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@hicspegleg hiccup’s dealing with it just fine!!!! jack, however,

i gave hiccup that sea salt ice cream again bc it really reminded me of a sketch i did of them last summer!

also hic has a dragon phone charm

the-sky-is-ablessing-in-disguise  asked:

Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I'm not feeling very well and I'd love if you could make a cute Disney themed Bumblebee for me and my girlfriend...? I love your art style and you're so sweet and I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much so love you ❤🐝

Ahh I hope you’re feeling better, I hope you and your gf like this✧*。✧*。(^▽^) Thank you so much!

(( I love my trash boy. <3 Enjoy, love!))

-When Junkrat came home, he expected to see his S/O waiting for him as always.

-At first he thought his S/O was playing a game, like hide and go seek. Usually they did such things for fun.

-Soon he realized there was definitely something wrong, he freaked out and Roadhog did his best to comfort his friend. They are both very worried for you, you’re their favorite person.  (Because we all know Roadhog is a part of the package, platonically or not if you’d prefer that.)

-Junkrat is blaming himself, he actually is in tears.

-After Roadhog settles Junkrat down, they both look for clues. Any signs of struggle, a ransom, etc.

-Soon they find a ransom note; it was by a suit they screwed over who wasn’t very happy. He wanted his money, and revenge. They longer they took the more pain you’d suffer it said.

-Roadhog and Junkrat quickly decide they’re gonna murder this bastard. Especially Junkrat, no one ever lays a hand on his S/O; no dirty ass suit will ever touch you again.

-Roadhog, of course is the voice of reason since Junkrat wants to go in there guns blazing and all.  Roadhog knows that they need to be careful and sneaky, for your safety and their own.

-Once they get you back, they look you over and when they find bruises, cuts, other minor injuries… Junkrat simply kisses your head, assuring you that it’s gonna be alright, no one will ever touch you again. He picks you up and hands you to Roadhog. “Take care of (Y/N), Roadie. I’ll be back soon; I’ve got some business to attend to. “

-You curl into Roadhog who brings you outside; Junkrat comes back out about twenty minutes later. Covered in blood, all he says is “Let’s get out of ‘ere.” The building blows up once you three are far enough away.

-Once you’re home, both of the boys give you all comfort. Eventually Roadhog goes off to get food and presents to comfort you, being the thoughtful friend he is.

- “I’m so sorry for draggin ya into my problem, love.” He is constantly apologizing, he feels terrible. You assure him it’s not his or Roadhog’s fault at all.

-“Listen, I ain’t gonna always be right there and I don’t want this to ever happen again. Roadie & I are gonna teach you how to defend yourself.” He is true to his word, both men are gentle with you but they teach you well and arm you with all the weapons you could ever need whenever the two go off looking for trouble.

-Whenever you have nightmares, Junkrat is right there. He holds you all night; he rubs your back, and kisses your head. You are never truly alone.



after getting some good advice and thinking about it for awhile ive decided to have a mini hiatus from working on comms and im going to spend the next two weeks trying to fall back in love with drawing and to enjoy my work again. 

“ I know how overwhelming everything can be, and how guilty you can feel when you go to make art and you think to yourself, “I can’t be drawing this, I have so much other art I ‘should be’ making, how unfair to make them wait even longer!” so you try to make their art and then you get stressed and nothing is working so you stop. You make deals with yourself, “Alright, if I do one art that I owe, then I do something that I want to do” but the same thing happens and as more time passes, you start finding more things to do instead of art. “Well, maybe I’ll be able to art if I clean first!” “I know, I need more real life inspiration!” In the end, you realize that all the fun art used to be has been replaced by fear and dread. “ - a kind follower (not sure if they want to be addressed) 

when they reached out to me they actually put it into words what i was feeling and it really gave me some perspective about how i was feeling and what was really going on in my head, so i will take this time they have suggested to myself. 

**** i am not going to be inactive on this account, for the next two weeks (may 7th to may 21st) i will be posting whatever it is ive been drawing or doodling. i know that some of you who have already been waiting might hate the idea of waiting even longer for what you paid for but PLEASE bear with me! i want to give you a product that you and i will both end up loving and being happy with- i hate to half ass my work and it just screams disrespect if i dont put in my all. 

thank you so much for being understanding and leaving me kind messages.   

two little babies requested by @uchifawn

i drew both molly and lolly becuase theyre equally adorable i can’t choose one

*still taking little villager art requests!*


stream dump! it was pretty lit for the first part, thank you to everyone who came, i had a wonderful time!

in order

- summer mari and adrien: tori

- chad noir and marinara sauce: the whole trash squad

- chloe and lila flirting: a portion of the trash squad

- tamar (oc) : disco

- adrinette prom: grace and the trash squad (ft. blue steel)

edit: i know the kids are missing. there is a reason i swear