“Hello again, Princess.”

Cosplayer, Chibifiedkitunes • Holophernes as April O’Neil 
Cosplayer, Blacklashjo • Bloodyredpancakes as Karai
Photographer, Rescend • Twenty0nine

STGCC 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
5D Mark III, Canon 17-35 F2.8L

Just a little one for my two favourite Kunoichi (:

They made it so easy for me to capture this!
Special thanks to Holophernes for the hard work kicking and also to my poor sweetie who meticulously balanced herself on that tiny pole.
Amazing job as always ladies.
just please don’t try that at home thank you

" You're all going to die down here. " -- The Red Queen

Resident Evil: Retribution
Movie Premiere Event at Shaw Lido Theatres 

Photography, Rescend • Twenty0Nine

Ada Wong, Blacklash Jo • Bloodyredpancakes

Chris Redfield, Drefan

Claire Redfield, Selphie

Jill Valentine, Yuanie  

Leon S Kennedy, Kelton

Project Alice, Kiellne  

Badass Zombies, Alfred, Saiko, Syahidah. 

So, I was organizing our old archives and I saw these.
Back in 2 0 1 2, I had the chance to be a part of a really amazing Resident Evil Team. And- here we are stealing a few gorgeous shots after the movie event.
My love for this series is eternal, let’s go kick some zombie ass x
- Jo