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aaa i’m super sorry for not posting in a while! I’ve stopped doing requests for a couple of days to work on a new BNHA AU concept with @kuzann and a couple of other friends! It doesn’t look like much at the moment (these are only concept sketches- I’ll be doing proper pieces on this soon), but I’ll be spending a little while (away from requests) to develop all the character designs and story stuff! I’ve got a lot in store for you guys, so hopefully y’all will like it as much I enjoy coming up with ideas for this <3

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Are kin memory drawings still open? If yes, could I request one? I would like a drawing of me (Asriel) and my siblings, Frisk and Chara, sitting down on the floor. Chara is to my left and Frisk to my right, we're sitting like in a triangle shape if you understand? And we're holding blue ceramic cups filled with coffee. Thank you very much for doing this qwq;;

apologies for the wait, i hope this is satisfactory !! - Cocoa


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D


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Snow in the riverlands. If it was snowing here, it could well be snowing on Lannisport as well, and on King’s Landing. Winter is marching south, and half our granaries are empty. Any crops still in the fields were doomed. There would be no more plantings, no more hopes of one last harvest. He found himself wondering what his father would do to feed the realm, before he remembered that Tywin Lannister was dead. — Jaime VII, AFFC ♦ requested by joannalannister