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BTS reactions to a drummer girl joining the group

requested by @xyourpinksky

A/N: thank you for requesting! this is kind of a branch off of another request, BTS reactions to you being a drummer. It was no problem to do a similar request, reactions are always fun!~ If you ever want us to do something like this it’s no problem srsly! Even if it’s a little bit similar we can just do a little imagine or smth; enough ranting. amelia out~


He’s excited to have a girl join because he needs someone who’s more level headed. The rest of the hyungs are alright… but a girl drummer! That’ll put everyone in there place! He doesn’t want to be stereotypical but he thinks you’ll be hard core and knows your going to level them out even if you aren’t. They need a woman’s touch.

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There’s so much tension between you two at first because he’s not sure how to feel… In the end he’s happy to have someone knowledgeable join them. You only play drums so it’s your specialty. He really wants to learn from you to enhance your music. He’s hoping the beats will be even fresher now that your in bangtan!

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You have a feel for the beat. Perfect when it comes to dancing. Hoseok is excited to work with you. With your input the choreography will be out of this world. He’s also excited to write raps with you. He’s great at lyrics and if you can give him a beat… perfection!  Maybe ft. You on that mixtape?

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He’s the most obsessed with you. Lowkey attracted to you, but you know that’s never happened bc your in the same group. Is super friendly at the start Bc he’s the leader. Is super awkward around you sometimes Bc BONER ALERT. He loves working with you tho, and gets past his attraction so y'all are great pals and a good duo tbh.

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You’re a rare find. And being placed in BTS as a female really made chim !! He knows you’re special and tries to spend as much time as possible with you even goes to the recording studio more often then usual. He’s really shy at first but he gets louder and more confident as he learns more about you and knows you don’t have just a hard, cool, rock personality.

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He’s excited for sure. As our last reaction, Tae’s super enthusiastic about this. He doesn’t care that you’re a girl, and your joining he’s going to be as stupid with you as he is the rest. You’re super cool and he sees past your gender. He just wants to hear you play some sick beats.

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A girl!!!!?!?!! Joining them!!?! He’s crazy nervous when the news is revealed to him but my god this kid is your best friend in no time. Your super chill and he likes hanging out with you more because you tease him less than the other members and you’re just really COOL. He’s amazed by you.  

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do the rfa reacting to a sick mc? Thank you!

I get sick basically every other week and I wish that I had the RFA members to take care of me! This was a super fun request so I hope that you like it!! :3


  • Yoosung’s lived on his own for a while so when he realizes that you’re sick, he has a pretty good idea of how to take care of you
  • Nurse Yoosung Mode: Activated 
  • Lowkey excited to brag about his medical knowledge to you since he’s been studying extra at his university
  • “Yoosung, these are nice facts, but you know that I’m not a dog right?” You tell him
  • Poor boy blushes bright red and decides to just take care of you the proper way
  • He makes the best homemade soup you’ve ever had 
  • Once Yoosung’s given you some medicine and you’ve fallen asleep, he goes to the convenience store to buy you lots of goodies
  • It’s nothing major, just some of your favorite candy, some heating pads, and a new movie for the two of you to watch
  • Yoosung comes home, puts the movie on, cuddles with you on the bed, not caring if he gets sick, and rubs your tummy so you until you feel better
  • The two of you end up falling asleep and by the time you wake up, you’re already feeling much better thanks to your precious little cuties


  • When Zen wakes up to find you in the bathroom throwing up, he gets so worried
  • Of course he’ll be a good boyfriend and hold your hair away from your face and rub your back soothingly
  • He makes you lay back down but from there, Zen’s lost
  • Zen doesn’t even remember the last time he was sick so he has no clue on how to help you
  • He quickly asks Jaehee what he should do and gets some good advice
  • Zen tries, but completely fails, while trying to make you something to eat so he ends up making you some warm tea and getting you some crackers
  • When you wake up, Zen helps you eat some and drink but you tell him how tired you are
  • Zen grabs another blanket for you and lies down with you, singing softly while he gently plays with your hair
  • You end up falling asleep for a while and when you wake up feeling much better, you see Zen still by your side
  •  Zen gives you lots of small kisses and you thank him for taking such good care of you, boosting his ego even more


  • She tries to avoid getting sick at all cost since she doesn’t want to miss work
  • But when she wakes up and sees you’ve become a sweating mess, Jaehee sighs and calls off work for the day
  • You wake up feeling dizzy and try to get out of bed only to have Jaehee come in and scold you for getting sick in the first place
  • You only nod weakly but she then brings in some medicine and a cold wash cloth for your forehead
  • Once you take a quick power nap, Jaehee helps you get a soothing cold shower to try and bring your temperature down
  • She then puts in one of Zen’s musical DVDs and brings you some soup to enjoy
  • Jaehee notices you dozing off and she giggles, getting ready to leave to let you sleep
  • But you call her and tell her that you can’t sleep without her
  • She sighs but smiles and she lays down next to you, holding you close to her
  • By the time you wake up, your temperature has gone completely down and you see Jaehee still sleeping
  • You made a mental note to buy her some new coffee as a thank you gift


  • He wakes up only to find you not in bed with him
  • Jumin wanders around to find you in the kitchen, shakily trying to get yourself a glass of water
  • When he sees you almost faint, Jumin’s immediately at your side to hold you in his arms
  • He’s got his phone ready to call the doctors when you tell him that you only have a cold and that it’s okay
  • Jumin decides to take the day off so that he can take care of you, even though he’s not really sure what he’s doing
  • Tries his best to make you something to eat but almost burns down his kitchen so he ends up calling the chef in
  • When he returns to the bedroom, Jumin has everything you could possible ask for
  • Gourmet soup, an array of warm drinks, extra blankets and pillows, heating pads, warm wash clothes, so may different types of medicine, a humidifier, just basically everything
  • Jumin makes you eat some and decides to read to you so you can fall asleep easily
  • When he sees you finally asleep, he smiles and takes a bunch of blurry pictures because you look so cute to him
  • You wake up feeling much better so you and Jumin cuddle the day away 


  • Seven had finished a long day of work and went to go bother you
  • He went to find you laying down in bed looking like you were in pain
  • Seven immediately went to your side and felt that your skin was freezing cold 
  • Since Seven had to take care of his sickly brother a lot when they were younger, he actually knew exactly what to do
  • The problem was Seven had little food and no medicine at his home so he went out on a mission to the convenience store
  • When you woke up, you saw Seven in a nurse cosplay, medicine on a tray, and with a wink said “How may I serve you master MC?”
  • You couldn’t stop laughing until you had a coughing fit
  • He went straight to your side and patted your back, giving you some medicine and water
  • All day long, Seven told you all kinds of jokes and constantly sending you memes 
  • He laid down with you, rubbing your back and making sure that you were tucked in tight with lots of blankets
  • You woke up telling Seven that you were feeling better thanks to him taking good care of you
  • Seven smiled brightly and said “Well laughter is the best medicine MC!”

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Stranger Things + The Guide to Troubled Birds

Couldn’t help myself after seeing @eggos-and-promises post about it!

I also noticed @supercomsandeggos did one as well and those were too perfect, so you guys should totally take a look at their post and give it some love as well! <3