reread your favorite books

emoji self-care + positive list:

💖 sparkle up your heart by doing random acts of kindness to the people you love or even to strangers (if ur comfortable with that)
🐶 pat your doggos, pets, and animals friends for a happy soul! give em extra hugs for optimal results!
🐣 dont chicken out! if u want to do something that makes u happy, just do it! and always remember to do it for yourself
🐚 collect sum cute shells in the beach, fill a smol jar with sand, and chill with ur friends/significant other
🌱 go on a botanical garden adventure! make ur own garden! plant the old seeds u bought from a plant shop, water your little sprouts!
🍵 drink a warm cup of earl grey tea or coffee! spice it up with cinnamon if u want! (i dont like. cinnamon tho but u kno)
🍋 detoxify!! lemon is a good antioxidant! drink a cup of lemonade or do ur mix in ur own way!
🍓 boost ur health (bc it is wealth) by eating and storing a couple of organic fruits for personal consumption
🌻 go buy yourself some sunflowers, daisies, zinnias, crysanthemums in the farmer’s market
🌞 go out, experience the sunny weekdays, enjoy the feel of sun beams during the golden hours, fall in love with the summer feel
🌚 observe the moon, fall in love with the stars, embrace the beauty of the skies and the galaxies
📌 grab the keys and go on a crazy spontaneous adventure !! bring a tad of food for picnic purposes too
🎨 make art, appreciate art, be ur own version of masterpiece. grow up and craft yourself to become ur best version!
🔮 invest in the little things in life. enjoy the smell of rain, the copper brwn color of your trees on autumn, living for the littlest things is (proven to be) magical.
⌚ dont worry too much!! you are not running out of time. you are still young and you have ur life ahead of you.
🎥 film all the beautiful things about your days. do it for achive’s sake. do it for your future self. do it so that u may be able to rewatch it over and over again
🎶 listen to good soothing music while taking a shower, nap, or walking on parks!!
💌 write your future self a letter that talks about your aspirations and dreams and a little description about ur present self
📖 read your favorite books under the genre feel-good! reread if u want to feel the lingering joy inside ur chest again!
💭 talk to your friends, colleagues, best buds etc! it is never okay to bottle up the sadness!!
🔎 research cute places you’ve never been to and visit them alone, with your significant other, or with your best pals! google is ur adventure bestfriend!
✨ dont forget to sparkle up! ur shinier than the glitters!
💤 get some sleep to recharge for a brighter tomorrow! oversleeping may sometimes be bad for u tho
✋ give yourself a high five for surviving today and yesterday! im proud of u!
📯 learn a new instrument and compose a cute song for your friend!

You love me, right?

A/N: Maybe not exactly what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy. 

“Don’t touch me!” you giggled. But Harry didn’t listen as he continued to reach for you, narrowly avoiding the bicycle kicks you were sending his way.

“Oh, come off it, m’hands aren’t that cold,” he said with an eye roll as he finally got you to settle beneath him. His hands rested on your sides, and while your flesh was protected from his chilly fingers by the thick fabric of your sweater, you could feel the coldness hovering above.

“They are freezing, Harry.” You looked around best you could with Harry keeping you still, trying to find some way to escape. But you were trapped in the middle of the bed like a raft out to sea with no sight of shore.

“Fine, fine. Won’t touch you.” His shoulders slumped in dejection, bottom lip protruding pathetically. You looked for signs of movement; you’d been in this relationship long enough to know Harry never gave up without a fight. “But yeh know, love, cold hands mean ‘ve got a warm heart.”

Your eyebrows raised, mouth in a hard line. “That is the biggest load—”

The words hardly left your mouth before Harry’s hands infiltrated your warm sweater. He roamed the expanse of your warm body, squeezing and tickling all the spots that made you squeal. Maybe it wasn’t his cold hands, but the sound of your laugh echoing throughout his bedroom did make Harry swell with warmth.

“Harry…Harry, please,” you pleaded through heavy breaths, tears leaking from the corners of your eyes. “My tummy hurts…think you’ve given me a cramp.”

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I could never forgive myself // Montgomery de la Cruz

Warnings: mention of rape

A/N: I never wanted to romanticize rape. That´s one of the worst things that can happen to a person, but I got carried away with this one. And I´m really bad with titles. So sorry.

You sat on your bed, rereading your favorite book, enjoying your alone time. Reading was always a valve for you, a way to escape the reality. A knock on your window tear you from your thoughts. When you looked up you saw someone sitting in front of your window, waiting patiently to be let in. You stand up from your bed and when you opened it you were greeted by Montgomery, your boyfriend of six months. “Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you wanted to hang out with the others at Bryce´s?” You asked smiling, letting him in. Monty embraced you in a tight hug the moment he stepped inside, burying his head in your neck. “What happened?” you asked, normally your boyfriend was carefree around you. Whenever he steps through your window or door he would make a cheeky remark, but he was never like this and it concerned you. You could feel his breath against your neck, tickling your skin. Your hands rubbed up and down his back and you could feel him relax under your touch. “I will never leave you alone around Bryce again.” He mumbled and hugging you even tighter. “What do you mean, Monty?” you asked confused. He breaks the hug and walked toward your bed, sitting down and rubbed his hands over his face. “Monty. What do you mean?” You were standing in front of him, your hands resting on his shoulders playing with the hair at the base of his neck. “We were chilling at Bryce´s; I was playing videos games, while Jess, Bryce and Zach played carts, until Justin walked in. He wanted Jess to come with him, but she refused and I think she wanted to provoke Justin so she sat down on Bryce´s lap. Justin snapped and dragged her outside. We followed; you know to not miss the drama. She asked him why he wanted her to leave and asked why he even care. And then Justin said that Bryce raped her.” Monty paused and your hand practically flew to your mouth gasping and you felt tears starting to well up at the corner of your eyes. “He said that Bryce fucking raped Jessica. I don’t know if it´s true or not, but the idea he do or did the same to you made me so sick. I could never forgive myself if something like this happened to you. So that’s why I´m here, to make sure you are ok and to ask you something.” He finally looked up and you saw the worry written over his face. You couldn´t get a word out, the feeling that you need to vomit burning at the end of your throat. Monty stands up, taking your hands into his. “Did he ever do anything to you? I mean, did he ever touch you?” He looked you deep in the eyes, probably to know if you were lying. You shook your head no, stepping away from him and leaned against your desk. “Are you sure?” He asked sounding concerned, this time you nodded. “Thanks god.” He exhaled, walking to you and pulled you into a hug. Your forehead leaned against his collarbone, while your hands played with the hem of his shirt. “You okay?” He whispered after a while, pulling away a bit to look at you. “Mon, you just told me that Bryce raped someone, one of my friends. I mean… I don’t think… You know… What I want to say is that I don’t know what to say.” You mumbled looked at your hands, still playing with his shirt. He just nodded and pulled you back into the hug, his grip on you tight. Your arms sneak around his torso and you seek comfort in his touch. You never liked Bryce, he was so full of himself and he always made you feel uncomfortable, but he was Monty´s “friend”, if you can call him so. You never understood why Monty was friends with him in the first place. Behind his façade he was a really sweet and loving boy, but guys like Bryce always turned him back into the asshole. “Do you want me to go?” Monty suddenly asked and tears you from your thoughts. “No, don’t leave me alone.” You whispered hugging him tighter. “Do you want to watch a movie?” he asked again and you just shrugged your shoulders.

You lay in your bed; your cheek was pressed against Monty´s chest, listening to his heartbeat. He was watching the movie while drawing indefinable patters on your back. You lift your head lightly to look at your boyfriend. When you first saw him you were instantly attracted to him, maybe it were the freckles or that smirk that made you crush on him. Maybe it was the way he walked like nothing could shake him or that one time when you collide with him. He instantly grabbed your arms to make sure you wouldn’t fall and helped you pick up your stuff, shooting you an apologizing smile.
You first noticed that you have fallen for him when you were at a party playing spin the bottle. It was his turn and the bottle landed on you, you still know how nervous you were and you still remember that little smile on his face, almost as if he was shy. When he kissed you, you didn’t want it to end and at that moment you knew that you had fallen for Montgomery de la Cruz.
“Baby, stop to stare, it´s distracting.” He mumbled, smirking down at you. You hadn´t even noticed that he turned his head to look at you and you felt a blush creep up your cheeks. You whispered a short ´sorry` and laid your head back on his chest. Monty pressed a kiss to your forehead, before turning back to the TV.
You moved yourself so you sat on his lap. He looked at you surprised but smiled when you pressed a kiss on his lips. “What was that for?” He asked smiling, after breaking away. “Because you care about me.” You whispered, shooting him a short smile. Monty moved himself so his upper body leaned against your headboard. “Of course I care about you, baby.” He pulled you into another sweet kiss. You always loved moments like this with him, when they were just innocent and sweet. He breaks the kiss and you buried your head in his neck, snuggling closer.
“I love you.” He mumbled and you shot up again, looking at him surprised. Neither of you had said these words before, you knew that you love him and thought you would be the first one to say it, once you got the courage to tell him. “When Justin told Jessica that Bryce raped her and I began to imagine him doing the same to you, my heart began to ache and I felt so sick like I needed to throw up and that’s when I realize, it´s because I love you.” He explained smiling shyly at you. “I think I already knew that I love you, but didn’t want to admit it. I never loved anyone like I love you and I didn´t want to mess up. I´m not exactly the easiest person and I can be glad that you put up with my bullshit. I just didn’t want to scare you away. I mean you probably don-“you silenced him by pulling him into a deep kiss. He pulled you as close as possible, returning the kiss. When you break away from him you smiled at his flushed face. “I love you too.” You mumbled placing another kiss on his lips, this time a small and sweet one. “Thanks god, it would be really embarrassing if you didn’t feel the same.” He said letting out a relieved laugh. “I need to mark this day in my calendar.” You whispered, kissing him one more time before getting up. You walked to the calendar that hangs on the wall next to your desk. “Why? Because I told you, that I love you?” He asked, clearly amused by your behavior. “No because that’s the first time I made you blush.” You countered and laughed to yourself, when you heard him groan. “I take it back, I don’t love you.” You laughed even harder and made your way back towards him, after marking the day in your calendar. “No, you love me. Come on, say it again.” You said smirking, while he pulled you on his lap. “No, you don’t deserve it.” He pouted crossing his arms over his chest. You smiled at his childish behavior and leaned into another kiss. “Fine. I love you. I love you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. I love you, baby. I love you, sweetheart. I love you, honey. I just love you.” He flipped you over, placing himself between your legs and began to kiss your neck. For the rest of the night he repeated these three words like his life depends on and for that night everything was perfect.

Summer Secrets

Hey this is the first imagine I’ve written on my new Riverdale blog! I’m basing this on the show, as I have little to no knowledge on the comics. Hope y'all enjoy!

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:


Summary: You move back to town after years and decide to remake yourself. Betty and Veronica push Archie to find a date to the dance and he asks you out. Little do they know, you had a summer fling with Jughead that ended badly, although you both still have feelings for each other.

You lived in Riverdale until fourth grade, when your dad landed a great job in another town. You never really had many friends, so you knew nobody would really care, but the hardest part was leaving the boy you liked. Archie, Jughead, and Betty would always be playing together on the playground and you couldn’t help but follow them around, hoping that they’d let you be their friend. They were nice to you, but never really understood why you were always around.

It was the summer before sophomore year when your dad lost his job and decided to move back to his hometown of Riverdale. Again, you never really had any friends, so it wasn’t hard to move. You decided to remake yourself over the summer, before unveiling the new you on the first day of school. You wouldn’t tell anybody you had come back until then. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work, since you moved into the house next to Jughead.

It was the first day of school, and you worked hard on your hair and makeup so you could fit in better. Before first period, you saw Archie and Betty talking, but couldn’t gather the courage to say hi. There was no sign of Jughead anywhere. The rest of the day went by uneventful, with nobody bothering to talk to you. You were so tired of being ignored that when you heard about cheerleading tryouts, you made yourself try out. You needed to make friends, and you were pretty good at dancing so why not? The audition went pretty well and you were soon welcomed to the team. Things were looking up for you.

The next day, you strutted down the halls in your new cheerleading uniform and your favorite shade of lipstick. You felt powerful and ready to take on the world, so when you saw Archie, Betty, Jughead, and some other girl you didn’t even hesitate. “Hey, Archie. Hey, Betty.” you said nonchalantly before walking off.

“Who was that?” Veronica asked after you were out of earshot.

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N],” Jughead sighed as he leaned against a locker a few feet away, his gaze moving to the floor.

“Wait, that’s [Y/N]?” Archie asked, surprised to see you back in town. He craned his neck around his open locker to try to get another look at you, but you’d already rounded a corner.

“Who is [Y/N]?” Veronica asked Betty, looking puzzled.

“She used to live here when we were little. She always followed us around on the playground because she had a crush on Archie. I guess she moved back to town.” Betty stated.

“She doesn’t even seem like the same person.” Archie said, still awestruck by you.


Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Kevin were sitting together for lunch, discussing the next school dance.

“Oh come on, Archie, who are you gonna take to the dance?” Veronica asked.

“If you don’t decide soon, then we’re going to have to find a date for you,” Betty teased.

“I can find you a date, but it probably won’t be a girl,” Kevin interjected, causing everyone to laugh.

“No, I don’t need you to find me a date. There’s already someone I like.” Archie stated. He couldn’t tell them about Ms. Grundy, but he couldn’t let them set him up with some random girl he didn’t know either.

There was a collective “oooohhhh” at the table. “Who is it?” Veronica demanded.

“Uh, you’ll see at the dance.” Archie said, hoping his lie came off as nerves.

“Somebody’s just being shy.” Veronica teased.

“Yeah.” Archie sighed, frustrated that he was now in this situation.


Archie and Jughead sat at a booth at Pop’s, both drinking milkshakes.

“Archie, what’s wrong? You seem distant.” Jughead asked, after popping the cherry from his shake into his mouth.

Archie sighed before explaining the situation he was in. “I need to find a girl who isn’t caught up in any of this drama, so it doesn’t cause any more problems.” He finished.

“None of this would be happing if it weren’t for Grundy,” Jughead leaned in and whispered to Archie, looking around to make sure nobody had heard him.

“Listen, Jughead, I know. But it’s happened.” Archie stated dryly, not pleased with Jughead’s reaction.

Jughead saw Archie’s face, and sighed. “How about that girl in our biology class? The one with the glasses?” He suggested.

You entered Pop’s Diner from the door behind the booth they were sitting at. Archie faced the door and saw you come in.

“Hey Archie.” You greeted him as you walked past the booth, making sure not to look at Jughead.

“Hey,” Archie waved as you walked by. Suddenly, his face lit up with an idea. “Wait, [Y/N].”

You turned around and walked back to their table. You snuck a tiny glance at Jughead, who had his full attention on his milkshake. “Yeah Archie?” You asked pleasantly.

“Uh, I was wondering…” Archie sounded nervous. “Do you wanna go to the dance with me?”

Jughead coughed loudly, clearly startled by what was happening. You smirked. This must be driving him up a wall, you thought. “Sure, Archie. Let me give you my number.” He handed you his phone and you could feel Jughead’s intense gaze on you as you put your number into Archie’s phone. You handed his phone back.

“I’ll text you when I get home. Bye, Archie.” You glanced at Jughead. “Bye, Jughead.” You said sweetly, knowing it would make him angry.

You stopped by the counter to pay for your food, before you headed for the door. You couldn’t help but look at Jughead. He was staring at you with anger and sadness in his eyes. You felt bad for what you just did to him, but oh well. He was the one who ended it. You held his gaze for a second as the memories washed over you.


It was the 4th of July, the third day after you moved to Riverdale. You only hung out in your house and sometimes sat on the curb reading when you wanted to get outside. That night you were rereading your favorite book as a figure walked down the street. It was Jughead. He had already known you moved back, as your parents made you greet the neighbors the day you moved.

“Hey Jughead.” You said, glancing up from your book.

“Hey.” Jughead sounded angry.

You closed your book and set it on the curb before standing up. “What’s wrong?” You asked, standing in front of him so he couldn’t move past you.

“Please just move, [Y/N].” He sighed.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” You demanded.

He sighed. “I was supposed to hang out with an old friend, but he cancelled on me at the last minute.”

“Archie?” You asked.

He nodded, and you could tell he was angry and hurt.

“Well why don’t you come in and have a frosted lemonade with an old friend?” You asked. He was the only person your age that knew you were back in Riverdale, why not have a friend to hang out with?

He smirked at your effort, but still refused. “No, I just want to go home.”

“Oh come on. Nobody can resist my frosted lemonade.” Before he could protest, you grabbed his hand and dragged him up the stairs into your house. His warm hand on yours sent tiny lightening bolts all the way up your arm.

After a nice conversation and a drink, you remembered something.

“Oh, Jughead I have something to show you!” You said excitedly, as you grabbed his hand again. You felt the tiny shock again as you lead him upstairs and into your room.

“Sit there.” You gestured to a spot on your bed, as you headed into your closet to retrieve something. After a few minutes of searching you found it.

You emerged from the closet holding up a tiny necklace. It had your initials and the letters JJ engraved on a heart. “Do you remember this? Your mom made you give it to me because she wanted us to get married.” You laughed. “I forgot that I used to call you JJ.”

He laughed, “Nobody else would call me that, but you. You always thought it was funny that nobody else thought of that.”

“Here put it on me.” You said excitedly handing it to him, and turning around so he could clasp the necklace around your neck.

His hands gently reached around your neck and closed the necklace. You felt the same warmth on your neck as his fingers touched the back of your neck. You blushed slightly, thinking about your old crush.

“Hey, I want to tell you something.” You said turning around. “You know how I followed you guys around a lot when we were little?”


“Well I didn’t really have any friends and I followed you around because I had a really big crush.”

“Yeah, I remember you liked Archie.”

“No, JJ. It was you I had a crush on.” You said, looking into his eyes. He stared into your eyes intensely.

“Really?” He asked quietly, taking a step closer to you. What was happening? You asked yourself.

“Yeah.” You said, your breathing started to get heavier.

Before you knew what was happening, Jughead had placed a hand under your chin, pushing it up so he could meet his lips with yours.


You snapped out of your daydream. Jughead was still staring at you angrily. You didn’t care. He was the one who hurt you. You turned towards the door and walked out.

Simple Little Things In Life

-clothes fresh out of the dryer
-singing in the rain
-a perfectly popped bag of popcorn
-a good hair day
-waking up before the alarm goes off
-birds chirping for the first time since winter
-dancing when nobody’s watching
-waking up early & falling back asleep
-watching the sun rise/set
-starbucks spelling your name correctly
-finding money in your pocket
-listening to a favorite song on repeat
-puppies & kittens
-being outside when the weather is /just right/
-the smell of rain on pavement
-twinkle lights
-getting retweets
-cute sweaters
-popping bubble wrap
-raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens
-scribbling out words when you mess up
-writing in pen
-the perfect drinking temperature for tea
-wearing cute little mittens
-getting into bed with fresh sheets
-singing along to the radio
-the first day of spring & not having to wear a jacket
-rainy days
-watching the snow fall
-cute dreams
-classical music
-heavy thunderstorms
-fall leaves
-walking on pavement
-your favorite t-shirt
-disney movies
-a cold shower on a hot day
-fresh flowers
-apple cinnamon candles
-handwritten letters
-receiving mail
-chipped nail polish
-on sale items
-city lights on the street after the rain
-roasting marshmallows over an open fire
-the calming pitter-patter of the rain
-not being able to put a book down
-getting a text from an old friend
-the feeling you get after a workout
-that certain bookstore smell
-the smell of old books
-buying school supplies
-warm towels
-sunlight shining through the trees
-genuinely feeling happy
-planning a party
-summer breeze
-getting enough sleep
-the feeling of sand between your toes
-waves crashing on the shore
-the sweet smell of the ocean
-proving yourself wrong
-proving others wrong
-big, warm hugs that make you feel loved
-making lists
-letting go of the past
-the word “serendipity”
-learning another language
-fresh air
-the window seat
-rereading your favorite book
-gel pens
-deep red lipstick
-hair bows
-glitter & sparkles
-flea markets
-cute lil antique shops
-pocket watches
-fine art
-poetry, tea, & over-the-knee socks
-random acts of kindness
-freshly baked cookies
-photo booths
-freshly cut grass
-happy tears
-catching up with an old friend
-seeing someone light up when they talk about their favorite thing
-sitting by a lake
-looking at the stars
-getting a pair of new shoes
-jumping on a trampoline
-elevator music
-blue eyes
-cursive writing
-when a cat sneezes
-falling asleep
-toaster waffles topped with fresh fruit
-the smell of lavender
-coffee ice cream
-bakery muffins
-walking in the woods during the summer
-apple picking
-squinting when the sun is too bright
-crossing things off your list
-saying hello
-deep city lights
-rainbow sprinkles
-old couples
-being sleepy & having messy hair
-forehead kisses
-swing dancing
-sugar cookies
-apple blossoms
-cute outfits
-aqua, light green, & purple
-mint green tea
-short stories
-iced tea with honey
-long necklaces and gold rings
-quoting your favorite movie
-hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas, & a roaring fire in the winter
-snowball fights
-having a ton of pillows
-going out to eat

Routine Part One (Lin x Fem!Reader)

I AM SO SORRY. I would’ve had this out earlier, but I went on a band trip to Disney World. I thought I would have this done before I left but I wasn’t satisfied with it.

YAY!! MY FIRST CAST FIC!!! Also, just saying this now, I am a sucker for young Lin. Like it’s a big problem.

This is going to be a multiple part thing, so be ready for that. I really hope you guys enjoy this, love you!!

Prompt List//Request Something//Masterlist

(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)

requested: no

Prompts used:

150) It is too early for you to be this loud.

Summary: Reader and Lin have the same routine every day. Go to school, bicker all throughout 1st period, ignore each other for the rest of the day until seventh period where they bicker again, repeat. This keeps happening until one day they have to work together to save the arts program at their school. Their routine is very different after that.

Warnings: high school bullies, teen!lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everyone being a jerk

Words: 1553

Originally posted by purelintrash

You walk into your first period class on a Monday morning during your senior year with a coffee in hand, which is the only thing keeping you from keeling over from exhaustion. You say hello to your English teacher, and sit in the back row like you do everyday. 

You grab your books out of your backpack and lay your head down on the desk, like you did every morning.

And just like every morning. Lin came in singing Les Mis at the top of his lungs which makes the girls in your class swoon. Once upon a time, hearing him sing would have made you do the same thing, but now all it makes you want to do is barf.

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I wanted to spread some love to all my writer friends so I’m starting something new! Post one of your favorite lines that you’ve written and then tag some of your favorite writers to do the same! Let’s make each other feel lovely and maybe gain a few new readers along the way!

I was tagged by the supremely talented and amazing @wdmsusie. Thank you, gorgeous!

“Hey,” he smiles, and you can tell the liquor is beginning to settle into his bloodstream.

“Hi,” you smirk, cocking your head to the side in question.

“I love you,” he states as if it were fact. And maybe it was fact. Maybe it was as real as the sky being blue and the grass being green, him loving you. It was possible, you thought as you looked at him. It was certainly that palpable for you.

“I love you, too.”

But falling in love with him? Jesus Christ, it was an honor. It was an honor to wake up every day and know that you loved him, and he, you. It was an honor to be looked at the way he looked at you - how he would watch you watching a movie, and when you asked him what was wrong, he would shake his head wordlessly and grab your hand. It was an honor to hear his voice in the morning when he had just woken up; the gruffness of it, the gentle way he would say your name as the sun peeked through the curtains.

Falling in love with him was sleeping in your own bed after being away from it for weeks. It was waking up to the smell of somebody else cooking breakfast - the knowledge that you were worthy of such a gesture. It was getting home just in time for your favorite TV show. Falling in love with him was creating a piece of art you loved so much, it was all you could do to not stare at it for hours. It was rereading your favorite book for the fifth time and rediscovering all its wonder. It was going back to your hometown after ten years of being away and realizing that nothing had changed.

Falling in love with him was laughing out loud at a movie when you’re by yourself. It was turning off your alarm for the weekend on Friday night, the relief that you could sleep in as long as you wanted the next day sweeping over you as you turned out the lights. It was the first snowflake of the season, drifting slowly down to the ground, tangled up in the wind, spiraling until it reached the earth. It was knowing that home wasn’t necessarily a place, but instead a curly-haired boy with the prettiest eyes you’d ever seen.

You, without a doubt, were the lucky one.

I tag @alrightpetal@permanentcross, @stylesunchained, @stylishmuser, @kasiwrites, and @aboutalighthouse. So sorry if you’ve already been tagged!

The Stages of Editing

I’m in the middle of editing my current novel, so I wanted to do a post about my own editing process. Keep in mind that there are many ways to edit a novel and this is just my approach. Do some research and figure out what works best for you!

Check for Plot/Story Inconsistencies

My first run-through usually consists of checking for anything that’s not right with the plot or story. This includes locating gaping plot holes, confusing locations, inconsistent character development, etc. Does your story make sense? Is there something you wrote in the beginning that contradicts something later? Do your locations/settings match? Did you mention something about a character that is contradicted later? This is just a small and simple list, but you need to make sure your story is consistent. An outline usually helps this, so if you’ve written one try to go off that. If not, jot down some notes about important scenes, characters, locations, plotlines, etc., and go through your story again. Try to make sure it all matches up and tighten up anything that is confusing.

Flesh Out/Cut Down

Once you get your plot in order, try to focus on whether or not you need to flesh out your story or cut down your word count. I usually always have to flesh out my story, so if that’s the case for you, go through your WIP and find areas that could use more information. For example, if something doesn’t flow well or the scene needs to be longer to make sense. Try to pinpoint where you can flesh your story out to make it stronger. If your word count is too low, chances are your story is going too quickly. If you need to cut down your word count, focus on finding scenes that contain “info dumps” or see if there are any unnecessary subplots/characters, drawn out dialogue, or chunky paragraphs you can cut. If it doesn’t pertain to the overall story or help the plot move forward, it might not make sense to include it.

Analyze Sentence Structure and Pacing

It really helps to take a look at sentence structure. For example, fluctuating between simple and compound sentence. You don’t want your novel to read like this:

Amy walked to the store. She saw Sam. She walked up to him and said hi.

If there’s a better way to say something, consider switching it up. If you’re having trouble with this, please study up on sentence structure and reread your favorite books.

After focusing on sentence structure, consider spending time on improving pacing. If the story feels too quick at some points and too drawn out during other scenes, you might have a problem with pacing. Again, creating an outline can tremendously help with pacing, even after you’ve finished your first draft. Take some time to draw out a timeline and go from there.

Check for Grammar Mistakes

This is one of the last things I do when editing, but it’s an important step. A lot of agents/publishers won’t even look at your novel if they see a lot of mistakes right from the beginning. Use spell check, read over it several times, get a fresh set of eyes (beta readers), etc. No one’s perfect, but you should do your best to catch as many grammar mistakes as possible. Carve out time during the editing process to ensure this gets done to the best of your ability!

-Kris Noel


Characters: Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Reader (no pairing)

Word Count: 2,432

Warnings: Nothing but fluff. Maybe angst if you squint

Request:  But if you did end up doing one could it be where Lucifer and Cas are starting to get along and be brothers again? Like maybe Lucifer is inspired/angry because the Winchesters have something he doesn’t and he wants it back; family?

Author’s Note: For the Anon who asked for this one, I didn’t make them dating but I hope you enjoy it! As always, please send in requests and if you would like to be tagged, let me know and I will add you! I am starting a Series Rewrite son so keep a lookout for that!

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All your life, you had your family. You had your real parents until you were 18 when they both died from a demon. That is when you met Sam and Dean Winchester and from there on, it was like you had another family right off the bat.

They took you in and cared for you. They told you about the Supernatural and taught you how to take care of yourself. You met their father a few years after you met them and at first, John was a little skeptical about you hunting with him and his sons but you grew on him.

In no time at all, it was like you had a family again. Then came along Bobby, Ellen and Jo, and eventually Castiel. Now, at first, you hated the son of a bitch for how he was treating humans. Then as time went on, he became more and more friendlier and you helped him with emotions and how humans dealt with all sorts of things.

Cas fit right in with the Winchesters after that and you told him all about how they took you in and made you apart of their family. Inside, you knew you were a Winchester and you were not ashamed about it at all. You and the brothers have been through hell and back.

You made friends, you made enemies but one thing was always constant: family. There was nothing you wouldn’t do for them and Castiel. So, when Castiel was having trouble with his family, you tried to help in any way that you could.

You’ve heard of his brothers and sisters before but one stood out to you the most: Lucifer. Most people hated him and thought of him as a bad man but you couldn’t help but think the opposite. He wasn’t bad but hurt. Everyone casted him out and even his own father sent him away, locked in a cage for centuries.

You’ve only seen the Devil a few times and you had to admit, he was attractive as hell. All throughout your life, people thought you were either with Cas, Sam or Dean but you didn’t seem them in that way. Sam and Dean were like older brothers to you and Cas as one of their best friends. You couldn’t ever see yourself dating one of them but Lucifer… he was a different story.

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“Read to Me” // Grayson Dolan

Description: Whenever Grayson get’s upset or stressed you read to him to get him to calm down. He may not be fond of reading, but he likes it when you read to him.

Word Count: 526

   There were days when your boyfriend Grayson would get stressed, and who could blame him? With school and his youtube career he was bound to get that way sometimes, and so when he showed up at your door without any prior notice you knew that today was one of those days.

   “What’s wrong, Gray?” You asked, leading him over to your couch so you could cuddle, as you always did.

   “I don’t want to talk about it.” He said, laying his head down on your stomach and you ran your fingers through his hair. He never did really like to talk about his negative emotions. “Y/N” He started, letting out a sigh “Read to me.”

   It was a habit the two of you had picked up a while back when he was dealing with some family issues. You could still remember the day perfectly. It was storming outside, and you were rereading one of your favorite books; The Fault in Our Stars. You had always been a stickler for John Green novels.

   Suddenly, you were taken out of your reading-induced trance by a knock on the door. Curious as to who it is was, you opened the front door. You had not been expecting any company that day due to the storm, and your parents were out of town.

   “Grayson.” You breathed, seeing your best friend standing on your front porch. “Come in, what are you crazy? Did you drive all the way here in the storm?” You asked before noticing that he was obviously upset. “Gray, what’s wrong?” You asked, guiding him inside. “I don’t wanna talk about it right now.” He mumbled, and so you nodded in understanding. “Well then c’mon,” You said gently “Let’s go get you dried off.”

   After you got Grayson dried off and into warmer clothes that he had left their from the countless times he had slept over, the two of you laid down on the couch with his head on your stomach as you rain your fingers through his damp hair.

   It was dark, as there was no power, and your book lay beside you, your only source of light coming from the flashlight on your phone. “Would you like me to read to you?” You asked him softly, and you could feel him nod his head in response.

   Since then reading became yours and Grayson’s thing. He even asked you to be his girlfriend as you were reading to him once. He may not have been too fond of reading, but he always enjoyed it when you read to him as your voice calmed him down always, no matter what was going on.

   And so now, as Grayson lay with his head on your stomach you began to read to him once more.

   “The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. Like, I will probably never be struck by lightning, or win a Nobel Prize, or become the dictator of a small nation in the Pacific Islands, or contract terminal ear cancer, or spontaneously combust. But if you consider all the unlikely things together, at least one of them will probably happen to each of us.”


Gryffindor: sparkling strawberry lemonade, doodling all over your school books, the warmth of the sun tickling the tip of your nose, falling asleep outside, picking berries, april fool’s pranks, jumping in puddles, waking up to a clear blue sky, the sound of laughter carrying through the air, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, sunny afternoons 

Ravenclaw: flower crowns, keeping a journal, dewdrops glittering in the meadows like stardust, getting up with the first ray of sunlight, the sound of the last frost crackling away under your steps, songbirds breaking the quiet of the world, rereading your favorite book, picnics at the lake, looking for four-leaf clovers, leaving the window open to catch a cool breeze, spring showers

Hufflepuff: brightly wrapped chocolate and toffee eggs, cherry blossoms, hand woven friendship bracelets, flushed cheeks, rainbows appearing in the sky after a rainy afternoon, a butterfly sitting on your outstretched hand, day dreaming, fluffy white clouds,  making a wish upon seeing the first dandelion of the season, buying a fun umbrella

Slytherin: freshly baked lemon cake, the smell of a new perfume, early morning showers, mint coloured clothes, wind tangling in your hair, waking before dawn, feeling alive, poetry, the rustling of grass under your feet, walks along the edge of the forest when everything starts to bloom and seems greener again, skipping stones across the lake

Kidnapped; Moriarty X Reader

Requested by kippenhunger

Could you do an Moriarty x Reader Oneshot, where the reader is Sherlocks Daughter and Moriarty takes her as a hostage and then they fall in love? (You can work on the outlines, I’m not good at stuff like that.)

You sat in a dark room unsure of your surroundings with the faint scent of expensive of cologne. You were sitting on a bed trying to calm yourself down. “Okay, what’s the last thing you remember?” you asked yourself.

You remember sitting on a park bench rereading your favorite book. Suddenly there was a man who in retrospect looked too nice for a stroll through the park. He took a seat next to you and tried to make pleasant conversation about your book.

Eventually he got up to go and after a while you got a text from your father, Sherlock Holmes, to come back to Baker Street. You got up, you remembered, and began walking the London streets when rapidly you were thrown inside a nearby car and the world around you went black.

Tears raced down your face as you thought about your current situation. All you wanted was to be back home with your father and John. You heard footsteps gradually getting closer to your room and you closed your eyes.

The door creakily opened and the same man from before walked in but abruptly stopped at the sound of your crying. “What’s wrong, my dear?” the man asked.

You looked up at him with vengeance and anger written all over your face. “In case you forgot I was abducted a couple of hours ago and trapped in a strange room,” you spit out.

“Strange? Yes. Trapped? Why of course not. You can leave at any time,” he told you.

“Then why bring me here in the first place?” you asked him, finally calming down and now you just wanted answers.

“I’m an acquaintance of your father and nothing would please me more than for him to think his precious little daughter is gone. I like to think of bothering him as a hobby of mine.”

“Great, we have something in common.” A comfortable silence filled the room before he decided to speak up.

“We could make it our little project, if you wished,” he offered.

You took a moment to ponder his proposal. Sherlock had been nothing but cold for basically your whole life. This would be the best kind of torture for him and if he didn’t care than you just got a one-way ticket out of his life. “Deal.”

“Jim Moriarty, by the way,” he said, extending his hand.

“Y/N Holmes. But you already knew that,” you commented, sealing your deal with a handshake.

Months drifted by and you grew accustomed to your new life with Jim. Sherlock didn’t pose any problems as he didn’t seem to try to find you. Things were slowing down at Jim’s flat and the two of you were getting closer which made everything a lot easier.

You were currently cleaning up the flat when you heard Jim walk through the front door. “Y/N?” he called.

“I’m in here,” you responded. Jim wandered down the hallway towards the bedroom you were currently cleaning. “Did you have a good-“ you began to ask but seeing the flowers in Jim’s hands stopped you. “What are those?”

“Well they’re actually for you. You’ve been a real help to have around these last couple of months and I just want to thank you…” Jim told you nervously showing a vulnerable side you hadn’t seen before.

“Oh thanks Jim I’ve really-“

“I also wanted to tell you that I love you,” he said.

His words took you off guard. Did he really just say that? You realized you were probably silent for far too long. But what were you going to say? Did you love him back? This had taken you so off guard.

“You don’t have to say anything back I just-“ Jim started before you ran up to him and cut him off. Your lips raced over his and he gladly joined in. You gently pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“I love you too,” you told him, leaning down one more time to steal another kiss.

We all have our little comforts to get us through this world. There’s the songs you always sing along to in the car, the 2 AM conversations with your best friend, the childhood home that settles deep in your bones, the smell of a soft candle as you blow it out, feeling completely at ease with the people around you, rereading your favorite book, drinking something warm and sweet. We all have our little comforts.
—  Allow yourself to indulge in them
This Isn’t a Lifetime Movie Chapter 7

Description: I felt bad leaving you guys with a cliffhanger over the weekend.  So you get an extra chapter.  ::cackles maniacally::  At least you know why he’s mad. 

Word Count: 427

Warnings:  talk of death

Chapter 6 | Chapter 8

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the signs as little things

Aries: early mornings at the beach. forgetting your worries. jumping in a cold pool. hearing your favorite song.

Taurus: the smell of freshly brewed coffee. good music. dancing in front of a mirror. hot showers.

Gemini: rainy days. watching the sunset. enjoying nature. smells that remind you of your childhood.

Cancer: stepping on crunchy leaves during autumn. putting on your favorite sweatshirt. exploring the woods in your friend’s backyard. movie theater food.

Leo: the tranquility of the world at 2 am. the smell of rain. knowing all the lyrics of your favorite song.

Virgo: falling asleep in a warm bed. sitting in a tree and thinking. late night convos. baking cookies. treating yourself.

Libra: being with your best friend. bundling up in wintertime. petting dogs. overcast skies.

Scorpio: those songs that remind you of your best memories. laughing uncontrollably. playing games with little kids.

Sagittarius: smiling at strangers. realizing how beautiful you are. going home after a long day. looking through your old photos.

Capricorn: watching old movies late at night. the smell of your favorite food. seeing people you love after a long time.

Aquarius: going on adventures with your favorite people. rereading your favorite book until it falls apart. being admired.

Pisces: being told you’re loved. partying all night. drinking hot cocoa on a cold morning. going to a concert.