Where on Earth can she be?

Inspired by a post I saw on r/tf2fashionadvice that made me want to try a tribute to a similar childhood hide-n-seek champion, instead using Femspy in tandem with the original inspiration. (I’ve named her Carmen Spydiego. Yes, I’m very original.) 


“They found Wenda. I’m sorry.”

Sony Vegas Editors: Disable Resample is Your Best Friend

If you’ve edited in Sony Vegas for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard other editors mention “disable resample.” What is it and why is it necessary? Allow me to educate!

What is resample?

In basic terms, resampling is changing the input of a video file into an output format. This can range from changing the video size and ratio to what I will focus on today: Frame rate.

In Vegas, there are three frame rates that you must know.

- Your input file

- Your project/preview file

- Your rendering/output settings

If your input file is 24 frames per second (fps), your project file and rendering/output settings need to also be at 24 fps. This helps tremendously with motion masking.

When your input file fps is different from your project settings, Sony Vegas ends up slowing down your clips. This can cause huge issues with motion masking when you are entirely dependent on masking from frame to frame. 

In addition to this, Sony Vegas has a feature called “Smart Resample” that is the default setting to put on all clips. There is a built in lag within the Sony Vegas program so in order to make up for this, Smart Resample installs motion blur to blend the frames together. However, this often results in added slowness to the clips and a sharp drop in quality when the project renders. The frames will become compressed on top of each other as they blend. This is what editors refer to as “ghosting” or “ghost frames.”

In the first example, you can see the outline of a frame over another frame. That transparent outline is the “ghost frame” and should not be there. That is what slows down your clips and will reduce the quality come rendering time.

The second image is what the clip should look like in a normal frame.

So, how do you prevent ghost frames?

Step 1) Right click on the video layer of your clip. Then, click on “Properties.”

Step 2) When the Properties window comes up, click the “Disable Resample” option.

Step 3) Click “OK” to confirm.

Please note, if you’re using this method to change clips to “Disable Resample,” you need to do this to every individual clip you place in the timeline.

In addition, make sure that your output and project fps matches with your input video’s fps.

To check your project fps, look at the video preview section of your Vegas window.

It will list both the “Project” and “Preview” fps along with the ratio of the project file. 24,000 p is the fps of this particular project file. If the fps of your project file does not match the fps under the “Properties” window of your video clip, it needs to be changed.

To change the project fps, there are three ways to open the “Project Properties” window.

Method 1) Click on “File” and go down to “Properties.”

Method 2) This is a shortcut method if your video preview area is already displayed. Click on the square icon with the arrow inside of it. It is located to the top far left of the video preview area.

Method 3) Just hold down the “Alt” and “Enter” keys on your keyboard at the same time. The window will pop up that way.

Once the “Project Properties” window opens, go to the “Frame rate” area and click on the drop down menu. Change the fps to the same number as your input clips. In this example, the video clip is 24 fps so I changed the frame rate to 24 fps in the project.

Next, hit “Apply.”

Then, hit “OK.”

Finally, when it comes time to render your project, bring up your “Render As” window.

When the window pops up, go to the “Template” area of the window after you make sure that your “Save as type” is the right type of output file you want. Click on “Custom.”

Once the “Custom Settings” window comes up, go to the frame rate area of the “Video” tab and select the same fps you used on the project file. Again, in this example, the fps of the input and project file is 24 so I select 24 fps here.

As a bonus, if you’re editing an AMV, you want to go to the “Project” tab and go to the “View Rendering Quality” area. Click on the drop down menu and select “Best.” This ensures that your project will come out looking the best it can when it renders.

Click “OK” once you’re done adjusting your settings and watch the magic happen!

Hopefully, this tutorial helps out some editors who have been stressing about quality drops in their final product. If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to send an ask! Happy editing!


ReSample @ SDNZ Auckland Regionals 2011



  • photoshop cs5/cs6 (i’m using cs6, but i assume this works for cs5?)
  • knowledge on how to make gifs
  • high quality layers/images (i haven’t tested any of this out on lq videos)
  • this & this sharpening action
  • familiarity with photoshop

what we’ll be learning:

  • what resampling is
  • the timing difference between frame animation gifs and smart object gifs
  • how to work with this
  • sharpening techniques for both methods

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A mix to define Asuka Langely Soryu’s battle with Arael; girl vs machine. Featuring tortured female-fronted voices soused in fear and anxiety-ridden lullabies, evoking sensations not unlike hearing a mother speak from under several layers of heavy industrial and vocal machinery. Resamples and distorts classical poetry; dialogue and music from Episode 22: At Least, Be Human/Don’t Be for a sound that is distinctly Evangelion. Dedicated to sohmer/starros.


prologue / THE LAMB - john taverner (ft.) baile

rising action / LOVIN YOU - hagan x minnie riperton | GUIDANCE - madi larson x ajgor | SKINNY (NOVUS REMIX) - bones | STRETCHED OUT - abbi press | SEVEN SEALS - cvrl (ft.) Øfdream | LOTA - saphir and ben fox | WHEN I DIE - beya lekhari | DO YOU LOVE ME? - hikikomori 

epilogue / ADDER(F)ALL - tei shi


Exactly 3 years ago, the very first thing of Majora I uploaded to YouTube was an instrumental of Deku Palace. Here it is now, resampled.

P.S: Due to technical difficulties, there was no Q&A last Friday. There might be one this week, but it’s not sure yet. Apologies.


love the “maps” resampling here

UTAU Resources Masterpost!












  • UTAU (can be installed or zipped)
  • Audacity (can be used to record a voicebank or mixing songs)
  • Reaper (can be used to record a voicebank or mixing songs)
  • OREMO (easy way to record a voicebank)
  • Resampler directory
  • Plugin directory (note that some may not work in newer versions of UTAU and may only work in versions 2 of UTAU)
  • SOME voicebanks


Feel free to send me more things to update this list!

Best of 2016 (so far)

Almost mid-2016. Would like some recs/tops of 2016 from mutuals/non-mutuals on this level(sorry if I’m being weird non-mutuals, but I respect your tastes). Of course, it doesn’t have to be this detailed, but 2016 has been the best year for releases since 2012 imho, and as behind on jams as I’ve been, I’m sure y’all know some other fire releases from this year.

@veteran-of-a-coldwar @dtched @slightlydrifting @weakmoves @oldsoldiers @bedroomtechno @zwei-ketten @hahahardcore @isamizdat @jawl-nini @jawside @resampled@darcywreckme @itchycoil @taylor-ruth @blagodaryu @tr0nd@porcus-italicus@cruisingdystopia@seith-communiti@guavasite@unit2669@2257ad@italodiscomegamix@inbedwithboys and anyone else down to share/contribute their list. 


Disprove has dropped a hard EP on us that goes by the name “Damage”. You can hear all sorts of bass in the background, from the heavily distorted to the heavily resampled, it is there! Set in a galactic criseis, each track serves to open a new eye to the struggle faced when the sensitive intergalactic peace of the cosmos is interrupted by a swarm of invading pods, which will change the balance of the universe.

Two Faced starts us off with some incredible ravaging bass lines, with the drums ripping holes in the sound to fit in. The name seems to imply a sort of political corruption and when the drop hits you feels its full effect!

Cosmic Law takes us for another spin. Great use of space in here, as you hear synths fly around in the stereo image and a voice melds out of the soundscape. It appears that there is no court in session in this track, no…instead it feels more like the very laws of the universe, the ones that no one can change, and they are meeting out the justice that only they can give. Ripping shards of metal bass with heavy grounded bass lines shove their way against each other, attempting to reshape the conflict.

Supernatural brings a force, perhaps one that does not answer to the cosmos in the mix. Excellent use of vocals and sounds that rise in a very organic way, bringing everything to a climax that resolves into a mix that fits so well that it is hard to imagine anything else as a possibility.

Finishing us off is Damage. A fitting name for the final track, a look at what is left after the conflict, the destruction, turmoil, change, and perhaps even a chance for new life. Once again, Disprove’s sense of structure is spot on, writing and producing phrases that even the most untrained ear can sense as smooth and vivid, indeed a masters work.

Of EP’s of this kind, it is always a wonder how such masterful bass sounds are produced and mixed in such a comprehensive and cohesive way. An excellent work, that those who jive to the sounds of drum and bass will seek out for sure!

See the rest of the review and preview the release at @


First new Martin video of the year, it’s The American Adventure!

Finally, an edit I’ve always wanted to do. Starting with a full concepts and construction section, trace the attractions development back to a Futureworld ride through, the changes to a theatre show and early plans. Next see how the show was designed and built, how a technological marvel operates, and the opening dedication.

Next take a full tour both outside and inside, including a full look at all the artwork, furniture and flags on both lobby levels. Walk into the theatre and experience the full show, shot from multiple angles in full HD for complete coverage.

Each rear projected piece of art was either resampled and composited or scanned from original artwork, and then re-animated to match the projected version exactly with no blur, shake or flicker. The audio was remixed in stereo matching original attraction dialogue, sound effects and stereo musical scores for a source quality stereo soundtrack.

Includes the full 2007 source quality Golden Dream finale. After the show, walk around the exterior looking at various details and finally see the changes to the pavilion since 1982, from the minor to the 1993 animatronic replacement with a side by side comparison plus a source quality complete original 1982 Golden Dream and the full 1993 version too.

Shot with a relaxed video ban.

65 minutes long. Enjoy!

-Possible new bacterium found in Lake Vostok, Antarctica-

As many of you might know, a research team from Russia drilled down to the surface of Lake Vostok in 2012 and finally broke through in February of 2013

The lake, which had previously been untouched by humans, is almost 4 kilometres below the surface of the ice. Anticipation over the possibility of finding life in such an extreme environment has been high, let alone discovering a new type of organism.

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