Advice given by Angel Jibreel to our Prophetﷺ.

The Prophetﷺ said:

“Jibreel came to me and said: ‘O Muhammad, live as long as you want, for you will die.
Love whomever you want, for you will leave him.
Do whatever you want for you will be requited for it.
Remember that the believer’s honour is his praying at night, and his pride is his being independent of people.”

-Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 73.

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What is clamps treatment towards lesbians

I haven’t really read all of clamp’s canon so I’m not sure I could adequately answer that. What I’ve read: Cardcaptor Sakura, a lot of xxxHolic, Magic Knight Rayearth, Angelic Layer, a few pages of Tsubasa, some one volume thing about a letter or something i don’t even remember, volume 1 of gate 7 which I also barely remember.

The only lesbians featured were Tomoyo and her Mom and those were BOTH “unrequited sad lesbian love where said lesbian must pine eternally”, and Tomoyo didn’t even get to properly angst about it, instead remaining unflinchingly supportive and hiding all her feelings. So the verdict there just based on what little I know is great. I never saw any requited girl-girl relationships in what I read, while the same wasn’t true for queer guys. 

Again, I don’t know about Clamp enough to properly analyze that, and I do appreciate that they at least try to normalize girl-girl attraction and that they came out and said the Tomoyo’s love wasn’t unrequited because she was a girl and that Sakura isn’t straight- but yeah, sure would be nice to see them write an actual romance between women. Get Tomoyo a Girlfriend 2016.

how do you tell your best friend that you may have accidentally fallen in love with them

I feel like a lot of people have tried to analyze Laurens’s sexuality and relationship with Hamilton by primarily (and oftentimes only) looking at Laurens through the lens of Hamilton’s letters.  And this is what leads to so many misunderstandings and incorrect conclusions.  There are two incorrect conclusions that I see come up most often.

1. Laurens’s letters to Hamilton are less frequent and less passionate than Hamilton’s letters to Laurens.  Ergo, Laurens did not truly love Hamilton, at least not to the same degree that Hamilton loved him.

If you take the time to study Laurens, one of the things you should notice almost immediately is that he wrote fairly infrequently.  Laurens did not write much and often forgot or neglected to write people back.  Laurens was not intentionally ignoring Hamilton.  In fact, Hamilton got a good chunk of Laurens’s attention when it came to correspondence.  The most frequent recipients of letters from John Laurens were Henry Laurens, George Washington, and Alexander Hamilton.  I cannot recall many - if any - letters that were written from John Laurens to his siblings during the time of the war.  Laurens wrote to Hamilton more often than he wrote to his siblings or wife.  It’s unfair to compare the volume of Hamilton’s and Laurens’s correspondence to determine which one loved the other more.  Hamilton, in general, wrote a high volume of letters, whereas Laurens wrote pretty sparingly.  It’s not a case of one ignoring the other or one being the better communicator in the relationship.

Additionally, it’s again unfair to compare the language of Hamilton’s and Laurens’s letters and proclaim that Laurens didn’t love Hamilton because his writing was not as passionate as Hamilton’s.  Hamilton was ridiculously sexual and passionate in his letters - he should be an outlier, not a standard to which we should hold the rest.  Laurens was also quite guarded in terms of expressing his emotions, particularly when it came to his romantic attachments to other men.  This is understandable, as Laurens seems to have felt some guilt over his attraction to men (he was raised by a strict Christian father in a heteronormative time period).  But if you compare Laurens’s letters to Hamilton with Laurens’s letters to others, you’ll find that his letters to Hamilton are some of the most emotionally expressive letters he ever wrote.  No, he was not as emotionally open as Hamilton was, but he expressed his love for Hamilton in a way that was more comfortable for him.  Furthermore, several of Laurens’s letters to Hamilton are missing, so we can only speculate what language those letters contain.

2. Hamilton’s writing about having Laurens find him a wife should be taken literally.

First of all, I can tell you this interpretation is wrong from one line in this letter:

Do I want a wife? No—I have plagues enough without desiring to add to the number that greatest of all; and if I were silly enough to do it, I should take care how I employ a proxy. 

Secondly, many people do not understand the context behind this paragraph:

I anticipate by sympathy the pleasure you must feel from the sweet converse of your dearer self in the inclosed letters. I hope they may be recent. They were brought out of New York by General Thompson delivered to him there by a Mrs. Moore not long from England, soi-disante parente de Madame votre épouse. She speaks of a daughter of yours, well when she left England, perhaps ⟨– – –⟩. 

If you read into Laurens’s side of the story, you will realize that Laurens had a wife and child in England which he neglected to tell Hamilton about - for one and a half years.  This paragraph isn’t Hamilton simply telling Laurens that his wife and child are well.  This is Hamilton realizing that Laurens was not a bachelor.  This adds a whole new meaning to the paragraphs that follow about Laurens finding Hamilton a wife.  Those paragraphs aren’t meant to be taken literally.  They were written by a shocked and somewhat jealous Hamilton who used sexual innuendo to both scold and tease Laurens.

Laurens’s side of the story is so important to truly understanding the Hamilton-Laurens relationship, yet few seem to be willing to study it.  It can certainly take some time, effort, and digging through long-forgotten documents (I’ve been studying Laurens for about three years now, and I’m still learning new things about Laurens’s sexuality and relationships), but it is necessary if you want to be able to fully appreciate Laurens’s life.

We have Word of God that Pearlrose wasn’t unrequited, and lines like ‘after all these years I never thought I’d lose’ only add to the evidence. It’s pretty clear Pearl’s talking about a long-term relationship, not an unrequited crush.

Pictured: Rose relating in the same way to Pearl and then to Greg. (Also an anguished hand clutching at the air, please somebody hold her.)

But now there’s all this doubt about HOW requited it was (partly fuelled by Joe Johnston, which saddens me because he drew the cutest Pearls.) SO I JUST WANTED TO SAY THIS.

Rebecca loves and identifies with Pearl so much, I really cannot see this show brushing her off as delusional, however much people might want to read it that way. The sheer beauty of her depiction in that episode, how much she was its shining star, is completely at odds with any narrative that would sideline or invalidate her.

Although the way Joe put it is unfortunate, I think it’s just that Rose was poly, Pearl isn’t, and they had a terrible time communicating about it, because they were working out their relationship from scratch with no precedent and equality was a lifelong struggle for them.

If anything, what I got from ‘Mr. Greg’ is that Rose loved Pearl more than she realises. Rose never stopped loving her, and if there’s one atom of her soul left in Steven’s gem…

she still does.

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do you think what joe said about pearl's relationship with rose not being as complicated or complex as pearl wanted it to be means that it wasn't romantic?

he said it “wasn’t as deep or as complete as she wanted” which, imo, doesn’t mean it wasn’t romantic (the crew have said again and again that it was romantic). Just that it wasn’t the kind of happily-ever-after soulmates relationship Pearl wanted it to be

If you meant that it wasn’t requited, the crew have also said that it wasn’t unrequited and was “much more complicated” than one-sided. I’m inclined to believe them. I just think that what Pearl felt, and what she wanted, was really intense singular love and that’s just not what her relationship with Rose was. Rose loved her, but she also loved other people, and Pearl felt that in the end they would end up together. But that didn’t happen. The two just had very different ideas of what their relationship was, and they probably never really talked about it, because Pearl was afraid it would drive Rose away, so they never had a consensus on what they were


Pairing : min yoongi x reader

Genre : Hitman AU, Angst, eventual Fluff, eventual Smut

Rating: M 

Description : You would have been dead without him. You’d have a bullet hole in your forehead just as your mother did when you found her. You would not be able to find out who or why they killed her. You wouldn’t be able to requite them for her death or your feelings for the rogue hitman named Yoongi; the only one willing to help an orphaned teenager with a bounty on her head.

Warnings: Sexual content, mentions of/and almost rape, death, violence, language, and just a lot of bad stuff.

A/N : I didn’t mean to make Jackson so evil but he just looked so good as this character bye

Your Converse shoes hit the cement sidewalk as you skipped home after a long day at school. Finals were coming up and that meant staying after school for a few extra hours for tutoring. You pray your mother had already started dinner, all you had eaten today was half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you shared with a girl in your sixth period after you realized you forgot to do so because you were studying in the library during your lunch. Your school skirt flowed in the nearly-summer breeze as you watched the sun setting on the horizon behind houses and the big trees lining the street.  The street lights turn on and you quicken your pace as you hold on tightly to your school book in your arms.

You sigh as you reach the familiarity of your home but you quickly take notice of the black SUV parked in the front. Your mother’s car was parked in the driveway but your step father’s was not. Usually your mother and her husband would be home around the time you got out of school so this was pretty odd. You quickly shake off the strange feeling in your gut, concluding that he might have had to stay late at work, then you continue the short walk up to the front door of your home. You swing your backpack off of one shoulder and retrieve your house key. You unlock the door swiftly and gently close it, your mother hates when doors slam.

You throw your backpack on the couch in the living room after getting your phone out as well and you make your way to the kitchen. The scent of spaghetti fills your nostrils and your stomach rumbles. You enter the doorway of the kitchen as you scroll through the notifications on your phone. You see a text from your friend calling you ‘a nerd :p’ for staying at school instead of going out with them and you chuckle lightly.

“Hey, mo-“ You stop dead in your tracks when you look up from your phone.

Your mother is spread across the tiled floor of the kitchen with a bullet hole on her forehead. Her blood is pooling around her and her eyes are lifelessly open. Her cheeks are stained with her mascara and tears whereas her hair is messy, sticking to the blood around her and on her forehead. Her fingers are angled in a way no human’s bones should be and her face is bruised and bloody. The sight was enough to freeze you in your spot for a few moments as the only thing heard was the boiling of the water on the stove.

With the PB & J sandwich threatening to come back up, you dropped to your knees next to her and hesitantly reached out for her with shaky hands. You take a hold of her shoulder and gently shake.

“M-Mommy?” You choke out as you move the bloody hairs from her face.

You stare into her lifeless eyes and your chest tightens, your throat becomes immensely dry. You try to breathe but the lump in your throat won’t go away. You refuse to believe this is your mother but in the midst of your denial, vibrations in your hand rip you from the hopeful thoughts and oncoming tears. It’s your phone vibrating in your hand which is clutching onto it tightly. You swallow thickly once again before blinking hard to focus on the screen.

Unknown number

You quickly swipe the screen and shakily bring it up to your ear.

You try to say something, anything, but you just can’t. It’s as if the words are stuck in your throat and you can’t get them out, but you don’t need to as the person on the other line begins.

“Listen to me very carefully, Y/N.” The voice is one of a man’s, one with a smooth and raspy but serious tone. “The men who killed your mother are upstairs and if you don’t get out now, they are going to do the same to you.”

You hear the faint crash of something upstairs and heavy footsteps from above you. Your heart beats in your chest and you try your best to pay attention to the man on the phone.

“W-what do I do? Where do I g-go?” You ask, your voice quiet, hoarse and shaky all at the same time.

“Shit – they’re on their way down. Hide now.” The voice says and you begin to slowly back away from your mother’s body no matter how hard it may be for you.

You won’t be able to get avenge her if you’re dead, too.

“W-wait!” You croak into the phone. “Who are you?”

The line is quiet for a second and you think he hung up for a second before he speaks.

“The only one willing to help you.” His tone is calm despite the situation. “Now hide.”  

The line goes dead and you look around quickly. You don’t think twice before dashing to the closet for cans, spices and silverware before you close the door as quietly as possible. You blink away your threatening tears and steady your breathing as well as you could. You hear heavy footsteps coming down the steps and you try to look through the tiny blinds in the door. You can see them but they cannot see you. The steps get closer and closer until two men enter the kitchen.

Both are dressed in well-fitted suits but one has a cigarette on his ear. One of the men has blonde hair and he’s not what you would have expected but his looks sure deceive. The other has black hair and he reminds you of any other cute guy you’d see on the street. The blonde takes the cigarette from his ear and uses the flame from under the boiling pot to light it. He lifts it to his lips and takes a drag before blowing it into the face of the other guy.

“Jackson,” The black-haired man coughs and swats his hand in front of him. “You’re such an ass.”

The man referred as ‘Jackson’ chuckles and his lips turn into a smile, exposing his pearly teeth.

“A nice one, though.” Jackson winks at the other man and cocks his head towards your mother’s body. “I didn’t go too bad on her. I could’ve cut off every limb on her body, JB, but I didn’t.”

The man smiles proudly and crosses his arms with his head up high.

“You just broke every finger and shot her in the face, no big deal.” JB says sarcastically with a laugh.

You feel tears forming your eyes as your blood boiled at them making your mother’s murder a joke.

“We just have to wait for her daughter to get here, deal with her then we can go.” Jackson says as he leans back on the counter with the cigarette between his lips.  “If she’s hot, we can have a little fun with her.”

JB shakes his head with a half-smile.

“You’re a sick bastard, Jackson.” He chuckles playfully.

“A proud sick bastard, Indeed.” Jackson replies as he throws his head back.

Your blood then ran cold at their words exchanged. They were going to rape and kill you if they knew you were here. You just heard that they were waiting for you to get home to commit such horrible things to you. Your legs shake as you try to take in the situation but you can’t concentrate. Your hand reaches out to take hold of something as your head spins. A can falls to the floor and you freeze. You don’t move or even breathe.

“What was that?” JB asks Jackson.

“Shh, it sounds like it came from th-“ Jackson starts but is cut off by another man entering the room.

You nearly cried at the sight.

The man is carrying something in his hand;

Your backpack

“This wasn’t on the couch when we got here, right?” The man who just entered asks, one eyebrow raised in question.

“Sure wasn’t.” Jackson says, a smirk forming on his lips.

He quickly turns on his heel and begins to walk painfully slow towards the closet you’re hiding in. Each step making the fear in your stomach to rise and you feel beads of sweat on your forehead as you look around the dim closet for anything. Your hands find a sharp object and you grasp the handle of the knife. You hold it up to your chest and face it towards the door. Jackson’s eyes seem to be looking at you as if you’re not even behind the door and you swallow your spit thickly. You take a deep and shaky breathe as Jackson reaches for the door handle, pulling it open to reveal you behind it.

“Gotcha.” His smirk gets bigger as he throws the cigarette on the floor and steps on it.

You stare at him wide-eyed and you shrink back further into the closet further to get away.

“God,” He chuckles as his eyes scan over your shaky figure holding a knife. “Aren’t you a pretty young thing.”

His eyes come back up to meet yours and his eyes have glint of something you can’t identify in them. He begins to step closer but you stick the knife out a little as a warning.

“D-don’t come any closer!” You warn, the knife tight in your grip.

He laughs at this and a stray strand of blonde hair falls on his face. He pushes it back and raises his chin high as he looks you down.

“Listen, baby.” He says, quickly grabbing the knife from your hands and dropping it to the floor. “We’ve got a job to do and I don’t want to be here just as much as you don’t, so what do you say we do this the easy way and you just come with us?”

You stare up at him with furrowed eyebrows, trying to comprehend what he just said. Your hands were clenched tightly on your chest between you and him. His proximity and demeanor was intimidating as he looked down at you. He smelled of cigarettes and expensive cologne, you nearly throw up because of how nice it smelled. His smirk turns into a smile as he laughs loudly. Your gaze falls down to the floor as your head hangs.

“You didn’t think we were going to kill you, did you?” His fingers came up to grip your chin and make you face him, you flinch at the action. “Nuh-uh, baby girl. Our bosses want you alive and breathing for other things.”

Your breath hitched as he leaned in to peck your nose. You flinch again at the simple action.

“Alright, then. Say bye to mommy because off we go!” He exclaims with a click of his tongue and a wink to follow.

He grabs your wrist forcefully and you fall to the floor, grabbing the knife. You trudge it towards him but end up only slicing his hand a bit. He hisses and lets your hand go. You push yourself up and past him, going towards the backdoor through the walkway not occupied by the men. You’re unlocking the door when you’re pulled to the ground by your ankle. The air is knocked out of your lungs as you hit the floor. Jackson quickly climbs on top of you and lets out a chuckle.

“You really are adorable, you know that?” His breath fans over your face and you smell a hint of mint. “You honestly thought you could get away.”

He shuffles around on top of you and pulls something from the pocket of his blazer. Your eyes widen at the sight of the metallic weapon capable of killing you in a second, just like your mother. He pushes it towards the side of your head and you squeeze your eyes shut at the close proximity of the gun. It makes you uneasy as you shake in fear.

“P-please, don’t.” You beg in a quiet voice, your eyes never opening.

“You sound nice when you beg,” He whispers as his head drops down to your ear. “Please don’t what? Tell me.”

You feel your stomach churn and you feel like you’re going to be sick as the cool metal begins to hitch your school skirt up higher.

“D-don’t do this, please.” You say as you feel tears brim your eyes as the gun brushes over your underwear.

You involuntarily gasp at the unfamiliar sensation but you’re still shaking from fear. You didn’t want any of this, but your body betrayed you as Jackson’s fingers replaced the metal. You let out a whimper as tears fell from your eyes and you hiccup for him to stop, he didn’t.

“Baby, I know you want it.” He breathes into your ear before leaving sloppy kisses down your jawline.

You hear the unbuckling of a belt and you start squirming around, attempting to push him off of you.

“N-no! Help! Please!” You cry out before getting hit in the head with the butt of the gun.

Your vision becomes blurry and disoriented as your body gets weak. A ringing in your ears causes you to close your eyes at the pain throbbing throughout your head. Flashes of light illuminate through your eyelids as the weight above you is lifted. You flip onto your tummy, sounds of banging are heard along with grunts. You attempt to crawl to the backdoor but you’re falling in and out of consciousness from the blow to your head. Soon, you’re picked up and you try to fight but your attempt is futile as your body is too weak. The person carries you like a baby and you cradle into them as you allow yourself to be taken by the darkness behind your eyelids.

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Thoughts on Mr. Greg?

ok SO.

All the songs in it were really good, for one thing. Some faves. Excited to learn them better.


The visuals were also really lovely throughout, and clever and fun…I really love old musicals so a lot of the nods to those tropes made me smile, I laughed out loud when Steven and Greg’s song at the beginning ended and Pearl had a big neon sign over her head that just said PEARL like. helpfully labeled in dramatic fashion for your convenience

I’m sad that this didn’t confirm requited pearlrose, but I don’t think it deconfirmed it either. I know people are gonna argue otherwise, but the crew have said their piece, and I thought Pearl’s song made it sound a lot more like it was just never “earth official” which was kind of what I’ve assumed they’d do all along. In any event the memories hinted at definitely show that Rose cared about Pearl a lot (soft-confirmed a lot of headcanons about the years together actually) and I guess that’s what I’ve gotta settle for for now. I think the storyline is pointedly witholding any hint of how Rose felt about anyone except Greg (which you kind of have to assume since they had a kid together) until some crucial moment, but what that moment will be I’m not sure. 

I was worried they’d give me a lot less, tbh. I’ll take this.

And this explored that Greg did indeed feel guilty about getting between them, which I appreciate. I think now that she at least knows he understood what he was screwing up Pearl feels better about him overall. She wanted Rose to be happy first and foremost, and their conversation made that clear.

I don’t really like the sense that Pearl feels so guilty for not ‘moving on’ when it was FIVE THOUSAND YEARS to like, THIRTY SOME, but it’s in-character for her to feel that way. Sigh. And like, Greg and Steven were completely sympathetic to her feelings but I feel like the people in the fandom who come down hard on pearl for failing to have emotions Correctly are gonna feel vindicated by that. I don’t blame the writers, like I said, it’s in character, I’d always assumed she felt that way.


Their dance was also ruined by thoughts of Discourse because it was like, the slightest bit intimate and you know The Straights are gonna run with that, but I think that was important because Pearl only lets people touch her/be close to her when she trusts them. And I really, really, really like that she was leading!!!!!

Like please think about the symbolism of that. Please? Pearl knows Rose better than Greg. She Came First. He knows full well that despite all the hard feelings, the reason everything happened the way it did is because she allowed it to, for Rose’s sake. And he’s sorry he didn’t let her take the lead. And he’s letting her take it now.

My brotp is canon, now bring on the shenanigans

هُنَالِكَ الْوَلَايَةُ لِلَّهِ الْحَقِّ ۚ هُوَ خَيْرٌ ثَوَابًا وَخَيْرٌ عُقْبًا

it was then that he realized that the real protection comes only from Allah. His is the best reward and His is the best requital.
Quran 18:44

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my anger at the writers for the handling of the pearl/rose/greg triangle is…ebbing, tbh. I just rewatched “We Need To Talk” this afternoon and l i k e

They couldn’t have known what the fandom response to that would be. They really pushed the envelope to show Very Requited Pearlrose, yes they didn’t have cheek kisses like Ruby and Sapphire but tbh it would’ve felt out of place in that scene…like, idk, we’ve gotta remember that the network is trying to keep SU in syndication in a lot of places that have harsher restrictions and could censor things, that ep DID get censored…and they also pulled out every stop to make Pearl sympathetic even though she hurt Greg’s feelings, like, they DID NOT have to show her reactions that much or make Greg that…threatened and apologetic and specifically trying to imitate what SHE did…

idk it’s just…the writers couldn’t have known how that episode would be read and received. they did everything they were allowed to do to show that in the beginning, this is how it was: pearl and rose were together, greg was the outsider and intruder (if also the pov character, but let’s be very real, pearl wouldn’t tell steven this story); pearl was jealous and rude but it was because greg was in the wrong, and now, with another couple decades of maturity, he KNOWS he was in the wrong, which we see him admit, both implicitly by including Pearl’s side of the story in “We Need To Talk” and explicitly in “Mr. Greg” (although I do still believe it would have been better to include discussion of how Rose felt about Pearl. I think there were narrative and artistic reasons for not doing so, but they don’t outweight the benefits saying it outright would have had).

TL;DR they tried but internet fandom tends to be homophobic, lesbophobic and misogynist; and it’s likely the network does have some limits that they don’t want to risk repurcussions by pushing, and it’s likely they don’t want to discuss those limits because keeping their show on the good side of those who control its distribution is more important.

Basically like

I’m not mad at the crewniverse, I’m mad at the world

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Different anon, but with the hanahaki disease, what if Sai and Genos are walking home and the egg just kind of looks over at the borg and the borg looks back. The eye contact is so intimate they go to throw up at the same place. And realization hits.

[OKAY i feel like this needs the clarification that the point of hanahaki disease is that ppl with unrequited love throw up FLOWERS lol,,,]

thats so sweet though;;;;;; ghghghhhhhhhhh requited love where the parts dont know of eachother’s feelings dROWN ME IN IT