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I thought it was a little strange how t re was a wine bottle was broken but on the shelve it seemed like it didn't come from there... Because all the bottles are all perfectly aligned in the center, symmetrical. So where did the bottle come from? Possibly the kitchen???

you’re right, all the wine bottle seem to be accounted for… so like…. who goes down to the cellar, breaks a bottle, and then leaves???

i’m telling you, that cellar is hiding something… 

Flux: The Beginning (M) | 02

Prequel of Bliss | parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Character: Yoongi x reader x Jungkook

Genre/words: Smut, Poly!AU, Slow Burn, Angst / 7,162 words

Summary: One of them is your longtime crush, while the other is the man which you had shared your secrets with on many heated nights filled with lust and forbidden desire. You had sworn that it would end, and that secret crush would remain a secret.

Warning: mentions of alcohol, dirty talk, voyeurism

a/n: After re-writing and going back and forth in editing, I finally think it’ll be wise to post the whole series in three parts. Sorry if this part is much shorter, I will make it up on the last chapter :)

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apparently jimin acts like a baby when he’s drunk and does a lot of aegyo, and calls himself diminie, instead of jiminie, i think i’m dying,, wow can you believe.. tha t

So someone at a fansign asked Jimin what happens when he gets drunk and he said he calls himself dimine and that he’s really cute. Yoongi and Jimin are drinking buddies and it seems that Yoongi gets to experience this on the regular.

I SAW THAT he said he gets all tongue-tied like ,, wow imagine how adorable yoongi must find him then  when they’re drinking their wine together and jimin starts slurring his words and his ‘i love you’s getting all cute and clingy with his adorably flushed cheeks,, 

I Could

Summary: You’re a little wine drunk in bed with a boy.

Warnings: Fluff

Requested: No. Just a little something while I try to finish up the next part of Little Lion Series.

Based off of this seriously cute post.

There’s rain softly hitting the window of your room. The cotton sheets are bunched around your ankles. Your legs are tangled with Harry’s and his arm is wrapped around your shoulder. You’re free hands are tangled together. laying on Harry’s heart.

Fitting, you think as a small smile comes across your face. 

You feel light and heavy at the same time, an effect of being wine drunk. Harry’s breathing is beginning to even out and your eyes are getting heavy. 

You pull your hand away and sit up lightly. This stirs Harry out of his light sleep and he looks down at you with bleary eyes. You press a feather light kiss to his neck and he closes his eyes again. 

“I could beat the shit out of you.” You whisper as the thought crosses your mind. 

You could, you nod to yourself as you pull away and lay your head back on his chest. Harry wasn’t a fighter, he probably didn’t know how to beat someone up. You had grown up with brothers, you knew how to fight, you reason to yourself in your head.

“I know.” Harry whispers back, not opening his eyes. 

You close your eyes and take his hand back in yours.

As long as he knew where the two of you stood in that aspect. 

Love you all!


Walter hears the sound of a knife hit a cutting board and he comes running.  That is his sad face when he realized the knife sound was me cutting kale. Hahaha

The Boo Boos is wondering why I would be reading a book called The Power of the Dog when obviously the animal with the real power is the cat… It’s a damn good book, though. Holy crap, Don Winslow can write some seriously intense books.

I’m tired, angry, and frustrated today. So, I’m going to get my butt out there for a bike ride, then spend my day with people doing good, and then come home to hug my family. Tonight is our volunteer “after hours” event until 8pm.  We’re having wine and snacks, and we’ll be talking about books while working on projects for local Title I schools. If I have to work late, that’s what I want to be doing. I am forever grateful to be absolutely surrounded by kind, giving, thoughtful people in all areas of my life; they help me never lose sight of the good.


On this day in music history: October 15, 1988 - “Red Red Wine” by UB40 hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by Neil Diamond, it is the first US chart topper for the reggae/pop fusion band from Birmingham, UK. Formed in 1978, the band UB40 takes their name from the document form that recipients must fill out to receive unemployment benefits. The band is led by brothers Robin (guitar, vocals) and Ali (Alistair Ian) Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), with Earl Falconer (bass), Jimmy Brown (drums), Mickey Virtue (keyboards), Brian Travers (saxophone), and Astro (born Terence Brown) (trumpet, vocals). UB40 receive their big break in 1980 when Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders sees them performing at a pub in London, offering them the opening act spot on her bands first major tour of the UK. The exposure heightens their profile significantly, leading to a record deal with indie label Graduate Records before forming their own label DEP International Records (distributed by Virgin Records). After three successful albums containing original material, UB40 record the album “Labour Of Love” in 1983. “Love” consists of cover versions of the bands favorite reggae, ska and dub songs recorded by artists the members grew up loving like The Melodians, Jimmy Cliff, The Slickers, and Bob Marley. A major favorite of the band is “Red Red Wine”, recorded by Jamaican singer Tony Tribe in 1969. His version is a minor hit in the UK, peaking at #45 on the UK singles chart. Tragically, Tribe’s career is cut short when he is killed in a car accident in Canada in 1970. When UB40 covers “Red Red Wine”, they are unaware that the song is a cover, and was written and recorded by Neil Diamond in 1968. UB40’s version is a huge hit throughout much of the world, hitting number one on the UK singles chart for three weeks in September of 1983. With reggae only enjoying a cult following in the US, the record is only a minor hit Stateside, initially peaking at #34 on the Hot 100 in March of 1984. Fast forward ahead four years later, and UB40 releases their self-titled eighth album which is another hit worldwide, but only makes a modest showing in the US. Program director Guy Zapoleon at KZZP in Phoenix, AZ revives the nearly five year old “Red Red Wine” by placing it in heavy rotation when the station begins receiving heavy listener requests for the song. Zapoleon contacts UB40’s US label A&M Records to convince them to reissue the record. In the midst of promoting their latest album, they initially ignore Zapoleon’s request, until other stations begin adding “Wine” their playlists. Finally, A&M re-releases “Red Red Wine” in July of 1988. Re-entering the Hot 100 at #85 on August 13, 1988, it climbs to the top of the chart nine weeks later. The belated success of “Red Red Wine” in the US also drives the album “Labor Of Love” into the top twenty on the Top 200, going Double Platinum. “Red Red Wine” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


I cannot  even about this!! lol

So I’m wacthing the next South Park. And who do I see Little Tweek walking. 

Me: “Hey, it Tweek walking-” *completely focus on him*

Me:”Ho shit!! Re-wined!!”

Me: “Well, thank you today you just keep making me feel happy.”

Also, what’s up with Kyle looking at them like that. He looks as if he wants to ask why they are still dating 

Straight Best Friend™, after a weekend of me finding very straight things for her to do and getting her photo ops with all the attractive dudes she wanted to meet, flops on the hotel bed and blurts: “Man, I’ve just really wanted to binge Carmilla since Thursday”.

so looks like we’re having a Carmilla wine-and-cheese binging party as soon as we get home from NYC tomorrow