Gummy Bear is becoming brainwashed… He has discovered that sleeping on human necks and chests where he can feel their hearts beating is the best thing ever. He was once a hyper explorer but now he just likes to lay on our captors and purr for hours…

He also LIKES to be awakened by a human hand right before lights out! He anoints with their hands EVERY DAY when they reach in to touch him while he’s sleeping! Ugh!

This boy is hopeless. If he keeps it up I’ll leave him behind to get eaten when I make my escape! It would serve him right!


On our way to the beach this past Friday, we watched in horror as a tiny kitten ran in circles directly under the wheels of the SUV in front of us.  It missed being run over by mere inches.  I pulled over and Elena jumped out of our car and ran after the kitten, ushering it out of the road.

A few minutes later we fished the little guy out of some bushes.  We knew immediately that he was very sick.  One of his ears had fallen over and was flopping around limply.  He couldn’t keep his balance or hold his head upright.  His nose and eyes were oozing.

We bundled him up in a towel and brought him with us.  Overnight we tended to him to the best of our ability, and we were at the local vet when they opened first thing this morning.

He has pneumonia and a respiratory infection.  An abscess in his ear and what is likely permanent soft tissue damage to that ear:  the vet said it will probably always be floppy.  Eye infections.  She gave him a shot of antibiotics and stuck a needle into the abscess in his ear, draining it.

What’s next for this little guy?  Quarantine in our downstairs bathroom for the next couple weeks.  More vet visits!  Pictured above is our first bill for him.

Worth it, to save him:  to feel him purr and shove his face into our fingers.  To see him fall asleep in our laps.

If you’re interested in helping us fund his care, we’d certainly appreciate it!  If you follow us already you know this guy isn’t the first kitten we’ve rescued.  He won’t be the last.

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Please keep him in your thoughts!  He’s still very wobbly and sick and his chest sounds like it’s full of the world’s tiniest storm, all crackling thunder.

Yamino and Ash

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