6 mois. Je rêve d’avoir un mâle roux depuis des années, je pensais le garder mais pour des raisons financières et d’espace, ça ne va pas être possible. Alors si vous êtes intéressé(e)s pour adopter cet adorable chaton mâle, contactez-moi. Je suis à Garches (92), région parisienne.Merci de faire tourner.

Castle Cats is a free mobile game about managing a guild of cat heroes on their quest to save the kingdom of Catania from the Evil Pugomancer! Right now there is a Charity Event going on in-game where 15 cat celebrities have joined in as heroes of Catania to make the world a better place! With every Waffles, Cole, Marmalade, Alice or Finnegan purchase $1 will be donated to Big Cat Rescue!

Download Castle Cats (iOS and Android) here:    

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Hi, I’m Guerrita, and if there’s justice in this world, you’ll reblog me like crazy until I get a home!

I’ve just passed my one year anniversary at the East Lake Pet Orphanage (ELPO) in Dallas, Texas – or as I call it, The ELPO Home for Unwed Mother Cats.  

My kittens are all long gone, but mama is still here.Some say it’s because I’m timid, but everyone who knows me learns I build trust with quiet interactions and gentle pets on the head and scratches behind the ears. When I’m relaxed and happy, I softly purr and flex my front paws. 

Imagine the soothing comfort of the purr of a shy cat on a stressful day!

Here is what I know: Miracles DO happen, but they’re helped along by a lot of hard work, patience, and sometimes a little luck.  So ask yourself: Can a feral mama cat be tamed, cared for, and loved so much that she’ll be happy as a house cat in just the right home?  YOU BET! Let me prove it to you!

Just email my friends at, and find out how to meet me and whether you will be the one to prove that the power of love DOES work miracles!