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New Shoes

Title: New Shoe (Reader x Sam)

Word Count: Around 725.

Warning: None, maybe a little fluff.

A/N: I paired the reader with Sam. This was fun to write! Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!


“What?” Dean looks at Sam.

“I lost my shoe.” You spin around to look at Sam.

“What?” You raise an eyebrow and look back at Dean. “How- I’m not even going to ask.”


You sigh as Sam whines about not having a shoe. How could he possibly loose a shoe in the sewer?

“Quit your whining. Get in the damn car.” You grab your bag and head out the door of the bunker. You ignore Dean’s yelling about driving the impala. Sam soon comes out with a pair of boots on.

“Where are we going?” He questions as he gets into the car.

“Shoe shopping! I never thought I would be happy about that.” You laugh.

You’ve never been a girly girl, you’ve always been a tom boy. Always hunting, and sharing a beer with the boys. Hell, when you were younger your mother gave you a bowl cut. Sam and Dean don’t even tease you because you could drop them on there asses.

You pull into the parking lot of the shoe store and you turn the car off. It has been a long time since you were in a shoe store.

You hop out of the car, and Sam does the same. You March inside the store, Sam on your heels. You pause in front of the isles.

“What size are you?” You ask trying to think.

“Thirteen, I think.” You walk to the back of the store in the men’s isle. You watch Sam search for a pair of shoes. He puts a pair on and you can’t help but laugh.

“No, no. Not those. They make you look like a clown.” You spit out. He just chuckles back and peels the shoes off.

“That’s what I was thinking.” You manage to wander to the women’s section. You pull out a box labeled Converse. It wouldn’t hurt to try them on you thought. You open the box and a smile appears on your face. You hurry to take the shoes out of the box and try them on. You start to tie them and you feel like a princess. You dance around the isle, silently cheering.

You walk back to Sam. “What do you think, Y/N?” He points to his feet and he has a pair of nice shoes on.

“Sexy.” You say and immediately wish you hadn’t.  A blush creeps to your cheeks. “What about these?” You ask breaking the awkward silence. 

You’ve always loved Sam. He made you feel happy. You haven’t admitted it to him though. You don’t think you could be loved, especially by him. You thought that you weren’t good enough for him and that he would never love you. He just thinks of you as a friend, and nothing more.

“Sexy.” He says back and you blush even more. You put your head down, and walk away. You place the shoes back in the box. You don’t put the box away though. You just set the box down next to the shelf.

You spot another box that has a pair of high heels in them. You pull the gorgeous red heels out of the box and slide them onto your feet. You dance around before going back to Sam.

“I think I found my shoes.” Sam says, his back facing you so he can put another box back. Once he turns around his lips curve into a smirk. “And I think you did too.”

“Nah, I still like those Converse better. I just am getting these so I am finally as tall as you.” You reply back. You notice his smirk as he somehow got closer to you.

“I think you should get them both, Y/N.” Sam says quietly. You can feel his hot breath. You freeze as he leans forward for a kiss.

“Sam.” You warn. “Don’t do something you would regret.”

“The only thing I would regret is not kissing you.” Then you lean in, placing your soft lips on his burning ones.  Your heart practically explodes. You have dreamed about this forever, and now it’s finally happening.

madtown series | the red shoes special

Moos wears them everywhere — in the video, or in the practice room

or hanging on the streets with Jota.

Lee Geon loves his red shoes too!

Moos and Lee Geon make a serious case for casual cool at the airport…

and take their magical red shoes to Hong Kong.

Buffy is obviously fond of his puffy red shoes

because they have a special spot in their music room.

Daewon’s seem the sturdiest of the bunch, the better to keep up with his dance moves :)

[ credit to madtown_camp, IT’S YOU,, @gg123569 ]


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The reader likes Steve, and goes to confess, but ends up singing Elvis Presley because of nerves.

Requested by: anonymous


“You’ve got this, you’ve got this.” I whispered to myself as I ruffled the wrinkles out of my shirt. I know it’s really cheesy to practice how you’re going to confess to yourself in the mirror, but what would you do if you were about to confess your long-held-secret crush to the Captain America?!

So yeah, I was a bit nervous.

Brushing a lock of hair gone astray behind my ear, I put on a confident smile as I walked towards the living room of the tower, running my speech over in my head. Since no one else was home, I didn’t have to worry about being interrupted, which was pretty much the only thing that I didn’t have to worry about. Everything was good, this is going to be amazing-


I looked up to find myself face first into the chest of none other than Steve himself, who I hadn’t noticed turning the corner of the hallway as I walked. He let out a light chuckle as he side stepped. My brain went frantic as he laughed. “Sorry about that!” He apologized, before turning to keep walking. My brain started screaming thirty-seven thousand different things at me at once.

“Steve, wait!” I called, maybe a bit too loudly to stop him from leaving. He spun on his heel with an eyebrow raised. I looked at the questioning in his blue eyes, and what do you know? That speech I’d worked on for weeks?


“Yeah? Do you need something?” He asked slowly, which sent my brain into overdrive once I realized I hadn’t said anything to him yet. ‘Say something! Anything! Don’t let him leave!’ My head screeched. Before I realized what was happening, my mouth started spilling with words to Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley.

“Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh, honey, lay off of my shoes. Don’t you step on my Blue suede shoes. You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes. You can burn my house, steal my car, drink my liquor from an old fruitjar. Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh, honey, lay off of my shoes. Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes. You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.” I sang, before nervously throwing my arms out into jazz hands. Steve looked at me like I had grown twelve heads, and my heart sunk as I knew I’d totally blown my chances. “Sorry, I, uh… I’ve been practicing that for a while and wanted to know what you thought?” I blurted out, hoping that was an adequate excuse. The hallway remained silent. I bowed my head, feeling heat creep onto my cheeks. Then, I heard the slightest noise. I looked up as it got louder and louder, and saw Steve with his eyes shut tight and his head thrown back in laughter, a wide grin on his face. I even saw a tear creeping down his cheek. I shrank further into myself. ‘Damn it, you’re an idiot!’ I cringed, not noticing that Steve’s laughter had slowly started to die down.

“That was- that was amazing! I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!” He cried, the smile never leaving his face. “That was the best Elvis I’ve seen. Thank you, so much. You should perform that for the tower some time!” He praised, causing the blush to run even darker on my face. I shook my head, finding a laugh escaping my own lips this time.

“Oh, no, that’s okay.” I smiled. His smile faded a bit, more gentle now.

“Really, your voice is beautiful. Listen, I’ve got some paperwork I need to take care of, but be ready for an encore later, all right?” He said as he turned his back to continue down the hall.

“Y-yeah, okay!” I laughed nervously. Once Steve rounded the corner, he looked back with one of his infamous half-smiles and a nod, before disappearing down the hall.

As the sweat dropped down my neck and tickled my spine, I realized that not only had I utterly failed at my little speech, but I also had to sing to him again later, only on purpose this time. I couldn’t help as I cursed my luck aloud in the abandoned hallway.

Damn it.

I gifted doll items to people with little or no money in the hobby. I gave a full doll, they requested a wig and eyes. I gave a full outfit, they requested shoes too. The only one who thanked me already had a few dolls and appreciated the value of the items because she had to work for her own and didn’t expect handouts. I want to be generous, but it’s frustrating when people are greedy for more and more.


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