Passers-by stop to lift truck off South Korean man in Singapore

It was a close shave for 35-year-old Kim Sung Mo, the South Korean who was rescued by about 30 passers-by after he was hit by a trailer truck at the junction of Boon Keng Road and Bendemeer Road.

Mr Kim escaped with a leg fracture and underwent surgery at Tan Tock Seng hospital on Wednesday night.

“I felt very scared after I got knocked down. I was lucky that there was this group of helpful passers-by who rushed to lift the truck and pull me out in time,” he said from his hospital bed in comments reported by evening daily Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

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Hi, I've been looking for a fanfiction that has hermione saving Draco from hospital. The healer that was meant to be looking after him leaves him in his own filth unable to get to the bathroom because he has trouble walking. She ends up taking him to Grimmauld Place to heal him herself. I remember her giving him muscle relaxants and helping him bathe and I know that it was a WIP but I can't seem to find it any more. Any ideas?


He Dreams He’s Awake By: MissiAmphetamine - M, WIP He saves her life, and thinks he hates her for what it does to him. She tells herself she owes him, and can’t let the debt slide. Forty-nine days post-battle, Draco gets a visitor to the Janus Thickey Ward at St Mungo’s, where the days tick by meaninglessly. Hermione just wants to help someone else pick up the pieces, because she can’t pick up her own. DH compliant. EWE?

- Lisa

Polly is Coming Home With Me

With much prodding, I convinced my family to take one of the cats home. I start a new job in a few days and will have the money to help support a third cat.

Polly, the six-toed kitten, is being adopted by your’s truly once my mother comes back from a meeting with the school district for my siblings.

I’ll keep you guys updated! Will probably be renaming her too and I have some things in mind already.

For more details on the cats that still need a home go to this link.

Or this facebook page that the kind lady that offered me the volunteer job set up.
Click here to support Billie's Surgery by Micah Craft
Everyone meet Billie! She's our new rescue pup. We found this sweetheart in the bushes desperately trying to stay out of the Texas summer heat. The nature of her paws, skin, and injuries suggests that she was dumped out of a moving car. She would not drink or eat, and would not ( or rather could...

Hey everyone! We rescued this wonderful little nut a few days ago, while we were able to cover her basic vet costs, (tests, x-rays, locator chip, vaccines, etc.) because of her broken femur (done by a careless driver) we had to go to a specialist. My boyfriend and I are both students with part-time jobs and have been struggling to come up with the money because there are no payment plans available. Any size donation is an awesome step forward to helping this little girl be able to run and play again. If you guys could share this with your friends and family or reblog this we would be so grateful! Thank you!


Crying, beached orca freed to cheers after dramatic nine-hour rescue in northern B.C.

Janie Hermann, a member of the environmental research group Whale Point, was one of team of residents and environmental workers, who worked desperately for almost nine hours Wednesday to keep the female calf cool and wet before the tide was high enough for the mammal to escape.

“It was so heartbreaking,” she said. “She was calling out from land. A transient call is quite mellow and has a sad tone to it, so listening to her — oh my gosh — that just goes right through your body and your heart.”

At first, the cloudy and windy weather worked in the orca’s favour, but when the sun came out and beat down on the marine mammal, the rescuers knew they would have to work fast to keep her wet. A group of about five people approached the whale carefully so as not to startle her, and draped her in water-soaked sheets. 

“She kept lifting her tail as though she was testing out the height of the water. It was very intelligent on her behalf. Her level of patience was shocking, because you know she just wanted to go. Then that moment came… She took off like a bullet. She was going so fast and vocalizing, vocalizing toward her family,” she said.

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‘Just stay behind me’ Construction worker helps teen escape I-95 abduction

“I noticed a female jump out of the car, she came running up to us and and you could tell she was pretty distraught and terrified,” said Huntington.

Huntington said the 18-year-old asked him to call 911, which he did immediately.

“I asked the female if she was okay and she said no, there was a man trying to kill her, I told her just stay behind me and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” he said.

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This is my best friend, Lila. The corner image was her in the kill shelter, with 4 hours left until her euthanasia time. Though covered in severe mange, and tape worm positive, an amazing rescue took her in (as well as her kennel mate, Rigby!) She’s been with me for almost a year and I can not imagine my life without her. 

Her breed is up for discussion, when I adopted her they told me chiweinie. But shes shaped out to look more like a r.terrior/italian grayhound mix??

admin input: my friend has a chihuahua/beagle mix that looks very similar to Lila! thank you so much for sharing your story!


Getting work done around Mia is IMPOSSIBLE!! #bobcat #rescue #Carerescuetexas