Takizawa vs. Urie, Tokyo Ghoul Foils

I feel like the similarities and contrasting elements of these two are deeply unappreciated.  

1. Goals

Both Takizawa and Urie strive for success but each have very different reasons for what they strive for.

Seidou strived for success in order to protect. He decided to become ghoul investigator after an old neighbor lady was killed and his mother became deeply afraid of ghouls (this is what’s written besides, “I don’t want to die” on his will). Seidou was someone who wanted to be a hero and save people, gaining rank was a means to that end because, Higher Rank = More dangerous ghouls vanquished. 

Urie strived for success for the sake of credit and to protect himself because higher rank meant more strength and recognition. This meant Urie would be able to protect himself from betrayal and/or I’m guessing, feeling weak and worthless.

2. Rivalries with Peers

Both Takizawa and Urie have a rivalry with at least one of their peers and feelings of inferiority.

Takizawa and Akira’s rivalry seems much more petty on the surface and thankfully never goes beyond teasing and the occasional rude or ill willed comment 

Takizawa’s rivalry was based on a feeling of inferiority towards his peer. Takizawa was under the impression and fear that he could never surpass them no matter how hard he tried. These feelings started growing after he was unable to surpass her academically.

Urie having surpassed his peer academically feels inferior to Takeomi because he cannot seem to beat him in achievement no matter how hard he tries but unlike Takizawa he will not admit to himself he feels inferior and instead attempts to become superior. He also never verbalizes his feeling towards his peer and instead just act passive aggressively furious towards him.

Takizawa’s reasoning for wanting to become more successful than Akira is that he want to become a hero and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that a person who could seem to care less makes a better hero than him who wants it so bad.

Urie’s rivalry is mainly based off of misdirected anger as he seems to see surpassing Takeomi as the same thing as proving his superiority to Takeomi’s father and the rest of the squad that left his father for dead. He feels he must surpass Takeomi because a coward’s son should not be allowed to surpass the Hero’s (Urie’s father) son.

Takizawa sees surpassing Akira as secondary to his mission he would not let it get in the way of protecting his teammates or even Akira herself if necessary. We see this when he leaves the main mission party to go find Amon and when he lays down his life in an attempt to protect others.

Urie sees surpassing his peers as more important than his mission and would most likely leave anyone in trouble for the sake of surpassing him.

3. Bravery

Both Urie and Takizawa have very different responses to danger.

Urie and Takizawa both have a tendency to want to throw themselves into dangerous situations

Takizawa is intensely afraid of dying but pulls through for the sake of his goals and to protect those he cares about.

Urie throws himself recklessly and fearlessly into dangerous situations without much thought to his or others safety or the success of the mission only his own gain.

4. Feelings Towards Peers and Leadership

Takizawa for the most part treats his peers with respect, as long as he deems them to be worthy of their position by taking their job seriously. As for leadership he always treats them with respect (as long as he’s not drunk and clueless) and sees them as people he can learn from and grow from.

Urie treats his peers as either idiots he can manipulate or as rivals he must surpass as he does not trust them to be of any help to him and he only works alongside them if absolutely necessary. Urie see’s leadership as either other rivals if he doesn’t approve of them or labels them as morally inferior.

 Or if he does respect them he sees them as people to give him validation that he is strong or doing the right thing.

Also Takizawa does not belittle or delude himself about the strength of others just to feel better about himself.

Urie insults the intelligence, strength or morals of others to feel more important than them.

5. Dealing with Feelings

When it comes to dealing with their emotions and thoughts

Takizawa is very outspoken about what he thinks and feels, if he doesn’t like someone he will tell them even if it makes him seem a bit childish. He shares his thoughts feelings and discoveries which is important for maintaining the partnerships and darker feelings he might have. This is also most likely what helped him change his mind about his assumptions regarding Akira.

Urie on the other hand refuses to talk to people instead he puts up a front, letting his anger build up in his mind. When he has an idea or finds something out he doesn’t share it and seek to only use what he’s learned to his own advantage. This causes him to fail in instance where he could have succeeded, and leads to a buildup of dark emotions that are liable to explode..

6. In the End

Takizawa and Urie obviously came from very different backgrounds that somewhat warrant their differences, however Foils are meant to highlight each other’s faults and strengths so let us look at what one could learn from the other.

Urie is very gifted. However his lack of willingness to do many of the things his Foil did well such as learn from his superiors, work alongside his peers and share his emotions and fears are dragging him down.

Takizawa is perhaps not as talented as Urie but we can see through his Foils that being the top academically and stronger on paper is not the most important thing.

Funnily enough even though Urie’s decent would likely take a very different path than Takizawa’s if Urie doesn’t clean up his act soon he is likely to end up the same way. A very insane half ghoul.


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