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Just how gay is America for Japan???


Alfred didn’t even notice it at first. It was normal for him to want to make his friends laugh, and he was regaling them all with a tale of how he’d drenched himself in jalapeños and cheese when he happened a glance over at Kiku.

The Japanese had gravitated toward the edges of the group as usual, but Alfred could see his shoulders shaking even as he hunched over his food. His first reaction was ask what was wrong, but the problem was solved for him when Kiku let out a giggle.

An honest-to-God, high pitched giggle.

Alfred could only stare.

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omg I literally just reread graceling and remembered how amazing it is??? and I was gushing about it but also really sad that so few people have read it! and now i'm discovering more and more!

it’s really really sad that it doesn’t have more exposure and especially acknowledgment over other series - the themes of female agency and sexuality, gender expression, choice, the clear author growth cashore has over the course of the series, it’s so good and so underappreciated graceling honestly changed my life 💕

I’m starting to work on my Hugo reading - which, if I needed to read up on everything in Best Series, would take a year, even for me. But luckily, there’s only one series nominated that I haven’t read. And unless that series is the best thing I’ve ever read in my life, I have my choices for that category narrowed down to two.

But between those two, I’m stuck. And this might be the inherent potential issue with the Best Series award.

A good part of me says I should vote for October Daye and be done with it. It’s been my favorite series in the world for … 6 years or so? I reread it at least once a year, I live for the annual release of the new book, I could talk about an analyze the story for hours on end.

… however, there’s another large part of me that thinks a Best Series award should function more as a “lifetime achievement” award, and that the most deserving should be the one who has put out a consistently amazing series for literally decades, a series that’s rightly on pretty much everyone’s list of “must-read SFF.” If that’s the case, then the Vorkosigan series should be the choice.

So I don’t know. I have to ponder. I’m honestly not sure which direction I’ll go in when I submit my votes.

The Continuing Epic of Painful(ly) Good Things and the Fools That Read Them.

(R:) Because I apparently don’t understand how to fall in love with fiction that doesn’t destroy me on some level every time I read it, I started rereading some of my Ultharkitty favorites over the past couple days. OW. THEY ARE SO GOOD AND I HURT SO VERY BAD. OW OW.

Ultharkitty is another of those amazing fic writers that I wish I could learn from, but who outclass me so immensely that I can only gaze in awe from afar.

…The way this is going, I might actually crack and reread Starcrossed again. Who needs fuctioning nerve tissue in their soul? I sure don’t. The faster I get rid of that, the better. Nerves? In MY tender heartmeats? It’s more likely than you think. Get the facts, me. PISH POSH, SAYS I.

Ways the Darkling Could Have Made Better Life Decisions: #45
  • alina: please. please spare him
  • darkling: why
  • alina: because the collar can't give you what you want. i have no choice but to serve you, but if mal comes to harm, i will never forgive you. i will fight you in anyway that i can. i will spend every waking minute looking for a way to end my life, and eventually, i'll succeed. but show him mercy, let him live, and i will serve you gladly. i will spend the rest of my days proving my gratitude
  • darkling:
  • alina:
  • darkling:
  • alina:
  • darkling: sure sounds good