Reminder about Elvis Duran:

I know it seems like harping, but I’ve been putting together a masterpost of US radio stations (from iHeart Radio) and ALL major metropolitan areas in on the coasts and in the central US are ruled by syndicated iHeart radio, Elvis Duran’s Morning Show legitimately plays in nearly every state in the country Monday through Friday. If we win his Top 5 at 5 Poll, on Wednesday 4 May, HOME will play across all major cities from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to Portland (I’m going coast to coast LOL) AT THE SAME TIME.

Let that sink in.

Then go VOTE HERE for the Top 5 at 5. Refresh the page and vote as many times as you can. (Little Mix and ZAYN are… kinda close I guess. Not really, but we have a week’s time and a lot can happen in a week and people WILL work against us, so we can’t grow lax). You can also TWEET TO VOTE with an example tweet like this:

(@ElvisDuranShow) please play Home by One Direction for your #EDTop5 to support #ProjectHome -Thank you so much!