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disclaimer - i’m not a career coach. this is just advice based on personal experience. as a business/marketing major i interviewed with companies like google, nike, philips, and am now interning at microsoft. these tips will not guarantee you a job and some things might not work in your country/industry (but hopefully they will help you along the way!)

1. your resume

  •  this is your ultimate marketing tool. make it work for you. i personally prefer resumes that are limited to 1 page.  it’s true that recruiters only glance at your cv for just a couple of seconds, so make yours stand out, yet keep it minimal/simple.
  • for each job, list bullet points and make them result-driven (and make your first bullet your best bullet).

(i will share some example layouts soon)

2. the application process / preparing for your interview

  • you have nothing to lose. see a job that interests you? just apply! even if you don’t meet all the requirements, it’s worth a shot. what’s the worst that can happen? you might think “but i’m not good enough for this job” - lemme tell ya, that mindset is not gonna land you ANY job at all. 
  • don’t wait until the application deadline. 
  • prepare a pitch about yourself and memorize this so you’re good to go when the interviewer asks you to tell something about yourself.
  • there are many websites out there that list basic interview questions. make sure you prepare for these. just google (common/top) interview questions”. make sure you have an answer in mind. 
  • it’s okay to indicate some of your weaknesses, but either conceal them with a strength or tell them that you’re working on improving yourself. no one is perfect. show that you’re eager to learn and grow. 
  • study the company. don’t just look at what they sell, but also study their mission, history and what they do “behind the scenes” (e.g. philanthropic initiatives). also have an answer to why you would want to work for this company (and why you choose them instead of their direct competitor).
  • ALWAYS prepare questions for the interviewer, too. one question that i like to ask is “what is one thing you DON’T like about working for this company?”. i have asked this to managers at google and microsoft, and some didn’t have an answer for me hehe. surprise them. 

3. the interview

  • BE YOURSELF! i can’t stress the importance of this enough. it’s totally ok to be nervous, but try to relax anyways!
  • practice a firm handshake.
  • always be prepared to elaborate on your cv and job experiences. this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t lie on your cv lol. 
  • dont worry about awkward silences when the interviewer asks you a question. take some time to compose your answers rather than simply trying to bridge the silence by blurting out something . some companies also like to hear your think out loud.
  • take some time to get to know the interviewer. if s/he doesn’t do so already, ask the interviewer to tell something about themselves.
  • dress accordingly (some companies require you to dress smart, others are fine if you show up in a casual outfit). if you don’t know what the dresscode is, don’t be afraid to contact the recruiter about it. 
  • didn’t get the job? don’t be so hard on yourself. you tried your best, so consider your interviewing process a lesson and a training. 

4. on the job

  • networking is important. schedule coffee with your teammembers so you can get to know them better one on one (maybe you’ll even make some friends along the way). are you interested in what other teams or departments do? don’t be shy and get to know them too. (note: do check your organizational structure. by that i mean: don’t just schedule coffee with all senior managers and directors if that is not a part of your company culture lol)
  • if another intern is onboarding you and showing you the ins and outs, always take notes. you tell yourself you will remember everything, but trust me; you won’t. write down any instructions you receive and you will thank yourself later. 
  • never ever be afraid to ask questions. don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • don’t be afraid of new challenges.  

if you have any q’s, shoot me a message. got any additional tips? feel free to send me those and i’ll add them to my list (ofc i’ll credit where due).

good luck everyone! 

Exciting news!

@princessdan and I have decided to work together to create a new blog dedicated to appreciation and unity within the Phandom!

How it works:

Every day we make a post that shines a spotlight on a different Phan-blog.
The post includes a summary of what content they post, and personal reviews written by each of us.
Requests for certain blogs are always welcome - that way, more blogs can get the attention they deserve!

What are the requirements to have a shot in the spotlight?

You need to feature Phan on your blog (obviously!).
That’s pretty much it!
We plan to feature all kinds of content creators - whether you make phanart, write phanfictions, produce gifs or even just reblog stuff, each and every one of you deserves a shot!
It doesn’t matter how many or how few followers you have, every blog deserves some love!
It is preferable that the main focus of your blog is DnP or Phan, but of course this isn’t necessary.

Why are we doing this?

There are so many creators out there who pour their hearts and souls into their blogs, but don’t necessarily get all the attention they deserve.
The main purpose of this blog is to support those creators and help them get their content noticed!
In general, this blog is a way of celebrating creativity and unity throughout the entire Phandom!
It is dedicated to each and every blog out there who shares the common interest - DnP/Phan - and feels like they have something to contribute!
This is so that a stronger sense of integrity, appreciation and harmony can be created. 

The Phandom is a wonderful place, filled with brilliant and diverse and creative minds, and that fact should be celebrated! We are our own society, in many ways, and that is quite a remarkable feat. Sure, not all of us get along and sometimes it can be tiring or unrewarding, but we believe that this doesn’t have to be the case.

More details to come soon! Contact us if you have any more questions:

Mo: @princessdan
Emily: @kiwicheekychica

Our new blog: @phandomblogappreciation

Here’s to a period of increased unity, publicity and creativity! Remember: every blog has something different to offer, whether it be content or personality or anything really, and that is a wonderful thing that should not be ignored.

A/N: To @waterwiz27 😊
Fears (A Newt Scamander x Reader Oneshot)
‘So what are we going to do for the project then?’ You asked Newt as you were walking towards the Great Hall for lunch. You had just been assigned a Care of Magical Creatures project about a creature of your choice. You and Newt obviously decided to work together as you were best friends.
'I don’t know… I kind of want it to be something interesting and special…’ Newt said.
'A.k.a. something dangerous, hard to find and even harder to learn anything about.’ You summarized.
'Ha ha ha. Very funny.’ Newt said sarcastically as you entered the hall and sat on the end of the Hufflepuff table. You were starving after spending two hours running around and chasing Professor Kettleback’s escaped bowtruckles.

You were just about to start eating the pile of food you had put on your plate when Newt jumped up.
'I have an idea!’ He shouted, took your hand and pulled you out of the hall. 'Come on!’
'Newt-Newt I’m hungry, can’t it wait?’ You complained, feeling your stomach rumbling.
You groaned and walked after him, reluctantly.

He led you to the seventh floor and when you reached the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy you were pretty much out of breath so you leaned forward, hands on your knees and breathing heavily.
'What - in- Merlin’s beard - are - we - doing?’
Newt had turned around, facing the wall, his eyes closed.
'What-’ you started, but you were interrupted as a door appeared in front of you.
'The Room of Requirement.’ You said as you entered, wondering what Newt had required.

You were in a long dark room with a large closet at the end. It suddenly shook, making you jump, as if something was trying to escape from the inside.
Newt followed you inside and closed the door behind him.
'A Boggart.’ He explained.
'How did you find it?’
'It was in Dumbledore’s room and he told me he had put it here if anyone ever needed it.’
'Right.’ You took your want out. 'May I?’
'Of course.’
'I’ve always wanted to know what my greatest fear is. Alohomora.’

The door of the closet clicked open. You stepped closer and Newt stood to the side.
The Boggart was indecisive for a second and then… It was you. You were facing yourself…. Not exactly though… The Boggart you started transforming…transforming into-
'NO!’ you screamed. You dropped to your knees and your wand fell from your hand. The dark cloud came toward you,closer and closer, but Newt stood between you. He shouted 'Riddikulus!’ and locked the Boggart back in its closet.

’(Y/N),(Y/N) calm down, it’s okay…’ He said as he kneeled down beside you and pulled you into a hug. You were shaking and you started sobbing on his shoulder as well.

He patiently waited for you to calm down.
When yoh finally lifted your head up he smiled reassuringly and wiped the tears from your cheeks.
'I’m sorry.’ Yoh said, your voice shaky.
'For what? You don’t have anything to be sorry for, (Y/N).’
'F-for not telling y-you. Y-you’re m-my best friend a-and you deserve to know.’ You took a deep breath. 'That I’m an Obscurial. A-a-a monster.’ You could feel the tears in your eyes again.
'Hey,(Y/N). You are NOT a monster.’ You shook your head. He held your hand. 'You are kind, you are beautiful, you are brave, you are clever, you are funny, you are fair and you are the best human being I know. You are NOT a monster.’
He wiped another tear from your cheek and he said.
'I’d rather do bowtruckles for the project anyway.’
You managed a laugh and you took Newt’s hand, taking you out of the room and feeling that you’ll never be afraid while he is beside you.’

Writing Sessions

→  Kim Taehyung x Reader (Fluff)

“What are you doing?”

[Name] lifted her head from the table and glanced at her right, following the sound of the voice. Her eyes met the handsome figure of her boyfriend, Kim Taehyung. Lifting his eyebrows in curiosity, he peeked at the notebook she was drabbling at. She quickly slammed it close and pushed it away from her, out of his reach.

“N-Nothing!” She stammered, completely lying.

“Aw, c’mon, jagi. You were writing something.”

[Name] was jealous of Taehyung’s ambidexterity, he was originally a left-handed person but he could write neatly with his right hand. His talent of being equally adapted in the use of both his left and right hand grabbed her interest so she had been practicing with her non-dominant hand every night before going to sleep. She hadn’t told him about this, she wanted to surprise him but apparently, he caught her new hobby.

“Well… you’re ambidextrous.” She admitted, averting her gaze to the wall. “I was kinda jealous of your talent so I was practicing to surprise you and… you caught me.”

He chuckled and kissed her forehead, making [Name] feel embarrassed. “You should’ve called me. I’m willing to help.”

“But you need to sleep, you have rehearsals tomorrow.” She protested.

“Priorities first, meaning jagiya goes first.”

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The Appeal Of Kyoto Animation

I have seen many people saying how K-On is a cheap anime with no creativity and effort put behind this anime. In this blog I want to try to explain what makes Kyoto Animation so appealing and why this statement is not true.

Kyoto Animation is a popular studio which is known for great animation and their slice of life stories, with their unique character designs and very relaxing atmosphere. The funny thing is that what I just said is something you normally shouldn’t. Let me explain this.

I think we have all seen statements like “The animation from Studio Madhouse is amazing” or “Toei Animation always suck”. The reason why it’s not really fair to say that is because the staff for the most studios are usually changing. You don’t have the same team working on every Madhouse production. You don’t have the same director working on every Toei Animation production. Many animators are freelancer who have their own style and way of drawing. So if you see a scene which is really badly animated, it could be the result of just one or two animators screwing up. So blaming the whole studio is kinda unfair. The same can be said about great animated scenes.

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Korth Arms out of Germany has teamed up with NightHawk Customs to bring their revolvers state side! The Super Sport, the Mongoose, and my favorite, the 9mm Skyhawk(formerly Sky Marshall). 357 magnum, 38 special, and a 9mm cylinder that does not require moonclips(check detailed shot of cylinder).

Rail is for a laser and suppressor mount accessory. Cylinder is sealed to the barrel so they can be ran with a suppressor.

tale as old as next time: the blanket fort’s beauty & the beast review

Originally posted by kinginthenorthjonsnow

Basically, this is me and probably the rest of the of Beauty & the Beast fandom right now. 

The good news:  the live action movie is nice and entertaining enough, with its own kind of charm.  The bad news:  the original animated film is still complete and utter perfection.  The live action movie can’t even hold a candle to it. 

And no, I don’t think it’s unfair to compare the two.  If you create what is really an unnecessary remake of the legendary Disney animated film that forced the Academy to create a category for Best Animated Picture, because it could and should’ve won the actual Best Picture Award, then you’ve got some seriously big shoes to fill.  Good remakes and re-imaginings have been done before (the Charlton Heston Ben-Hur, anyone?).  This movie needed to be balls-to-the-wall amazingly good. 

The problem is that it’s just in that category of “okay,” “nice” and “it’s entertaining.”  

Originally posted by fuckyeahdragrace

(Spoiler time - you have been warned)

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So the thing is that I started doodling and planning another story here in the middle of my research for Aglanthos and Chronos’ story because the latter one is turning out to be a monstrous and wearisome project. The problem is that this new “quick” test story I chose to do is turning into another research party and I have conflicting feelings about that. 8,D

anonymous asked:

FMK: Old Timey Sarge, the Winter Soldier, Poor Sweet Deprogrammed Bucky ala CACW.

Ooh. This has to be done just right or I could destroy the very fabric of existence, right? 

Originally posted by llcoolpenguin-blog-blog

If I kill Old Timey Sarge, the other options are off the table. This means I either have to fuck him or marry him.  

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

As cute as he looks in his uniform, I don’t know if I’m prepared for the reality of being married to a man from the forties. Despite his best efforts to be cool, I think he’d struggle with me being the primary breadwinner, maintaining separate finances, keeping my own surname, etc.

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

I think I’d break his brain even worse than Hydra tbh and our marriage would limp along fuelled by constant bickering and hate sex. I am a lazy woman and that scenario reeks of effort so I guess I’d have to nail Old Timey Sarge…

This leaves two options for the person I’d marry: Poor Sweet Deprogrammed Bucky or Brainwashed Murder Strut… 

Unfortunately, Poor Sweet Deprogrammed Bucky doesn’t actually exist yet and I don’t think you can kill something unless it exists. I might need to take more drugs to figure it out for sure though…

Originally posted by rogerses

If we’re talking about Civil War Bucky Beefaroni, he’s in cryo. I like to call the shots and require a lot of space but a frozen husband would be too tragic and emotionally distant for my needs. I mean, who’s gonna drive me around and cook for me and do my laundry? Plus, he’s already basically asleep so if the plug was pulled, I think he’d just drift off and the thought of him finally being at peace kinda works for me.

Originally posted by morefelton

So, I guess that means I’d have to live in sin with the Winter Soldier because Brainwashed Murder Strut doesn’t have the capacity for consent and our sham of a marriage couldn’t possibly be legally-binding. If it’s any consolation, I would be really, really nice to him and I’d try my best not to let him kill anyone but there would probably still be some punching…

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I over-thought this…

LLSHP 4 - Room of Requirement

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5]

[Brief note about School Term] [other LLSHP AU stuff] [YohaMaRuby concept arts] [ChikaYouRiko concept arts] [KanaDiaMari concept arts] [Hogwarts Staff]

A/N: Finally finished this long chap x.x … does anyone still remember this story? Lololol! blame CYR for eating up the word count and delay. Hopefully the next chapter doesn’t take this long. If it feels like there are multiple ships, you’re overthinking I’m just fleshing out their relationships and characterizing them
Words: 6,552

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alternate hockey rules: there is one puck for every 2 players on the ice. whenever someone scores, the goalie is legally allowed to punch them in the face. also both goalies are required to drink sixteen shots of espresso before the game. goals are celebrated by a good swig of vodka by every player on the scoring team. also they let me onto the ice to kiss alex ovechkin, who will clone himself to make a team of all ovis and one backstrom just to keep him in check. this is legal. there’s actually 3 teams that are just sidney crosby.


Now this musclewhore has been empty for years… ever since he signed his contract with MTV that required regular “upkeep” shots, he hadn’t thought about much of anything at all except working out and displaying his body for the world to see. He hadn’t been that built before he got cast on Jersey Shore and started getting those injections but now everything was different. He wasn’t the same man he was before, now he really was the Situation. The more shots he got, the more he wanted to work out, the more he worked out, the hotter and sexier and hornier he felt… and the more he showed off his physical prowess, the more he got that, warm, orgasmic feeling swelling into his cock and satisfying that strange urge deep inside him to become someone else.

It was a deep cycle ingrained in the far reaches of his bloodstream, a constant urge to satisfy some strange psychological itch to constantly be an alpha musclewhore. Eventually, it was just like the more he gave in, the better he felt, just feeding all his intelligence and willpower into the blissful stupidity.

He would look into the mirror, drooling and smiling with a blank look in his eyes, and whisper “Fuck yah bruh… ur so hot man….” He flexed his “gunz” and popped his massive “muscle tits” - the strange words he had started using to describe his body - and started giggling, jacking off at his own image. Nothing turned him on more than the sight of his hot jock body, completely constructed to be nothing but a sexual instrument. His ass was plump for fucking, his pecs were titanic for grabbing, his arms heavy and bulbous to complete the image… he was a perfect, dumb sex toy.

Any day now, Mike will just give in and start showing off his cock online. Showing off on reality tv and magazine covers will get old… and when his stupid jock boy brain remembers people find his body attractive, especially all the fags and sluts, he couldn’t help craving exhibiting himself online. He imagined how hot it would be for people to get off on his body just like he did, and just as if it was second nature, he turned on his webcam and pulled his fat sausage cock from his gym shorts. “Huhuhuh,” he mumbled, “dis is gon be so hot,” smiling and jerking off forever, just as he should be.


Well shoot! Thank you for the compliment! I just saw a post about how tumblr was glitching & not telling people when they had asks, so I thought what the heck, maybe I have one, and this gem hahaha haah was sitting in my inbox. I hope this isn’t too late, it can’t have been hanging out too long since my @gemanimate post isn’t that old. Either way it’s probably worth posting?

I used toon boom harmony. And I hope this is helpful, and not just a mess of things I think are coherent. It’s a lot of answer for a simple question, and I hope it doesn’t come off as condescending, but the glow wasn’t just one glow, it was a bunch of slightly different things and trickery that made the efx what they are. Efx are so cool and I like animating them so much in case that wasn’t clear. Each image has a caption clarifying what process it explains if it’s not super clear. 

Please feel free to ask for more clarification of anything if you’re more of a ‘words’ learner. I felt like it’d make more sense with visuals, especially since the network is a confusing concept if you’re not familiar with it. At least, I think it is.
On to the second part of your ask: how long this mess took me to throw together? Time for another absurdly long answer to a simple question! And if I’m real, I’m writing this all out because I need to admit it to myself more than anything haha. 

My shot is only ~3 seconds long, and I started the animation portion of my shot
two-ish weeks (maybe more) before the due date of august 29th. I should have been able to finish with tons of stress free room for technical error/other unforeseen issues, but I actually took another week and a half past the 29th to finish (thank you @gemanimate team for being understanding).

So here is a friendly, caring, and cautionary reminder–to anyone reading–to plan for both the practical aspects/requirements of a shot as well as your personal mental/emotional capacity to work. The hours needed to finish a shot aren’t necessarily the hours you need to finish a shot, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you plan accordingly. Bolded for the cheap seats (it’s for myself, I am in the cheap seats in my own life). For example, the first few nights I was working on it, I set up a file. Next night, laid out the characters, etc. Eventually, I got into a groove where I was actually animating, but I hadn’t planned for that slow start, or any of the snags I hit in life that tripped up my work flow along the way. Plan cushions for that mind game stuff that I can’t seem to acknowledge if that’s something you deal with, in addition to the technical needs of a project. 

Moving off the soapbox, the hours I put into it that were actual work hours were maybe 15 - 20 hours? Maybe more? I unfortunately did not keep time, and I’m not great at recalling stuff like that. It’s like it wasn’t finished one day, and now it is, and heck if I know what happened between then and now.  

But I guess if you were asking about time because of the complexity of the compositing/glow stuff, that was the last 1 - 2 hrs of work. Once the animation is done, the comp is just throwing in some modules and messing with them until they look the way you want. Messing with their settings is how you learn about them & how they operate. There are tons of different means to achieve the same end in toon boom, a lot like photoshop. None of what I’ve said here is a set in stone ‘correct’ way to composite for a glowy effect, but it is one way. 

Happy animating! And again, please let me know (anyone) if there’s anything that you’d like further clarification on!

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Is it federally legal to own AP rounds for rifles?

Armor piercing ammunition

18 U.S.C., § 921(a)(17)(B)

  • A projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium; or
  • A full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.

The term “armor piercing ammunition” does not include shotgun shot required by Federal or State environmental or game regulations for hunting purposes, a frangible projectile designed for target shooting, a projectile which the Attorney General finds is primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes, or any other projectile or projectile core which the Attorney General finds is intended to be used for industrial purposes, including a charge used in an oil and gas well perforating device.

ATF doesn’t care about AP rounds as long as they aren’t AP pistol rounds (hence where the whole AK pistol 7n46 bullshit started)


“One thing I really loved about working with Miles as an actor is he’s very good at dialing up or down the amount of expressiveness in his eyes. Earlier in the movie there’s a lot going on in his eyes, that increasingly, as the movie progresses, whether he’s with Nicole or with his dad, or with his family… his eyes just become deader and deader and deader.” — Damien Chazelle


Fusil Modèle 1866

Design and Production

The Mle 1866 was designed in 1863 by French Alsatian gunsmith Antoine Alphonse Chassepot, following an idea he had submitted in 1856 to his employer the Manufacture d’Armes de St-Etienne about the use of a rubber obturator that would produce a gas-seal in the new bolt-action rifles.
Although this new type of breech-loader had only been developed anecdotally in most of the world by people like l’Hermite or Greene, Nikolaus von Dreyse had been working on his Zündnadelgewehr since 1821, and in 1864 and 1866, 23 years after the Prussians adopted the weapon as the Model 1841, this gun changed the way wars were fought by winning Prussia two wars against Denmark and Austria whose armies still used muzzle-loading Minié rifles. Using the self-contained paper cartridge developed by Frenchman Prélat and Schweizer Pauly in Paris during the Napoleonic wars, the Dreyse M1841 could be loaded and fired from a prone position with both accuracy and speed.

Dreyse M1841 needle rifle

France of course understood the need to step up its game immediately, and Chassepot’s rifle was adopted, named after him and issued to all branches of the French army as the Mle 1866 ‘Chassepot’ rifle. Its maker would go on to receive the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest decoration, as well as 30000Fr for his invention.

Produced in every major gun manufacturing centers in France like St-Etienne, Châttelerault, Tulle and Chassepot’s hometown Mutzig in Alsace, as well as in several other countries like by Steyr in Austria, the Mle 1866 was widely available by 1870. Older Minié P1851 were converted using the Tabatière système so they could be breech-loaded with metal-and-cardboard centerfire cartridge - this was necessary to provide a sufficient gas-seal, however their ballistic properties were very inferior to that of a Chassepot.

Tabatière (snuffbox) conversion close-up

On the 3rd of November 1867, the Mle 1866 ‘Chassepot’ makes its first appearance on the battlefield, protecting the pope against the troops of Giuseppe Garibaldi and cutting his troops to ribbons. The extreme velocity of the 11mm (.43) caliber 25g (0.88 ounce/385 grains) bullets inflicted even more devastating wounds than the Minié bullets ever did, far from the smaller calibers introduced at the end of the century. In the French parliament, it’s reported that « Les chassepots ont fait merveille  », and the Swiss guard cleaning corp mops up the mess. Garibaldi would go on as a military commander in the Franco-Prussian war three years later through a series of what I can only assume were wacky misunderstandings.

Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, battle of Gravelotte


The booming cigarette paper industry in France meant that there was no shortage of material to make munition for the French Chassepot on the eve of war, which was actually one of his main selling point, as Snider-Enfield rifles and similar guns’ metallic cartridges were more expensive to manufacture for lesser or about equal ballistic properties. Things looked good for the Chassepot, and if not for the overwhelming superiority of Prussia’s Krupp artillery, it would have definitely be the decisive weapon in this decisive war for both countries. Of course Germany won and the Second French Empire lost, and Alsace was the reason France jumped in WW1 43 years later (you can quote other official reasons too but trust me that’s the actual one).
The antiquated Dreyse, although upgraded several time, was still no match for the French rifle. It was plagued by several key features ; the percussion cap of its cartridges was seated deep inside the powder charge at the base of the bullet, in an effort to optimize the barrel’s resistance to fouling, meaning the needle was constantly corroded and blew up after less than 100 shots, requiring field stripping the gun after prolongated fire ; the gas seal was poor in the best cases and inexistent in most, resulting in German soldiers being unable to aim down their guns and resorting to hip fire for most of the conflict, else they burn their amazing moustaches off ; it simply wasn’t as good as the Chassepot.
The Mle 1866 on the other hand had double the effective range due to the gas seal allowing for higher pressure in the chamber and thus more velocity and a flatter trajectory for the bullet. This was a slight trade off as the rubber gas-seal had to be changed every 80 or so shots, a process however that took less than a minute. Fouling was also an issue, but rarely to the point of impairing the gun’s performance in a single battle. It’s to be noted that these gas issues were all solved with the adoption of metallic cartridges and a diet rich in fiber a bit later in history.

Mle 1874 Gras rifle with gravity-fed magazine modification

This weapon thus marked one of the first step toward the trend of massive firepower that would confirm itself during WW1, with an accurate, fast-loading rifle that slowly spelled the doom of lined battles. It would went on as the Gras 1866/74 using a 11mm metallic cartridge, serving up to WW1 in border units and attaining notoriety under this name within the Greek resistance up to WW2.
That’s also my favorite gun ever -bounces
I never did know how to end an article. I wrote all that shit from memory with help from Wikipedia for dates and stuff. Have some additional pics.

the Mle 1874 and Mle 1866/74 Gras were identical in everything but their origin.

a Chassepot bayonet, with the distinctive yatagan double-curvature

a Gras bayonet

Anime Anti-Whitewashing Gif Coloring Tutorial

There has been a rise in concerns regarding whitewashing characters with darker skin in anime editing with the introduction of the internationally diverse cast of Yuri!!! on Ice. All existing tutorials I’ve seen have been geared toward live-action gifs or still graphics, so I wanted to create a tutorial specifically geared toward anime gifs. This tutorial assumes experience with making gifs and basic gif coloring. Here is my more introductory tutorial on how to color anime gifs (geared towards characters of lighter skin tone).

Lighting in-show will sometimes wash out characters, but that’s something you can definitely correct for! This tutorial will use Phichit Chulanont (พิชิต จุฬานนท์) from Yuri!!! on Ice as an example. 

This tutorial is geared towards helping you avoid doing something like this:

and help you create gifs that look more like this:

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Dirty 30 Birthday Bash Part 3

The girls could barely contain their excitement while we shopped for groceries at the local market. The thought of getting to spend the evening with Jai Courtney had everyone buzzing, especially Kate.

“What do you think would ‘Wow’ him? What do you think someone like him would eat?” she asked.

“Food, Kate. Normal food. He’s still a typical dude,” Colleen replies.

“But he’s a celebrity! I’m sure he has to watch his figure!”

“Jai could eat a whole pizza by himself, and still look like an Australian god tomorrow,” I say.

Kate rolls her eyes. “You girls are no help,” she fumes, and heads down one of the aisles. The rest of us just shrug and follow in her wake. We let Kate take over the shopping because we all knew no matter what we suggested, it wouldn’t be right or up to her standards. And honestly, I was grateful to not have to think about it. My mind was too preoccupied on wondering what the evening had in store.


After we got back from shopping, we prepped our side dishes before everyone left to get dressed. Kate changed her outfit 9 times before finally settling on the first outfit she tried on, a cute navy blue sundress with a white chevron pattern on the skirt. I opted for a pair of blue jean shorts and a simple black v-neck shirt with some black flip flops for this backyard bar-b-q.

I was removing my roasted asparagus from the oven when there was a knock on the patio door. Waverly was in the living room waiting for everyone else to get done with their final touches on their hair or makeup so she made her way over to see who it was. I could hear Waverly’s voice as she introduced herself followed by that familiar velvety accent. Everyone in the house must have heard it too because I’ve never seen a group of girls move more quickly than in that moment as they scrambled in to get a look at the Aussie actor. Waverly invited Jai inside, and as he made his way into the living room the group began to introduce themselves. I watched him from the kitchen, noticing his genuine smile as he shook all my friends hands as he told them it was a pleasure to meet them. I also happened to notice the very perfect fitting button down shirt that was left unbuttoned at the top, showing off some of his chest hair as well as his muscular arms that just a few hours ago carried me to my door. Before I could stop myself, I started envisioning those arms snaked around my body, his hands touching every inch of skin I had. I imagined feeling his caress on my neck down to my breasts, to my hips, my ass, my—

“Right, Claire?”

Startled from my thoughts, it took me a minute to realize Kate was now standing beside me with Jai in tow, waiting for a reply to a question I totally missed. I met Jai’s eyes and my cheeks were warm with embarrassment. Jai’s face lit up with a wicked grin, as if he knew what I had just been thinking about. Probably because my face betrayed me once again around him. I look away and begin fiddling with my asparagus.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“We’re ready for dinner, right?” Kate asks.

“Oh, uh, yes. Everything’s ready,” I mumble, still turned away from Kate and Jai.

“It smells fantastic in here,” Jai says and walks over to where I’m standing, and with his body lightly pressed against my back, he leans over my shoulder to get a look at the food we’ve prepared that’s sitting on the counter top.

“Thanks, but I hope it all tastes as good as it smells.” I turn to look at him and the proximity of his face to mine catches me off guard.

“I’m sure it will,” Jai says, his breath teasing the skin of my cheek. It makes my whole body shiver, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Jai places his hand on the small of my back, “You okay?”

Honestly, the answer was no. Warmth was pooling between my legs, and being around Jai was starting to get difficult.

“Uh, yeah, of course. I’m going to start carrying things out to the tables,” I stutter, moving out of the way of his touch to un-fuzzy my brain.

“Here, let me help.” Jai picks up a few platters of food then follows me out to the deck, along with the rest of my friends. The guys rearranged the patio furniture this afternoon, combining our two tables to make one long one for tonight’s dinner. Jai’s friends were already lounging around it, enjoying some music and a few beers.

Jai kindly introduced us all to his friends as we made our way around the table, Jai ending up across from me for dinner. A few of the guys were also Australian, and it was fun listening to them talk in Aussie slang here and there. I tried to follow their words and phrases but a few of the times, I had to give up and just smile and nod. I made mental notes to look them up later.

Dinner was phenomenal. Jai made bacon wrapped filet mignon for us along with a special dish of teriyaki tofu with grilled pineapple for Hannah and Rachel that smelled incredible. I would have eaten their dish in a heartbeat. The wine Jai selected to pair with our meal was just as delectable as the food he prepared. The man knew his stuff, and I was about to be on glass number three of the delicious red wine when his friend Craig sitting next to me shouted, “Alright, who is trying to play footsies with me under the table?”

I snorted into my wine when I saw Jai readjust himself in his seat, his face red from a few glasses of his own, and probably because he just got caught.

Craig was laughing before he leaned in close to me and whispered, “I think that was meant for you.”

“I highly doubt it.”

Craig shakes his head. “You don’t see it yet, do you?”

“See what?” I ask.

Just as Craig is about to respond, Jai clears his throat, loudly, his eyes trained on his friend and I. “I think it’s time for some drinking games,” Jai says.

Kate’s face lit up. “Now we’re talking. And what exactly did you have in mind, Jai?” she purred. A knot twisted in my stomach. Something in the way Kate talked to him made me feel uneasy, but I wasn’t sure why.

“Nothing fancy. Just some good old fashion beer pong.”

“Sounds perfect!”

The guys were already up collecting cups and clearing the table of empty plates and platters. Within minutes the tables were set, teams were picked, rules announced, and a bracket was made. It was going to be a battle of the sexes, men verse women. Waverly and I were partners and we found ourselves in the first round of the night against Jai’s friends Joseph and James. Joe walks over to us, handing Waverly and I each a ping pong ball. “We don’t have to shoot off to see who goes first. We’re just gonna give you this one.”

“What, why?” I ask.

“It might be the only shots you get to take this round,” James says with a wink, and the two of them laugh.

Jai claps his hands together, “And so the trash talkin’ begins!”

Waverly meets my eyes and I can see in her face that after that jibe, she wants nothing more than to crush these guys.

“Okay boys, we accept your generous offer to throw first…Waverly.”

She doesn’t hesitate. Her throw is quick and her aim is precise. The ball lands perfectly in the head cup of the triangle. Before one of the guys even gets a chance to remove her cup, I sink my ping pong ball into the right corner cup in the back row.

“I believe we get to shoot again,” Waverly gloated.

There’s laughter from our spectators and I hear Jai’s more distinctly than anyone else’s. James and Joseph both take a drink from their cups as they toss us back the balls for our throwback.

“I think we fucked up, Joe.”

“I think you might be right.”


The matches all evening had been exciting to watch. Once the guys got over their initial shock that we could hold our own, even decimate them in some instances, the rounds started to heat up. Bets were bargained and placed, and watching some of them unfold, like Lisa having to cover her hair in shaving cream or Ike having to have his armpits waxed by Hannah, had all of us rolling in laughter half the night.

Waverly and I made it to the final round, and we were currently tied with our opponents, Jai and Craig. Both our teams had 3 cups remaining with the guys in possession of the throws. Our negotiations for what the losers would be required to do after this round were made back when we each had 10 cups, and I was not looking forward to the impending embarrassment that was about to go down if Waverly and I lost. Craig threw first and barely missed his target as it hit the rim and bounced away. Jai’s toss floated up and then arched down perfectly into the solo cup.

“And then there were two,” he sang before a smile spread across his face.

“Yeah well, you’re about to have none,” Waverly sassed back. Jai’s smile only widened as he chuckled.

Waverly was desperate not to lose and her laser focus kicked in. Her ball landed right in the center of a cup making us tied once again. I stand to take my turn and I have to close one of my eyes to gauge the actual distance required to make my shot because I’m just drunk enough to have lost my depth perception. Jai decides to lean over the table, his face just behind the last two cups, trying to throw me off.

“Havin’ a hard time focusing there, Claire?”

This sexy mother fucker.

“Nope!” I chirp, and I fling the ping pong ball towards his face, but thanks to my impaired vision, the ball actually falls short of my intended target, and lands in one of the two remaining cups.

I hear Waverly let out a huge breath she had been holding in. The guys start taunting Jai and Craig, telling them it’s time for a swim.

We get the balls back, and with one cup left, the pressure was on us to finish this. Waverly didn’t even blink. She stepped up and just launched the ball across the table. The ball hit the back of the cup and fell right in.

“We get a rebuttal!” Craig shouts, trying to keep his hope alive.

“Not so fast, Claire still gets to throw. If she makes it, there’s no rebuttal!” Waverly reminds him.

I take a breath and step up to the table. The pressure I feel is oddly sobering, and my vision is more focused than before. I raise my hand to throw and release the ball into the air. It feels like it floats there forever before finally landing in the bottom of the red solo cup.

Waverly is jumping up and down next to me, and everyone else is either clapping or laughing knowing what’s coming next.

Craig looks at Jai and says, “Let’s get this over with,” stalking towards the stairs that lead down to the lake. The rest of us are standing at the edge of the deck, watching as Jai begins to unabashedly undress down on the beach while Craig modestly turns his back to us as he too slips off his clothes. It’s too dark to actually see anything from where we’re standing, but once the two of them are naked, I see Jai’s silhouette extending his hand to his friend. Craig takes it and together, hand in hand, they skip towards the lake butt naked.


After Jai’s skinny dipping dare was completed, the guys started a bonfire on the beach for all of us to gather around. I stayed back at the house to start cleaning the dishes from dinner along with our beer pong mess. I was loading the dishwasher when I heard the sliding glass door open and close.

“I was wondering where you snuck off to,” Jai says. “Why aren’t you down by the fire?”

“I will be. I’m actually just finishing up,” I tell him as I start the dishwasher. “Why aren’t YOU down by the fire,” I ask him in reply.

“I was looking for you,” Jai stated.

I stop and look at him. His answer surprised me, and made my heart race a few beats faster.

“Did you need something?”

“Nothing other than your company.”

I snorted. “You know there’s like 12 other people on the beach, right?”

Jai rubs his fingers through his stubble, and lets out a small sigh, “Yeah, and yet none of them are you.”

I laugh thinking he’s trying to be cheeky, but he doesn’t laugh or even smile. Instead, Jai closes the distance between us until he’s towering over me.

I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I try to swallow but it seems my mouth has gone dry. I try to whisper, “And what’s so special about me,” but it comes out hoarse and muffled.

Jai chuckles. “That’s what I’m still trying to figure out.” Jai’s lips are on mine in seconds, his hands now along the side of my face, pulling me in closer. His lips are both soft and strong as he takes my bottom lip between his own and begins to suck on it. I moan as the heat between my legs intensifies. My hands make their way around to his back and I dig my nails into his shirt as he deepens the kiss. Our bodies are pressed together but it still felt like we weren’t close enough. Between his tongue dancing inside my mouth and his body hardening against my belly, I wanted to melt into him and to feel him inside me. It takes all the will power I have, but I pull away to come up for some air. When I pull back, there’s something different in his eyes and I feel it in my core. It’s a mix of lust and desire…….and lots of alcohol.

I step back. “Jai, we’ve both had a lot to drink. Maybe this isn’t the best time to do something you might regret in the morning.” He frowns, frozen for a moment, searching my face, but eventually nods in agreement.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he says softly, and backs away himself, heading for the door. “You still coming down to the beach?”

“Yes, of course.”

He puffs out his bottom lip before nodding again. “Good.” Just as he is about to slip through the door he turns his head back to me and says, “I may be drunk but I promise you, I wouldn’t have regretted anything, Claire.” And with that, he was gone, headed for the lake.

And I realize after he’s left that I wouldn’t have either.


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Wings McFuck

Summary: Anonymous request to use this title. The reader is on heavy meds after being released from the hospital and gives Castiel a new nickname 

Characters: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Content: Humor and Sillyness

Word Count: 273

A/N: Seriously, whomever requested this title, Misha bless you 

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made memories we knew would never fade

Learning English is difficult, frustrating, and entirely too likely to lead to embarrassing stories, as Kara discovers.

(Like any good big sister, Alex has caused half the incidents on her own, and gleefully shared the other half with Kara’s friends.)

Found on ao3

Or: I wrote a short fluff piece about the Danvers sisters because this fandom always needs more of them.