Of Hounds and Stags

Anonymous asked: Can I req a Sandor x reader. She’s Renly’s sister and after he leaves KL she goes with him because she knows Joff will prob call her traitor too but after he’s killed she runs off and ends up living with Brother Ray and his community and eventually when Sandor shows up injured she’s shocked cause she knows him and when he gets better he recognises her as well and they spend time together and fall in love

Here is your one-shot, anon! I do not own Sandor or Brother Ray. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: mentions of death, injuries. Fluff

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!Baratheon reader, Brother Ray

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When you left King’s Landing with your brother Renly, you never thought this was where you’d end up. You never expected that you would find yourself a part of a small community building a new sept. Renly was killed shortly after the two of you had escaped the city where your nephew ruled. You had decided to go with Renly because you knew that Joffrey would label you a traitor as well and you’d find your head on the chopping block. Literally.

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things that aren’t all the work I have to do
  • I tend to forget that I have some not-fun allergic reactions to old government buildings. Being gone for four days means several days of feeling like death upon returning to work
  • NVCC hasn’t sent my transcripts to UMUC (or it’s taking TWO WEEKS to send transcripts 60 miles), and they’re the last one I need. they’re also the most important, because that’s where I took accounting, which is the pre-req to everything else I have to do. I’m checking my email and school account obsessively
  • I need a polarizing filter for my camera to get a picture of my grasses for a grad student involved with the program this year for a time-lapse video. My grasses are also growing LIKE CRAZY this year, so the video won’t even start at day 1 of growth. It’s only been a week and some are an inch long!