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The deeds have been done. Grimsley’s shampoo bottle had been filled with mayo and… was that milk? That’s definitely going to spoil by morning. Ethe was going to have to make sure to stay the hell away from the man for a while. 

Like Caitlin requested, Marshal’s running shoes had been taken care of as well. The ghost-type had hurled them atop the league building. They… kind of smelled and she didn’t know where to put them. The maintenance team would probably wind up finding them next time they were on the roof.

With her mischief quota fulfilled, Ethe returned to her trainer’s side, only to a elicit a sigh from the woman as she returned her to her ball. As long as Shauntal didn’t actually see the pranks Ethe did, she didn’t know about them.

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Requesting something you consider a favorite from any game? Curious seeing you've listened to all these good music c:

Ok so I’ve been thinking about this long and hard. The answer for me is… I really don’t know. There are just too many that are near and dear to my rear… Each for a different occasion too. I think the one’s that were particularly nostalgic to me are Eterna Forest (which I’ll upload now) and Euryt Village


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Trans and gay (rainbow, not lesbian colours) pinkie, please? <3 (not human version pls!) and im srry but could u tag me when u do @rainbow-png ? i dont wanna miss it!! :D

Done!! No need to apologize, we’re happy to @ you in your requests.

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  • “Her first name is Helena, she is super pale, has dark hair and many freckles/beauty marks. Her traits should be loves the outdoors, self-assured and hot-headed. As for her history, she grew up with 2 older brothers and only her dad, since her mother left them when Helena was still very young. She didn’t have many friends in school, so she got to hang out with her brothers a lot, but even under their influence she never neglected her biggest hobby: gardening.”

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If the Shoe Fits Jimin x Reader  Ballet! Au

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A/n: So how was part 1?  Did you like it? I might never know, anyways this is part 2, hope you like it

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~

“Hey mom what is it like to make shoes for a Park?” You asked while you were at the dinner table. “Well…” Your mom set a plate of food in front of you. She was in her pajamas and robes. You decided to stay late at night with your father at Delladova. The Korean National Ballet was having a show soon and they needed shoes for every dancer. The company estimated that each dancer, needed at least three pairs shoes during the performance. Of course Delladova would not be Delladova if they didn’t go above and beyond by creating one more pair for each dancer for free at an impressive speed. 

“Well from what I experience Park Jueun was simply the best at her art. She wanted her shoes to be perfect just like her. I remember when she would come and watch me make her shoes for a performance. She watched me closely at each step of the shoe making process for each pair. If there was a small detail off, she would intermediately know. Why do you ask?” Your mom replied. You sighed and pushed your rice around with your spoon. 

“I am Park Jimin’s new maker.” You said. 

“Oh yeah, I remember, wave maker retired. Well, if Park Jimin is one of your new dancers, then you should ask you father what it is like making shoes for a Park ballerino. Ballerinas and Ballerinos are very different.” Your mom said, you looked to your dad, who was eating ravenously. 

“So…Park  ballerinos, what are they like?” Your father swallowed the food in his mouth.

“Well they are perfectionists also, but not as much as Park Jueun was. I remember every time wave maker or I had to make performance shoes for them, we had to look through all the satin we had in inventory to find the finest cloth to make their shoes.” He said and continued to eat his food. 

“So…” Your mother sat next to you and interlaced her fingers together so she can rest her chin on the bridge she made. “How many new dancers did you get today, aside from Park Jimin?” She asked. 

“Three in total. Two boys, a first year and second. The first year’s name in Jeon Jungkook, and the second year’s name is Im Taejoon. The last one is a first year girl, Choi Hanbyul.”  You said, as you swallowed your food. 

Your front door opened, and your older brother walked in. He came back from study hall, he was going to go into shoe making too, but he didn’t start young like you, so he had to go to school. 

“How was class Jaewook?” you asked, as he sat down. Jaewook grew up around the ballerinos. He wanted to dance, but he was the oldest boy, and your parents wanted him to carry on the (l/n) name through out shoe making. You never made fun of him because he was on the normal pace of a maker, and you were a “prodigy” in shoe making. Honestly you didn’t think it was that impressive for you to say you were a prodigy in shoe making. No one, but the dancers would find it that impressive. Some days you wanted a normal teenage life, where you could sit in a physical classroom, not in front of a sewing machine, surrounded by satin. 

“It was okay, I need to get faster at darning and making the block with more quality.” He said as he started to dig into his food. 

You lied there in your bed that night, unable to sleep. Would you and Jimin be a perfect match as maker and dancer, and what if you failed. You kicked off your blankets and walked over to your desk. On your white desk there was music box, it was given to you by your grandmother. You opened the lid and up popped a ballerina, on her tippy toes, as gears turned the figurine round and round, and a soft melody rang out into the silence of the night. You rested your chin on your desk and watched the ballerina turn. Your grandmother was the only one who would let you do whatever you wanted, she took you to your first ballet class even when your mother was against it. When you were younger and you had to watch her and your mother make shoes, she would take you outside for walks every hour, because you couldn’t sit still for that long. 

You remembered her saying that she believed that you, yourself could be a ballerina, and a good one in that. You also remembered the day when she saw you the day you were making your first pair of shoes. Her eyes dimmed a little bit, but they brightened up a bit when she said she wasn’t disappointed in you for making this choice. 

The chirps of early birds filled your ears as you slept, you cracked your caked eyes open, and raised your head up from the cradle of your arms. You got dressed for the day, and tied your hair up into a nice and neat bun like other ballerinas. You were no dancer, but this did keep your hair out of your face and lessened the possibility of you getting your hair caught in sewing machine.   

You walked into the kitchen and ate your breakfast in silence, and went off to work. You usually left before your father. You plugged your ear buds into your ears as you walked to the train station, and rode the train all the to Etre Academy. Delladova was very close to Etre, so you passed Etre everyday to get to work. When you walked into the factory you can already smell the glue that is used for the toe blocks being mixed. You grabbed your order sheet to see what shoes you had to make, and what remaining shoes you had to make for the Korean National Ballet. 

You threw down your bag and placed your phone down and started getting to work at your own little work bench for pointe shoes. You looked through the different sized soles, pulled out a few, and started to cut and shape them. You nailed the finished soles onto the wooded form that matched the shape of the sole. You then took the pieces of satin fabric and cotton that were all sewn together, you flipped them upside down where the satin was facing down and wrapped it around the wooden form. You nailed, pleated, and cut away the fabric around the wooden form, making it nice and neat. After that you sculpted the toe box, depending on the dancer it varied how many layers you glued together and what kind of material you layered. This order asked for canvas, so you spread the glue on with you fingers, laid on one piece on canvas, smoothed it to the shape of the shoe, and repeated that process until the box was as soft or hard as the dancer wanted it. After the toe box was dried, you picked up your hammer and started to pound at it, shaping and forming the platform, tailoring it to the dancer’s needs. When you were satisfied with the toe box you flipped the pointe shoe back around so the pink satin was facing outside, you used a blunt wooden pike to flip it all the out. You flipped the shoe to the underside glued on the sole of the shoe, and glued all of the inside parts in. And that was how you made one pointe shoe, you repeated that process for the second shoe for that pair, and a slightly different process for another pair. Every dancer has a different foot and shoe. 

When you were younger you were able to sew and make the pointe shoe all together, but as you got older and more dancers requested the shoes you made, you couldn’t sew and put together the shoe all at the same time anymore. You needed to hand off some of the sewing to the seamstresses now. Some pairs you were able to do the whole. You were also debating if you should quit making ballet slippers, slippers were more for seamstress’s job. Makers weren’t making as many ballet slippers anymore. 

You had just finished your lunch when the boy you were waiting for walked in. Park Jimin. You can tell he just came from practicing his cheeks were a bright pink, and his bangs were sticking to his forehead. He was wearing the usual plain white shirt dancers would wear at practice, with a hoodie over it, he also was wearing Adidas sweats over his black tights. You were sitting at your work table sewing more slippers. 

“So you really are a maker….” Jimin said, as he sauntered towards your work desk. You put down slipper you were sewing and flipped your hands where Jimin could see your hands. They were bright red, and throbbing with pain, but you were use to the pain now. There were blisters and bruises, your fingernails were always short and had no shape to them; it was easier to get paste out of short nails. 

“Is this proof just enough? We work hard just like you. Maker’s hands are just like dancer’s feet.” You yelled. After your little outburst Jimin stayed quiet, and looked down at his and your feet. You swiped your sweaty hands over your lap apron, and cleared you throat. “I’ll go get my tools and a seat for you.” 

“By the way did you need any water? I noticed that you came from practice, you still need to be hydrated.” You said looking over to Jimin. He looked up at you, he was actually pretty shocked that you offered him something, no one really took the time to observe the little things about him. They would just tell him to take care of his body, not knowing what it needed at that moment, it was always that same blunt order.

“No, I’m fine.” You nodded at his laconic reply, and turned to get your measuring tools. You came back with your tools and a chair for Jimin. He sat down in the chair, and you measured his sole again to make sure you were right last time. Once that was confirmed you wrote down the size in your notebook. You lifted his foot and let it rest in your lap while you grabbed your tape measure. You would wrap the tape around a certain part of his foot, look at the number, write it down in your notebook, and repeated that same process. You did that to a couple of key places on his foot. You set down that foot and picked up his other foot, no two feet were ever the same, and you repeated the same process for the new measurements. 

“What kind of materials do you prefer your slippers to be made of?” You asked Jimin. 


“Split or single sole?” 

“Split.” While Jimin was giving you his answers you wrote down all of these choices he preferred. 

“Do you want a single elastic band or double elastic band?” 


“One more question, satin for every performance right?”

“Right.” You wrote down that final detail and flipped your notebook closed.

“If a certain performance requires a certain color of satin, you tell me, or else it will be white. I am not responsible for hunting you down and finding out what role you are playing so I can match the satin.” 

“Seems fair.” Jimin shrugged. You stood up with your notebook in your arm, and dusted the fine fabric particles from your pants. 

“Okay, we’re all done now. You can go back to Etre.” Jimin stood up quickly from his chair, making jump a little. “W-wait that’s it?” He asked. You shot him a raised eyebrow. 

“Were you expecting more? This is a shoe fitting not some two hour dance practice. I’ve got shoes to make, go on now.” You shooed him away and with that he left Delladova quietly. It was now official for the time being you and Jimin were now entangled in pas de deux between maker and dancer. 

Apparently at Etre Jimin finding a new maker was a big deal. This maker had to be the best for Jimin’s feet, if the maker could not make the shoes Jimin needed Etre might lose their best ballerino. 

When Jimin stepped back onto the grounds of Etre he went straight to Master Geonsik’s office. Master Geonsik was Etre’s present head master. Jimin knocked on the grand cherry wood door, and opened the door when he heard Master Geonsik say, “Come in.” 

Jimin opened the door and he found Master Geonsik with Madame Hyojeong standing right next to him. Madame Hyojeong was another teacher at the school. She taught the girls’ French ballet S rank class along with Master Geonsik in S rank pas de deux. 

“Ah Jimin, I expect you have officially made up your mind in your maker?” Master Geonsik welcomed Jimin. Jimin nodded his head. 

“I’ve chosen the dandelion maker.” Madame Hyojeong and Master Geonsik looked at each other in shock. 

“Isn’t that maker a (l/n).” Master Geonsik asked Madame Hyojeong. 

“Yes, she’s (l/n) Minjae’s granddaughter.”  Madame Hyojeong answered. Jimin looked at the two teachers confused. Who was this (l/n) Minjae, and so what if dandelion was related to him. 

“Who is (l/n) Minjae?” Jimin asked. Madame Hyojeong only smiled at Jimin. 

“(l/n) Minjae is known as the butterfly maker. He always produced the finest shoes for the finest dancers, he’s something short of a legend in the ballet world. He made my pointe shoes in my prime performing days.” Madame Hyojeong answered. Jimin’s soft lips slightly parted in awe. Before when Madame Hyoejong retired, she was one of the best ballerinas, often sought out by many different companies and shows, wanting her to join. She was amazing in both pas de duex and solos. 

“If this girl is really a (l/n), then you are in some of the finest hands Jimin. The (l/n)’s are known to be quality makers for one of the longest times.” Master Geonsik said, and he leaned over to rest his chin on his hands. 

“How many years of experience has this maker had?” Madame Hyojeong asked, curious, as she was a fan of the (l/n)’s work. 

“I’m actually not too sure. She said she started working at Delladova before I entered this school and she is about my age.” Jimin answered. Madame Hyojeong and Master Geonsik looked at each other in shock. 

“You mean she’s only seventeen?” Master Geonsik asked. Jimin nodded. 

“You came to Etre right after you turned fourteen Jimin. That means she could have been thirteen or twelve.” Madame Hyojeong concluded. 

“This girl must have some talent being this young, and an accomplished maker.” Master Geonsik said. 

“But she’s so young, she’s at the perfect age to be a ballet dancer. Why would she choose to stay holed up in that factory.” Madame Hyojeong, pondered out loud.

“It doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t meddle in that girl’s business.” Master Geonsik said, dismissing Madame Hyojeong’s thought. “What matters now is Jimin, and announcing his new maker. The whole school is waiting to know who his new maker is.” After every student’s classes were over, all the dancers clamored into the dining hall to hear the announcement of Jimin’s maker. Jimin sat with his friends as per usual. The same ones he sat with at lunch and was in the S ranks with him: Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi, Chaerin, Seokjin or Jin, Sori, and his own partner Yoo Miju. They also had new additions to their friend group, although they weren’t the same age, they were the same rank. Jungkook and Taehyung. 

 Master Geonsik walked up to the lecture podium and spoke into the microphone. “As a lot of you know, the wave maker has retired, leaving many dancers to find a new maker. However, today we are proud to pronounce that our own Park Jimin has found a new maker. The dandelion maker.” As Master Geonsik announced your name, and a banner with your lone dandelion emblem dropped from behind Master Geonsik so all the students can see what was your mark . 

 "Chaerin isn’t that your maker also?“ Namjoon asked. Chaerin nodded. 

“Yup she is an excellent maker, she comes from a long line of makers. She definitely carries out that quality of shoes her family always promised.” Chaerin said proudly. This was her best friend she was talking about. She’s known you, her whole life basically. 

 "Oh yeah, (y/n) is Chaerin’s best friend.“ Hoseok added. Jimin turned his attention to Hoseok. 

 "That’s her name (y/n)?” Jimin asked, and Hoseok nodded. 

 "Isn’t it such a pretty name?“ Hoseok gushed. Jimin wasn’t really too interested in what Hoseok’s opinion about your name. Who cared about your name? As long as he knew your mark and you did your job right, then it would be fine. 

 "Wait if she’s Chaerin’s best friend doesn’t that mean she’s pretty young?” Seokjin interjected. 

Jungkook nodded, “Yup, she’s seventeen like you hyung.” 

 "How do you know?“ Yoongi asked  

“She’s my maker.” Jungkook replied. 

 "Then she must be really good.“ Namjoon said. “For her to be that young, with all that skill. That’s very impressive.” Miju rolled her eyes while listening to everyone talk about this maker. She didn’t see the big reason why to talk so much about you. You were just a maker you only sat around and made shoes, there was nothing glamorous about it. 

“I don’t get the point about what makes her so impressive. It’s not like she’s a dancer or anything.“ Miju snapped. When Miju brought up the fact about you not being a dancer, it reminded Jimin about Madame Hyojeong wondering why you weren’t a dancer. 

"Chaerin, how come dande- er- (y/n) isn’t a dancer? She’s probably fit enough, definitely young enough, and she seems pretty passionate about ballet.” Jimin asked. Chaerin was silent for a moment, and then frowned slightly. 

"I’m not too sure if I have the right to tell you, and I don’t know if (y/n) would appreciate it if I went around telling everyone about it. I will tell you this, she stopped just after she turned twelve. She had some family issues so she just locked herself up in Delladova after that I guess.“ Chaerin said. 

 The neighboring table to the S rank kids, was a table full of B rank, second year girls. They were just your average second years, but this group was famously known for being Jimin’s die hard fans. They always watched him practice whenever they could, and they wished every night they could be Jimin’s partner instead of Yoo Miju. But Miju was the best ballerina at this this school. So the best danced with the best. 

 "Wait this maker is a younger a girl?“ Piped up Choi Hasun. Were you another threat to these girls. 

 "Maybe we need to go to Delladova and teach her where she stands.” Said another girl named Yoon Jisoo. There were about six girls in this group, and five heads turned to one girl, Kang Dahui. Dahui’s official title wasn’t “the leader” of the group, but she pretty much was. The other girls just followed her around, because she was the best dancer in the B rank.

“I do think she does need to be taught a lesson in where she stands. Let’s go to Delladova after we are dismissed.” Dahui said calmly. 

It was late in the afternoon and you were drawing out Jimin’s foot patterns with a white colored pencil so you an get them cut out and sewn for when he needs them. You already had the soles you were going to glue on stamped and cut. You picked up one of the patterns and you were about to sew it all together when out of the corner of your eye you saw a group of girls come into the workshop. 

“Where is the dandelion maker?” Kang Dahui asked one of the elder seamstresses.The  seamstress pointed in your direction and all six girls walked up to you. 

“Are you the dandelion maker?” One of the girls asked, she kind of stepped out in front of the other girls. From how the other girls reacted you couldn’t help but guess she was the leader of this whole “posse”. 

“Can I help you?” You asked as you continued to sew Jimin’s shoe. 

“So this is Park Jimin’s new maker.” The girl snorted.

“Are you here to tell me information I already know?” You said, looking up to the girl from your seated position. Dahui scoffed, at you bluntness. 

“So Park Jimin picked this immature and smart mouthed maker?” Danhui slapped the shoe you were sewing in your hands, the shoe fell to the ground, and you looked down at it. As you bent down to pick up the shoe Dahui knocked down all of the stacked shoes and pointe shoes that were stacked up at your work desk. All of the objects fell to the floor with a loud crash. All the workers that were around you all turned their heads to see what all the commotion was about. 

“Oh my gosh!” Dahui gave a shocked, fake gasp. “Let me help you.” She bent down to “help” pick up the shoes with you. 

“You better remember this you damn shoe maker. You are nothing to Park Jimin, so don’t even think that you can get a chance with him. He won’t look at anyone who makes the shoes he dances in. You are nothing.” Dahui sneered at you. 

You started to feel your face heat up with anger. How dare she come in here, trash up your workplace for petty reasons. When you got to see her face up close and personal, you now can remember her. This wasn’t her first time at Delladova, you knew who her maker was, and her maker would talk about her. 

“Now you look here Kang Dahui, I know who you are exactly. You’re a second year, B rank at Etre. Don’t you come here to tell me this useless piece of shit you just told me. If I don’t stand a chance with Park Jimin you definitely don’t either. You’re just a B rank, two whole levels below him. You and I both know that the only people that stand a chance with Park Jimin are the S rank dancers. So why don’t you go back to Etre, become an S rank dancer, and tell me what you said again okay?” Dahui was taken back from what you just said. She went in expecting you wouldn’t fight back, but you were ready to duke it out. 

“Worthless maker.” Dahui could only say, as she spat in your face. Dahui stood up and left with her group of girls before you could get up and say anything. “Coward.” You muttered under your breath as you wiped away Dahui’s spit with your sleeves. You sighed as you looked at the mess of shoes on the floor. Now all the orders were mixed together. The only way you can tell them apart is by looking at the size of the soles, and touching the shoe to feel certain details that were unique to your dancers. 

It was late at night again when you were finally done working. With the whole mess Dahui made, and having to put everything back, you were pushed behind schedule. So you had to work hard after hours to get back on track. You walked out of Delladova massaging your hands, they were numb from all of the pain, and pressure you have been exerting on them. While you were walking a sleek blue Oullim Spirra pulled right up next to you. 

“(Y/n) what are you doing out here?” You recognized the moment the owner’s smooth voice hit your ears. 

“I could ask you the same thing Park Jimin.” You said, turning to look at Jimin through his rolled down window. 

“I was practicing, now you tell me your story.” Jimin reached over to open his car door. “Get in. You can tell me on the way to your house.” 

“I don’t need the ride, I can take the train. I can handle the big city of Seoul” You answered. Jimin only smiled at your answer. 

“Really because last time I checked it was 12:05 last time I checked,” Jimin peeked at the clock in his car, “…ten minutes ago.” Your eyes widened at what Jimin said, and scrambled for your phone. You opened the screen and it said exactly what Jimin said it was ‘12:10′. 

“Oooohh nooo, my mom is going to kill me.” You whined looking at the time. 

“Yah, stop being a pain in the ass and get in the car.” Jimin said, yelling at you from his car. You gave a huff a annoyance, and got into his car. 

“I’m only doing this for the sake of my mom.” You pointed out as you buckled up. “How do you know my first name also?” You asked.

“Chaerin told me, when our friends asked about you.” You nodded. 

“Yeah, Hoseok was going on about how pretty your name was.” Jimin smiled, thinking about his cheerful friend. Hoseok was the only one who could make Jimin really smile. Hoseok was great for cheerful and upbeat dances, he just shined the brightest in those roles. 

“Do you think my name is pretty too?” You asked curiously. You weren’t really thinking too much when you asked that question. If Jimin said ‘yes’ you weren’t going to think of it as much. However, Jimin didn’t say anything. When you were greeted with his silence, you just pulled out of phone to see if you missed any calls from your mom. Jimin looked over at you, scrolling through your phone and smiled. ‘It is pretty…’ He thought to himself. 

You sat in his car for a few moments in silence. “Soooo, where do you live?” Jimin asked, breaking the short silence. 

“Give me your phone.” You said laconically. 

“Whoa look at how bold you are, already asking for my digits, and we barely know each other. I mean just today I finally learned your name.” Jimin said. 

“Just give me your phone. I’m typing in my address. Keep it in your pants moron.” You sneered. Jimin sighed and pulled out his phone, unlocking it. 

“Jeez, are you mad because I didn’t know your name? Aren’t you petty.” Jimin said.

“I’m not mad because you didn’t know. Besides you didn’t ask for my name, I could have been fine if you went your whole life not knowing your name.” You said typing in your address.

“Okay so you aren’t mad, that means you hate. Why do you hate me?” Jimin asked. 

“I don’t hate you.” You said, tossing his phone back. “You’re the one who got fresh with me and I just returned the favor.” You shrugged. 

“That’s funny, because most girls would kill to be in your position.” 

“Well…they can kill me, and take my place.” You said bluntly. 

“And see there you go again. You say you don’t hate me, but you do a horrible job of showing it.” Jimin said throwing his hands up. 

“I do not!” You rebuttal. 

“Do too.”

“Do not!” You and Jimin went back and forth like that for a few rounds until you finally stopped. 

“Okay, okay, fine whatever. I do not hate you. I’m sorry if I made you feel like that.” You admitted. Jimin cracked a small smile, most people don’t accept their faults and apologize for it. He was truly impressed. He didn’t say anything but accepted your apology with a nod. Jimin looked back at his phone to check if he was going in the right direction, and continued to drive in silence. 

While he was driving the small thought about what Chaerin said about you, was gnawing at his brain now. He wanted to ask you about why you didn’t dance, but he wanted to find a subtle way of bringing it up. He looked at your figure, that was looking out the window, and noticed your tightly tied bun. 

“So you tie your buns like other dancers, where did you learn how to do that?” He asked, you turned your attention away from the window to look at him. 

“Years of experience from tying Chaerin’s, my own, and my little sister’s.” You said.

“So you danced?” Jimin asked. You nodded. “So why did you stop?”

“I don’t think we are close enough to talk about that.“ You said shrinking a bit in your seat. 

 "Oh come on, you don’t have to tell me everything….” Jimin pressed, he really was curious. You sighed and smacked your lips a little bit. You didn’t mind telling him the basics. 

 "Just some family matters made me stop, and it didn’t help I came from a family of makers. My mom thought I rightfully belonged at a work bench and here I am today.“ You shrugged. "It’s not that tragic, trust me.” 

 Jimin just nodded as he listened to you. You actually thought he wasn’t listening, but he was listening closely. 

 "When did you quit?“ Jimin asked. 

 "When I was twelve. I was pretty bad at dancing actually.” You joked, smiling about the fond memories of flat pink ballet shoes, and laughing with Chaerin as you two would do sloppy spins. Yeah, you weren’t that good because you were twelve, but it still was fun. 

 "My litter sister is seven right now. She still dances, I hope she will continue to dance, and not end up at a work bench like me. She won’t be happy there.“ You admitted. You wanted your little sister to be free, and do what she loved, not mope in a shoe factory. 

 "Oh yeah? What’s her name? Is she cute?” Jimin asked smiling. No, he didn’t like you, but he was fond of the idea of little kids. “Her name is Sehwa, and yes she’s super adorable.” You said, smiling as you talked about Sehwa. She was the absolute cutest, if someone else said their little sister was cute, you would put ‘em up and fight. 

 "She dances at this little studio called ‘Studio 8’. As if right now she wants to audition for Etre and get in when she’s older. But that might change, who knows, I just want her to be happy.“ You said shyly. Jimin thought is was endearing how you softened up when you were talking about your little sister. You weren’t always rough and tough as you seemed. 

 When you finally got to your house, you got out of the car and bid Jimin a good bye. 

 "Uh thanks for the ride. I actually really appreciate that you gave me a ride.” You finally said, and walked into you house. ‘You definitely are strange (l/n) (y/n)’ Jimin thought as he watched your figure retreat. Before Jimin could pull out of your driveway he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. It was a text of Miju. 

 Yoo Miju: Don’t forget to come to practice tomorrow. I can’t wait to continue working on our dance~ xoxo 

 Jimin gave his phone a disgusted look, and typed a quick ‘okay’ and left to go home. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Dancing shoes

Request: Newt x reader. They go dancing.

Newt and reader travel together, and Queenie insists on taking them on a night out before they head back home.

Newt x fem reader

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Newt fiddled with his bowtie as he paced the length of the Goldstein’s living room, waiting a little impatiently for the girls to emerge from their respective bedrooms, Jacob sat on the plush sofa twiddling his thumbs, as he tried to chat with newt.

As newt was taking his twenty something trip about the lounge, y/n peeped her head around the door, newt almost choked on his own breath, she was utterly stunning. The hem of her dress just hiding knees, leaving a ghost of things yet to be discovered, Perfect lips painted in the deepest of reds.

“newt honey, you’ll catch flies if you stand there gawking much longer’ Queenie whispered on her way past him, a knowing look in her bright kind eyes. Newt had the good grace to blush, suddenly finding his freshly cleaned shoes rather interesting.

“I always knew there was a handsome gent underneath all that dirt’ y/n joked lightly, looking up at him, a sweet smile at her lips, newt felt the heat rise in his freckled cheeks, as he smiled at his shoes slightly embarrassed.

“come on then, everybody ready?’ Tina asked, finally entering the living room, her black dress sparkling as the beads caught in the candlelight, clearing his throat a little nervously, newt offered his arm to y/n, swallowing thickly as she took it with a grateful smile.


The five friends strolled to a wizarding dance hall, Tina tapping the secret knock on the dark wooden door, y/n giving newt’s arm a light squeeze, along with an excited giggle, as they made their way inside the grand ballroom. The high ceilings decorated with endless galaxies, the white marble walls ornately carved with flowers and vines, the dim candlelight, casting a warm, romantic mood, its light dancing on the beads of the women’s dresses.

“be brave, ask her to dance’ Queenie encouraged softly, as she swayed to the music, before Jacob spun the giggling woman onto the dance floor.  Tina gave newt a  pointed look as she disappeared into the crowd, having spotted a friend from work.

Newt took a deep calming breath, turning to the fantastic woman by his side, who was swaying and humming along to the jazz that flowed in the air, ‘would, would you like to dance?’ he asked his voice slightly strangled. Her eyes lit up, making them look quite at home amongst the galaxy that decorated the ceiling, ‘yes, of course’ she answered excitedly, her eagerness giving newt the courage to intertwine his long slender fingers with hers, placing his right rough work worn hand at her waist, making his breath hitch slightly, as she took his shoulder in her much smaller, delicate hand, before newt spun the pair, making y/n let out the sweetest of giggles.


Have a great day and be safe  


Sneaking Around ➹ Derek Morgan x Reader

request: hi! I loved shoes and your derek fics they’re so good omg could I request a derek fic with #26 but where the reader is gideon’s daughter and no one knows about them? thanks!! :-)

“You know I love you, don’t you?”

hey, thank you for the compliment!!! i tried my best, hope u like this! did a throwback w the characters as well obviously

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Working the same job as your boyfriend and your dad was a bit challenging. On one hand, you felt as though you needed to prove yourself more so than the other members of the team because you didn’t want anyone to think that you’d manipulated your way in. Although you were the daughter of Jason Gideon, you didn’t cheat or have shortcuts to land this job. You’d worked extremely hard and deserved to be here just as much as the next person, to be treated like an equal and not as a child.

On the other hand, Derek looked so good at work and you were tempted to grab him by the collar and kiss him every time you made eye contact. You’d only gotten together recently, perhaps a month or two ago, but there had always been something between you two. Derek had taken the bold step of asking you out and since then you’d been secretly together.

It was a pretty slow day for the BAU. So far JJ hadn’t mentioned a new case, meaning that you had time to catch up on reports, paperwork, and files that you’d put off. You were seated at your desk when Gideon passed by, giving you a tired smile and making his way up to his office.

You returned the gesture before focusing your attention back onto the file in your lap. You were quickly distracted though when you looked up, feeling eyes on you.

Sure enough, Derek was sitting at his desk, nonchalantly glancing over at you with a slight smirk playing on his lips. Looking at him was Elle, who then looked at you with a knowing raise of her eyebrows before centering her thoughts back onto her own work. You felt your face get hot at the realization and quickly looked back down.

After a few minutes you made your way to the bathroom, walking through the hallway with the wall covered in pictures of fallen agents. The corridor was vacant except for you and Derek, who’d followed you and was now approaching you with a smile. “You know I love you, don’t you?” he asked quietly.

“Well of course I know, how could I not?”

He stole a kiss, swiftly leaning close to peck your lips before pulling away all too soon. You couldn’t help but to find sneaking around sexy. It was your little secret and it made boring days like this more fun.

“Stop!” you giggled, muffling the sound with your hand. Derek shrugged, reaching up and pulling your hand from in front of your mouth before stealing another kiss. This one lasted longer and you willed yourself to pull away but you just couldn’t, not when you hadn’t felt his soft lips on yours since this morning when he picked you up for work.

You guys are gonna get caught…” You heard someone say in a sing-song voice, you immediately jumping away from your boyfriend to see JJ standing with a smug look on her face.

“Not if you don’t tell anyone,” Derek replied. JJ wouldn’t. You hoped not at least, because you certainly didn’t want her to. It was less about your team finding out and the relationship effecting your work now than the fact that sneaking about the BAU was liberating and gave you a natural high.

“I won’t..” She trailed off, smiling. Then she seemingly remembered something, because her eyes widened and she said, “We’ve got a case.” 

Your scandalous stolen kisses were put on hold. For now, at least.


Being married to Shane Would Include...

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💍 Matching shoes 

💍 Shane is a great husband because he’s so considerate and determined to give you the best. 

💍 Fun dates together

💍 Travelling together

💍 If you don’t travel with Shane then he’s always video messaging you, snaps, phone calls. Shane will call you at least 3 times a day when possible

💍 Having multiple of Shane’s t-shirts and his merchandise. 

💍 Wearing Shane’s shirts 

💍 Learning about WWE and being involved in the business somehow 

💍 Shane always making you laugh when you’re sad. 

💍 Shane always smiling whenever people talk about you

💍 Shane being a great cuddler 

💍 Having discussions about having kids

💍 Shane making sure you have a pretty ring 

💍 Date nights, Anniversary’s are important 

💍 Whenever you argue, Shane will leave you for a little while before coming back to talk about things with you 

💍 Passionate sex 

💍 Going on beautiful holidays 

💍 Going on adventures 

💍 Shane being a great husband 

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