rescue a pet

This is Miss Dixie Belle.We adopted her during our time in KY. She started off as a foster and we ended up adopting her a few days after we first brought her home. When we first brought her home, we could tell that whomever had her before us didnt treat her well at all, so we took extra steps to make sure she knew that she was safe with us. She is our baby and we wouldnt trade her for anything in the world. 

And here the beautifully fluffy Fae from @novemberweather who also has an heartwarming story ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

“fae, an absolutely beautiful baby i rescued from the street and nursed back to health 💝”

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About 2 weeks ago, Palomacy messaged us asking if we could bring some food to a nice person in our city who saved a pigeon from two cats. They were stalking it on the street and the poor bird could barely fly. Fantails are completely domesticated and unable to survive in the wild, so it either escaped or its owner dumped it outside :(

It turns out that the rescuer lives just down the street from us! I brought Miu over to say hi to our new neighbors and we gave a short lesson on how to care for pigeons. The unnamed bird looked good, but was very light for its size.

We visited again recently, and the beautiful fantail has gained weight and looks more alert. It also has a name now: Turkey! (for obvious reasons)

This is Kitten; she is about 2 ½ years old. Her real name is Delilah, but we called her Kitten for so long she thinks that is her name and has no idea who Delilah is! Kitten belongs to my grand-niece and was rescued from a shelter in Onslow County, Jacksonville, North Carolina when she was about 4 or 5 months old.

There’s a good memory, or more accurately a series of memories that I greatly cherish. I train horses, young horses or old horses, people tell me I make them rideable and nice. I say I just help them trust people again.

This was during a time were I struggled to get closer to people, to let them in. I was angry and scared of everyone and this horse, this beautiful and brilliant and deeply scarred horse helped me regain a footing in the world.

One time I bought a horse that was on the smaller scale of what I was used to, he wasn’t the prettiest horse according to my friends, but he had spark and a very unique personality that I fell in love with. I remember the colleague that sold him to me told me “he has a bad temperament, be careful with this one”. So there I was with my newly bought horse, I was studying him closely and I remember looking at all the scars in his body thinking how some of them looked like accidents and how some of them looked man-made.

It explained why he was nervous around me, wary of my movements and startled when I accidentally made any sudden ones. He reminded me of myself. It took me a while to get him used to me, getting close to him to brush him was always a process and lounging him was difficult, as soon as I did something that could be slightly taken as a threat he tried to run away. I didn’t blame him, all the time I spent brushing him I saw and wondered how much had it hurt when they’d beat him up.

I don’t know exactly when he began to trust me, exactly when I’d been allowed to get close to him and to pet him for hours. When had I been deemed a good enough person to be allowed to ride him calmly or to lounge him without him trying to constantly run away. I just know that at some point all I had to do was call him and he’d come running my way, happy to see me and eager to play and receive pats in the neck. I don’t remember when exactly I began to smile again either, just that one morning my mom told me I looked happier.

He’s by far one of my best horses, certainly the one I love the most. And though some people sneer at him for being “not pretty enough” or too full of scars I don’t mind. His soft neigh in the morning and the fact that he trusts me enough to get close and play is more than enough for me.

Nik Nak is, in my eyes, the most beautiful horse in the world and the fact that he trusts me, that despite all the scars that were inflicted on him and all the fear he went through, that despite all that he still gave me the opportunity to get close to him, to brush him and pet him and give him all the carrots in my disposal is amazing. I’ll always be thankful of Nik Nak, he has healed me as much as I’ve healed him.