I’m on a Tamora Pierce kick now so I’m gonna reread most of the Tortall books. Naturally I was gonna start with Alanna but lo and behold the first book is missing (I vaguely remember letting someone borrow it like 7 years ago) so I’ll have to go out and buy it (I hope I can find the same cover art ugh it’ll be a physical pain if it doesn’t match).

So I shall begin with my abused (loved) copy of Wild Magic!

Look what was under the tree this morning!! And yes, I’ve already started reading it Merry Christmas to meeee

I FLEW through The Protector of the Small quartet. Read one a day. And while I did want to simply continue onto Trickster because of the timeline I’ve decided to read Alanna now. Reading Alanna after Kelandry is really showing the differences in page training and in Tamora Pierce’s writing style.

I’m also super excited to go straight to Trickster after Song of the Lioness since Alanna and Aly are such a marvelous mother/daughter pair.


It’s just me and the pup tonight doing a bit of light reading.

Naturally I finished the Song of the Lioness quarter in like 3 days and I might just finish up Trickster’s Choice tonight. I really really love Aly. And soon I’ll make a long post about Alanna and all her friends because I’d forgotten SO MUCH. Squeeee. I can’t handle Aly and Nawat either or these letters from home. Guys I just love these books so much. Back to it!