There’s no reason for this.

Bridge Crew:

Rachel ⋆ Nichole ⋆ Colleen ⋆ Heather Maddy Lauren Akai Dani Jordan Galey Logan Kayla Chloe Lindsey Beth ⋆ Gabby ⋆ 

I would take a bullet for all of you. And I’d buy you pizza. You guys mean more to me than you will ever know. If you ever need anything, just ask and I’ll see what I can do~♥

Starfleet Command (Senpais):

Chauncey ★ Shimmy spodiddly Goldy ★ Rhos science-officer-spock ★Dani ★ Teresa ★ Marnie ★ hanars ★

Your blogs blow my mind. Not to mention you’re all a+ people. I don’t understand how you are possible, but I’m not going to make any protestations against your existence~♥


perfectoppositedeepspacesexual hannstagraham ☁ fargut ☁ faeriefountain ☁ nyiota ☁ fascillogical fon-parr ☁ vulcantastic ☁ sscagnetti ☁ phantomfacesphantomshadows ☁ glitteringknight ☁ startrektastic ☁ leonardnimmoy ☁ lecter-starling ☁ hannigramstiel ☁ arishokshorns ☁ ohmymckirk ☁ spockedscully vulcanfingerkisses ivulcant jimmtibkirk ☁ gymkirk ☁ mckirkings ☁ amoktiming willgrahamstears vulcass ☁ lucifers-glory-hole ☁ myrnawilliams spaaaaaaaaaahk betyourvulcanears ☁ vulcanpies ☁ ensign-vining ☁ criminologic ☁ thatsassyvulcan ☁ spockprise ☁ avulcan ☁ gl4dos ☁ xspock ☁ licensetocannibalize ☁ kirkinpanties ☁ ani-reonhato ☁ charliespencerchaplin ☁ and many others 

You are all wonderful people with lovely blogs and I’m really, really grateful to have found you~♥ ;v;

I shouldn’t have to make a follow forever because you pretty much know if I’m going to follow you until the end of time. But if you need a point of reference here are some people who I intend to follow after the world expires:

rerullgalacticdrugdealer, ieyfura, shadowstreak, hannibalspenis, starfox-69, cthsulhu, imspocky, michaeltrucco, fargut, krogantesticles, midnasbitch, sscagnetti, n-o-r-m-a-n-d-y, n7-shepard, lecter-starling, licensetocannibalize, willsstag, envirosuitstartrekkinn, chompette, justicarsombrero, aaand freedoms-progress

Mind you, these are not the only people that I plan on following even after I’m in the ground, these are just the ones that I could think of right away.

I just needed an excuse to use another Star Trek cap and comic sans. shh.

If you don’t follow Rachel, you should.

And if you need some reasons:

  • She’s classy
  • She’s adorable
  • She’s funny
  • She has a quality blog
  • She’ll teach you a thing or two about vaudeville and silent film???
  • She’s one of my very best friends.
  • Flapper Lesbians
  • She’s lovely and I want to go to Switzerland with her???