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Barchie/Stydia Parallels

I’m gonna start off with a little giddy raving….

i love how barchie has become that pairing - the one with a kiss that happens a billion years before they actually become canon - i’m getting so many major stydia vibes, adkskfjskjf. They’re really going to become that couple who’ll steal secret glances at each other and you know what they mean before they know themselves, and you’ll be spending every scene after that car scene wondering, “are they thinking of it???” Because i know i did that with stydia.
And then there will be times when you’ll go HA!!!!! THAT WAS TOTALLY PLATONIC!!!! while doing a little happy jig and then dying inside at the same time because they aren’t together yet.

And that car scene?? some of the shots were so reminiscent of teen wolf 6x01 with the damn hand holding and intense eye contact like wowwwwww i love parallels ahh!!! 

our pairings sure do love holding those hands…..

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“Like a centipede.”