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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

Hello, everyone! I just hit 1k today which is amazing and I’m so so happy so I’ve decided to do my very first Tumblr Awards!!


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Gotham Requests?

Finally caught up and watched the winter finale. Sorta in the mood to write. Anyone got any Gotham Preference requests? I’ll probably make any requests into two posts: one for Heroes and one for Villains.

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Ahhh can I request Akashi and kise (if only one accepted then choose any two lol) and their headcanons of what they like to do with their s/o? Thanks and sorry for my bad english ...

Totally fine! And I can definitely do both :3 so relationship headcanons?


  • It takes him a while to learn that it’s the thought that truly counts in gifts. So when you ask him why he buys such expensive gifts, he’ll legit be confused. He just wants to spoil you and buy you all this fancy shit.
  • He’s very big on hand-holding. Sure, he likes kissing and hugging but hand-holding will be the death of him. He just likes seeing his bigger hand wrapped around yours and your fingers intertwined between his. It’s just very romantic-movie that he sort of likes the cheesiness.
  • Not ashamed about PDA but he also has his limits. He won’t crudely make out with you in the middle of the street and prefers intimate moments.
  • Relatively innocent compared to the rest of GoM, surprisingly enough. He knows sex but his drive is still under control so he won’t be screwing you senseless fast. He’ll take his time and make you wait for it.
  • His favorite date idea is to share a meal with you, mainly because he gets to face you and learn more about you. And mainly because he loves seeing you eat because you look adorable when you’re chewing.


  • He’ll take things super slow. You’ll find how distant he is in the beginning because he’s not into super serious relationships. Only if he knows you’re special and that you’ll be around for a long time will he start to open up.
  • He’s very clingy in general and is a huge fan of PDA. Whether it be kissing or hugging. You can always be prepared for markings on your skin because Kise tends to get territorial.
  • Count on him too to embarrass you in public. You think Hanamiya’s bad with teasing? Pfft. Kise can do much worse if he wanted to. He knows your weak spots and knows exactly what to do to make you blush. Though, he’s just a bit more discreet.
  • Loves bragging about you so don’t be surprised if you find that his whole family and work crew know about your dating him. Also he’ll take you to his photoshoots just to show off his skills to you and show you off to his work friends.
  • He’s the baby of the family so he’ll expect to be babied by you too. At the same time though, he wants to be the responsible one so he always takes initiative to invite you out and ensure that you were taken care of.
The Fault In Our Stars (Pietro Maximoff)

“Y/N, I’m nervous about tomorrow.” Pietro admitted and you grabbed his hand. “Everything’s going to be okay. Do you trust me?” You asked him and he nodded without hesitation. “Then trust me when I say this, I won’t let anything happen to you.” You told him and he smiled. “Why you smiling?” You asked. “Nothing, you just look so beautiful under the moonlight.” He told you and you felt your cheeks burn.

“We should head inside. Big day tomorrow.” You told him. He nodded and the two of you walked in hand in hand into the facility. That night you couldn’t sleep, you were having doubts about letting Pietro join the mission. He was just recovering from Sokovia.


“Y/N, watch out!” Natasha shouted and you turned around but everything happened so fast. A bullet came rushing towards you, but Piereo ran towards you and carried you behind the crates. “Thanks.” You said. “Can’t have anything happening to my princess.” He smirked. You lifted you gun and fired it at the Hydra soldiers running towards the two of you.

“Cover me.” You told him and ran towards the large herd of Hydra soldiers. Pietro did as told and killed any soldiers that came running towards you, while you fired at the men protecting the large crate that was in the middle of the facility. “Should we call for back up?” Pietro shouted.

Natasha fired her widow bites at the men. “Already here.” She told him and fought off a few soldiers. “What’s in the crate?” She asked you. “Some rock.” Pietro answered. “Not just some rock. It’s part of a portal to another planet.” You told her. “Part?” Natasha questioned.

“Yeah, I’ll explained everything after we get it.” You said. Natasha was next to you as helped you fight off the last remaining soldiers. Pietro was exhausted, but continued to run. “There’s more coming!” Natasha shouted.

“Nat, look out!” You shouted, pushing her out of the way. The bullet hit your shoulder blade and you let out a gasp. “Y/N!” Pietro shouted and ran towards you. “I’m fine. Get the crate!” You shouted, continuing to fire bullets at the soldiers.

“Y/N, you’re going to bleed out if we don’t take you to the quinjet.” Natasha told you. “I’m fine.” You told her. “We need that crate.” You added and she nodded. Pietro grabbed you and ran to put you behind some other large crates. “What are you doing?” You asked him. “Saving your life.” He told you, giving you a quick kiss before running back to the fight.

A Hydra soldier sneaked past Natasha and Pietro and ran towards the crate Pietro felt you out. He took you by surprise, hitting the back of your knee with his gun so you’d fall to your knees. “Son of a bitch!” You groaned. You stood and turned around to punch the man in the face.

He fell back, but kicked your ankle and you fell, hitting your head on the ground. Your vision was blurry. “Natasha!” You shouted. The gun shots stopped and you didn’t know whether Natasha and Pietro won, or Hydra did.

You blinked repeatedly, and tried to stand up. “Y/N, stay with me.” Someone’s voice muffled and you closed your eyes.


“She’ll be fine, hit her head pretty bad but there’s a low chance of brain damage.” The doctor told Pietro. “May I see her?” He asked the doctor. “She’s resting, but you can wait for her to wake up.” She told him and he nodded.

He sat in the chair next to the bed and looked at you. After hours of waiting for you to open your eyes, he heard you let out a groan. Pietro quickly stood up and ran next to you. Your eyes fluttered open and he let out a sigh, finally being able to see your e/c eyes.

“Y/N, how are you?” Pietro asked you. You turned to look at him and scrunched your eyebrows. “Who are you? Where am I?” You asked him. He was heartbroken, you didn’t remember him. “Y/N, it’s me, Pietro. Your boyfriend.” He told you. “Whoa, boyfriend? Sorry buddy but no thanks.” You told him. You still had your humor.

“Ah, why does my head hurt? And why am I in a hospital?” You asked him, he was going to answer but you spoke again. “Did I get high again? Dammit, Derek was supposed to make sure I didn’t smoke too much.” You sighed in frustration.

“Doctor!” Pietro shouted. Seconds later the doctor ran in. “What’s wrong?” She asked him. “She doesn’t remember me. Why doesn’t she remember me?!” He shouted. “Look, can I go? Derek is probably waiting for me.” You told the woman. “I’m sorry, Ms. Y/L/N, we’ll have to run some tests.” She told you.

“Alright, will I be getting morphine?” You asked her. “No.” She said. “Great.” You rolled your eyes. “Mr. Maximoff, do you want to wait in the waiting room?” The doctor asked him. He gave you one last look before walking out.

Pietro called Natasha. “Who’s Derek?” Pietro asked her. “What?” Natasha asked. “Y/N keeps mentioning someone named Derek, who is he?” Pietro asked. “Is she okay?” Natasha asked him. “No, she doesn’t remember me. The doctor’s running some tests. Who’s Derek?” He asked again.

“Derek was Y/N best friend before S.H.I.E.L.D.” She stated. “Has she never told you about her past?” Natasha asked him. “No.” He answered. “Look, this isn’t my place to tell. I’ll head over right now.” She told him and hung up.

When Natasha arrived, the doctor had finished the scans. “Is she going to be okay?” Natasha asked the woman. “We don’t know. She seems to have forgotten anything in the past year and a half.” She told them. “Will she get her memories back?” Pietro asked , panicking. “There’s a high chance that she won’t remember.” The doctor told him, she then got called up for another patient.

“You can go talk to her if you’d like.” She said before walking away. Natasha walked in first, “Nat!” You shouted happily. “Thank god you’re here. Can you take me home? I’m hungry.” You told her.

“I’ll go sign her out.” Natasha told Pietro and walked out. “I’m sorry, I forgot your name. Who are you again?” You asked Pietro. “Pietro. Pietro Maximoff.” He told you. “Oh right, the man who says he’s my boyfriend.” You said.

“I am.” He stated. “Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but I don’t know who you are. And I’m not going to date some man who I don’t even know.” You told him. That moment right there, he made a promise that he would make you fall in love with him again.

Through The Dark

A/N: This one is inspired by song named Through The Dark in case you don’t know it’s from One Direction. And so, here it comes! Appreciate any feedback or request! Two stories in one day? How cool is that! Jeez.

Warnings: lots of swearing, Bucky being protective and it will crunch your heart (is that even a warning?)

Words: 1.115

Originally posted by simplytanvi

It’s hard, what’s not hard being in a relationship with another avenger? (Y/N) thought to herself every single night since Bucky asked her to be his girlfriend. Every threat she received wasn’t as big as her love for him. Well at least, she just hasn’t been into the part where someone captured her.

She was an enhanced, she could totally protect herself. But, what if a part of her ability was shut down? She’s nothing but an ordinary human. And that’s what happened.

The mission was supposed to be (Y/N) and Wanda but since there were two buildings to be checked by them, (Y/N) took the left building and Wanda took the right one.

A little did she know, she was trapped. Hell, she could feel it, but she didn’t want to risk Wanda since she’s older than her. She entered the building in a defense state. And she was right, it’s a trap.

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