rereading this book series is so much fun

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The sweetest Cinnamon Roll on the planet, the unholy offspring of cuteness and friendship

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The biggest piece of shit in the universe, created only to make Hiccups life even more difficult

look at that sly piece of dragon dung

I was worried that rereading Wheel of Time would result in me feeling disillusioned with the series and realizing that I didn’t like it anymore, and I am only just halfway through the first book but I am having so much fun. It’s like seeing an old friend again for the first time in years and just falling right back into the same conversations.

Got really excited to see the first mentions of Logain by name, and the first scene with Min. Everyone has now separated out into their different paths. Perrin’s POV is still my least favorite - poor Perrin, I think he just never clicked for me.

Maybe on this readthrough that’ll change. 

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Spencer and reader hosting a read- a- thon

You plop onto the couch, the first book of Harry Potter open in your lap. “Tea?”
“Mm.” Your boyfriend says, holding out his mug so you can pour in the beverage. “Thanks, honey.”
“No prob, babe.” You mumble, disappearing behind your pages.

In the morning at the BAU, Spencer yawns and sips his coffee again. “Whoa, pretty boy,” Morgan chuckled as he sits down. “You have a long night?”
“Yeah. (Y/N) and I had a marathon-” he yawned and Morgan raised his brows.
“That fun? Wow.”
“Yeah.” Spencer grinned. “She reread the whole Harry Potter series.”
Morgan’s amused look disappeared. “Oh.”
“I love her so much.” Spencer blew on his drink.

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kunne du tegne snusmumrikken og faren hans joxter? elsker stilen din så mye omg❤

Tusen takk, hyggelig å høre at du liker stilen min :D 

Nå har du fått meg hekta på disse to (igjen *cries: my childhood!*) også.

Your view that Season 5 would be best enjoyed as a whole is interesting to me because I’ve always had this vision with the series itself.
Many situations make more sense when viewed retrospectively, seasons after.
Arrow’s story reminds me of those favorite books where we always get more details, a new understanding with each rereading.
Much of my fun with the show is to dismiss the simplistic views as “inconsistent writing,” “ooc,” “lazy writing,” “out of nowhere,” “retcon” and really to try understand what they  tell us.
The understanding of the characters becomes much deeper and you begin to realize how small details are invested in them, how much they try to make them less stereotypes and more real.
There are so many levels in each little act or decision … or just I have an imagination out of the ordinary, but for me, nothing in Arrow is as simple as it seems. =)


That’s been my goal with the writing on Arrow too, @gordogatochato. :) Often I find that people who claim OCC or lazy writing just aren’t pulling back far enough to look at the overall picture, or, don’t have all the pieces of the picture yet. That’s why I always like to wait until I have the whole picture before deciding what I consider has been good or bad writing. If you come in on someone halfway through making a cake, it’s hard to give a correct opinion on whether the cake was delicious or not. 

Like, I’m happy to say I was deeply disappointed in how they handled the BM drama. For all the time they had to think about it, I think the execution was very ill-conceived. I wasn’t against Olicity breaking up, that felt necessary to me, and the main reason it felt necessary to me was because of how they got together so abruptly at the end of S3 and how we found them in S4. I didn’t like that at all. And the reason I didn’t like 323 and 401 for Olicity, beyond the surface appeal of ‘how cute’, is that I felt like we’d been cheated out of so much richness and depth with their relationship, or, we were going to have to pay big time for them being stuck together as this cutsie couple who weren’t really dealing with a lot of their issues. 

It turns out the latter was right, which, ultimately, I’m grateful for. 

Olicity has so much depth to it, I’m glad we’re getting to see that rather than just the caricatures of a generic HEA couple. It meant short term pain for long term gain, and while you’re going through that pain, it’s easy to feel like it’s not worth it, but ultimately growth is always worth it. I think some people too easily jump on the ‘bad writing/OOC’ bandwagon because they have a wrong basic assumption about the writing on Arrow - that it’s all about fanservice. It’s not, but, if you believe it is, then it seems reasonable to you that they’d write away from couples based on the internet reaction. So, once you believe that the writers don’t have a real plan and just react to other’s reactions, you start to jump at ‘shadows’ in the writing that you see as not making sense because you don’t believe the writers have a plan, or that the plan changes all the time. It justifies your sense of it all being a shambles and no one knowing what is going on and how to do their jobs. 

If you put that kind of assumption aside, and instead acknowledge that these are professionals who are paid to know what is going on at all times and are planning years in advance, then it’s easier to give them space for them to tell their stories and judge them as a whole, instead of picking apart every step without fully knowing the story we’re in yet. Again, that doesn’t mean that at the end of story that I’ll think that it was the right way to go about it, or that they told it well, but it does mean that I can make that judgement with all the facts in hand. 

For me, having that kind of mindset about how I view watching TV shows really does help a huge amount. :)

Hey tumblr! This is a little different from the usual comic stuff I post, but me & my friend @careydraws have started a podcast where we reread & discuss the Animorph book series! In episode one (out now!) we give a little Animorphs 101 for anyone who hasn’t read the series, and then go in-depth (well. sort of in-depth) on what happens in book 1 including: Visser 3′s incredible attitude, how much Jake’s brother loves sports, and how being a dog is waaaay better than being a lizard.

We’re trying to organize this so it’ll be fun to listen to whether or not you’ve read the books, buuut if you’re thinking of reading along, we’re talking about one book per episode so it can be like a little virtual book club. Follow MorphClubCast on twitter for more updates! We’re not in the app store (yet!) but you can listen for free on soundcloud right now. 

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mia mia mia,,, my sweet angel !! can u give me some book recommendations madam?? (′ॢᵕ ‵ *ॢ)


  • ok hear me out here but im rereading the tmi series at the moment and theyre actually so enjoyable like honestly im having so much fun reading these so. yeah. the tmi books by cassandra clare
  • deathless by catherynne m valente
  • on the jellicoe road by melina marchetta (also anything else by melina marchetta? honestly)
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin aliré sáenz
  • all the bright places by jennifer niven (this might be trigger-y idk if u wanna know more about it u can always message me again and i’ll be happy to tell u about it!! it’s good tho)
  • the goldfinch by donna tartt
  • the song of achilles by madeline miller
  • the raven boys series by maggie stiefvater (cmon yall saw this coming)
  • les mis 
  • the night circus by erin morgenstern
  • please ignore vera dietz by as king
  • the child thief by brom (this is super dark just fyi)
  • the secret history by donna tartt