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for iwaoi: inflatables

Iwaizumi rubs his forehead and sighs. By this point, any sunscreen he had put on is probably gone from all the times he’s put his head in his hands and fought off screaming at the sky. He’s fine, it’s all good, nothing to worry about. 

Except that Oikawa is half naked, wet, and wearing floaties as he half drowns in the pool. It’s not even a real pool, just a giant inflatable one that’s two feet taller than Oikawa which is apparently enough for the idiot to jump in when he doesn’t even know how to swim. 

Thankfully, Iwaizumi was able to wrestle the embarrassing floaties before any disaster could happen onto Oikawa’s arms which resulted in ten minutes of pouting and Oikawa muttering under his breath. He still looks kinda stupid. And also hot. But Iwaizumi is ignoring that. He is just focusing on how much he wants to murder his best friend. Those are familiar feelings. Murder he can handle. But then the next thing he knows Oikawa is clinging to him with his wet body and rough hands and his hair is dripping all over Iwaizumi which shouldn’t mean much since he’s also in the pool and soaked except that Oikawa with wet hair is cute and he doesn’t know what to do

So Iwaizumi shoves Oikawa under the water. Oikawa splutters and waves his arms around a little too dramatically if you ask Iwaizumi since he isn’t even trying to keep him under but Iwaizumi takes the time to wipe all images of Oikawa. But the dumbass has to breathe which is just annoying but what can Iwaizumi do at this point other than regret all of his life decisions like choosing to befriend Oikawa and then choosing to go swimming with his best friend ten years later. 

“What did you do that for?” Oikawa half shouts half whispers which makes no sense to Iwaizumi but he’s kinda dazed by Oikawa’s newly soaked hair dripping water onto his angry face. If Iwaizumi gets close enough he might be able to see the droplets on his eyelashes. “Iwa-chan!” 

“No one should be able to make floaties look hot but somehow you do.” Iwaizumi mutters and truly it’s not his fault, really, all his focus had been going into making sure his hands don’t touch Oikawa’s stupid face so he couldn’t possibly watch his own mouth too. 

Oikawa’s eyes widen and his mouth tightens and Iwaizumi is sure he’s just fucked it up, he’s done something majorly wrong. Suddenly wishes he couldn’t swim because this is the perfect time to drown. He begins to sink but only gets up to his nose before Oikawa’s yanking him out of the water and shoving his face into Iwaizumi’s. 

It’s a pretty bad kiss since slamming your face into someone else’s doesn’t exactly scream ‘sensual and romantic’ and Oikawa can’t really swim so his entire body weight is on Iwaizumi’s and they’re slowly sinking into the water. But Iwaizumi finally gets to touch Oikawa’s face and when he pulls out he can see every droplet on his lashes perfectly. 

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hi, i was just wondering how you're already reading acowar? did you pre-order it? :)

noo the first 8 chapters were online somewhere. i’m not sure how they were but they’re apparently not available to read anymore :// wow thank god i flew through those chapters last night

thoughts on finishing my queen of attolia reread, to go with my previous thoughts on finishing the thief:

  • have the last few lines of this book ever not made the person reading them simultaneously want to sob and jump up and hug someone
  • i always forget that there’s still a lot of Angst that happens even after the biggest danger in the book has passed
  • as always, the biggest obstacle is not the huge army of enemy soldiers headed by The Actual Personification Of A Napkin Used To Soak Up Pizza Grease, but the complete lack of communication
  • i LIVE for the kind of angst where both people are trying to make nice but both of them are also horrible at making nice so they keep saying things meant to bridge the gap and then accidentally pushing each other away and then being miserable about it while everyone on the outside is like “what the fuck!!! how are you doing this!! you literally both want each other how are you managing to fuck up!!!!!”
  • and by “everyone” i mean “eddis”
  • the relationship between gen and his dad continues to make me feel Emotions badly
  • when gen starts bleating under his breath while they’re walking up the stairs and attolia just goes right to Murder Mode
  • the first sand in gen’s food scene. just a mention, but #iconic
  • that line when attolia realizes gen just got the upper hand (heh) and she has to go with him in the boat, and she’s musing about how he’s changed, and she thinks that he probably killed the real guard rather than just incapacitating him
  • shit
  • that line always Gets Me
  • gen, who refused to become a soldier so he wouldn’t have to kill, leading men into enemy territory, killing to make his plan possible, fighting a battle against the mede, all because he will steal attolia, he will steal peace, even if the gods themselves betray him
  • this list is over it got too emotional

I just finished my ACOTAR reread and in a day or two I’ll start on ACOMAF. I’ve reread it before but this was my first reread of ACOTAR

Not because it’s not a good book or the writing isn’t absolutely fabulous, it’s just really weird and I’m tired

It’s 4:30am so that’s rightfully so but I’m also exhausted because of how emotionally draining that book is once you know what ends up happening

Especially that part where Rhys just looks at her on that balcony and freezes… It kills me every time and I just hate and love this book, this damn series, with my whole heart

Just like Feyre loves Tamlin in the first book, and just as abusive​ly obsessed with Feyre as Tamlin is


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Auston's instagrm story is just him making fun of Mitch at Jays batting practice and all I can think of is your baseball au

Mitch does…not have a good stance slgkmskg and Auston “baseball and hockey god” Matthews must be loving it

OKAY BUT speaking of baseball AU, I know I wrote Hey Batter Batter with like barely any baseball in it, but there was also this short thing that describes Mitch trying out a few swings and man, I’m so glad it happened irl

there is literally only one reason why I’ll be reading ac0war first out of four books released on that same day: to get it out of the way


now feels like an appropriate time to post this

Happy Anniversary @ask-drunk-chara !!! This is still my favorite UT blog (along with *FTC) and it has influenced me a lot! Added Core!Frisk cause I miss their bday ;;

Core!Frisk belongs to @dokudoki