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The Stray

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Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Content/Warning: Fluff, hint of angst, an adorable dog

Words: 966

A/N: Yay, request time! This was another one from an anon, requesting 1, 11, and 18 with an ending where they keep the dog. I hope you guys enjoy, and I should have another fic out later this evening.

You had somehow managed to convince Sherlock to take a break from his current case, with the excuse that perhaps the open air would help his brain function, leaving the two of you walking down the busy London roads. It was a windy, overcast day, and the two of you had your coats wrapped around your forms. “Want to visit Lestrade?” You asked.

“No,” Sherlock said instantly. “That would just slow down my brain function.”

“Okay then,” You said with a shrug, eyes wandering aimlessly around your surroundings. They settled on what looked like a young dog huddled under a bench, who looked skinny and cold. “Sherlock, look!”

He glanced towards where you pointed. “A dog.”

“Let’s go see it!” You said, about to bound over when he grabbed your arm.

“Y/N,” Sherlock said, “We’re not stealing that dog.

“It’s not stealing if the dog is a stray, Sherlock,” You said with a roll of your eyes. “The poor thing looks like it hasn’t had a decent meal in weeks.”

Shaking out of his grip, you made your way over to the stray, who skittered back nervously. You sat on the opposite end of the bench, talking gently to it, and eventually it ventured towards you, close enough to gingerly sniff your fingers. Of course, Sherlock decided this was the perfect time to intervene, causing it to scamper back again. “Sherlock!” You exclaimed in frustration. “You scared it!”

He gave a somewhat annoyed sigh. “How is this my fault?

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Uncomfortable Situation || Jack Maynard

Summary: You have a habit that drives a certain person crazy.

Warnings: Language

Smut: No

Requested: Yes / No

Request: 31 with jackk

Prompt(s):  31: “Stop biting that fucking lip!”

A/N: My first prompt request! Yay! Thank you so much for requesting. But, I want to be honest; I can’t say I am 100% happy with this, so I apologize in advance. This wasn’t my best imagine. Btw requests are open! You can also request prompts! xx

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your eyes were scanning the screen of your laptop, checking for any grammar mistakes, as your fingers were pressing the keys in a hurry, trying to finish what you were writing while you still had free time. Currently, you were stuck in a cafe with Maynard Brothers for a meeting, waiting for Conor’s manager to arrive. He was late, so you were replying your e-mails to make use of the time well, nibbling your lower lip without noticing, like you always do when you were concentrated on something. 

It wasn’t until Conor spoke that you snapped back to reality. “You alright, Jack?” He asked his brother who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat across yours. The younger Maynard brother nodded and immediately turned his face towards the large window looking at the street when your eyes met for a second.

Not questioning any further, both you and Conor returned minding your own businesses, but it only lasted for a few minutes. The manager and the owner of the place the boys wanted to use in their next GOAT project arrived, and the meeting started. 

You listened to Conor and the owner’s conversation, waiting for your turn to come to explain the changes that were needed to be done in the place for the music video you were going to take part in both in front and behind the camera. That was when you felt something nudging your leg under the table. You turned to the direction of the only person who could have done this: Jack Maynard.

“Stop biting your lip.” He mouthed, angrily, for some reason.

Soon after warning you, he realized the mistake he had made.

You were friends with the Maynards for a while; long enough to notice Jack’s interest in you, although you weren’t sure until Mikey accidentally blurted out that Jack had moaned your name in his sleep several times.

Since you were the Daughter of the Satan, which was the nickname Jack had gave you after you pranked him pretty bad, you decided the use your lip-biting habit to tease him and put him in an uncomfortable situation.

You placed the pen you were using to take down notes between your lips and acted like you were focused on the conversation, but you were actually glancing at him with the corner of your eye to see how he would react. He was reacting just like you expected.

As you were stepping up your game, biting, licking your lower lip, playing with your hair, and acting like you weren’t doing it on purpose, the boy was slowly sliding down his chair, like he was trying to disappear. He grabbed the file on the table, pretending that he was reading it, but you knew he wasn’t able to concentrate.

“For fuck’s sake.” He mumbled, shaking his head, causing all heads to turn to him.

“Did you say something, Jack?” You asked. 

“What? No, I just coughed.” He lied and grabbed his phone from the pocket of his jacket as soon as they turned their heads away. 

After he typed something on his phone, yours buzzed.

From: Pretty Boy

I am trying to hide a boner here and you are not helping at all, Y/N.

You looked at him with a confused expression as if you had no idea what he was talking about, which caused him to get angry and stood up. “I- I should use the WC real quick.” He excused himself and trotted towards where the restrooms were.

“Do you know what is wrong with him today?” Conor asked you and you shrugged.

“I think something he ate earlier got his stomach pretty messed up. Shall I check him?“ You suggested.


You made an excuse and went after Jack. The restrooms were available for one person’s use per time since it was a small cafe, and the door of the Men WC was crack open. You could hear him mutter to himself.

“Don’t think about her. Think about something else. Think about… Mikey. Yes, think about Mikey, not Y/N.” You couldn’t help but giggle, causing him to open the door. "What are doing here?" 

"I just wanted to check if everything is alright in there.” Then you paused for a second, caressing your chin with your thumb and index finger like you were thinking about something. “Or should I say under there?”

“You really enjoy tormenting me, don’t you?" 

"What? I’m not doing anything. I was focused on the meeting.”

“Stop playing innocent, Y/N.” He said and you took a step forward, crossing your arms and leaning your shoulder against the doorframe. Your faces were so close now.

“It’s not my fault that you’re a horndog, Maynard.” You said with a teasy voice.

“Oh, fuck you.”

You smirked devilishly. “You wish.”

“Yeah, I wish, and I wouldn’t mind fucking you right here and right now.” He whispered.

“We are in a public place and if we don’t return to the table now, your brother will probably miss his plane. We’re wasting time here.” You said and added. “And try to pay attention to what is going on this time.”

You turned around to return to the table, but he stopped you by grabbing your arm and whispering in your ear, his lips brushing against your ear. “Then just stop biting that fucking lip.”

So while I’ve been gone…

1. My friend made me watch Miraculous Ladybug and now I’m obsessed with a kid’s tv show (not the first time this has happened but still). IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL

2. Marvel’s Defenders fucked me up.

3. School started again (so many tears) so I apologize for sporadic updates, but I have quite a few lined up in my queue rn.

4. It’s almost time for spooky week with dan and Phil and I am preparing

5. Adrien agreste


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queensombretta  asked:

r u taking requests? if so could u consider doing more connor murphy please :) ur art is gorgeous!!

I would draw him even if no one asked but is nice to know people actually want to see more Connor murphy haha

I know this not the style I usually draw Connor and u problaby wasn’t expecting this but i miss drawing in this style so yeah

Hope u like it anyway


Voltron + favorite character

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KotoMaru phone backgrounds ♡

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westallen + third time’s the charm

L and Light’s


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What Are Glamours

Glamours are a type of magic meant to change the way you are perceived by others. This can mean anything from making you seem more attractive, to more intimidating, to even letting you blend in with your surroundings. With all the different possible applications, this is the type of magic I have found to be the most useful 

How They Work (Note: In my opinion. Yours may vary)

Imagine that there’s an aura of energy that surrounds you and is completely unique, like a signature. This energy acts like a filter for how people see you (as described in this post). Change the filter, and it will change the way others perceive you without actually changing your appearance at all. 

This can be done a million different ways. I find it helpful to get familiar with your energy first. Meditate, and imagine what that energy around you might look like. What color is it? What texture? How much space does it take up? Once you have a good idea of what it looks like, it becomes a lot easier to manipulate.

How To Do Them 

There are about as many different ways to do glamours as there are witches. Do some exploring to see what works for you. Do you like makeup? When you get dolled up, visualize the makeup going onto your energy. Are you a jewelry person? Push the energy you want to give off into the jewelry and wear it. I personally like to add a physical aspect to my glamours, but that’s not even necessary; you could simply imagine your energy changing in the way you want to. 

Glamours generally stay on as long as you are putting energy into them. Most tend to go away as you stop thinking about them, but I have done glamours before that tapped into my energy for far too long and had to be consciously removed. If you find this happening, cleansing yourself and then grounding will usually do the trick. 

Good Beginner Glamours

Jewelry Glamour Base by @thefaeriegarden

Invisibility Glamour  by @recreationalwitchcraft

Glamour Nail Polish by @sunnywaterwitch 

Racoon “Master of Masks” Spell by @booksandtales

(If any links are broken or information is incorrect, please tell me)

Thank you for reading!