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3 requests in one (that I hope can go together!) by two anons and @tashiniii

I present to you: Parentmor and Alex are shopping at the mall for a bunny chew toy for the puppy they adopted

That’s more than enough fluff for the rest of my life thanks (ノ *˙︶˙*)ノ

Tutus. Lots of Tutus. Never enough Tutus.


Traditional Chinese fashion, the warped-toe shoes. Generic term: 翘头履qiào tóu lǚ. Type: 凤头履、岐头履、聚云履、五杂履、鸠头履、重台履、分梢履、笏头履、五色云霞履、玉华飞头履 and so on. Chinese hanfu usually have long skirts that almost touch the ground. One reason for making shoes warped-toe like is that people don’t want to bother to gather their skirts up so they use the warped-toe part of qiaotou lv to hold their skirts(also it’s considered to be ungainly to do that especially for women in ancient China). The warped-toe parts vary from shape design to texture or material. Most shoes in pictures are from Tang dynasty, others from qin-han period, song dynasty and qing dynasty.