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How do you watch twd if you can't understand English being spoken very well? Do you have subtitles? The one thing I always dislike about subtitles is you're usually not hearing the actual actors voice.

I understand 95% of things I read/hear in English. I have problems with writing down things I hear sometimes, especially with… endings? I mean ‘re, ‘ve, ed and stuff like that. I needs transcript for making gifs because I don’t want to make mistakes in posts that people will reblog :)
I use subtitles or Polish lector only when I watch movies/shows with my mom :)


susan/frieda + strength

Edward Nygma the master detective

Ed: “The person who cut the breaks is someone who has a lot of money and has influence.”

Ed: “I know Isabella was murdered and I know who did it.”

Oswald: SHIT HE KNOWS. “Ed I just want you to know that I lov-”

Ed: “Butch.”


And that’s when Oswald figured out his boyfriend is an idiot.


@nicolauda this is singularly the best ask i have Ever received man

@evilqueenofgallifrey and i did a bit of collaboration on this, so you get a fic too!

i hope you feel better soon man, you seem like you’ve had a really rough time lately. <3 lots of love 

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Lgbt+ kids who are in ED recovery are strong, beautiful, inspiring, lovely and so loved. All of them are! 

If you read this and you’re lgbt+ and in ED recovery, yes, this applies to you, too. You’re precious and i’m so proud of you. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: ED is short for eating disorder. 

Get Well Soon (Edward Nygma x Reader x Oswald Cobblepot Fluff One-Shot)

Reader is sick and Edward and Oswald are taking care of her.

Gender of reader: Female

Set S2 when Oswald was residing in Edward’s home.

For @andyandnormski I hope you’ll like it <3 

Warnings: None, Fluff, Ed and Os taking care of you (though Oswald is a bit grumpy and an ass at first xD), Can be read as friendship or blooming romance 

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