Dangerous // C.H.

A/N: LET ME TELL YOU.. So I saw this prompt and it was about how the reader could tell a dangerous a person is by rating them on a 0-10 line and well, just read it.

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Let me get straight to the point, and don’t think I’m crazy or weird, but I have special power. No, not a houdini kind of power but something a bit more crazy should I say.

I can rate people in my mind of how dangerous they are by just seeing them for the first time.

For example, a baby would be automatically rated in my mind as a 1, totally harmless, and a fully trained, grown man holding an assault rifle, would be a 7, mildly dangerous.

So, you’d best bet that as I walked in on the first day of school and saw a dark haired boy with a few tattoos standing by the stairs, I was scared.

Not by his tattoos or his intimidating demeanor, but as I flashed my eyes over to his figure, standing tall and confident, the number flashed through my thoughts like a warning signal.


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