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I hate youtube comment subculture. Even if the youtuber themself is actually a good, decent, and entertaining person, on literally every video you’ll get countless shitholes in the comments using autism as an insult, calling people/things the r slur, f slur, and the n word. you can just tell by how they type that they’re all 15 year old white boys with no concept of respect or some creepy 40 year old man who acts like a 10 year old, there is no in between.

5 Things

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:
-I…I don’t have a bag??
-what even
-wait no there’s a bag in my bedroom with some of my Comicpalooza haul in it!
-A framed Rolling Stone mag signed by Trent Reznor
-two (2) Winter Soldier sketch commissions
-an AC/DC+Star Wars shirt for Youngest Sib
-a sealed bag of beef jerky I forgot about

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
-at least one cat, typically
-Lego Venom
-a glass tentacle  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-an antique foo dog carved from ambiguous green stone
-an alarming number of bones

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
-get intimate with a St Andrew’s Cross
-go to Europe
-wander around in the woods in the Pacific Northwest
-make a comfortable living with a creative role
-be a [REDACTED]

5 things that make me feel happy:
- @clpolk – just…everything. everything
-evoking an emotional response with my art or writing
-my family’s acceptance and support for my queerness
-watching movies/shows with friends that we’ve all already seen so we can talk about it while we watch
-raw salmon

5 things I’m currently into:
-the HTP community
-being stupid proud of my amazing girlfriend
-contributing to fandom art books

5 things on my to-do list:
-a frankly terrifying amount of reconstructive surgery
-sleep more than 1 hour tonight, unlike last night
-a last-minute Pride pic featuring my two favourite fictional bisexuals
-figure out how to make xrandr changes persist across netboot on multiple machines to further fuck with my trainees
-get some shrimp for my fish tank that will hopefully not jump out to their deaths this time

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I love the idea of a pen pal. People writing each other on email, long messages and answers that make it feel close yet personal to talk to the person. It makes it feel close to a person, and it is relieving to speak to a person, someone who’s there to share their day with and someone who will listen to yours. 

I like books and tv shows, movies and travelling. I can give good advice and would love to hear and be heard. You can contact me via email- and I’ll be glad to talk to some people^^

I can talk in Russian and Hebrew along with English, but don’t have Russian on my laptop or phone. 

I would like to find someone who has the same interests as me, no matter who as long as they’re over 15. Anyone can message me, I’d really love to chat!

things i still cant believe
  • the lighter was invented before the match
  • oxford university is older than the aztec empire
  • the national animal of scotland is a unicorn
  • ishida sui dedicated an entire chapter to touka and kaneki fucking
Upstairs (m)


Pairing: Hoseok x reader

Genre: smut, fluff (?), dancer!college!Hoseok

Word count: 5.7k (I love a good build up)

Warnings: contains sex, sexual/explicit language

Summary: You finally get the courage to yell at the noisy neighbor upstairs and begin to realize that maybe you should’ve gone up sooner.

a/n: pls be kind first smutty thing I’ve written in A WHILE, idk if it’s any good I’ve literally re-read it like 15 times before posting. Enjoy! Hopefully more of my writing is on the way!!!

“Are you fucking kidding me!” You yelled in exasperation. The floorboards above you creaked and thumped as your neighbor pounded on their floor.

 It was currently 11:30 and you were trying so hard to get your presentation done for tomorrow’s class. You grabbed the broomstick that was becoming less for sweeping and more for hitting on your ceiling in shallow attempts at getting the ruckus to quiet down.  

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Things The Signs Say

“Both my ego and dick have something in common”

“I once spent 15 minutes re-taking a quiz called ‘Where Should You Live?’ just so I could get Canada to prove my mom wrong”

*in response to Aries*
“Yeah they’re both pretty small”

“Everybody automatically assumes I’m sensitive when I tell them I’m a cancer”
*someone comments that they are pretty sensitive*
*The cancer threatened to stab the person with a plastic fork*
“Shut up, you’re a Pisces, so you’re just as bad”

“I go through boyfriends as fast as she goes through bronzer”

*student asks why the board says ‘Jacob is weak’ *
“Oh in my sophomore class, Jacob decided to bet me that he could do more push ups than me this week. So we’ve decided to handle this in an orderly fashion”

“Let’s just take a moment of silence for those of us who have failed the math test”

*starts speaking in Spanish to get out of gym*

“When in doubt 'Command Option Z’ out”

“I don’t have enough hand sanitizer to wash the sins out of this table”

“Do I look high? Be honest, I can’t go to English class like this”

“I tried using slader to get the math homework answers but somehow managed to find anime porn instead”

Heyyy so I like LBL’s Fates mamas, and I also like making/seeing custom FE Heroes character sprites, and I also also like making theoretical custom stat builds for characters if they were in the game. 

So uh, combined all three.

Name: Katerina
Title: Shield of Nohr
Unit Type: Green | Axe | Cavalry 

Character Description: Garon’s first queen, and the mother of Xander. A storied soldier well-loved by her people. 

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats: 40 HP | 34 Atk | 32 Spe | 33 Def | 15 Res

5* Weapon: Brave Axe+

Special: Growing Light

Skill A: Darting Blow 3
Skill C: Goad Cavalry

Toyed around with the notion of Harsh Command, Heavy Blade, and Savage Blow as possible skills, but didn’t want her to be TOO similar to Gunter or Camilla (though in Gunter’s case, perhaps it’d be fitting… >3>)

Name: Ikona
Title: Fragile Flower
Unit Type: Grey | Dagger | Cavalry 

Character Description: Former queen of Hoshido and mother of Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura.

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats: 32 HP | 25 Atk | 31 Spe | 23 Def | 33 Res

5* Weapon: Smoke Dagger+

Assist: Rally Defense

Skill A: Close Counter
Skill B: Seal Atk 3

Ikona is a Mechanist, so she has the unique distinction of being a cavalry dagger-user! (I figure the karakuri count as cavalry right?) Squishy support buffer/debuffer seems fitting, and Close Counter seemed an appropriate skill for her class. (plus maybe Takumi inherited it from her…?? .u.)

Name: Ione
Title: Stoic Sorceress
Unit Type: Blue | Tome | Infantry

Character Description: A skillful manipulator and mother to Camilla. One of the most dangerous of Garon’s lovers.

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats: 36 HP | 33 Atk | 27 Spe | 19 Def | 32 Res

5* Weapon: Blarwolf+

Special: Glacies

Skill B: Poison Strike 3
Skill C: Threaten Speed 3

An anon’s ask gave me the idea for Blarwolf, so fair credit for that idea there (same with Darting Blow on Katerina!). Seems fitting enough for her as well, hehe. For her stats, tried to go for the sort of Julia/Lilina-esque res tank build (think there aren’t too many blue mages like that yet), and thought Poison Strike would be the most fitting reference to her murdery legacy haha.

Decided to refrain from writing quotes and leave that to their creator =w= I read through their tags to try to get the best feel for what their stats and skills might be like x3x Hope I did them justice! And LBL herself is ofc absolutely free to tweak things as she sees fit~

SAME WOOLIE SAME [Best Friends Play Batman: The Telltale Series (Part 15)]
  • Woolie: [re: Vicki Vale and Selina Kyle designs] I'm blown away that——both of them in plainclothes and I couldn't tell the difference between——
  • Matt: What are you saying——all white girls look the same, Woolie?
  • Woolie: KINDA!?
  • Matt: [cackling]
  • Woolie: Hoo hoo.
  • Matt: Hoho!
  • Woolie: That's a bad one.

89. 4th year Sirius Black ran a hard core social justice blog that generated A LOT of drama  

“friendly reminder that keeping Werewolves from children is immoral! They are pack animals and need LOVE”

“Pureblood families are /sick/ and need to stop,insert bad online death threat if you support purebloodism" 

“Okay say it with me people: GRIMMS ARE GOOD BOYS TOO”

His bio is half “no__ on this blog!" The other half is just him naming his best friend with emojis

James is an Instagram model already. Everyone’s like "but you’re 14/15??” He’s just there with pics of his hair blowing back in the wind

That scene where geralt and ciri trash that mage dudes house and Yennefer acts like she’s above it but then draws a mustache on that painting when they’re not looking added 15 years to my lifespan