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i loveeeee your svtfoe drawings! are you still doin that platonic touch meme? can i get starco #12 if you are! if not thats cool! your art rocks!

of course! ive been waiting for someone to send me a request! here ya go!

btw requests are still open!~


I feel like I should be very concerned that:
1) almost all the requests ive received thus far asked for Lance in one way or another

Langst for @tobi-yo (dont u winky face me bOI I C WAT U DOIN YALL TRYNA BREAK MY HEART I C) and Anon :””””””””””””””)
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Holy Pt. 2 {Luke Hemmings Smut}

RATING: A for angst and S for smut
REQUESTED: yesssss!!! so many ppl wanted a second part so here u go!! 

guess who’s back!!! well not rly bc i have so much work to do but i managed to churn out this monster fic in like….3 days lmao ! just letting u guys know, it deviates from the religious aspects that r mentioned in the first part; this part definitely deals more w their relationship and there’s literally sooooo much angst so y’all can thank me for that later ;-) anyways, hope u enjoy!!!

[part 1] [masterlist] [come yell at me]


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Flygon has one of the most requested Pokemon so far, so here ya go. I drew the whole family. I’d meant to post this on the weekend, thanks for waiting! I hope everyone is having an excellent week so far.

Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach heads straight for the end of the counter and takes everyone else’s coffees for herself. When the baristas reprimand her for it, she demands to speak to the manager and complains that her drink isn’t as good as it used to be. The manager apologizes and assures her that the next drink she gets will be better, but she decides to quit drinking Starbucks instead. The entire store throws a huge celebration in her honor. She still freely offers her opinion about how Starbucks used to be.

BTS’s reaction to you knowing Korean:

A/N: Here ya go, anon <3

~Note that the words in italics are said in Korean~

Jin: Your Korean’s very good,” Jin says, his smile stretching wide.

You hide your face at the compliment, suddenly shy in front of your idol. No, no. This isn’t the time for burning ears, and butterflies caught in throats. After all, this may be the only chance you get to see him. But, you can’t help it. In the dark, cut off by your own hands, everything’s so much easier to say. “Thank you,” you mumble between fingers, “I wanted to be able to talk to you, and to thank you.”

Thank me, for what?”

You’re glad you can hide the burning blush that fringes your cheeks. “I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. I used to be self-conscious, and quiet, but you’ve showed me that it’s okay to be proud of who I am.”

If that’s true…” You jump when you feel his hands on yours, gently pulling them away from your face, so that you see his smile radiating through the crack in your defences, “… why are you hiding?

You let your hands fall completely.

There’s that beautiful face you should be so proud of,” he hums in pleasure, and – blink and you’ll miss it – did he wink at you?

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Yoongi: This is it! Time to meet your idol. Do it, just like you planned. You sit down in front of Yoongi, trying to keep the smile to a I’m-not-creepy-I-just-really-love-you level.

“Hello,” he says, trying English when he sees you aren’t from Korea.

Korean’s alright,” you assure him, pride tingling when his mouth pops into an ‘o’ shape at your practiced pronunciation.

You’ve been learning Korean, then?” he asks, as you hand over your album to sign.

Yep. I’ve also been learning all about Korean culture,” you tell him, puffing your chest.

That so? Tell me something interesting you learnt.”

Well…” A sly smile tugs at your lips, “I learnt about this thing called aegyo…”

His eyebrows shoot up. “Aegyo?”

Can you show me?”

His eyelashes flutter with a small eyeroll. Perhaps he won’t do it. But then… he lifts up his hands: peace sign, puffed cheeks, “will this keep you happy?

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Hoseok: You feel the butterflies in your stomach kick up a ferocious gale as you inch closer to Hoseok. This is it: the moment that you spent your nights dreaming of, the moment your spent your days studying for.

Hoseok looks up, and offers you a smile - the smile, that had you falling head over heels, crashing down for him despite the screen that separated you. Now there’s no screen, just air.

“Hello,” he says, switching to English for your benefit. But it isn’t needed.

Once you find your tongue, you tumble out: “Korean’s alright.”

Oh, you speak Korean?” his smile grows wider, and so does your heart.

Yeah, not very well, but I’ve been trying to learn, so I could speak with you.” Your eyes dip down, a blush spreading across your cheeks from the attention he’s giving you.

What do you mean ‘not very well’?” he asks, and in your periphery vision you see him give you a thumbs up, “You speak Korean better than I do.

That’s a lie, but thank you anyway.” You look up. A mistake. That smile – the smile – has a high chance of stopping your heart mid-thump.

Would I lie to you?

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Namjoon: “Hello.” Namjoon switches out of Korean when you approach, “Is it alright if we talk in English? I need some practice.”

“Oh,” you stumble on your words, “Actually, I was hoping I could practice my Korean with you.”

That’s fine,” he smiles, dimples showing, “Korean or English, I don’t mind, so long as we can understand each other. After all, the reason I keep on studying English is so I can talk to you – the fans.”

That’s your cue to blush. “Actually, I only started learning Korean so I could talk to you. I wanted to be able to thank you in your own language.

Really? It’s great to hear that we inspired you to study Korean.

You nod, thinking back to the days spent hunched over a notebook, studying Korean verbs. It was all worth it, to see Namjoon’s eyes scrunching up as he smiles.

But you know,” Namjoon continues, holding his hands out to you, “Even without English or Korean, I know I’ll always be able to talk to the fans through music, and you can speak to us through your support.”

Your trembling fingers graze his. “I guess music and love are two languages everyone can understand.” How cheesy! Did you actually – oh my g-d! Back out, get out. Abort mission.

But Namjoon’s not laughing at you, or giving you concerned looks, like you’re mad-hatter levels of crazy. Instead he smiling, brimming with affection. You don’t need a translation. You were right about music and love.

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Jimin: Here you are, after years of training, ready to face your idol. Hours spent trawling through Korean books, chatting to native speakers, and watching K-Drama is all about to pay off, as you – yes, you – are going to capture Jimin’s heart in only a few seconds.

“Hello,” Jimin smiles as you move over to him.

You jump in with one of the many pick-up lines you learnt off. “Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Starting with a classic.

What?” Jimin’s hand springs to his mouth – a vain attempt to hold back laughter.

You’ve got his attention. “That’s a nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material?”

Really?” Jimin chuckles under his breath, then asks, “Where did you learn this Korean?”

I have Korean friends.” You shrug, trying to stay mysterious - a person of intrigue. You want to be someone he’ll wonder about for weeks to come. After all, the main objective is to make an impression. Of course, you can’t have all of his heart. But you can occupy a small part of it, and you’ll fight to catch hold of that one tiny patch as best you can.

Friends, huh?” Jimin’s still struggling to contain a smile. “They teach you any other awful lines?”

You wriggle your eyebrows. Is that an invitation for more? He’ll be regretting that later. Prepare the cheese canons, this is about to get over the top, dad-joke level bad. “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Ah, you need to try harder than that.”

Are you the milky way? Because you’re out of this world.”

These are so bad.”

Are you a boxer? Because you’re a knockout.”

I think I need to have a serious talk with your friends.” He says that, but his eyes are lit up like Seoul at night, and his laughter is tickling your ears. You count that as a win.

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Taehyung: Taehyung always tries his best to remember the faces of fans. While he holds their hands, and listens to them spill their emotions, his eyes scan their features, looking for something he can remember them by: a cute freckle, a scar, a spark in an eye. But after all the fans have left and the seats are empty, he fears they’ll blur into a messy collage of eyes, noses, and lips.

That was never a fear with you.

It wasn’t because of your striking eyes, or your soothing voice, or the way your lips turn up a certain way when hold your laughter. No. Nothing to do with that. It was because of his first impression of you (they really do count), the first blurted words to come out of your mouth:

Please don’t talk to me in English!”

He faltered mid- ‘hello’, and stared at you, surprise splattered on his face.

You continued, “Um… sorry, was I rude? I didn’t mean to be, but I spent a lot of time studying Korean just for this one moment, and… um… I’m sorry… should I just start again?” A pause. More surprise on Taehyung’s end. You continued, “Hello, my name’s Y/N, and I’ve waited three years to meet you.”

The jumbled apology, slash explanation, slash introduction was like a slap across the face with its honesty, its desperation, and… okay, yes, it’s adorableness. And when Taehyung looked you in the eyes, your intense gaze had him reeling, like he’d been slapped again. He felt it in his fingertips, and his mouth. It was a violent feeling, but he wanted to feel it again.

That’s why he’s delighted to catch sight of you in the crowd at the next fan-sign. He nudges Hoseok, before pointing you out, “Hyung, that’s the fan I was telling you about.”

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Jungkook: “For me?” Jungkook looks up from your present. His English is hesitant, but cute, stuttering like your own heartbeat.

You nod, trying to calm your jittery insides. You had been keeping that Iron Man plush in your wardrobe for the past few months, waiting for the moment you could hand it over.

“Thank you,” he offers you a shy smile, “I’m sorry… my English - it’s not very good.”

That’s okay,” you attempt in Korean, “I know a little Korean.”

“Oh,” the air rushes out of him, bottled up, now spilling out, “That’s good, I always get so nervous speaking English.

“I’m the one who should be nervous,” you say, “I mean, I’m meeting you. You! You’re so handsome and talented… and I’m just… me.

No, you’re not… just… just.You’re pretty enough to give me a heart attack,” he places a hand on his chest to demonstrate. Is he… flirting?

When you recover from giggling at his joking, he blows you a kiss, and now there’s no doubt. He is definitely flirting. What happened to that shy boy from a few moments ago? He’s nowhere to be seen. Someone check lost and found, put up missing person signs. He’s gone, and a new confident Jungkook sits in his place. 

Not that you’re complaining.

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Service - Daryl Dixon & Negan Imagine

Part 2

Part 3

request: Heyo I’m quiet new here so I don’t know if u write Daryl imagines or one shots? But if u do could'ya do one where negan finds out ur Daryl’s Girlfriend&He wants to make her one of his gf’s because she is quiet pretty&he wants to drive him more crazy?

“Alright, buddy,” Negan announced, “Time for a field trip.”

“Why?” Daryl asked. 

“Because I said so!” Negan barked. “Unless you want to go back to your cell and listen to your favorite song, of course. Dwight, here, can make that possible.” Daryl didn’t need to be persuaded any more. He hopped into the back of the truck with a group of Negan’s men. 

You and Eugene sat at a small table next to the gates of Alexandria. He was busy fixing some kind of speaker, and you were sharpening one of your knives. Since Daryl wasn’t around anymore, you had to find ways to stay busy and keep your mind occupied. Rosita and Spencer pulled up to you and Eugene, their car halting to a stop. 

“Can you open the gate?” Rosita asked. You got up from your seat and made your way over to the latch. “Eugene!”

“Yeah,” he mumbled. 

“Why don’t you get off your ass and open the gate instead of sitting there and making (Y/N) do it?” Rosita quipped. 

“It’s really okay,” you assured both of them. “I don’t mind.” With everyone constantly on the edges of their seats, you found everyone was more snappy and got angry with each other much quicker than usual. You knew that you would all have to remain a united front if you wanted any chance to kill Negan, so you tried your hardest to keep everybody civil. 

“We’re going out to see if we can find anything for when they come,” Spencer said, leaning in to Rosita so he could talk to Eugene. “You wanna help?”

“I don’t believe I’d be up to that,” Eugene answered, clenching and unclenching his fists. 

“Yeah, sounds about right,” Rosita sneered. You could see she was trying to end their conversation so she wouldn’t say something too harsh. She had done it before, and she felt like absolute shit afterwards. 

“I can go with you guys,” you offered. “I need to get out of here for a while.”

“I’m repairing this portable audio system for them. We’ll have a perfectly respectable music player when they arrive.” Eugene began to babble on about how he was, in fact, helping out with the community. “I’m doing my part to give them what they want.” 

Just as you were about to swing the latch to open the gate, you heard the loud roaring of motors from outside Alexandria. Rosita put the car in park and got out of the car, following Spencer. Eugene grimaced at the loud noises. The motors stopped, only for whistling to start. You saw the shadow of a man and a baseball bat walking up to the gate and immediately stepped back. The bat was swung in circles by one hand, and the other stayed in his pocket. 

“Dun, dun, dun, dun,” Negan sing-songed. You could only see the silhouette of him resting Lucille on his shoulder through the tarp that spread across the gate. He raised the bat and knocked three times, Eugene flinching with each echoing clash. “Little pig, little pig!” Lucille was back on his shoulder. His knees bounced with each word as he articulated, “Let me in!” 

Rosita’s jaw stiffened as she looked to you and then Spencer. He stepped past you and pulled back the fence, revealing Negan and many of his men. “Well?”

Spencer stared through him, curiosity evident on his face. “Uh, who are you?” You and Rosita immediately glanced at each other, fear rising within the two of you. 

“Oh, you better be jokin’!” Negan said with a smile. He rocked on his knees as he did previously and bobbled his head. “Nega, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong first impression!”

Rick walked up beside you and next to Spencer. “Well, hello, there,” Negan smirked. You and Rosita stood on either side of Rick, the three of you sending glares Negan’s way. “Do not make me have to ask.” The smile had dropped from his face, and his words were laced with what sounded like a threat. 

Rick looked away and then back before walking to the gate. “You said a week. You’re early.” He pulled the gate back, leaving Negan to look at you and Rosita. 

“I missed ‘ya,” Negan sarcastically remarked. He chuckled, then killed a walker that had weaved its way through his vehicles. “Alright, everybody! Let’s get started.” Only now were you able to see all the Saviors who had tagged along. Amongst them was Daryl. He looked disgusting. His hair was greasy and hung in front of his eyes which had several bags under them. His winged leather vest was replaced by a grayish sweater with the letter A spray-painted in orange largely on his chest. What you assumed were sweat stains lined the neck of the raggedy sweater. Daryl looked at you, going back and forth between making eye contact and looking at the pavement beneath his feet. 

“Hey, Rick, you see that? What I just did? That is some service!” Negan continued to address Rick, but all you could do was stare at poor Daryl. His busted lip quivered as he looked around him. Daryl followed Negan into Alexandria, occasionally being shoved by the man with the burnt face. 

“Daryl,” you tried to say quietly, but you began to sob as soon as you got close to him. 

“No,” Negan interrupted. “Nope.” He walked in between the two of you and admired your sad frame. “Aw, were you two a thing? That’s cute.” He stepped closer to you, and you moved back. He took another step, and you did too. This time, you bumped into Rosita, who caught you in her arms and steadied you. Negan’s face was now inches away from yours. “Come on, darlin’. I’m not all that bad.” You sobbed and turned your head away from him, trying to avoid eye contact at all costs. He reached out to touch you, and you turned your head again. His fingers brushed against your cheeks as you sniffled. He turned your head so you were facing him. “Wow, you’re not too bad.” He stepped back, and you jerked your face out of his grasp. He looked you up and down. “A bit malnourished, but not too bad. You could be of use to me.”

“I’m nobody’s sex doll,” you retorted. You knew exactly what he meant, and you weren’t about to let that happen. 

“How about this?” Negan chuckled. “You come home and marry me, or I let Lucille have Daryl. Right here, right now. Hm?”

You frantically shook your head and stepped closer to him. “No! No, please. I’ll-I’ll go with you. Just don’t hurt him.”

Daryl’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he began to shake. 

“You got it. Now, get in the van.” 

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