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“Love Like You”

Sorry for the lateness! I couldn’t write it the way I wanted it to come out!! 
Also, I mixed two requests together because they were a little similar. Hope thats ok!

Fic Request:

-Would you mind writing an Ethan x Reader Oneshot where the reader can play the ukulele and joins Ethan in a stream to play and sing? Cheers from Sydney! 

-Reader x Ethan where reader has a crush on the blue boy and they sing “Love Like You”

If you want to listen to the song before reading this (which I recommend) here is the link to a video I listened while writing

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You scolded yourself for being nervous. You’ve been on Ethan’s channel before. His audience knew you. From what he told you, they adore you. 
It was true you’ve never been in the same room with Ethan while you two were recording. And also this was a stream, not a recording. Meaning if you fucked up, they would be no editing to save your ass. 
No! Stop being anxious and smile dammit! 
You took a sip of water as Ethan fiddled with the computer and camera. 
“Ahh there we go! Hi everyone!” Ethan greeted the stream. 
You almost spilled water on yourself as you hurriedly put the bottle down. 
“I was taking a sip!” You scolded Ethan, playfully. “You can’t start the stream when I have water in my mouth.” 
“Well I just did.” Ethan replied with a laugh. “How’s everyone doing?” 
You waved at the stream, giggly “Hello!” 
“Yes, (Y/N) is joining me on the stream today!” Ethan exclaimed happily, swinging a arm over your shoulder. You hoped that the stream didn’t catch the blush that crept over your cheeks.
“We don’t have anything planned though.” 
“We only got as far as setting up the camera and starting the stream.” You agreed with a smile. 
“I have an idea, lets get you guys decide what we’re doing,” Ethan said, looking at the comments. “Come everyone. What do you want us to do? Play a game? Answer questions?” 
“Take a fucking sip,” You mumbled bringing the water to your lips again. Ethan chuckled and lent against the desk, holding his head in the palm of his hand as he read the comments. 
“A lot of people are asking us to sing,” Ethan said. “I can’t sing though.” 
You nudged his side, “You can sing. Don’t deny it. I’m the one with a banshee for a voice.” 
Ethan chuckled, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing.” 
“Good!” You said with a smile. You looked down at the racing comments, catching ukulele a few times. “Oh! Thanks a good idea. I’ve been practicing the ukulele.”
“Really? You play the ukulele?” Ethan asked and you nodded.
“On and off, really. I picked it back up a few months back.” You peered over his computer to look at his room. “Do you have ukulele lying around?”
“Probably,” Ethan said with a laugh. “It’s probably hiding under the mess.”
You stepped out of the camera, “I’m gonna go on an adventure to look for the golden ukulele!”
“Come back alive!” Ethan said dramatically and you saluted him as you ventured away. 

You came back a few minutes later with the ukulele and smiled at the stream.
“My quest was a success!” You exclaimed triumphantly.
“But it’s not golden,” Ethan pouted, disappointed. 
“I said my quest was a success,” You glared playfully. “Don’t take my victory away from me.” 
Ethan chuckled and turned to the stream, “Alright. We have a instrument, but what are we singing?” 
“I’m not singing.” You said and Ethan rolled his eyes. 
“If I’m singing, you’re singing.” Ethan replied. “No backing down.” 
“I’ll hum.” 
“Bash my head to the beat.” 
“Sing.” Ethan said with a teasing angry tone. “Or else I’ll destroy that ukulele.” 
“But it’s your ukulele.” You pointed out and he looked at the object in your hands. 
“You’re singing.” He finally said and you sighed, defeated. 
You both fell silent as you read the requests. Many came up with the same song and you shrugged your shoulders.
“That’s the song I’ve been practicing for a while now.” You told the stream. “I think I recorded myself playing it too.”
“I don’t think I know it,” Ethan frowned. “Can you play it and I’ll see if it rings any bells.”
You nodded and lifted the ukulele into your arms, positioning your fingers on the strings and beginning to stroke the instrument.
Despite yourself, you started to hum along with the tune. Then your voice took flight without you even realizing it. 

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love

Ethan watched your fingers glide over the strings. Your voice captivating him as the song washed over him. 
It was familiar, but he was too busy watching you to fully bring the memory to the surface. 
The stream was going nuts. Praising you as you played and sung the song almost perfectly. 

When I see the way you act 
Wondering when I’m coming back 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love 
Like you 

You looked up when Ethan started singing. His body swaying slightly to the music, and his eyes watching you with a gaze that sent butterflies through your stomach. 
Your nerves rocketed and you stumbled a little with the strings. But you managed to get them under control, looking away from Ethan and concentrating on the ukulele. 

I always thought I might be bad 
Now I’m sure that its true 
‘cause I think you’re so good 
And I’m nothing like you. 

The smile that had stretched over Ethan’s face warmed the chests of the stream. The chat was going nuts that Ethan had moved closer to you while you strummed the cords, your voices mixing together and commenting on how your cheeks flared red. 

Look at you go 
I just adore you 
I wish that I knew 
What makes you think I’m so special 

Your fingers were beginning to cramp, becoming sweaty as you noticed Ethan standing closer. But you concentrated on the ukulele. Trying to keep your voice even. 
You were singing in front of thousands of people, not to mention you could feel the heat in your cheeks. No doubt everyone could see your emotions now. 

If I could begin to do 
Something that does right by you 
I would do about anything 
I would even learn how to love 

Your nerves took a hold of your voice and you began to hum the last verse. But Ethan’s voice carried on, strengthening as the song came to a close and you played the last few cords.

When I see the way you look 
Shaken by how long it took 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love like you.

You lowered the ukulele with a shy smile. “See, banshee voice.” 
Ethan chuckled, ruffling his hair and suddenly realizing how close he was to you. 
A blush dusted his cheeks and he stepped back, turning his attention to the stream with a smile. 
“There! Are you guys happy now?” 
You looked down at the chat and laughed at the comments.

-That was adorable! 
-Sing it again! 
-Can you two date already? 
-Wait, I thought they were dating! 
-Ethan ask them out already, you dummy!