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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them

Bestfriend Trouble (2/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s part 2 of Bestfriend Trouble! A lot of things are going to happen for this one. I hope you guys like this! Warning: This might be too cheesy for other people, especially near the end. HAHAHA. Enjoy!

Request: Can u do a imagine where Zach takes you to the dance and y'all do cute things like slow dance and all that.. and u can end it how u like it.


“Will you go with me, as my date, to the winter formal?” Zach finally asks after 10 minutes of clearing his throat, coughing and stalling. I laugh at him in response.

“Yeah, duh. Who else will I go with? You’re obliged to ask me since I’m your best friend.” I answer and he stares at me for a while with a confused look on his face.

“Well with that kind of reasoning, I should be asking Justin to the dance too since he’s also my bestfriend.” he mumbles under his breath but loud enough for me to hear while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, Zach? I don’t get why you’re acting so odd for the past couple of days.” I reply as I lean back on my chair and cross my arms in front of my chest. He turns to face me and lets out a deep sigh.

“Look, I’m not asking you to the dance because I have to or because it’s my responsibility as your best friend.” he begins, adding finger quotations as he says the words “best friend”.

“I’m asking you to the dance because I genuinely want to go with you, Y/N. No one else, just you. Only you.” he continues and I give him a small smile.

“Alright, fine, okay, I’ll go to the dance with you. It’s not like I had a choice anyway.” I answer and he groans in frustration.

“Please don’t say yes because you don’t have a choice. Please don’t say yes if you feel like you’re just doing me a favor.” he says as he rubs the sides of his temples. I raise an eyebrow at him and shake my head before speaking.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, yes, I will go to the winter formal with you Mr. Zachary Dempsey. It will be my absolute pleasure to be your date.” I finally say and he lifts up his head to face me. There was a certain sparkle in his eyes, like he was ecstatic that I agreed to go with him to the dance.

The rest of Zach and I’s time in Monet’s was nothing out of the ordinary. After the whole conversation about the dance, we just got on with typical best friend stuff. He got us more food - celebratory pastries as Zach liked to call them - and he dropped me home after that.

There were only a few days left until the winter formal and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for it. If I’m being completely honest, I was excited to go to the dance and I was hoping - even to the point of praying - for Zach to ask me to be his date. However, I didn’t want to let anyone know just in case everything goes to hell. I didn’t want to expect anything because expectations lead you to disappointments. Fortunately, it looks like the stars have aligned and the Gods have listened to my prayers because so far, everything’s going great.


The night of the winter formal

Getting ready for a school dance is the most tedious task there is. You need the perfect dress and the right hairstyle to go with that dress. Not to mention your shoes also need to be flawless.

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How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

Prompt: Hi :) could you please do a female JugheadxReader where the reader could be Archie’s somewhat younger sister and she’s always had a crush on Jughead. And then like one day she asks for Jughead’s opinion on her prom dress and then it kind of just escalates from there and turns into like hot smut. Um, haha, so yeah. Please and thank you! :)

A/N: Guys. This took forever to write. Hopefully you like it! I’ve been a bit of a slump but I’m hoping to upload some more. I’m also in the process of moving so my requests are closed until I move! Also I hit 4.7k? Thank you loves xxx

Warnings: Heavy Makeout Session (sorry it’s not the heavy smut you wanted), Archie is a cockblock as always. 


How Do I Look? (Jughead x Andrews!Reader)

As the youngest Andrew, you always hung out with Archie and the gang. Over the years you developed a crush on your brother’s best friend.

Prom was approaching and you had hoped that a certain boy would have asked you. Of course he didn’t. In fact, you didn’t know if he was even going at all.

It was 3 days before Prom when she cornered you.

“Little Andrew!” Her voice rings in your ears as she wraps her fingers around your arm.

“Hey Cherry. Whats up?” You smile at the Blossom twin.

You guys weren’t usually super close but after Jason died, you were the only one who had been there for her.

“So I know you wanted that freak to ask you to the dance-” Cheryl waves her other hand as you blush and try to interrupt her. “Don’t deny it. We’re besties. I know you like him.” She grins and pulls you to walk with her.

“Cherry, Where are you going with this?” Her fingers tighten slightly as we past my brother and his friends.

“Go to Prom with Me.” She shrugs. “Since the freak clearly is too stupid to do anything. Show him how hot you look in a dress.”

“Cheryl…” You shake your head but she waves you into silence again.

“Too late. I already bought your dress and it’s sitting in your room as we speak. Try it on when you get home and ask him for an opinion. Thank me later.” She yells as leaves you by your next class.

Why do you hang out with her again?

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Movie Night

It’s here! The first part of “Our Girl” is here! This is a Dean x Reader x Sam series. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam (polyamorous)
Words:  1076

A/N: This is an open series. You can request things for it at any time. It’ll probably be open for a while, so request away!
A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know. :)

          “Come on, Sam!” you and Dean both yelled from where the two of you were perched in bed. You had a bowl full of a mix of snacks made into a kind of trail mix. Dean had the drinks lined up for the three of you. Sam was in charge of the milkshakes you had requested. And he was taking too long for your and Dean’s liking.

           “I’m here,” Sam laughed, walking into the room with the three milkshakes, “You two are so impatient.”

           “Well, yeah,” you grinned up at him.

           Sam put the milkshakes on the nightstand and climbed into bed next to you, “What are we watching?” he asked.

           “It was Y/N’s turn to pick,” Dean grumbled slightly.

           Sam laughed, “Which musical are we watching this time?” he asked, knowing your movie taste well.

           “Chicago,” you grinned.

           “I can live with Chicago,” Sam said.

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Relentless - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by laurafortino

Note: Auston reminds me of someone who’s 100% relentless when it comes to something he wants, because that’s how he is on the ice, so enjoy a relentless Auston Matthews who doesn’t get the hint. Hope you enjoy! Also, long italics are flashbacks!

Mention: Mitch Marner

Warnings: None!

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Jakob Chychrun

Teaser: “Do you even take the hints you’re given, Matthews? I don’t like you, nor will I ever like you.” “One date, maybe even one kiss and you’ll change your mind.” “How about… no?”

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What If? (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: After a long first week of school, you meet up with Jeff at a party.

Request112 w/ Jeff please 💜 [lovemesomejeff]

#112 from Nearly 200 Writing Prompts-“Why are you bleeding?”

I hope you like it! It’s probably a lot fluffier than you wanted. Please request more from that prompt list because there’s so many good ones!

You were at Jessica’s back to school party. You came really late because you were working on a project, but your boyfriend said you had to at least make an appearance. You weaved your way through your drunk classmates and saw Jessica looking for alcohol. “(Y/N)! You came!”

“Yeah, Jeff said I should come when I finished my project.”

“It’s the first week of school and you already have a project? What kind of classes are you taking?” she laughed hysterically.

“Have you seen Jeff?” you asked after she calmed down.

“Justin!” Jessica called him over.

“What’s up, babe?”

“Where’s Jeff?”

“Beer run. He should be back soon. Hey, (Y/N),” he said finally noticing you.

“Hey, Justin,” you smiled. “If you see him before I do, can you let him know I’m here?”

“Sure,” he smiled. He turned to Jessica. “But right now Jess and I…”

You walked away before you could hear the rest. You wandered through her house looking for a familiar face that you could talk to until Jeff came back.

“(Y/N)!” you turned as Montgomery approached you. “Jeff didn’t think you were coming.”

“I told him I was. I was working on a project.”

“So lame that teachers assign that the first week of school. Hey, make sure you and Jensen keep working with him, so his grades don’t slip. We need his pitching this year.”

“I plan on it,” you smiled.

“I got the beer!” you heard as the front door opened.

“Finally!” “Yes, Atkins!” “Jeff, you’re the best!” were heard throughout the house. You walked into the kitchen and placed your hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” He turned around and smiled.

“I’m so happy you came.” You looked up at him. There was a cut on his nose and a couple more on his arms.

“Hey, babe, why are you bleeding?”

“Oh, there was a  small accident on the way home. I’m fine.”

“What happened?” you asked as you looked at the cuts on his arms.

“A stop sign was knocked over at one of the intersections and I braked really suddenly and a couple of bottles broke. I’m good, babe, don’t worry.” he looked at you.

“Let’s go to the bathroom, so we can at least put some band-aids on them,” you said pulling him in that direction.

“You’re such a mom!” he laughed before he grabbed your face gently with his hands. “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry. I don’t want to see you upset about this.”

“It just could have been more serious. A knocked down stop sign? What if you hadn’t braked at all? What if-”

“Babe, we can go all nights about the what if’s, but the facts are, I’m here. I’m good. And you need a drink.”

“I do not,” you rolled your eyes. He looked at you. “Okay, maybe you’re right.” He laughed as he wrapped his arm around you went to get some drinks.

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"I really need you." With Alya and Nino please~! I love you're writing so much it's amazing!!

“I really need you,” Alya whined over the phone. “Marinette refuses to come over because she apparently can’t afford to get sick.”

“And it’s okay for me to get sick?” Nino asked, cradling his cell phone between his ear and shoulder as he started stuffing things into his backpack.

“I’m lonely and sick and I neeeeeed you.”

Nino sighed. “I’m on my way.”

Alya snuggled in closer and Nino wrapped his arm around her. “You’re my favoritest of favorites,” she cooed, tapping his nose.

“That cold medicine finally setting in, huh?”

“I really like you, Nino Lahiffe. Like, I like like you.”

He cocked an eyebrow. “That’s a lot of likes.”

Alya plucked his red hat from his head and pulled it down on her own head. “I’ve decided your my boyfriend now.”

Nino blushed. “Yeah?”

“You should kiss me.”

“You’ll get me sick,” Nino said as he leaned forward. Alya grinned against his lips and then kissed him…and then she sneezed in his face.

“Hey, Marinette, do you know where Nino is today?” Adrien asked.

“Apparently Alya got him sick,” Marinette blushed, “by, um, kissing him…a lot.”

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

Thank you for your kind words, anon! Hope you enjoyed this prompt. Thanks for the request. :)

If you want me to do an ML drabble, just send me a prompt from this list with a pairing and I will get to it when I can. I don’t mind doing the same prompt for different pairings, but I won’t repeat same prompt/pairings. 

encrypted-cat  asked:

I have an amazing idea. Could you draw whoever you want from the undertale cast, as a marshmellow

This ended up being one of those times where I finished, sat back, looked at my paper, and asked myself “what the heck just happened”

So! The first person I thought of when I saw this was Sans

Then I drew him a buddy

Then I made more

And then just for the heck of it I drew the marshmallow goats as literal marshmallows

So uhm yeah that happened

@encrypted-cat I’m pretty sure none of us expected this to occur…but it did, and now I’m not sure if I’m happy or terrified. Thank you for the request, nonetheless!✨

Also let me just say, @encrypted-cat, you… oh my goodness, you seem to constantly be bringing me a smile with some sweet comment on a piece or a really kind ask. Thank you so much for all of your kind words.✨


Requested by anonymous

It’s been the three of you for as long as you can remember. Admittedly being friends with a tree and a raccoon was kind of strange but what the heck right?

“Hey Groot have you seen Rocket?” You asked. You’ve been looking for him every where but you have yet to find him.

“I am Groot”.

“Okay thanks buddy” you said going in the direction where Groot was pointing. You eventually found Rocket working on some device.

“Hey Rocket did you finish fixing my gun”.

“Yeah yeah here” Rocket said tossing it to you.

“Thanks looks great”.

“What are friends for” Rocket replied going back to what he was doing.



the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

(its a bit long but) I almost got fired over Funko pops

I work where to stop to buy games. About a year ago, I noticed we were supposed to be getting in some Black Widow (Marvel) pop figures at some point. They were pre-orderable, in fact one was already pre-ordered​ by someone, but I decided to wait and see what they look like before putting any money down on it. Despite having a release date for it in the system, Funko pops never seem to actually arrive by that date.

Eventually I come into one of my evening shifts I find 3 of the Black Widow pops on the back counter, along with some other new ones. And it doesn’t take long for a pop…“collector” to show up. I greet her, ask if I can help find anything and she says “yeah how many songbirds and vault boys do you have? I want all of them.” I asked if she was getting multiples for friends, but ’m they’re all gonna be mine" which sounds real shady (scalpers do this kind of stuff all the time) but okay. I check the system and start hunting for all of the requested characters, which ended up being like 4 and 3 respectively. My store at the time had pops scattered around (even some in the back room) and there was a heck-ton of ‘em. It was just me at the store front at the time, so it was already a bit stressful. I manage to find 3 of each (gave up on the last songbird after a good 10 minutes) and bring them all to the front counter, at which point she sees the Black widows and asks to buy them as well.

My co-workers have a bad habit of leaving product that isn’t past it’s release date out on the back counter after processing them, and again, pop release dates are messy as hell, so I go to the back to ask my assistant manager (who was on break) if I could sell them, to which he says yes. So I go back to the front and ask her how many she wants, which is also 'all of them’. I start up the transaction and try to make small talk while scanning, like “Oh yea I’m glad the Black Widow figures have finally been released, they’re so cute.” But that’s when I remember that one was pre-ordered. I double check and up, I apologize and tell her that I need to keep one because someone already put money down on it and we just got them today. She gets passive aggressive at this, saying “you know you can buy those at other stores, I know the manager of the stop for games across the street I bet he has some too”. Cool, so not only are you gonna accuse me of withholding product, you’re gonna tell me to do something you could go easily do yourself as well?? I tell her that I wished it was mine but it’s for someone else. She keeps mumbling about it but finally pays for what she got and left.

Fast-forward to the end of my shift, and my manager calls me to the back room. He asks me if someone was trying to buy the widow pops, and I explain the entire thing and emphasize that the assistant m said I could sell them (i was afraid I broke the release date). He tells me the customer left a nasty comment on my survey, saying that I was withholding product from her and that she will never shop at this location again. The district manager was the first to see it, called my manager and demanded that he fire me on the spot. Fortunately my manager knew that I would never do that and told the DM that he’d have to hear my side of the story first. The AsM backed me up as well, saying he noticed her attitude and regretted not helping me with her. I kept my job, but I still went home in tears because that was the first (and so far only) time that had ever happened to me.

I’ve seen her come back to my store at least twice since then.


Jensen Ackles x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @iwriteaboutdean-personalblog. Requested a story about the reader who is sick, and Jensen is concerned. Gets mad when she won’t go to the doctor. Hope it’s kind of what you wanted!

“Y/N, sweetie, everything okay in there?” Your husband Jensen asked. He was standing outside the bathroom door, a door you never used to lock against him. It was locked now, because you didn’t want him to see how bad you actually felt. Another cough racked your body, and you covered it with a tissue. Pulling it away, you were a little scared to see the tiny bit of blood covering the white cotton.

“Yeah, everything’s okay.” You replied, even though you felt anything but okay. You hadn’t felt okay in a while, but you didn’t want him to know. He worried enough about you, about leaving for five days at a time. If he knew you weren’t feeling good, it would make everything worse.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ming-Na Wen, Original Voice of 'Mulan,' Might Have a Role in Disney's Live-Action Remake!

The ABC star added that there is one thing that she’s definitely “hoping for” in the next Mulan. “I would love to have a part in it in some way,” she said. “We’ll see – knock on wood!’

Wen, who continues to voice the role of Mulan on Disney Channel’s Sofia the First and the Disney Infinity video games, dished that she is already having "conversations” about having some kind of role in the film.

“I know the fans really want it and love it. And some of them even go, ‘Well, why don’t you just play Mulan?’ And I’m like, 'Yeah, if it’s Mulan: The Later Years,’” the 53-year-old actress said with a laugh.

When asked which star she’d love to see step into her shoes as Mulan, Wen only has one request: “That she’s Chinese in her heritage.”

She continued, “Even though we’re Pan-Asian, it is specifically a Chinese folklore and I really think that someone with that ethnic background [would] really just add more to the story.”

Nerves - Loki

Requested by anonymous. Last January requested fic, finally!

“I promise you, it will be fine,” you said, putting the finishing touches to your hair. You looked back at your boyfriend, who looked as worried as he had been a moment before. “Your brother will be there, he won’t let anything happen. And I’ll be there, and I won’t let anything happen.”

He forced a smile at you. Loki had never appeared this nervous before, and it was just making you more nervous. The rest of the team had agreed to have dinner with you and Loki, to try and show their acceptance of your relationship. That wasn’t going to go over well if Loki wasn’t acting like himself. The self that you knew, not the one they thought they knew.

You walked up to him and kissed him softly. He smiled down at you as you put your hand on his chest. He covered your hand with his.

“It’s going to be fine.”

“I know.”

“I love you.”

“I know. I love you, too,” he said, smiling fully this time. 

The two of you walked down to the dining room of the Avenger’s facility, finding Bruce standing at the door. He raised his eyebrows at you quickly when you walked up and smiled.

“You as nervous about this as the rest of us?” he asked, smacking Loki on the shoulder. Loki flinched almost, and you looked at him. Perhaps he remembered what it was like to get hit by Bruce’s counterpart that was making him so jumpy. 

“Yes,” you answered for him, lacing your hand in his. Bruce nodded and walked through the door first. You looked up at Loki who smiled. “Let’s go.” The pair of you walked into the dining room and sat down. Loki chose the seat next to Thor, seemingly finding the most comfort in his brother who he hadn’t been friends with for years.

Natasha was sitting across the table directly from Loki, and kept giving him looks. She was sitting next to Clint, who would whisper things in her ear every once in a while that would make her laugh, and make Loki cringe.

Wanda was sitting next to you, and was actively trying to make conversation with Loki. He talked cordially with her, too, and you thought he was relaxing a bit. Vision would input things every once in a while, but no one was every truly comfortable around Vision, so you couldn’t really blame him.

Things seemed to be going fine, until Steve and Tony walked in. They sat down and barely said a word. But, Loki still looked nervous. Everyone started eating, and still you tried to make conversation, to get Loki involved, but he remained mostly silent. 

“Loki,” Thor said, “ You should tell them about the time that we raced in boats for the affections of that girl when we were twelve. They’d love to hear it.”

“I’m sure they wouldn’t,” he said softly.

“Oh come on,” you said, “Tell us.” He sighed, and cleared his throat. Thor was smiling widely, and you thought that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

“So, there was this blonde girl whose mother was one of our teachers, so she would come to class with us sometimes,” Loki began.

“And we both had a crush on her,” Thor said. 

“Right. So we came up with a competition, to see who would get to go out with her.” You cocked an eyebrow at him, and he put his hand on your knee. “So, we decided that we would have a river boat race. Whoever could race across the river and get to school first, would get to ask her out.”

“Let me guess,” Natasha said, “Thor won?”

“Yes,” Loki said with a laugh. “With quite a big difference.” Loki looked over at his brother who seemed to blush a little. 

“What?” Wanda asked. It seemed only the women were trying to be polite to Loki. 

“She didn’t want to date me, she liked Loki,” Thor said. The whole table chuckled, and Loki’s grip on your leg softened.

“So did you date her?” Tony asked.

“No,” Loki said bashfully.

“Why not?”

“It doesn’t matter,” you said, shooting him a look. He rolled his eyes and took a drink. You shook your head and conversation started to happen among everyone. You turned your attention to Loki.

“Thank you for doing this,” you said.

“Of course,” he said, rubbing your knee. He leaned in to kiss you, and this was one of the first times that you weren’t afraid who was watching. 

The rest of the night went somewhat the same. There were high points and low points to the evening, but overall you would say it went pretty well. That night, after Loki had fallen asleep, you got up to get a glass of water. In the kitchen, you found Steve talking to Thor.

“Evening,” Steve said. You smiled at the two men as you took a drink of your water. 

“Tell her what you told me,” Thor said.

“We’re going to try with Loki. We can tell that the two of you really care about each other,” Steve said. You gasped a little and laughed.



“You two were all over each other at dinner,” Thor said, making you both laugh.

“Sorry, I didn’t know we were that bad.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Steve said. “We noticed. It wasn’t bad.”

“Thanks, guys.” They both nodded, and after taking another drink of water, you went back to your room. Once you were out of sight of the two blondes, you ran back to your room. Loki was asleep, but you didn’t care. You jumped on the bed, waking him. 

“What?” he asked groggily.

“They liked you.”

“What?” he asked again, sitting up.

“Everyone. They liked you. Or, they liked us.”

“Really?” he asked, smiling. 

“Yeah.” He laughed a little and moved towards you, pulling you in for a sweet kiss. “I told you there was nothing to worry about,” you said when you pulled away.

“I know.”

“But I’m glad you did. I know you care.”

“You’re just figuring that out now?” he asked with a smile, pulling you in for another kiss.

vianna-orchidia asked: how about sensei!dazai and student!chuuya? or the opposite xD

i can see dazai as the eccentric but really good kind of teacher and chuuya as a sort of quiet foreign student still trying to adjust


Gif source:  Clint

Imagine Clint recruiting you for S.H.I.E.L.D. after seeing your skill and agility as an ice skater.

——— Request for anon ———

“You’re pretty good out there,” he says as you walk out of the locker room, carrying your skates.

“You were watching,” you recognize him from where he had been sat on the edge of the rink.

“Yeah, well, I keep my eye out for talent,” he confesses, offering you his hand for you to shake, “Clint Barton.”

“You some kind of recruiter?” you ask as you take his hand, watching as the corner of his mouth curls upwards into a smirk.

“Today, I am.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! If you feel inspired can you write about the RFA+V & Saeran trying new food like in a new restaurant or while on vacation abroad, and they catch a bad stomach flu. So how would the RFA deal with MC and the other way around what kind of sick person are the RFA? I know it's kind of a weird request but experiences like that really strengthen relationships so... ⊂(´• ω •`⊂) Thanks beforehand! I love you writing <3

I have been taking forever I am so sorry
Thank you for the request and compliment! And yeah I totally agree, taking care of someone when they’re sick is such a strong relationship builder…or breaker lolol
There are few parts to this ask so it might be formated a lil weird but bare with me

I hope you enjoy (ง♥ᨓ♥)ง


Taking care of you:

  • No MC don’t get out of bed just rest!
  • He has the laptop out in front of you so you can entertain yourself. 
  • Brought you tons of blankets
  • He’s terrified of getting sick though, so he’s in and out of the room
  • He keeps bringing you orange juice 
  • It’s too much acid. It makes you throw up, causing Yoosung to almost throw up.
  • “Yoosung?? Are you alright?”
  • Him, refusing to look at you or the trash can of vomit: “Yeah MC I-I’m fine. I’m just gonna..go over far away for a few mins..” He ran out of the room
  • After about an hour he comes back in, looking better than when he ran out earlier. 

When he’s sick:

  • He looks like he’s dying
  • He doesn’t move from bed
  • He tries to muster up the energy to play LOLOL but you reprimand him and make him rest more
  • He’s shamelessly needy when he’s sick
  • “MC can I have this?” “MC…I feel so gross.” “MCCCCCCCC, hellllllp”
  • But you get breaks when he passes out for a few hours at a time, or he’ll get distracted from how gross he feels by watching Let’s Plays. 


Taking care of you:

  • She follows all the online instructions
  • The room temp is changed to be the perfect temp for counteracting your illness
  • You’re positioned just right among a hundred pillows so you’re in the most ergonomic position to prevent you from puking on everything
  • She calls room service to request only nutritious meals to help get you back on track
  • She also calls the restaurant you two ate at and reports to them that you seem to have gotten sick from the food there, managing to get a gift card for the place as an apology.
  • If she thinks you’re about to up heave your guts she just looks away and crinkles her nose a bit
  • She’s basically the bedside angel nurse you never thought you’d deserve

When She’s sick:

  • She insists she can take care of herself
  • But you argue that she’ll get better faster if she just lets you take care of her, and the faster she gets better the faster you two can go back to enjoying your vacation
  • She tries to sleep as much as possible because she knows her immune system works faster then
  • But you remind her she shouldn’t force herself to sleep through her vacation
  • You get her vitamins and tea, and you two just sit on the bed or couch and watch the Cooking network because Jaehee loves watching pastries getting decorated 
  • Who doesn’t tbh


Taking care of you:

  • He waits on you hand and foot
  • Even when you don’t need, or even want, something, he brings it
  • Blankets, vitamins, water, orange juice, this weird herbal drink he found at the market that says it’s good for you, snacks, you name it
  • He cuddles with you despite being sick too sense he has the immune system of a beast
  • You two just sit around and watch movies all day while you nap on and off
  • He still thinks you’re cute, with your flushed face and red eyes and that adorable drippy nose
  • Haha just kidding he is not a fan of you being sick but he does think your sneezes are adorable and the way your eyes flutter when you first wake up from one of your naps is pretty damn adorable
  • When you barf…he is a little disenchanted but he knows it isn’t your fault so he just holds your hair and rubs your back

When he is sick:

  • He refuses to sit still and stay in the room
  • “Come on MC we have sights to see”
  • “But Zen you’re sick!”
  • “I don’t feel so hot but I can keep myself from throwing up at least so come on”
  • If he does vomit he grabs the nearest trash can and you’d hold his ponytail back
  • And cut it off
  • No just hold it
  • He insists he’d feel too awful if you guys sat around during a vacation just cause he has the stomach bug
  • And you insist you feel awful that he feels awful for being sick
  • You guys just go back and forth until you give up and resolve to just keep an eye on him and not stray too far from the hotel in case it gets worse
  • By the next morning he claims he feels better just from being with you all day


When you’re sick:

  • He calls the best local doctor in the area
  • All the high class foreign vitamins 
  • The best Korean vitamins are in express mail on their way to you guys
  • The restaurant is under new management within the hour because how dare they let this happen
  • Jumin please it isn’t their fault
  • You’re resting in bed and he’s by your side, pumped with antibiotics to keep him from getting sick because he refuses to leave you alone
  • He extends the vacation by a week to make up for any lost time spent in bed and sick

When he’s sick:

  • Very similar to the steps from when you were sick
  • You try to make the phone calls for him but he says he’s fine to do it and that you should at least have fun on your vacation
  • He tries to plan for a trusted tour guide to take you around so you can at least enjoy yourself
  • But you refuse, saying you’d much rather be with him
  • He tries to get you to leave so you won’t be at risk for catching whatever he has but you’re persistent
  • And despite him having all the best medicine and care already you do your best
  • You bring him warm or cold towelettes for his forehead when his temperature drops or spikes
  • You brush his hair back and do your best to hold his bangs back while he pukes
  • He apologizes for being so ‘disheveled’
  • You run to a local bookstore and find some interesting reads for him to entertain himself with while relaxing
  • Eventually you just snuggle up to him and nap while he does.


When you’re sick

  • First thing he does is dress as a sexy nurse
  • But then he gets serious…ironically serious considering his outfit
  • He buys some medicine and vitamins, uses the power of internet to get a good read on what may be ailing you
  • He knows you don’t feel like eating but insists you eat a small meal here and there to get some nutrients in you
  • He gets lots of bendy straws for you to drink water, because bendy straws make everything better.
  • You say the word and he is doing whatever you need or getting whatever you want in an instant
  • He’s your one and only bedside nurse <3

When he’s sick

  • “MC I’m fine”
  • “You threw up twice in an hour”
  • “I’m fi-”
  • You take the PhD Pepper out of his hand “No more of this for now” 
  • Cue you hiding all the really acidic and fatty foods he brought along despite his whining
  • He feels guilty doing work on vacation but you assure him that it’s ok since he can’t do much but sit at his computer anyways.
  • Besides, if he finishes some work now you two can have fun when you’re back home
  • He takes a lot of breaks though where you two just snuggle
  • After a while he hints that he has the sexy nurse outfit for whatever reason
  • You tell him you’ll put it on when he feels better.
  • Getting him all riled up while he’s sick is not on your to do list
  • He’s sad, but he understands
  • And while he hides most of it behinds jokes, he really appreciates you 
  • Even the part of you refusing to wear the sexy nurse outfit


When you’re sick

  • He’s a little annoyed. Not at you because he knows you didn’t choose this, but with the situation as a whole.
  • But you can tell he’s irritated and that either irritates you, or makes you feel a little guilty.
  • Cue slight strain on relationship here
  • But after an hour or two he realizes instead of being salty he could be helping you feel better and he does
  • He’s not good at it, but he tries.
  • He gets you water and some vitamins he’s familiar with, and tries to find things for you to entertain yourself.
  • After a while he realizes you’re happy with the two of you just lounging around and talking….and that makes him happy too.
  • Maybe this isn’t such a bad vacation. He wasn’t super excited to go outside into tourist land anyways.
  • Then you started puking and he had to hold your hair back
  • Ok no still kind of bad vacation
  • But even a bad vacation with you is an okay one in his eyes

When he’s sick

  • He’s just overtired and feeling icky and therefore a little more snappy than usual
  • You try getting him to eat but he refuses because his stomach hurts
  • After almost a whole day you bring in a tray of easy to digest foods and try getting him to eat once again
  • “No.” He glares at you and turns his back as he lays down.
  • You glare daggers into the back of his head.
  • “Saeran, you’re going to eat something or so help me god.” He turns to look at you, a challenging look in his eye. He isn’t used to you being assertive but he’s not going to give i-
  • You’re still glaring at him. Dead. In. The. Eyes.
  • “Alright” He grumbles as he takes the tray
  • At first he’s just moving things around with a spoon
  • But eventually he starts picking at things and actually eating
  • And he even feels a little better
  • Weird. It’s like being overtired, sick, and hungry only made things worse who would have guessed certainly not MC
  • You notice he’s sweating and grab a cold towel and start washing his forehead
  • “What are you doing”
  • “Does this not feel good?”
  • “No no.. it does. Thanks.” He looks away as you tilt his face to get all the drops and brush back his sweat matted hair. 
  • Once he’s freshened up a little more you just cuddle him.
  • “MC…”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Thank you.” 


When you’re sick

  • Protective Daddy Mode Activated
  • Much like the others he just takes care of you
  • And even when you whine he doesn’t mind, he understands you don’t feel well
  • He does anything he can to help
  • He does think it’s for the best that you two don’t cuddle or kiss though, cause if he catches it too then you’re both screwed
  • He even wears a germ mask
  • But he’s cute as fuck so you don’t mind
  • He brings you tea and water constantly, along with small nutritious meals
  • He gets tourist books and rearranges your schedule so you two can optimize the time you have once you feel better
  • The vomiting doesn’t phase him, he just holds your hair, rubs your back, and mutters encouraging, albeit strange, things along the way
  • “That’s it MC, get it all out” “You’ll feel better soon” “I’ll be here with you, just relax and do what you need”
  • Thanks V, the vomit was needing that encouragment

When he’s sick

  • He is bedridden
  • Boy will not move
  • He suddenly seems so fragile
  • You kind of think he’s dying.
  • But he assures you he is fine and tries to get you to go out and have fun without him
  • What is with these boys not understanding you’re not leaving them
  • Whenever you bring him something he sings praise about how kind you are to him, and how he doesn’t deserve you.
  • As much as he wants to be near you, he can’t risk getting you sick because ‘he’d be unable to deal with the guilt’ so he banishes you to the living room while he sleeps.
  • You feel bad but he absolutely refuses anything that involves you doing something for him more strenuous than making a cup of tea.
  • Once he feels better a couple days later he promises to make it up to you, despite you saying he has nothing to make up for. 
Noticing (Peter X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Can you do a fic where the reader is the youngest avenger and a witch and always helps T'Challa, Peter and Scott become closer to the team? Idk maybe she gossips with them or requests to go on a mission to make them feel included. Maybe some peter x reader stuff. Flufff thanksss

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When you were able to perform magic, the media labelled you a ‘Witch’, and you knew they meant it in a bad way, but over time you grew to adapt the name and decided to roll with it.

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