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What made you fall in love with the Red Queen series? Like which characters you love, or amazing fight scenes?

i love a good plot twist and rq is full of them- so i guess that’s what drew me in initially. ESPECIALLY when the plot twist is so well thought out that little clues were sprinkled in throughout the entire book, so that when u reread you start noticing things and you’re like, “how did I not see this before????”

example: kc, the epilogue seems so obvious now, looking back at Cal’s arc and his actions in kc. but we were all DISTRACTED with Maven’s sob story and the marecal fluff.

that takes some damn good planning if u ask me

i also like how a lot the characters aren’t traditional ya tropes, and they’re all very flawed. i’ll admit, first book to me seemed a tropey, but it’s become its own story as it’s gone on. the books just seem to be getting better and better imo.

also i’m so confused how i can ship marecal and not ship it and hate maven but feel sorry for him, there’s so much depth to the main characters and everything is so subjective. nothing is totally good and nothing is totally bad, except elara and obviously the red discrimination but other than that,,,

this got really long wow woops

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Just finished rereading "I Need You To See Me" and as always many tissues and tears were involved. Your writing is always breathtaking! Congratulations on your new job, enjoy your time off, and give puppy Seb a cuddle from me.

ANON 🙈🙈 THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 💜💜💜 AH THIS WAS THE NICEST THING TO RECEIVE! Your support and kindest is SO appreciated! XOXOX!

i’m still so blown away by the spot on characterization of deadpool in the movie

the fact that the first time we see him not as deadpool, he’s working a free job for a teenage girl and putting the fear of god into her stalker

the fact that he doesn’t hurt kids, not even older ones, and “aw, he’s not a bad kid, weas”

him being ready to stand up for vanessa when some guy disrespects her and immediately going heart-eyes when she stands up for herself instead

and then not caring one bit that she’s a prostitute/stripper and it never being a problem when they’re in a serious long-lasting relationship

occasionally losing his temper (”AARRGH RIGHT UP MAIN STREET—three—two—stupid! worth it.” and then of course when vanessa gets kidnapped)

him totally not underestimating tiny negasonic, letting her take on angel dust because he knows she can hold her own, and then the immediate split second decision to grab her and pull her into cover when the guns start going off because he knows she’s strong as shit but not bulletproof

his bonding with blind al oh my fucking god and their disabled-person-to-disabled-person banter (”love is blind” “no, al, you’re blind”)

idk man this character just means a lot to me and so many people are being introduced to him solely through this movie, and i was so worried that they’d get a different character than what we get from the comics but they didn’t and i’m so happy about this

just a thing about Bakugo’s name

I love kanji, studying it in my free time is what I do when I’m not writing or making crappy fan art because boy do I need to get better at writing it, but while going through my manga a few minutes ago, I came across something that made me simultaneously angry and giggly.

The kanji for Bakugo’s name is 爆豪勝己 lit: explosion powerful victory self, which just totally gives away his character and quirk right off the bat, since his quirk is 爆破, explosion.

When his parents are introduced, we find out their names are Mitsuki and Masaru. And while this means nothing to someone reading the manga in English, for those of us who read it in Japanese (friendly neighborhood admin does the nihongo) the kanji used for their names are interesting, and this is where I was like *growls with anger while trying not to laugh*

Katsuki’s mother’s name, Mitsuki uses these kanji: 光己 lit: light self. It’s a pretty name, but she shares the same last kanji in her name as her son, Katsuki, the same 己

So, when I saw Katsuki’s father’s name, Masaru, I wanted to punch a wall because this kid’s name is literally just his dad’s name + the second half of his mom’s name I’m so f*cking mad rn

Masaru Bakugo’s name is written as 爆豪勝 lit: explosion powerful victory, but instead of being read as かつ (Katsu) like Katsuki’s name, it’s the nanori (a special reading for a kanji when used as a name) Masaru.

Bakugo’s parents decided that they were going to name their kid after themselves. Not only is he Winning Dude McPowerfulExplosion, his parents just combined their names! He’s My Parents Really Wanted To Name Me After Them Wining Dude McPowerfulExplosion. And I thought we’d seen it all when it came to Horikoshi’s naming of his characters being redundant. Katsuki was actually the first character whose name I got irrationally upset about when he was first shown.

A lot of the characters in the series suffer similarly cruel fates for their names, like my boy Tetsutetsu (鉄哲徹鐵, lit: iron intelligent/wise/sagely piercing iron, with the last kanji being an archaic kanji for iron); his name is composed of all different kanji with the same reading, but it’s so damn redundant it’s painful for me every time I see it. At least the only part of Izuku’s name that gets beaten over your head is the Deku reading that Katsuki points out when they’re little kids…

Just thought other people might find this interesting, though I’m sure someone has probably already pointed this out before at some point.


I am seeing things so differently during this reread of ACOTAR/MAF. Until this point, I’ve always read this passage and thought that the Weaver stopped singing because the ring was touched. 

But now I think it had nothing to do with the ring at all. The Weaver never should have sensed Feyre’s presence.

“She will not notice a knife, as she has knives in her cottage for eating and her work. But things that are out of place–objects that have not been there  … A sword, a bow and arrow … She might sense those things.”

“If we’re correct about your powers,” he said, “if the Bone Carver wasn’t lying to us, then you and the object will have the same … imprint, thanks to the preserving spells I placed on it long ago. You are one and the same. She will not notice your presence so long as you touch only it. You will be invisible to her.” (ACOMAF pg. 211-12)

Feyre never felt the presence and tug of the ring until she realized she and Rhys were one in the same. At that moment, her magic…Rhysand’s magic…connected with the ring, and the two recognized each other as one. Like calls to like. 

The Weaver never noticed Feyre at this point because her newly Made essence was that of something that already existed in the cottage. The Weaver has some trinket or other from every High Lord, and Feyre is made up of each of them. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

That is…until Feyre reconnected with her human fear and memory. And that’s when all Hell broke loose.

( … ) soaking that human part of me that hadn’t died and belonged to no one but my miserable self. (ACOMAF pg. 221 - emphasis mine)

The Weaver had nothing of the human Feyre amongst her hoarded baubles. Feyre’s humanity, her mortal soul, stuck out like a sore thumb.

Why is this passage significant? The ability to go completely undetected by the most feared and horrendous creature in all of Prythian (the Weaver of the Wood), so powerful and evil that even Amarantha had kept her distance, might play a humungous role in ACOWAR. Feyre could potentially use this power to a war-altering advantage. And I hope she does. You slay, Lady!

Honestly, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait a few more days to find out. But I was super hyped at this realization and thought I’d share. 



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Hey if you have any unpublished wip of that Cupid scene comic from way back when could you post it? Even if you don't plan on finishing it?

Jesus christ this was back from 2015, kind of random to bring up now- I didn’t get v far but here are the colours I guess, pls enjoy edgy angst scene redraw


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off // panic! at the disco


fitzsimmons and their dæmons
inspired by @agentverbivore​‘s incredible fic, Side By Side.

Do yourself a favour and read this fantastic, full length story! It’s not just one of my favorites that Verby has written (and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition) but maybe my favorite FS fic of all. It’s academy-era Fitzsimmons at their finest with a unique and brilliantly executed supernatural twist. 

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jess! any chance you have any drarry fics you could rec that are on the happier/fluffier side? I haven't read many so anything you can think of I would appreciate! thanks in advance :)

DO I EVER, ANON!!!! :’’) I haven’t read much fic in general lately so most of these I’ve talked about before I’m sure, but they’re all SO GOOD they deserve to be recced repeatedly!!!


  • All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl (and corresponding *incredible* podfic-  if the idea of isolated professor draco malfoy slowly learning to integrate himself into hogwarts, make friends, and ~fall in luv~ warms the cockles of your heart, READ!! THIS!!! FIC!!!
    • featuring a) harry spelling draco’s eyebrows bright gryffindor red b) draco’s pet beetle stanley tacking his way through life c) one of the most heartwarming and Soft™ slow burns of all time
  • Stop and Stare by Saras_Girl - “This is not a story full of drama or conflict or clothes being ripped off in a frenzy. It is about peace and about that creeping sort of love that sneaks up on you while you think you are busy doing other things.”
    • ^ aka everything I ever want ever
    • draco runs an animal sanctuary. harry agrees to build him a shed. includes at least fifty instances of the two of them being unbearably adorable and TAKING CARE OF ANIMALS TOGETHER
    • also features Mama and Resident Cat Lady Narcissa Malfoy pointedly asking harry if he’s “seeing anyone” over tea, sending my emotionally constipated slytherin son into a coughing fit
  • Wish Upon a Star (As Dreamers Do) by ICMezzo - “There’s plant magic and celestial magic and dark magic and normal magic…Then there are wishes, and dreams, and love, and those are even more magical still.”
    • draco is a wishmaker (i’M EMOTIONAL ABOUT IT) and harry is a hogwarts consultant who has a wish to make
  • Seeing Draco Malfoy by khalulu - harry loses his glasses and they end up in draco’s hands…THINGS ESCALATE.
    • in which harry buys draco flowers and then upon being asked “you brought me flowers?” immediately splutters “nO!??!?1″
    • ALSO featuring: harry complimenting draco by telling him he has a “face like a white - pointiness”
    • you just can’t make this stuff up
  • Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill - THE CLASSIC!!!! includes a healthy dose of angst but mostly will delight your socks off. eighth year shenanigans!!! the whole hogwarts crew being wonderful!!! guaranteed to make you cry over chocolate cupcakes for the rest of your life!!! A MUST READ
  • Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi - another with a healthy dose of ~serious emotions~ but it’s also an absolute delight and I’D BE REMISS TO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE EVERYONE READ IT IMMEDIATELY. it’s one of the best!!!!
    • “Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.”
    • featuring some of the Greatest Characterization Ever, lots of teasing and bickering, and lots of draco malfoy being perpetually pissy about just how beautiful The Chosen One is
    • “Thin winter sunlight gleamed off his high cheekbones, yet another in a long line of irritations.”
    • “Sorry, what?” Potter asked, all flawless brown skin and sharp jawline, the arsehole.
    • R E A D  I T

okay, I’ll leave you with those six for now. apologies if you didn’t want me to ramble for ages about how great all of these are but…your first mistake would be assuming I have self-control :o)

HOPE THESE SUIT YOU, LOVELY ANON!!! :’’) they’re all utterly fantastic and I cannot imagine you not loving any single one of them. please enjoy and do let me know if you read any!!!! :3 <33333333

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i guess i just don’t understand why andrew had such an issue with katelyn i mean andrew set up their deal so that all of aaron’s friends had to be approved by andrew but that was because aaron’s high school friends were a bunch of druggies that andrew didn’t want aaron around anymore so i would think that andrew wouldn’t have an issue with katelyn considering she’s also pre-med and clearly keeps aaron out of trouble it could just be because aaron kept it a secret from andrew but then-

classy guises 

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What's your favorite book? :)

Pride and Prejudice 

The last time I told that to a guy he got super judgey with me about it but then his favorite turned out to be the novelization of a video game (Halo I think). A good match we were not. 

I was at a lecture awhile back where the professor talked about how Jane Austen is one of the few literary authors that is still read for pleasure and how that hurts her in a lot of literary circles. He taught a Jane Austen course at a university and other professors would make fun of his class to their students because they were teaching “real literature” while he was teaching “chick lit”. He also talked about her upswing in popularity in the mid to late 90′s and how there has been a subsequent backlash where people are less willing to claim that they like her. And it was only when he said that that I realized I had done similar to myself. I love Jane Austen but I have been less proud to admit that in recent years. 

Perhaps I wanted my favorite book to be something less cliche and well-known and “girly”? I mean I love The Things They Carried or Catch-22 or Ender’s Game for their portrayal of military life that has resonated with me on a deeper level throughout the years. I adore Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man or Isaac Asimov’s Azazel both are full of these amazing, thought-provoking, short stories that have continued to impact me decades after I read them. Great Expectations will always be dear to my heart for the things it taught me about self-acceptance, the nature of wealth, and the importance of true relationships (all things I don’t always see when I try to reread it). Lord of the Rings, Captain’s Courageous, Dune, The Alchemist, Jane Eyre, Count of Monte Cristo, are all great books that I could call my favorite that would make me sound “cooler” I guess? But they aren’t my favorite. 

Pride and Prejudice is a novel I keep coming back to every couple of years. I check in with the characters and with myself. When I first read it I remember being as shocked as Elizabeth at Darcy’s proposal and Wickham’s perfidy and I rolled around in the angst of the unrequited feelings and the misunderstandings. This was a love story for the ages! But then I came to it again in college and found myself nodding along to Charlotte Lucas and reveling in the examination of matrimony as a strategic life choice and the theme of equal and unequal marriage. And what exactly changed Elizabeth’s feelings anyway? I have, at various times, hated, loved and felt indifferent toward Lydia. My concept of Darcy has evolved as my concept of myself and my own introversion has become clearer. In short every time I read Pride and Prejudice I not only enjoy the story but somehow find an entirely new angle from which to enjoy it. And it’s that continued presence and importance in my life that makes it my favorite. 

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In case someone still doesn’t get it:

headcanon ≠ canon

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There’s something beautiful about the bitterness she stokes as she goes on, presenting the flowers, the light, the hope she’s lost like receipts of what he promised but did not deliver. Here is what I could have had. Here is what you took.

It builds and builds, this bitterness, line by line, until it breaks—“such loss is no loss”—in a turn that finally allows Eurydice to become more than the tragic, beloved thing that Orpheus saw. That enables her to find something of value in herself, beyond the reach of his damning glance or even the darkness of hell.

I love the delicate, persistent way that H. D. articulates this feminine anger. And I love this ending we are left with: this image of a woman who’s mistreated, lost, condemned—and strong enough, somehow, to endure.