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A lot of things in :re, like Arima and Haise's relationship look really similar to "A Crossbreed" and I’d like to talk about it but what I want to ask now is: have you considered what CCG feeds Haise and the prisoner ghouls? Feeding human flesh/blood would be an idea, but it would go against their morals and they'd never feed them ghoul meat. In "A Crossbreed" the animal feeds on milk, something both humans and animals can consume, so maybe there’s something ghouls can eat/drink besides coffee.

I doubt there’s something else ghouls can eat. Back when he had just turned into a ghoul, Kaneki tried to eat something, anything, other than human meat (that’s how he discovered he could eat/drink coffee):

Besides, I’m sure some pacific ghouls would’ve tried eating something else before. 

As to what they eat in Kokuria, no one knows. Human meat is the safest option, but it would go against their morals. Ghoul meat is really dangerous, especially for S rated ghouls and above. I think they’d give them RC suppressants as long as possible and then a little bit of human flesh (just enough to survive) from a corpse or something.

For Haise, however, I think it’s possible that they give him that one ghoul solution Eto was talking about:

On a side note, I think Arima’s relationship with Haise is not like in a Crossbreed (a human who feels curiosity for the creature, but doesn’t love it). Akira mentions that Arima cares for Sasaki enough to be called “parental love”:

While Arima may be respectful and even acknowledges their strength, he doesn’t see ghouls as equals:

Still, he sees Sasaki as a person and probably even a victim. I mean, look at his eyes:

The CCG Shinigami who barely expresses any emotions looks sad upon realising who Kaneki is (we still don’t know how he knew, though). And he also looks remorseful when Sasaki expresses how he feels towards him, as if he felt guilt for dragging him into the life he has now (if he goes out of control they’ll just kill him):

I really want to believe that Arima does care for Sasaki, partly because Haise deserves someone who cares for him (he met the Quinx at least one year after he “joined” the CCG) and because Arima needs someone to care for:

When people tell me that it’s okay for them to __(insert offensive comment/stereotype/appropriation)__ because their great grandmother was  __(insert random tribe/ethnicity here)__.