As of ep10, I think this scene in ep04 takes a whole new meaning. Let’s see:

1st gif: When Victor asks why Yuri would have pushed away the girl trying to hug him, he doesn’t say ‘wow’ because he thinks it’s strange to have that reaction, but because he recalls Yuri latching on to him desperately. Even if that was his drunken self, it was still something Yuri wanted, so Victor is wondering what’s the difference between him and this girl.

2nd gif: He isn’t being presumptions in asking what Yuri wants him to be. Again, as far as Victor knows, Yuri wanted him there and his behavior (the hugging, their intimate dance-off) hadn’t been that of just wanting Victor as a coach, so he wanted Yuri to make it clear what he wanted. And he assumed (and likely hoped) that Yuri liked him romantically.

3rd gif: I think Yuri caused another misunderstanding here…that fixed the previous one. See, Yuri was apologizing and explaining he ignored Victor, but he was talking about a recent situation between them since he was unaware of the banquet. For Victor, however, his apology/explanation was over the whole period since they met. Victor may have seen this as Yuri explaining why he didn’t say another word to Victor after the banquet: like he was explaining that he was too unsure of himself (when not drunk) and so couldn’t bear to face him. In other words, he wasn’t rejecting Victor, but lacked the sufifcient confidence to further a relationship

4th gif: Victor accepted the apology and understanding that sober!Yuri wasn’t that comfortable with as much skinship as he was when drunk…Victor promised to start demonstrating his love through not being easy on yuri’s coaching. Oh, and since we now know Victor was already in love with him at this point…when he says “my love” he does mean romantic love for Yuri

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I’m rereading ACOTAR and just got to the part where they found the head staked on the fountain–Rhys’s “prank.” And I noticed this line when Feyre and Tamlin are talking about it afterwards:

The shadows that flickered in his eyes as he nodded his thanks told me there was more–still more that he had yet to tell me about his family his life before they’d been killed and this title had been thrust upon him.” (page 219)

Knowing what happened to Rhys’s mother and sister at the hands of Tamlin’s family … the head staked on the fountain was a very explicit reminder of that crime and its aftermath. Perhaps Amarantha ordered the stunt in the first place, but it’s likely that Rhys got to choose the delivery. And it’s pretty obvious now why he chose this of all messages.

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I was going through your One Punch Man post and well... DAMN! Now I can't stop thinking about SoS Sonic swiping food right under somebody's nose, it sounds like something he would do. -.-' Also now it seems terrifying to piss him off or be his target since he'll stop at nothing to destroy you... or end up as his dinner. *shiver* For a buttmonkey he sure is badass with a nice tight arse... -.-' Why do I regret saying that ass comment?

Speed of Sound Sonic would totally get a TON of pleasure of stealing someone’s food before they had a chance to eat it. If he wanted to annoy someone he’d keep eating all their food even after several attempt, belly be damned. I’m sure until it got very large that it wouldn’t bother him that much. He might slow down but that would just be by comparison instead of being really slowed down. 

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But you’re right, you definitely don’t want to piss him off. He may be a buttmonkey (I think?) but he’s doing to use that for all it’s worth until he destroys you or your confidence. 

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Yeah he does have a nice ass, just be careful or he might decide to sit on you. Nothing like stuffing himself and then sitting on your stomach right? Then he’ll just toy with you as you’re pinned beneath him

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