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I recently read @thecommodoresquid‘s fic One Cloud Feels Lonely and it’s literally the greatest thing ever written and America in this fic is my fav she my daughter I will fight everything for her.

also this fic is like 100% Steve angst fed to through an IV straight into your heart it’s greatlol

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Was just rereading Young Avengers the other day and I just wanted to say how cool it is that YA ends on January 1, 2014 while WicDiv starts on January 1, 2014. Kinda symbolic.

It’s been so long that I literally can’t remember if we did that deliberately. 

It does sounds like the sort of thing we’d do deliberately.

I so need marvel to explore tommy’s powers as much as they have billy’s, especially the practical and metaphorical contradiction between their abilities as creation vs destruction, and the ways in which they intertwine. creation as a destructive force (as we’ve seen multiple times with the consequences of billy’s actions) and destruction as a creative force like a forest fire clearing away the underbrush so that new life can bloom.

like tommy was pulled into existence the same way billy was so what if his speed is equivalent in power to billy’s level of magic? we know tommy is so fast he can run across water and split atoms but what else can he do? there’s obviously precedent in comics for speedsters to time travel but what if tommy could use his powers in a way similar to billy and move so fast he jumps between universes? if he can accelerate molecules who’s to say he can’t accelerate particles so fast that reality itself is rifted apart? if tommy is as powerful as billy but just with a different set of abilities who’s to say what he can and can’t do?

tommy pretends he doesn’t believe he’s wanda’s son but easily falls into obnoxious brother behavior with billy

tommy doesn’t have family, he’s used to being let down & abandoned & mistreated. tommy “i don’t have feelings” shepherd is scared to admit that he might have a real family, & he’s even more scared to admit that he actually wants a real family.

tommy “everything is a joke to me” shepherd doesn’t want to admit that he’s lonely & hurt, even though he still wants to be a YA after cassie & vision, even though he wants to fight for good, because if they don’t “the bad guys win.”

tommy “I DONT HAVE FEELINGS” shepherd got up in scott summers’ face & told him & the x-men off because they were a threat to wanda.

can we stop pretending like tommy is detached, can we stop pretending like tommy doesn’t care, can we stop pretending like billy is the only one who wants to know about his origins & his family.

So I’m rereading Young Avengers v.1 right now and it just occurred to me how shitty the rest of the Avengers treat Vision after his death? You’d think they’d bury him (or build him a memorial considering the fact that he’s, y’know, a hero) or at least put him in a lab/stasis/whatever but, nope, they literally put him in storage. In a wooden box. Like a broken toy, which is how Iron Lad finds him:

Wow. Ouch. 

Then, one issue later Tony’s like:

So … does that make Vision part of ‘the rest of the tech’ or …?

I mean, the whole thing is p hilarious considering the fact that the Vision is the only one with a kind of failsafe plan should the Avengers ever disband. Also, apparently Visz’s data core can still be accessed via the right technology as proven by Iron Lad (granted, his suit is like super advanced and everything), even though Hank Pym later states that they were afraid that any attempt at fixing him would damage his personality core (wow, remember when Visz turned all white and emotionless during the West Coast Avengers and everyone but Wanda was like ‘lol idk he seems fine to me’).

And all of this becomes even more fucked up years later when Vision rebuilds himself and actually asks about the whole thing:

Uh yeah, about that, matey …

They probably forgot where they put the box. 

Idk in what way ‘we never gave up’ equates to ‘we put you in a box and forgot about you lol’ but okay. At least the She-Hulk (who ripped Visz in half) apologised and gave him a hug. 

Anyway, here, have another stab right in the FEELS while I’m already at it: