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Requested by @mikazau

So, the idea she gave me is an Elf Prince Yuri and Otabek’s first meeting. The setting is a masquerade ball that’s attended by representatives of each race (Elves, dwarves, humans, etc.). In this piece, Yuri, the Elf Prince whom everybody knows by name but not by face, wanted to sneak out of the castle (the host is a human lord and the ball takes place at his castle) to maybe explore the castle and see how human city looks like, but unfortunately, he’s spotted by Otabek, a knight working in the castle, who only recognised him as a guest of the ball.

I wasn’t going to add any texts, but ughhh I like the idea and some texts to add to the story isn’t gonna hurt, right??? RIGHT! Jeez, all these fantasy AUs are giving me ideas…

nedsseveredhead  asked:

i just finished sbr and would love a good dino diego :'D i miss him

i was pretty neutral-eh abt diego as a char but i appreciate him a bit more now (so long as i block his gaudy-ass dinosaur design and the overall way araki draws dinosaurs out of my memory kgjldfkjg)

BTS Group Chat 14.0

jin: hey guys
hoseok: yes jin hyung..?
jin: what did one ocean say to another?
taehyung: what..?
jin: nothing it just
jin: waved
*yoongi and 5 others have left the group*