WoF ship reqs

hey i never interact with people here and i wanna get more involved with the WoF fandom here so!!!! send me ur ships and ill draw few, or ur fav cannon dragon idk. Just come talk to me! leave headcannons! idm :3c

getting back in the swing of things

hey guys!

so im actually. still not doing great but i’m very sick and home alone so i could use some work :0

and i wanna stop being a lazy asshole

so im gonna open requests for a lil while!

i had to delete all previous ones because i was extremely overwhelmed, sorry.

also, news on my leg!

i’ve finally been released from my brace!!!!

i’m cleared to walk short distances without crutches, and use one crutch if i’m doing more.

i won’t be able to run or jump for a long time, though, and i can never do any sort of sport or very physical activity like dance n stuff. i may have a limp for the rest of my life.

but i’m recovering !

anyway, sorry for the cheesy personal crap. send in some reqs~!