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A friend of mine was given this dog by an older woman who could no longer afford to take care of her. My friend, unfortunately, cannot keep the little pup either; her dad is allergic, and she already has other animals to care for.

So, this lovely gal is in need of a home!

She is a papillon/sheltie mix, about two and a half years old and on the smaller side. She is spayed, has all of her shots, and is microchipped.
I have met her and she is one of the best behaved young dogs I’ve ever met, and I mean that completely. She is good off leash, very responsive to commands and training, gets along with other dogs, and is very very sweet. She is curious, gentle and loves nothing more than to cuddle!

If you are interested and live in the area, let me know. I can provide the contact info of the family, more details, whatever you need! I would also be more than willing to be her transportation as well, so that’s no issue.
Any boosts to this post are more than appreciated as well–anything helps to find this beautiful dog a forever home! Thank you for reading!


GALTx eNews: Chance Gets a Chance Thanks to a Human!

Chance, a charcoal black/gray greyhound mix with gorgeous golden eyes, is about a year and a half old. A good Samaritan in the Amarillo area recently rescued him after seven months of gentle encouragement. And now, thanks to her, he has a chance at a forever home!

His rescuer first saw Chance in late 2015, although she heard reports about him nearby as early as March 2015. She spotted Chance eating some food left for local wildlife. He was sort of like a shadow ghost - he ran away if he even saw her looking at him from inside the house. He reportedly spent a Christmas blizzard huddled under a mesquite tree in an open field.

Over time, Chance progressed from eating a bite of kibble his rescuer put out for him and running into the brush to eating with many glances up to see if anyone was coming. He was thin, fearful, and wild. His rescuer named him Chance because he was a survivor and deserved every chance possible.

In 2016, Chance started seeking human contact. While never allowing actual touching, he consistently seemed to hang out near humans and made eye contact. His rescuer spent months and many hours just sitting near him. Eventually, he started following her around the yard and even sniffed her as she sat quietly. He began to gently take hot dogs from her hand. Before long, he was hanging out in his benefactor’s yard under shade trees. Chance started trusting his human and allowing her to enter his world.

After about seven months, Chance’s rescuer finally got a leash on him. He seemed both terrified and relieved about it. She took him to an outside kennel she had prepared for him in anticipation of this very moment. But, Chance refused to relax until his rescuer joined him in the kennel for the night. Chance is still a fearful boy especially of loud trucks. He is most at ease with women who speak in soft, low voices and fears men in general. Mobile phones send him running. Other dogs intimidate him. Wind, storms, and plastic flapping all make him uneasy. Hand movements scare him. Chance is food motivated and really likes a consistent routine. Chance also likes to sit where he has a clear view of everything around him.

Chance has a playful, curious side too. Although we don’t yet know whether he will be small cat or dog tolerant, he enjoyed the company of a young skunk in the wild. The two of them hung out together in the yard before his rescue. And he prefers that his humans stay in sight. He may prove to be a Velcro dog and will likely form a strong attachment to his forever family. All his medical testing is surprisingly normal, and he has no intestinal parasites which is very unusual for a stray that was out this long. Stay tuned for more about this special boy!


Booger is so lazy that he makes us hold his treats for him. Rescue work is hard, man. #hamster #rescue #cute

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OPERATION KERN 100 - URGENT FOSTERS... - Stray Cat Alliance - Building a no kill nation, one stray at a time. | Facebook

I recently started volunteering for this organization and they need our help! 

If you live in California or any of the bordering states, please consider fostering or adopting one of these beautiful kitties.  

We only have until March 25th to save these little lives!


Her Name’s Vet Nurse Stitch

Stitch was found at an industrial warehouse where she and her siblings were rescued by the good folks from Edgar’s Mission, a farm sanctuary that currently provides life-long love and care to over 300 rescued animals. They nursed her and her siblings back to health and reunited them with their cat mama.

Now Stitch has become a vet nurse at the sanctuary, providing love and care to other rescue animals. She’s still getting daily treatment for her eyes, but nothing slows her down from helping other animals in need. 

Photos by ©Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary - Via Love Meow