I was so super busy so I couldn’t participate in countdown week, but I wanted to at least do @mlstaffappreciation Day 3′s prompt because I love fairy tales more than I love most things.

Day 3: Fairy Tales

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Words: 2003, Language: English

So. Here’s The Happy Prince AU. Yes, I just rewrote the entire fairy tale. By memory, so it’s not totally accurate, but it follows the plot more or less the same.

High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Cat Prince. He was gilded all over with beautiful leaves of gold, for eyes he had two bright emeralds, and his cat eared mask glinted a deep, beautiful onyx.

The Cat Prince was well loved throughout the town, and he always tried his best to be the Prince that the city deserved. He carefully positioned himself so the gold would glint just right, and he always, always smiled.

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