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So this is my latest bulletin board. To begin with, there were some more little grey quotes, but I think at least one of my residents has been tearing them down. Oh well. The message is still clear. I like it. I feel as though this one is the one I am most proud of. It is not the most artistic nor is it the most fact filled. But it does serve a purpose I am passionate about.

Do You Wanna Plan a Program?

Do you wanna plan a program?

Come on let’s pick a day I never see the students anymore, They shut their doors, And stay online all daaaaaaay But maybe if there’s free food, And a prize to win, We’ll get them to come on byyyy So do you wanna plan a program? It doesn’t have to be inclusive Go away, RA! Okay, byee Do you wanna make some fliers? Or send them all emails Advertising is so hard to do I started reverting to  Not making them at alllllll (I don’t give a fuck) I used to be so eager  But now I’m not  But it’s required of my jooobbbbb (Cut paste cut paste cut paste) Mile? Please, I need your help now. I’ve done all that I can do You say be creative, and I’m trying to But no matter what I do The residents never cooommeeee The year is almost over My ideas are gone I don’t know what else to dooooo (Sigh) will you help me plan a program?