Hold the fuck on here. Do you see this?! My two favorite Lokis, combined into one perfect caffeine delivery system! I mean, this mug has a handle built right the fuck on to it, and I still can’t handle how fucking awesome it is. In the hour and a half I’ve owned this sexy bitch I’ve had 1 cup of coffee, 3 cups of tea, and a cup of miso soup, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. This suave mother fucker of a drinking vessel and I, we are going to spend the rest of our god damn lives together, do you hear me?

all awesomeness courtesy Justyna Rerak via Society6.

I don’t know why I curse so much when I’m happy. that’s just something we all have to live with.


Supernatural Fans!

As you are all well aware, there’s a very special contest taking place right now - Supernatural T-shirt Design Challenge! For the first time, fans all over the world have the opportunity to choose the artwork to feature on the Official Supernatural Merchandise.

How can you make this happen? All you need to do is visit THIS site and vote for designs you like most. Easy enough, right? The voting period ends at 9:00 AM PT on 04/14/14. After that, Five winners will be selected out of 20 top voted designs.

We would like to present to you our Dream Top 20 (listed in no particular order), make sure to check them out!  


Osric’s “Advanced Placement” shirt only needs 100 more sales to reach its goal! If this goal is reached, not only will the shirts be sent into production, but the proceeds will be donated to Random Acts too! It’s also a very cool looking shirt designed by rerak-sketchbook. So why not help a great cause? I think we, as a fandom, are definitely capable of doing this!