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I only brought my 15 month old today cause the 3yr old was rebelling all morning. So tell me why when I’m walking away from the squat rack I see Danny running by the treadmills and the kid’s club guy chasing after him. Like dude, you guys have a gate AND a door and he’s the only kid in there. How did you let him get out without realizing it?! (He said someone told him about the escaped baby) but like dude this happened a week or 2 ago?? What if he ran the other fucking way?! (Towards the door to the parking lot) I’m only not bitching to the gym cause you’re like 15 but I’m outraged 😞😞 like omg I’m really not trying to be “that” mom but seriously dude?! Holding in my inner Liz Lemon so I don’t lose it…

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You know you’re fucked when you’re only 15 but yet it feels like the world could end right there and you would be fine with it. It’s fucked when girls and boys are so young but so depressed, so heartbroken. Feelings fuck you up, i remember when i was only a little girl and i had this whole life ahead of me and all I wanted was a boyfriend. And now after having one, I don’t understand why I needed one, it’s messed me up. Emotionally and physically, I am fucked.

He was the type of boy you could just see yourself lasting forever with, and that’s exactly what I did. He teased me so much that I used to sook about it, but that didn’t matter because at least he was making me smile in some way. He cared so deeply, and he was so sensitive even though everyone I knew saw him as this big tough guy. He was gentle, he was romantic, it was like we were 23 and just madly in love. Our relationship was beyond what you would expect at such a young age, but we were just so maturely in love. But that’s the thing, i’m not 23, i’m so young and now i’m heartbroken and it’s not as simple as going out every night to get him out of my head. I have to sleep early because of school, i have to go to school, I have to study and commit to all of my commitments and it’s impossible to get him out of my mind. He wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was genuinely my best friend and sometimes we fought as best friends would. But no matter how we were fighting, we fought as hard as we could for each other because that’s what love does to you. But one day i guess he just decided to stop fighting, and it wasn’t like I was expecting it. We always swore we would fight for each other, fight for the relationship, fight for our fucking love but he didn’t want too anymore. He didn’t want me anymore, and i can say with all my broken heart that killed me. It’s the worst thing to wake up happily in love and then go to bed broken because you’ve lost the reason why you even got up that day. He said he lost feelings, but I can’t place when. When did he lose feelings? With all of that sweet talk, the kisses, the texts, the calls, the hugs, everything and at some point he somehow started to lose feelings. And it hurt and surprised me so much because everyone knew that he was crazy about me. I saw parts of him that he would never dare to show anyone, we were so comfortable with each other and we allowed each other into our hearts but for some reason he just didn’t want that anymore. I can not place that all in my head, how you can suddenly lose interest in something you once loved. And it wasn’t like the hurt stopped there, no a month later he found himself with another girl. Making all the memories, the love, the jokes, that we were once doing. And the weirdest thing is, everyone around him can see that he doesn’t love her. Not the way he loved me at least. And i can’t seem to process the thought of why you would throw away a diamond for a fake one. Why would you throw away your perfect girl for someone who doesn’t even come close? Fuck, she’s not even pretty and yet i feel like i have to compete with her. And every month goes by, and they are still going strong and for some reason my brain still can’t process it. I still can’t believe that he’s moved on from me because love doesn’t just go away. You can’t just get rid of love because you don’t want it anymore, feelings don’t leave when you ask them too. So what is he doing with her when he can be with me? I’ve never been the girl to wait for someone, i always want to try with everyone but for some reason i am constantly drawn to him, as if he’s truly made for me and i think he is. I think he’s the love of my life and maybe i’m just not his. But when you love something you don’t just let it go, you fucking fight like crazy for it and i can promise everyone i would never go down without a fight. Okay maybe he’s happily in love with her, but what about me? What about my love for him? That doesn’t just go away, that doesn’t get excluded so fuck society and their expectations. Fuck everyone who thinks i won’t succeed. I know what I want, and i’ve never been so determined to get it.


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We’re in the generation where we feel like we need to be doing something at all times. We’re obsessed with productivity, and it makes everyone incredibly anxious. I always feel like I’m not doing enough and I’m always hard on myself. Yesterday, I was in the car with Cole Sprouse, and I was saying how I get home and I don’t do anything. I just go to sleep and I feel so useless, and he was like, ‘You’re the lead in a TV show, you’re working 15-hour days, your show is about to air, you need to chill. You’re 22 years old, you just got out of college, you’re right where you need to be.

What's your opinion of me?

1: You’re awesome
2: I consider you my friend
3: I consider you my best friend
4: I love you
5: I’m in love with you
6: You’re attractive
7: You’re fascinating
8: You’re like a sibling to me
9: Friends forever
10: I never want to lose you
11: I’d date you
12: I’d marry you
13: I’d sleep with you
14: You’re a cutie
15: You have a great personality
16: I wish we lived closer
17: I love your blog
18: We don’t talk, but I wish we did
19: I don’t like you
20: I’m not sure how I feel about you
21: I wanna get to know you better
22: I wish we lived closer
23: I wish we were better friends
24: Sometimes I wonder if you know I exist
25: I’d probably date you if I knew you better
26: I wanna give you a nickname
27: You are very important to me
28: I love your views, and share most of them
29: I hate your views
30: I love your aesthetic
31: I hate your blog
32: You have influenced my opinion on something
33: I want to see a movie with you
34: I wanna recommend some music to you
35: Your taste in music is great
36: Your taste in movies/TV is great
37: I want to tell you a secret
38: You frighten me
39: I’d travel the world with you
40: I wouldn’t mind it if you messaged me privately

Questions To Ask

1. How are you?

2. How old are you?

3. What did you do on your last birthday?

4.  What was the dumbest thing you’ve done?

5. What is the one person you trust the most?

6. Last person you texted?

7. Do you have a crush on someone?

8. What’s your fav thing about the person you have a crush on?

9.  If you could change your appearance to anything you wish, what would you do?

10. What do you dislike about yourself?

11. What do you want out of your life?

12. Who can’t you live without?

13. What is the one person you trust the most?

14.  What’s the one thing you’re best at?

15. Someone you’d like to be for a day and why?

16. Weird things you do when you’re alone?

17. Something you do without realising?

18. Do you have a facebook? If so, would you add the person who sent you this?

19. Describe yourself in one word/sentence?

20. Five weird things that you like?

21. What are three things most people don’t know about you?

22. Things you like and dislike about yourself?

23. Ever come close to death?

24. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist?

25. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

26. Do you replay things that have happened in your head?

27. Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?

28. Has someone ever spread a nasty rumour about you?

29. Are you nice to everyone?

30. What talent do you wish you’d been born with?

31. Do you have any pets?

32. Do you drink?

33. Do you smoke?

34. Tattoos you have/want?

35. Piercings you have/want?

36. What’s your sexual orientation?

37. Left or right handed?

38. Say 3 facts about your body:

39. What is your eye colour?

40. The funniest nickname you can come up with for ___________ ?

41. Best Internet friends?

42. Cuddles or kisses?

43. Dying young or being immortal?

44. Pillow forts or actual forts?

45. Tattoos or no?

46. Fav piercings

47. What do you find attractive in people (looks and personality)?

48. You and the last person you texted are paired up in the zombie apocalypse, do you survive?

49. Do you think you are attractive?

50. Post a selfie?


Hey folks!

I have a number of moss necklaces available left over from the fair! Most of them contain this beautiful Pheonix Feather Moss (Pleurozium schreberi) I gathered about a week ago. I absolutely love how the red stems of this species show so vividly in the resin.

If you’re interested they’re available here for 15$ and ready to ship!


“She’s one of the most well respected activists of her generation, busy using her position to speak honestly and openly to millions of loyal followers about feminism, sexism, and politics, educating and inspiring in equal measure.”
“Because of working on the Disney network, I get doubted a lot,” she says, of being judged for being young. “There are a lot of people who are like, ‘You’re 15, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’ But speaking out is also about trying to figure these things out for myself. I’m working it out as I go. I never want to be like, 'Don’t worry, I have all the answers to this’ because I don’t.” - Rowan Blanchard, I-DFrance

  • Levi: you're 15 right?
  • Eren: yeah.
  • Levi: i get it now.
  • Eren: get what?
  • Hange: why's he out?
  • Levi: he's at "that age"
  • Hange: i get it now.
  • Zackly: what happened?
  • Hange: Eren's at "that age"
  • Zackly: i get it now.

Can people like? Stop sexualising Will and Nico’s relationship? They’re like 14/15 years old. They’re kids. They’re going to hold hands around camp, feed each other marshmallows, and still blush when they kiss. Because they’re kids. Stop talking about how much you want your m/m ships to fuck in general. it’s weird and over sexualises m/m relationships 


Would you want to be a superhero? I mean, when it’s done the right way they have an interesting problem, or a scar that they’re dealing with. I don’t particularly want to diet. Or work out like crazy. That doesn’t sound fun. The problem now is whenever you do a movie they sign you to like, a three-picture deal, because if you play, you know, Condorman, you’re young, you’re just in from Ohio or whatever, you’re signing a 15-year contract, and they have the option to make three or four. That’s the weird thing about it, all these indentured-servitude contracts.


viktor: hahah yuri you’re 15 i think the fuck not

yurio: fine then let me skate about unconditional love but i’ll be flashing my nipples to the world

viktor, prematurely balding from having to deal with yurio’s shenanigans: fINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY

Being a minor isn’t an excuse for acting a fool.

If you’re 15+ you need to act like it, you aren’t seven. Telling people to commit suicide, then hiding behind the “uwu im a minor stop harassing me”, when someone calls you out on your bullshit is dumb. Stop.

I don’t care how old you are, 15+ you have sense, act like you have it.  

im never going to get over how teenage (15 y/o? i think) gansey’s reaction to needing a place to live for school was to just buy an entire building “why dont you just live in the dorms gansey that’s what they’re for-” “well i cant just sell my fucking dorm for a profit when im done can i” like jfc you’re 15 stop making important investment decisions and go watch steven universe or s/t 

Okay but let me present to you: AU where Yuuri and Yuri are actually friends

Yuri Plisetsky is 15 and is the Junior Grand Prix gold medalist. He’s the rinkmate of Russia’s national treasure, Victor Nikiforov, and everyone expects him to be perfect, to live up to Victor’s reputation.

And sometimes, it’s hard to deal with all that pressure. Especially when you’re 15 and angsty and don’t want anyone to know just how scared and overwhelmed you are.

So when Yuri finds Yuuri crying in a bathroom stall after the GPF, he kicks the door down, and thrusts a handkerchief into the older skater’s face, telling him to “Wipe yourself off. You look disgraceful.”

Yuuri is perplexed, but he also finds the little punk kinda endearing.

Later, at the banquet, Yuri stomps angrily up to Yuuri to ask him gruffly if he’s feeling any better, and Yuuri laughs and ruffles his hair, reassuring him that he’s alright now.

Yuri hisses and bats his hand away, saying that he’s not a child, but he doesn’t walk away. He and Yuuri talk all night, and Yuuri doesn’t end up drunkenly seducing his idol.

Yuuri and Yuri start texting back and forth pretty often, and Yuuri ends up doing not too badly for the rest of the season, because Yuri is there to call him before competitions and yell at him to stop being a wimp, and threaten to actually fly out to Detroit to personally kick his ass if he doesn’t do well enough.

And Yuri, who’s seen Yuuri at his weakest, doesn’t feel too bad at letting Yuri see his vulnerable side. Sometimes Yuri will call Yuuri and not say anything, and Yuuri will know exactly what to do. He’ll reassure him that he’s amazing and he’ll do well and that, even if he doesn’t, no one’s going to bite his head off. At the very least, Yuuri will always respect him, and that’s enough for Yuri.

When, at the end of the figure skating season, Yuuri’s come out with a Gold in Four Continents and a silver at Worlds, Yuri excitedly suggests that he come to Russia to train under Yakov.

Yuuri hems and haws for a few weeks, but eventually, he agrees.

Yakov doesn’t have to be convinced to accept him.

Yuuri is in St Petersburg for exactly one (1) hour before Victor falls hopelessly head over heels for him.

Yuri is maybe a little possessive of his friend though, and he and Victor often finds themselves fighting for Yuuri’s attention.

Yuuri is stuck in the middle of it all, utterly oblivious.

But when he starts to maybe fall for Victor, Yuri grudgingly agrees to be his wingman.

He still doesn’t think that stupid, arrogant, flighty Victor deserves his best friend, but if it’ll make Yuuri happy, Yuri will accept him.

(But not without first giving Victor a frankly terrifying talk about what exactly he’ll do to him if he ever makes Yuuri cry.)