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//So back when I was re-watching Naruto, I noticed something during the Sound and Sand Invasion Arc.
Bear with my long post as I delve and ramble into detail ;)

Sasuke ran off to stop Gaara the moment the attack started, urged by Genma who declared he was already at Chunin level and to consider this the continuation of their fight. Genma holds off Baki who was supposed to capture Sasuke on Orochimaru’s behest. Without question Sasuke runs off ahead to do his part. Once Kakashi notices this, well aware of the danger that threatens his student, he has Sakura wake Naruto and Shikamaru from the genjutsu to pursue their comrade. He wants them to catch up and get Sasuke (and themselves) to a safe location before any harm can come their way. He also knew Gaara was no regular Genin (unaware that he was a Jinchuuriki at the time) and is worried for their safety. Sending Pakkun to help in tracking and avoiding the enemy, he declares it an A rank mission.

As we know, they catch up, Shikamaru separates to fend off a group of Sound ninja that ultimately was no match for him. Asuma’s timely arrival saved him.

Sasuke used too much chakra in pursuit, during his small/brief fight against Temari, and mostly in his battle against Gaara. He fought to the point of exhaustion, pushed himself near death by forcing a third chidori (which Kakashi warned him plain and simple that it could kill him) and ultimately succumbed to the overwhelming pain the curse mark manifested, causing him to become immobile. Gaara was going to kill him, but Naruto comes in time to strike him aside. While Sakura is immediately at Sasuke’s side, worry forming as she fears the worst.

Sakura defends him when Gaara bypassed Naruto, getting caught and rendered unconscious in the process. While she is stuck and Sasuke is incapable of moving, Naruto advances. However, he gets struck and sent flying back. Sasuke, despite the pain he’s enduring, lunges himself forward to soften the blow, something that wouldn’t have harmed Naruto all that badly had he hit the tree instead.

Afterwards, the two debate on the fight, wondering the best course of action to take. Sasuke overcomes the throbbing pain, managing to stand again. This is a very important character development scene for him. Although his whole life, revenge has been his fuel, his reason for existing, Sasuke willingly put the life of his comrades ahead of his own. Claiming that he’d sacrifice himself in order for Naruto and Sakura to get away, even if he only bought them a few minutes, he’d give that. He’s even out of breath as he explains, showcasing his growing fatigue.

It’s just as Orochimaru mentioned back during the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams. Being around his friends, mostly Naruto, changed Sasuke’s heart. For someone who should be preserving his own life, selfish in design in order to kill his brother, shouldn’t be so ready to die. But he takes no reproach upon himself for being weak here. He doesn’t even hesitate or pause to think of another solution. Deciding that if he died here, he was never meant to go further, tossing any chance of avenging his clan aside.

He lost his family, everything that was precious to him when he was merely seven years old. His heart and mind never fully healed, but being around Team Seven, living instead of simply surviving, caused them to become family. Just like in the Land of Waves, Sasuke stopped Haku from killing Naruto by getting in the way of a fatal attack. And later when he hears Itachi is back in the village, his instinct isn’t vengeance, it’s saving his friend.

Sasuke has taken loss after loss, structured his world on loneliness and sorrow, growing up in a devastation he learned to hon and tolerate. Yet, he’s grown. He managed to comprehend what truly mattered throughout his time with them. Although his protective instincts are usually buried in fear of losing more, he’s learned from those around him. Orochimaru’s offer of power is certainly desirable, but there was never a moment where Masashi depicted him contemplating the idea (despite the fact that he probably had at some point prior to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc).

His words stir Naruto into action, making him realize what it means to be strong. Sasuke sparked the notion of strength via protecting others into Naruto’s head, making him remember the power that lies in having people you care about. Due to Gaara’s ferocity, he nearly forgot, questioning it. He and Gaara were alike, so much that he began to fear the idea of what he could’ve become if he didn’t have Iruka and the others, that it somehow made Gaara stronger than him, unbeatable. Until this very instant, recalling all former mentions and selfless actions that were proved by Sasuke’s words, he knew he had nothing to be afraid of.

Naruto tells Sasuke that’s he’s done enough, that he should rest, while he decided to take over the fight. In obvious consequence to Naruto’s raging power and capabilities to take down Gaara, Sasuke is surprised to see just how much stronger his friend became. And as Naruto did the same during the exams, while Sasuke and Gaara fought, he belittled his own strength by comparing. It’s only natural that this occurs due to their rivalry and competitive nature. 

However, in Sasuke’s perception, it’s different. He considers himself only strong when he’s stronger than those around him, stifling his inferiority by his nurtured superiority complex. He gets criticized over this, but it’s what he’s done in order to make it this far. He has to claw his way out of the past, out of the vulnerability that was exposed when Itachi took his entire world away from him. Rebuilding a future around the destruction caged inside was all he considered himself capable of until those ideals were squandered by his upcoming defeat at Itachi’s hand.

Once the fight draws to a close, the sand binding Sakura to the tree disappears. Her interference in order to protect him caused her to get hurt. The guilt is betrayed on his face. He catches her, placed her down gently, telling Pakkun to keep an eye on her as he goes to check on Naruto’s condition.

After reaching Naruto, hearing that Gaara wishes to stop fighting and go home, the other passes out with a smile on his face. Initially, Naruto is still trying to move, but Sasuke warns him that it’s enough, and tells him Sakura is safe, allowing Naruto to feel relieved. Their teamwork might not have been on display during this fight, but their devotion to protecting one another outweighed any question to how deeply they care for each other. This is a prime example to how much Team Seven has developed since they first formed as a team. They’re imperfect, maybe even mismatched at times, but their imbalance stabilizes them, forming bonds.

Now I can get to the actual point of my post. This is where Masashi decided to close on their progress and we only see these three later on, well after the invasion forces are being drawn back, this arc coming to a close.

But at this time, after the Sand Siblings leave, they still need to get somewhere safe. While his teammates are both unconscious, Sasuke is the only one able to move despite his physical exhaustion taking a toll. He has to take the both of them to a place they can hide from enemies. Now as Pakkun and Shikamaru stated enemy shinobi are lurking around, travelling in strategic groups to ambush any ninja they come by in the forest, all Chunin level or higher.

Sasuke had to manage all on his own, carrying his friends, probably running into numerous fights along the way in order to protect them. The strain he must feel on his body is enormous since the curse mark siphons chakra and he depleted himself the moment he decided to use a third chidori. Forcing himself to stand is one thing, but being on the verge of collapse, pushing past his lack of strength, he gathers himself, his friends, and fights.

They were sent out to stop him, and in the end, Sasuke is the one that has to safeguard them on his own against all odds. If that doesn’t display Sasuke’s development and where his priority truly lies before he was enticed by the lure of power, then I don’t know what does. But even then, Sasuke proves himself many times over before leaving the village that he cares and is no longer the child he used to be, clinging only to self-preservation. His devotion goes beyond revenge. It’s only the mix of fear and confusion that shatters that resolve later.

Make Up Sex - Castiel x Candy NSFW

Okay, I’m worried that this one might seem a little repetitive considering the that the last drabble was a request for almost the exact same thing but with Armin instead of Castiel. I hope you’re all pleased with it anyway though.

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Platonic hug between Keith and Pidge? Maybe Pidge needs comforting after an anxiety attack or a battle and Keith helps her. Love your work, thank you!

I definitely remembered this wrong and did during an anxiety attack?  Anyway, two hugs for the price of one!  Awkward sidehug AND long-lasting hold-a-person hug!

They all knew Pidge took it rough when they encountered Galra slaves and her father wasn’t among them, but usually Shiro went to talk to her afterward, so Keith hadn’t thought about it much.  He hadn’t felt like he had a right to talk to her about it, anyway, not since that time he told her her family wasn’t more important than the whole universe.  That had been a bad play, and while he’d realized that at the time based on how the others had reacted, it hadn’t really sunk in until the Blades’ test.

He almost went and got Shiro, now.  But Pidge wasn’t just crying, she was shaking, so hard he could see it from the door to Green’s hangar.  That seemed like a whole different kind of bad, and he wasn’t sure getting Shiro was the right thing.  He tentatively stepped into the room, but she was too wrapped up in her head to notice, and he suddenly knew he’d made the right choice.

“Hey, Pidge, are you ok?” he asked.

Pidge looked up at him from where she was sitting against the wall, eyes wide.  Her face was flushed and her breathing was a little fast, like she’d been running.  She shook her head, frantically, and his mouth went dry.  No.  She wasn’t.  Of course she wasn’t.

He walked over her, searching for more words and not finding any.  Finally, he slid down the wall to sit next to her, laying an arm tentatively around her shoulders.  She reached up with the hand next to him and grabbed at his shirt.  "I can’t breathe,“ she said.  "I can’t breathe.  I’m gonna pass out.  I’m gonna die.”

“You’re not gonna die,” he said, tightening the arm around her a little.  "I promise.  I won’t let you.“

"I can’t breathe.”

“You can breathe.  You’re talking, and you can’t talk without breathing.”  As soon as he said it, he knew it was wrong.  It was too logical.  Not the kind of thing you said to someone when they were upset.  But then -

“Oh.  Yeah.  Then why am I dizzy?”

“You’re maybe breathing too fast.  That’s not good, either.”

“I think something’s crushing my chest.”

He blushed a little as he stared down at her, looking just long enough that she would know he’d checked, but trying not to stare too long.  "I’m pretty sure it’s not.  You look ok.  Normal clothes and all.“

"I think I’m dying.  Is my heart supposed to be going this fast?”

He checked her pulse, feeling the wrist of the hand that was tangled in his shirt.  "No.  But I think it’ll slow down if you can just breathe more deeply.“

”‘Just breathe more deeply’“ she parroted back sarcastically.  The flush that had been across her face when he walked up was gone, replaced by an eerie paleness.

Keith bit his lip, then moved on impulse, pulling her almost all the way into his lap so that her side was snuggled up against his chest, his arm still around her shoulders.  "Look, just lean into me and breathe when I do, ok?  We can do it together.”

He could feel her trying to take slower, deeper breaths, but when he reached for her wrist again, her heart was still racing.  She let go of his shirt, rearranging herself to recline more fully against his chest, and he kept one arm wrapped around her and the other hand on her wrist, feeling her pulse.

Her breaths gradually slowed and eased, and her heartbeat got steadier and more normal.  He felt a knot of tension relaxing in his stomach and half wondered if Pidge could tell.  He figured probably not, given how freaked out she still was.

Finally, Pidge relaxed completely, sagging into him and leaning her head back against his chest.  "I’m such a mess,“ she said.

Keith shrugged. "I think we all are, sometimes.  I used to sleep with my shoes on, in case we got attacked.”

“That seems like a rational response to being Voltron.”

“I used to sleep with my shoes on when I lived by myself.”

“Maybe less rational.”

Keith figured he probably should move.  But Pidge seemed content to stay here, and she’d always been kind of huggy with Shiro sometimes, and maybe she still needed this, so he stayed put, trying not to move too much so that he didn’t ruin her fragile new calm.

“Anyway, thanks, Keith.” Pidge said after a moment.  "For … whatever.“  She leaned forward, starting to get up, and Keith tried not to show how much of a relief that was as he scrambled to his feet behind her.

Before he could figure out what to say, she’d turned a bright smile on him and added, "You’re pretty great, you know that?”

He panicked.  "You’re pretty … sweaty.“

Pidge laughed.  "I take it back.  You’re a jerk.  But thanks anyway.  I mean it.”

Keith blushed, looking down at his feet.  "No problem.“

She didn’t say anything when he grabbed the socket wrench he’d come in here to borrow in the first place and then bolted, but later he overheard her telling Shiro that she was ok and he’d been "a big help,” and he could let himself feel proud, just for a minute, that he’d done something right.


His favorite things are the summers, because that’s when you return from boarding school, and his life becomes a lot more bright and a lot less dull.

“friendship can be an excuse. a cover for when there’s something there you don’t want to admit or you’re too scared to explore.” - gossip girl

pairing: park jimin x reader 
words: 8,653
genre: skinny!love,  
warnings: mature themes, slight angst
before: alright, so please keep in mind that this is the first oneshot I have ever written, therefore please don’t be too harsh on me. I hope I get better in time. I received two Jimin requests and decided to combine them both into one. any who, I hope this is somewhat tolerable! I apologize in advance.

Jimin’s not sure when it began.

As he watches you dance with a very inebriated yet still somehow skillful Hoseok, who insists on being a little too touchy with you (at least in Jimin’s opinion) it’s all that seems to cross his mind.

That, and the thought of how badly he wants to remove Hoseok from the current situation and instead replace the older with himself.

You both are dancing to the slower version of one of your favorite songs, one that’s permanently etched in Jimin’s mind because of your refusal to listen to anything else but the damn song the entire summer break of last year.

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G Eazy Imagine

Originally posted by wesoleto

Synopsis: G makes assumptions that lead to problematic fights and you deciding if it’s all worth it

Warnings: Drugs, Slight use of blood, Alcohol, Language and honestly this is going to be long because I like the details, yah feel? 

Part Two

Your POV

I quickly dialed G’s number barely being able to wipe the smile off my face walking out of work. 

“Hey baby, I miss you.” G answers the phone and my smile only gets bigger. 

“Babe you’ll never believe it! David is publishing my article! I did it!” I yell in excitement and he laughs on the other end. 

“Y/N! That’s my girl. You are an amazing writer and it’s damn time people see that.” By him saying that only warmed my heart more. It just made me love him even more. We had been dating for about a year and a half now, through thick and thin he’d always say, and it was true. From album launches to tough critics we always supported one another. 

“Y/N? What are you still doing here? Do you want a ride home, you are on the way home for me.” My boss David comes up  from behind me and I quickly cover the phone so Gerald wouldn’t hear. 

“Who’s that?” Gerald asks, he was so protective of me, he just had good intentions but sometimes the littlest stuff ticked him off. 

“It’s my boss. I’ll call you back babe.” With that I hung up quickly and turned around to meet David. Everyone in the office knew David had a thing for me since day one but he was my boss, let alone I had an amazing boyfriend. 

“Hey, and you know it’s not that far, I don’t mind walking.” I smile and David shakes his head. 

“It’s creepy down here at night, please it’s no trouble.” There was a part of me that knew I shouldn’t but he was right. 

“Okay, thank you.” I get into his very expensive car, one I probably wouldn’t be able to afford no matter how much I saved. We rode in silence until my phone started ringing Gerald’s face appearing on the screen, I quickly ignore it and I catch David looking at it in the corner of my eye. 

“Well, here we are.” David smiles and I quickly get out. 

“Thanks so much.” I smile politely and quickly get up to Gerald and I’s apartment. I call back G and he answers on the first ring. 

“Yo, what was that about?” He asks and I head to the bedroom to pack the last couple of things. 

“My boss, he-uh- was nice enough to drive me home.” I struggle to open the suitcase and hold the phone at the same time. 

“Your boss that has the hots for you?” G asks and I roll my eyes. 

“Sure, I don’t know. I’m gonna finish packing and I’m on the next flight out to you.” I smile and he laughs.

“Yeah, the guys and I are going to pregame a little but I’ll be back in time at the house to see you. You’ll love the place, has a really big bed…” G carries off the sentence and I laugh.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Text you when I land. Love you.” I hang up and finsih packing. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the curling iron to just touch up a couple pieces of hair so I wouldn’t have to later. I start to curl a piece underneath and I guess I got too close to my neck and burn it. I hiss in pain and put the curling iron down to see the red mark forming. I finish my hair and let the iron cool before tossing it into my bag.

 I get an Uber to the airport as I don’t want to bother any of my friends to just drive me to the airport. The ride wasn’t that long but I was just so excited to see my boyfriend. It had been about a month since I had seen Gerald because of tour but he luckily got a week off and got a house in Palm Springs that sounded amazing. It was just going to be us for once and I couldn’t wait. 

The flight was a little less than an hour so I got to Palm Springs pretty quickly and just got an Uber to the adress G had sent me. 

The airport was pretty quiet as it was late. Of course I would have liked if Gerald picked me up but he was famous and I suppose someone would recognize him, plus he was most likely drinking. I watched the street lights pass as the palm trees lightly blew in the wind. About 30 minues later we started pulling up to the house and of course I was shocked at how beautiful it was. 

“Thank’s so much.” I pay and get out, dragging my bag behind me. I was honestly exhausted from work and I really didn’t sleep on the plane since it was a short flight. I knock on the door and no one answers but the music blares from within. I try and knock louder and finally someone answers, a girl with dark brown hair and beautiful tan skin opens the huge door.

“Can I help you?” She asks in an annoyed tone and I’m taken back by it. 

“Yeah my boyfriend Gerald is there, can I come in?” She laughs and opens the door more and I start to go in and see him in a chair with a girl ontop of him just sitting there. There were several girls wearing barely anything but you weren’t one to judge. His crew was there, as well as guys you’d never even seen before. 

“G.” I say and he looks at me and starts laughing lightly. To say I was embarrassed wasn’t even the start of it. 

“Hey babyy,” He slurred his words and quickly got up, pushing the girl off of him. His hair was no longer in the usual slicked back fashion as pieces of it fell in front of his eyes and the sides of his face. Gerald barely could walk but he didn’t let go of a bottle that was in his hand. I noticed drugs all over the coffee table, ones I knew that were not just weed.

“Awhh look at my girl, damn baby. Mmm.” Gerald wraps me in a hug and rocks me back and forth and I lightly shove him off. He scowls at my action and his eyes were dark, his pupils dilated beyond what I had ever seen them. 

“What did you do? How much did you drink?” I hold the sides of his face and I can see everyone staring at us. It’s then I notice a tiny bit of blood splattered up his neck. 

“What the fuck Gerald? Are you hurt?!” I pull the shirt down near his neck and he looks annoyed. 

“No, stop it.” Gerald pulls away from me. 

“What happened?” I ask worried and he takes another drink from the bottle. 

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask David.” He says taking me by surprise and I run my fingers through my hair. 

“What the fuck is that?!” Gerald yells and I jump at the change in tone and everybody looks our way. 

“What?” I ask and he grabs the back of my neck. 

“You have a hickey, Y/N. Did you fuck David? You gonna leave me for him? Some 40 year old guy who probably can’t even get it up?” Gerald yells anger clearly radiating off of him.

“What the hell Gerald? What’s your problem?” I ask.

“I didn’t sleep with David, he’s my boss! G c’mon, you know I love you.” I grab his hand but he jerks it away. 

“You should! I’m gone all the time, it sure would be easy for you. Then I could hookup with other girls and not feel like shit afterwards!” Gerald holds his stomach and laughs as he barely holds onto the bottle. 

“Excuse me? I’m not talking to you with everybody here.” I say scowling at his last sentence and turn around heading towards the front door.

“Well then fuck you!” Gerald yells and before I know it a bottle smashes against the wall next to the front door. Gasps fill the room at his sudden action, as I’m frozen in my steps. Tears fall down my cheeks, as fear laces into every bone and muscle in my body. I turn around to look at him and it seems he realized what he’d done. 

“Baby- I’m so sorry, I didn’t m-” Gerald starts but I quickly stop him.

“You’re fucking crazy, don’t ever come near me again.” I say as anger flows through me. I quickly open the door and slam it shut running down the driveway, tears streaming which I knew would leave a mess with mascara but that was the least of my problems. I sobbed and sobbed but I just kept walking as the events of what happened replayed over and over like a bad rerun. 

Authors Note: Hope you liked it, there will be a part two coming out very shortly so I’ll be sure to put the link to part two in this one! Thanks! Open for requests if you have any!

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

Hidden Talents

Pairing: Bts x reader

Genre: Fluff

Request:  Hiya. Could you maybe do a bts x reader (or any of them x reader) where they find out she plays the violin? And maybe like the hear her playing one day and they were in shock standing there listening, not realizing she could play? Thx babes 😘😘 ——– Could you do a jungkook x reader where they are cousins 

(I combined two requests because I couldn’t get any ideas for the second one so I hope you don’t mind.)

(Credit to original owner of gif)

Despite being family with Jungkook, you very rarely got to see him because of his schedule but you both kept in constant contact and always remembered to update each other on important things. You never even had the chance to be at one of his concerts because every time he offered you a ticket, your work would call you in and say you wouldn’t be allowed off for “some concert” and then not believe you when you would try explain your cousin was the one performing.

However as time dragged on, you missed him and you were desperate to show him and his friends all you had learned on your violin and decided you would surprise them at K-Con with a cover of one of their songs, you decided on Spring day and after you had come up with the idea you had booked everything that had needed to be done within the hour from pure excitement.

When you arrived at your hotel within the next few days, you got a text from Jungkook saying him and the boys were going to come and see you and then take you with them to the Con themselves as they wanted to spend as much time as possible with you. You were surprised that they were able to make such a call like that even if you were family but you weren’t going to complain, so you packed your bag for the Con and made sure to tuck your violin away wanting everything to be a complete surprise.

The boys stayed true to their word and came and picked you up, as soon as Jungkook had seen you he had picked you up in a bear hug and swung you around as Namjoon politely took your bag and put it in the van, when you were let down you were met with more hugs and excited greetings from the rest of the boys,who apparently were just as happy to see you. You all climbed into the van, Yoongi had offered to sit with your bag on his lap, ignoring any protest from you since the van had literally no space left in it. He could however as they drove to the venue feel something particularly hard in the bag jabbing him in the leg, He opted to ignore it however, not feeling bothered to pry though his curiosity had been piqued.

When you arrived at the venue, you all got to go through a different entrance and you sadly how to split from the boys to go practice before you opened for them.

You were given a relatively small room but it was enough space for you to practice as you pulled out your violin and sat it under your chin and made sure it was in tune. You hadn’t shut the door the whole way so the music carried down the hallway and you shut your eyes, getting lost in the music and you were completely oblivious to Yoongi standing in the doorway watching you, he hurried away and to where the boys were warming up and dragged them all the where you were, where they all stood in complete utter surprise. The last time you had seen them, you had barely even touched any instruments but here you were playing their music with a grace and beauty that they had never seen before. 

You were completely wrapped in your music so when loud applause filled the once quiet room it made you jump. You spun around in time to catch a hug of Jungkook “Holy shit, that was amazing, you are amazing. Why did you never tell me?” He asked.

You blushed and shrugged and you were suddenly being overwhelmed with questions and when  stagehand came by to give you a five minute call all the boys begrudgingly left but with full intention of watching you side stage. All except for Yoongi who stood there with a sight smile on his face “Hey thanks for showing me a side of my music I had never heard.” Was all he said before turning and disappearing down the hall, leaving you. Bright red and slightly confused at what just happened.

You were slightly let down that the boys didn’t get to see your surprise the way you planned but you were happy they saw it in any fashion. You had done what you had set out to do.

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Prompt: All the Miracles try to save a kitten on a tree through normal means.

“Onee-chan, can you help?”

Momoi stops walking at the sound of the small voice. There’s an even smaller child tugging at her shirt. “My kitten is in a tree.” Momoi looks to where the girl is pointing and yes. There is a kitten in that tree.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” she says, sympathetically. “Here, let me call the fire department for you—”

“Can’t you get him down?” The small child asks. “You’re a Miracle, right, Onee-chan?”

“Er,” Momoi says, smiling weakly. “I’m not really that kind of Miracle…”

In fact, the small child happened to stumble upon the one Miracle who really couldn’t do anything in this situation. Even the boys who didn’t have abilities that could directly help in this situation would at least have been able to climb the tree just fine—they’d been trained to do things like climb trees. (Murasakibara, she thinks, probably wouldn’t have even needed to climb. He could have just grabbed the kitten off the branch without even stretching very far.)

“Pleeeease,” the girl says, her lip starting to wobble in a very alarming way. “You’re like a superhero, right?”

“Oh, no, not, no—”

“I don’t know, Momoi,” Riko says slyly, “I think you better get the kitten down from that tree.”

Momoi glares at the other girl. It had been a pleasant shopping trip so far, but they were still on that border line between friends and rivals and their friendship wasn’t fully solidified yet. She smiles down at the small girl. “You know, I think this Onee-chan over here would be much, much better suited to help. After all, she doesn’t have as much to weigh her down on top~~”

“Oh for the—that has nothing to do with climbing!!” Riko says, blushing even when the little girl stares blankly at Momoi. Riko stops and then grins, “And besides, she wanted the Miracle to help her. This is clearly a Miracle problem.”

The thing is, Momoi can think of a dozen different ways to get that kitten down (with varying degrees of efficiency and well-being of said kitten) but all the available methods would be quite complicated and time consuming.

Well. Most of the methods, at any rate.

She tosses her hair and sighs, “Yes, you are right. You’re barely a B-cup, but you are quite correct, this is definitely not something ordinary humans should do. It’s not something girls should attempt to do anyway, I should call Dai-chan, he could get here quite fast—”

“Don’t be stupid—I can’t even—ugh.” In a frustrated fit of disgust, Riko rolls up her sleeves and confronts the tree head on. In a few a minutes of grunting and swearing (Momoi covers the ears of the small girl) Riko descends the tree holding the kitten that is currently clawing the heck out of her hands.

“Thanks, Onee-chan!” the girl says, reclaiming the kitten.

“Some superior designed human you are,” Riko grumbles.

“I was doing exactly what I was designed for,” Momoi smiles prettily, “Pink Twos were meant to delegate.

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, friend! My policy was to focus on one or two characters for any requests involving all the Miracles, and since Momoi was the only one I could picture having difficulty getting a kitten down from a tree, I picked her. I hope that was OK! I also just wanted to write more Momoi. She learned a lot of terrible habits from Michiru.

😈Halloween Drabbles 2017

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👿 naughty kids that don’t read this entire post before asking or requesting don’t get treats! 

[EDITED 10/03/17] please keep reading for all the information you’ll need:

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We are about to hit 3000

When I started this blog back in December I never imagined anyone would even read my stuff let alone get here where I have written around 100 stories. And that I have made friends over the internet from my love of Dan and Phil.  

I really can’t explain how much I appreciate you guys sending me messages and requests. I love that you guys trust me with these ideas that I will do them justice.I also can’t thank you enough for all of your sweet words. 

So to give back in some way I am doing a 3000 follower give away. 

The rules are simple. 

Send this blog an ask or a message saying your First name and your go to soft song that always makes you feel calm. This is more of a personal thing as I am just in the business of finding some new songs.Then I also know you read the rules.

if you have won in the past please do not re-enter. give the others a chance

You have until August 10th to send in your name. Please do not send me anon messages as I need a way to message you to say you won. I will be giving away things for a first, second, and third place winners. It does not matter where you live in the world I will send you the things you win.

1st place- Both Dan and Phil books, or some items from the Dan and Phil shop that equal about the same price of the two books.You also get any request you want.

2nd place- one of the Dan and Phil books and any request you want.

3rd place- any request you want.

Good luck to everyone that enters! Once again I need to thank you all again for all of your support and love. 

“Try to keep up with me this time, alright, Vakarian?” 

“Careful, Shepard, that almost sounded like you were implying I couldn’t.”


Someone requested Garrus, another person requested my Shepard, and since there can’t be any Shepard without Vakarian, two requests became one picture. There you go. 

I don’t draw her casual very often, so this was interesting

I am currently writing four different Dad!Tony fics at the same time. Wh…why do I do this to myself? What do I have to gain?

Imagine Playing Truth or Dare With Dean - Part Three

Request: Hi!! I absolutely adore your writing! I think you’re an excellent writer and I love all of your imagines especially!! Could you pretty please with cherries on top (and sprinkles bc who doesn’t love sprinkles) do another part to “Imagine Playing Truth or Dare with Dean”?❥ - anonymous 

Author’s Note: Thank you so much! You’re too kind <3 I wasn’t really planning on another part to this, but I like where it ended up. Hopefully you all do, too. Thanks for reading, and be sure to send in any requests you have! - Nat xo

Part One   -   Part Two

The two of you had been tiptoeing around each other ever since the last dare you had given Dean. He kept asking if you had meant what you said, but you refused to give an answer.

Mostly because you had meant it.

He didn’t need to know that, though. Not outright, at least. Instead, you decided to just be a tad more flirty towards him and see how long it took him to put two and two together.

It had been going well, and the tension that hung in the air between the two of you was both a blessing and a curse. You thought he would never make a move. Until one night, he did just that.

You were laying on your bed in the little motel room you were calling home for the time being, propped up against pillows so you had a better view of the tv. Dean was sitting in a chair at the rickety table by the window, and you could sense his eyes on you as you laughed at the stupidity of the show you were watching. Doing your best to ignore it, you slowly raise your beer bottle and take a sip, draining the last of the amber liquid. When you were finished, you flitted your eyes over to Dean and caught him staring at your mouth.

Hesitating just a moment, you dragged your tongue over your lower lip before pulling it between your teeth and slowly letting it slide back out. Dean swallowed and stood, crossing the room quickly to stand beside the bed. Bending down, he placed his hands just inches away from your right thigh and leveled his eyes at you. 


You blinked, surprised by the turn the situation had taken, but you nodded anyway. You couldn’t help but be intrigued by whatever idea was rolling around in his mind - from the look in his eye, you felt like you would enjoy whatever he thought up.

“I dare you to kiss me.”

The sentence came out in a low growl, and you immediately moved forward to press your lips to his. At his sharp intake of breath, you smirked against his mouth and gripped his shirt, pulling him over on top of you. The tip of his tongue brushed across your lower lip, and you allowed it to sweep through your mouth and claim you. 

You broke the kiss after a moment, your breathing so labored you couldn’t even think straight anymore. Dean leaned back and took in your flushed face, messy hair, and lips swollen from his kisses. With a grin, he pressed a kiss to your forehead and whispered.

“Man, I love this game.”