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Vlog days (Simon Request)

“Where are my shoes?” Simon yells, jogging down the stairs of the sidemen house to meet his friends.
“I don’t know” JJ replies just as loudly until you follow down the stairs with a pair in your hands.
“Maybe if you checked in your room first babe” You roll your eyes and hand them over to him.
“Thanks babygirl” He smiles, kissing your cheek.
Josh and Vikk make fake sick noises behind you.
“Ohh piss off” You grumble, slipping your shoes onto your feet and grabbing your jacket from the side.
You and the house guys had decided to go out for the day today. They had decided that they hadn’t been out enough and all needed a few hours break from their normal editing, filming routine.
“Right babe have you got your camera?” You ask Simon, knowing he had promised himself he would vlog the day.
“Ahh shit thanks babygirl” He grins and runs back up the stairs.
You grab your boyfriends keys, knowing he had decided he would drive today and followed the other guys outside, unlocking his car.
Of course, JJ forgot his phone and had to run back in and then spent about ten minutes procrastinating around the house thinking he had forgotten something else too. But eventually you were on your way with music blaring too loudly on the speakers and five people doing their best to sing along in tune but with no hope of success.
“Right guys we’ve arrived” Simon grins, hopping out of the drivers seat and into the multi story car park.
“Woooo day off boys!” JJ yells, sticking his head into the shot.
“Yeah you don’t have them very often do you JJ?” Josh comments sarcastically.
“Sorry dad” He rolls his eyes, all of you walking in a group towards the shops.
You had of course come to Westfield for the day and planned to do a bit of shopping, grab a lot of food and beat all the boys at bowling. Sounded like a good day for you.
“Right you need to pick up that adidas top babe because yours got wrecked in that video” Simon points out, his long arm held high to vlog.
“Yeah and you’re paying” You joke, allowing him to lace his fingers in yours.
“Alright fineeee” He groans.
“Simon look! Santa’s here!!” JJ yells far too loudly and jumps between you two.
“Want me to take you to see him Jide?“ You suggest and he laughs.
“Maybe you can ask for a wig this Christmas” Simon laughs and JJ hits him over the head.
“right come on you two” You chuckle, “We’ve got shopping to do!”
You and Simon split off from the rest and head over to some clothes shops.
“Anyway so as I was saying, I am going to be uploading this before we head to see (y/n)’s parents and then be getting up a hunting we will go episode whilst we’re there if all goes to plan but-” Simon explains until he catches sight of you and follows you to the changing rooms, “See this is the problem with shopping with (y/n), she tries on every single thing she finds honestly”
“Ohh shut up!” You roll your eyes, pulling the curtain across.
You could still hear him chatting away outside as you changed into the black dress you were planning to wear for a premiere you guys had coming up. It was of a reasonable length and was fitted at the top with only one shoulder covered. Simple but certainly not what you would generally wear.
“But we have-” Simon continues and you watch as the words fall out of his mouth jumbled as soon as he sees you, “Holy shit”
“Ehhh” You sigh, running your hands over the material, “Its not really me is it?”
“Babe if we went as ourselves to this, we’d get kicked out straight away. Why do you think I don’t just JJ?” Simon comments and makes you laugh.
“Just jacket and shoes then” You grin and pull the curtain closed once again.
“Fucking hell she’s gorgeous” Simon mumbles before snapping out of his daze and going back to chatting to the camera
You finish up in the shop and buy everything you want, opting to buy a shell pink bomber jacket and a pair of converse to match the dress more to your style.
Simon turns off his vlogging camera for a while, deciding to instead walk hand in hand with you to find the rest of the guys. As usual, he made puns out of shop names and pointed out different people in an attempt to ‘guess their story’. He laughed too loud at his own jokes and tripped over his own feet whenever he found something too funny. He had to lean down far to whisper something to you simply because of his height and people gave you strange looks whenever they saw you crying at something stupid he had just told you. But you didn’t care. You never did.
“Oh my god its Simon and (y/n)!!” Ethan yells, when he spots the pair of you.
“Oooh we’ve been spotted” Simon chuckles.
Ethan is joined by the rest of the boys, even including the two Cals except one of them is missing.
“Have any of you seen JJ?” Tobi asks, looking around for his big bald head.
“No I don’t think so” Josh shakes his head, “Not since he walked off in Adidas”
“Maybe he’s gone to the barbers” Harry jokes.
“Oh god” You mutter and they frown until you gesture behind them to where JJ is stood in line for Santa’s grotto.
“Hey guys!!” He calls, waving dramatically.
“Jide what on Earth are you doing?” Cal laughs and you all make your way over.
Simon quickly gets out his camera, making sure to capture the whole event for his viewers.
“Nahh go away Simon" JJ turns around, no longer facing the camera.
“JJ why do we even bother?” Josh rolls his eyes.
“Sorry dad” He hangs his head low.
~~~Time Skip~~~
“Babe do you wanna film now?” Simon calls, sticking his head round the door of the kitchen.
“Yeah sure” You jump up, stuffing your phone into your pocket.
“Maybe avoid calling her gorgeous on camera this time Simon" Vikk comments, walking in to grab himself some food.
“What do you mean?” You frown and feel your phone start to buzz in your pocket
Your tweet notifications lit up with mentions from viewer’s tweets. Some of them stood out to you- @miniminter called @(y/n) ‘fucking gorgeous’ Best part of this vlog…
'Forget JJ meeting Santa, Simon calling @(y/n) 'gorgeous’ is literally on repeat’
“How did you miss that Simon?” Vikk laughs, scrolling through his own feed.
“Maybe I didn’t want to” He shrugs and the corners of his lips turn up at you.


Traditional Chinese fashion, the warped-toe shoes. Generic term: 翘头履qiào tóu lǚ. Type: 凤头履、岐头履、聚云履、五杂履、鸠头履、重台履、分梢履、笏头履、五色云霞履、玉华飞头履 and so on. Chinese hanfu usually have long skirts that almost touch the ground. One reason for making shoes warped-toe like is that people don’t want to bother to gather their skirts up so they use the warped-toe part of qiaotou lv to hold their skirts(also it’s considered to be ungainly to do that especially for women in ancient China). The warped-toe parts vary from shape design to texture or material. Most shoes in pictures are from Tang dynasty, others from qin-han period, song dynasty and qing dynasty.

Dancing Shoes.

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Request:  Could you do an imagine where the reader is Hispanic and she kind gets jealous of Wendy but she teaches one of the lost boys to dance cumbia and that night they dance and pan gets jealous too Requested by anon.

All you could hear was her high pitched giggle, her awed little gasps and her constant utterances of “oh Peter everything here is just so wonderful.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at how aggravating Wendy was. 

She had been in Neverland for around two weeks already and yet everything still seemed to amaze her and awe her, she also couldn’t seem to stop grating on your nerves. Everything about her was inconceivably annoying; her perfect, posh, British accent, her annoyingly flawless pale skin and the fact that Pan seemed to spend every single second with her.

“Careful, your annoyance is showing.” Giving Felix an unhappy glance, you huffed.

“Why is she still here?” You saw him chuckle at your annoyance. Felix was well acquainted with your abhorrence for Wendy, after all the two of you talked of it often. 

Surprisingly, you and Felix had become quite close friends. You guessed that it was because you were a similar age, a lot of the Lost boys were younger; having been taken by the Shadow when they were young and afraid of everything. Easy targets.

You know why. She’s a believer.” Even his eternally bored tone had taken on some aggravation as another shrill giggle sounded behind you. “She’ll be gone as soon as Pan gets bored of his game.” 

Unconvinced, you turned and looked to the two in question. Cringing at the warm smile adorning Pan’s features you turned quickly back to Felix. “I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.” 

His nose scrunched up in annoyance as he nodded, silently agreeing with your statement. 

You watched idly as Felix twirled his club upon the ground, clearly bored. Everyone was bored. Even if most of what Pan did was in some way malicious or was for his own dark amusement, it still kept everyone entertained. Without him around, Neverland wasn’t quite the same, especially with him pretending to be all sweet and loving for Wendy. 

Looking around the clearing you frowned at how empty it was. Obviously the Lost boys hadn’t left Neverland, Peter wouldn’t allow it, but they had ventured further afield in what you guessed to be boredom.

Trying to forget about Peter entirely for the first time since your arrival in Neverland you stood up and held a hand out to Felix. He looked at you and quirked an eyebrow in question.

“Let’s dance.” Now his eyebrows creased together in confusion. 


Huffing at his lack of response you explained “it’s the one thing I actually miss about home.” His eyes flickered to the two behind you before a suspicious smirk graced his features. 

“Alright.” He took your hand and heaved himself up from the floor. 

“Leave that behind.” You ordered, gesturing to his club. You were surprised when he fulfilled your request without argument.

Leading him to a more open area of the clearing, which was easier than usual considering the lack of Lost boys, you kept a hold of his hand. When you were confident that you had enough space you turned back to him, expecting to find an apprehensive Felix, but instead seeing a mischievous glint in his eye. He looked a little like Peter, or at least like Peter used to. It was intriguing. Smirking right back you got to work at teaching him some decent dancing. 

“Okay, first we’ll start with a turn.” He nodded as you raised his arm up above your heads. You almost chuckled at how stiff he was. “Now hold it there while I turn.” You proceeded to spin on the spot, keeping your neck long and the turns graceful. When you finally stopped spinning you could see the surprise clearly on his face. 

“Wow.” Smiling widely at his awe your eyes shifted to the side. Your smile almost doubled at the sight that met your eyes; Peter Pan, ignoring Wendy entirely, watching you and Felix darkly. 

Tearing your eyes from the wonderful sight, you looked back to Felix. “Give me your other hand.” He complied willingly, and you proceeded to show him some more moves. It was difficult, especially considering that Felix kept getting his arms tangled causing you both stumble. 

Eventually, one of these stumbles led to you practically falling on Felix who consequentially steadied you by placing his hands on your waist. You had a feeling that he was playing the same game that you were. 

You both looked over to Pan just in time to see him disappear with Wendy. You smirked as you realized that Pan was right, playing games could be fun. Looking back to Felix you noticed that he held the same look of triumph as you. Deciding to ruin his good mood, you kept trying to teach him. 

After another few minutes you decided to get a little more complicated. “I’m going to spin and then, after two turns, I’ll come out of it and you catch my hands like this.” You instructed, demonstrating. 

He nodded, eyes locked on your hands, concentrating. 

The spin worked fine, he didn’t make any mistakes but the problems came after. Felix grabbed your forearm instead of your hand while his leg jerked out unexpectedly, causing you to go tumbling to the ground. 

But instead of tumbling to the ground, as you were expecting, you tumbled straight into someone’s chest. Instantly recognizing the dark green clothes you looked up, eyes sparkling with apprehension. 

He wasn’t happy, you could see that clear as day, but his gaze wasn’t directed to you. He was looking over your shoulder at Felix, whilst his hands held you close to him, possessively almost. 

“Where’s Wendy?” You heard yourself asking, you couldn’t stop yourself. His eyes finally shifted towards yours, glinting with their usual mischief, before he answered. 

“Oh I got a little bored of Wendy. But you looked as though you were having fun.” 

Giving him a smirk, you laughed and replied with words that you knew would rile him up even further. “I just love spending time with Felix, he’s just wonderful.” You put emphasis on what you guessed to be Wendy’s favorite word. 

You felt his fingertips dig into your waist slightly as you said the words, but his amusement flashed in his eyes. He liked how well you could play.

“Felix, go find the Lost boys. We’ve got games to play.” 



Colton Harris-Moore is an American criminal and former fugitive from Camano Island, Washington. He was charged with the thefts or destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and property, including a small aircraft, a boat, and two cars; and the burglaries of at least 100 private residences in various locations around the Pacific Northwest of the United States and adjacent areas of Canada, all committed while still a teenager.

He became known as the “Barefoot Bandit” by reportedly committing some of his crimes barefoot, once leaving behind 39 chalk footprints and the word “c'ya!”. Despite the widely reported nickname, officials said that he more often wore shoes

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He bought a dog without asking and you found it chewing on your favorite pair of shoes 🐶

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