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Tiny Natemare x reader

(Since you did headcanons for Natemare and a shrunken reader, could you do it the other way around where Natemare was the one that was shrunken..?)


(side note I know I still have the vore request and the Naga n drider one as well I just don’t have much time as of late and headcannons take like 10-15 minutes tops whereas stories take over an hour and I still want to get stuff out to you guys so once I get a good bit of time I’ll start working on the last two story request I have and I’m sorry for the wait!)


•First thing to get out of the way is that oh boy would he be grumpy at first. Mare used to be taller than you, able to rest his head on your chin and compleatly hide you away from the world from a simple hug!


•After around a hour or so of being upset because he didn’t feel like he can properly protect you anymore (and thinks about the fact that he can’t lean over you while teasing you to make you blush any more.) Safe to say he’s going to need an hour or so to calm down and look at the bright side of things.

•Well actually you point them out. By cuddling him. Constantly.

•Mare has always loved attention of any kind specifically physical so when you hug him? And he’s just compleatly surrounded by your sent, your warmth and just you? Bonus points if your whispering soothing words to him?! He melts then and there. Happily accepting this newfound size and the fact that he can go anywhere with you now.

•Before you wouldn’t let him come to work or out with family really but now he can hide in a scarf or breast pocket or purse or bag. The options are of a wide variety and Mare couldn’t be more pleased that he gets to stay with you now.

•No more waiting around bored and lonely while your gone! Nope! Your stuck with him now!

(Kinda inspired by @bee-wrecker ⤵️)

•You would at one point or another end up getting a soft scarf that when you go out and about, Mare will stretch out in as either a ‘hammock’ or if it’s cold, use it as a blanket while curling up against your neck for warmth.

•Also Tiny Mare would so love resting against your throat and asking you to sing for him. If you don’t want to sing he just ask you to talk because he just loves the vibrations and how different they feel with each different tone, how much more of them he can feel now that he’s so tiny.

•Expect the trouble maker to still mess with you but now the best way he can (and he knows it) is to hide where you can’t find him and he’ll wait for you to start looking for him, refusing to come out of hiding till you say you’ll order pizza if he stops messing around, the sly siren he is~

•If your upset now he’s a bit sad he can’t hold you like he used to but he can still wipe any tears away and sing you a soft song while you hold him, he would try to play some sort of instrumentation for you as well most likely a guitar but can’t quite do it.

•He’s still gonna try though cause if it makes you laugh then he’s gonna do it!

•Please catch this smol boy before he tries because otherwise he will be there all night getting through the cords of any song really.

•All you have to do to prove that your feeling better is cuddle with him! Just-please no just go grab the-no. go get your smol bean before he hurts himself to get you to laugh! Go grab him please? He’s a bit worried about you being upset.

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Ooh, if you have tips to share about painting on fabric i think we’d love to hear them!!!!

Rando tips time!!!

  • When a color isn’t opaque (It will happen, it’s fine!) and you can still see your canvas’ color beneath it, mix it with some white: White is sooo opaque you wouldn’t believe. And then paint on a second layer of the original color on top.

  • If you’re not confident in how straight you can get your lines to be, maybe get some masking tape, go around the area you want to cover, and pat the paint on with a sponge. I’ve never actually done this, but I bet it would make flawless gradients omg! I need to try it.

  • When you think you’re going to use a lot of a color you never saw in stores, make your own, but directly into one of their little containers. That way you know it is sealed and won’t dry out, and you get to use it again later! Just… go buy another one of the color you ruined to make it, hahah!

  • If you buy converse with metal rings for the laces to go through, don’t worry about painting over them! The paint scratches right off! (Provided you have long-ish/strong nails) Same for the all star logo on the side. You might stain it though… but paint scratches off these parts of the shoe! Not the rubber/plastic at the bottom though… Paint stays on there. So keep a wet paper towel square next to you to fix small mishaps.

These are all I could think of from the top of my head! Hope they maybe sorta help, haha!

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WOOOOOW, those shoes are amazing!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! *jumps exitedly and hugs you if that’s alright*