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Request of my cousin because she wants Vanderwood so bad lol .. She wanted me to make a face cg for her ..

And lol this was rushed so… yeah >.>

If you look closely you can see the typos and wrong placement of the sentence in the 3rd frame lol .

It was suppose to be like this : Once we get and catch that hacker Ill make sure he wont get near you again .

A Way to You Again: Part 4

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Drinking, Language

Word Count:  1283

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. Also – happy early 18th birthday to my cousin Nicole ( @totallygroovyllama ). Thanks for being the sister I never got to have.

Sorry it’s out late – long hours at work plus a bummed out hand make things so much more difficult.

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I opened my eyes tentatively – testing the severity of my hangover. The early morning light drifted lazily from the blinds – throwing golden bars on the bed. I groaned as my headache raged. As I looked lazily around the room I saw a glass of water and a bottle of ibuprofen on the nightstand by the bed. I gratefully grabbed the bottle and glass – throwing back two pills and washing them down hastily. I laid my head back on my pillow with a sigh as I closed my eyes – praying that the pounding in my head would subside soon. The door to the bedroom squeaked as it was opened and I casually opened one eye – just enough to see who caused the noise.

“Hey sis,” I muttered before turning from the bed and vomiting into the waste bin she had strategically placed beside it.

“Oh come on Y/N – you have to talk about it. I haven’t heard from you hardly at all in the last year… now all of a sudden you’re calling me up to meet you… no explanation. I get here and you’re drunk out of your mind and falling to pieces,” Nicole chastised as we walked down the street to get lunch. I winced as her voice grew shriller the longer she talked.

“Okay – okay…. First can we get some food? And could you possibly keep your voice down a few octaves?” I asked annoyed. She rolled her eyes and huffed to herself as we entered the warm little dinner that we always visited when we stayed at the cottage. We picked out the booth furthest away from any windows and sat comfortably in the worn leather cushions.

Nicole eyed me eagerly as the waitress brought us our menus and coffee. She was several years older than me. Where I had been a cautionary tale on what not to do through grade school she was the star pupil. I had dropped out of college after two semesters finding it to not be stimulating enough for me while she had gone on to medical school. She had a family; I had a string of unsuccessful relationships. This thought snapped me back to the present as I casually grabbed a menu and looked it up and down.

“Okay… stop bullshitting Y/N. You know that menu front to back… you’re just stalling,” she snapped as she crossed her arms in annoyance.

“Fine,” I responded as I placed the menu back on the table and motioned to the waitress that we were ready. We placed our orders and then I reluctantly turned to my sister. “First, I’m sorry I’ve been such a shit – I didn’t eat anything yesterday and the drinking, and crying that I partook in caused the hangover from hell.”

“Apology accepted,” she replied as she smiled at me. It never took us long to make up with one another. “So?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“I started seeing someone in the Avengers… His name is Bucky Barnes.” I was interrupted by her choking on her coffee.

“Isn’t he the one that…” I cut her off before she could say another word.

“He doesn’t do that anymore,” I replied curtly. I had always been particularly defensive of Bucky since I knew him – even before we had started our romance.

“Noted,” she added apologetically as she held her hands up to me.

“Anyways… We’ve been… well I don’t know what you would call it. I guess we’ve been dating for the last five months, but we didn’t tell anyone else on the team… We wanted to make sure things actually worked between us before complicating everything,” I explained as she nodded understandingly. “The day before yesterday Nat walked in on him kissing me so we were forced to kind of let everyone know about it. I was relieved… and well we kind of… I kind of slept with him. Anyways, yesterday morning he left for a mission so I went to the gym with Nat. She proceeded to tell me that Bucky and her had an arrangement similar to ours and he only ended it five months ago… around the same time he started pursuing me… and it was just awful. I had to get away from all of it,” I paused allowing her to analyze everything I had just told her.

“Was this Nat your friend?”

“Yes… well I thought so… She said some pretty terrible things to me and I kind of… well I punched her and I am pretty sure I broke her nose,” I added awkwardly.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise, “So I’m assuming this Bucky fellow is something more than a casual thing?” This was new territory for me. I had only seriously dated one other person before and it had ended horribly. After that it was my real of thumb to not get attached. Bucky was different though – in all honestly that’s what I had refused to have sex with him at first. I needed it to be different with him.

I smiled sadly. “Honestly? I think I’m in love with him,” I muttered sadly as the waitress brought us our food. We lapsed into silence as we ate – not bringing up Bucky or the previous days.

“You know… I was thinking,” Nicole muttered as we walked amongst the different shops in town.

“About what?” I asked.

“I haven’t heard you say ‘love’ since… you know,” she paused awkwardly.

“I do know,” I responded curtly. I knew all too well. The only other time I thought I had been in love had ended up being an abusive and toxic relationship. That’s why Bucky’s lack of honesty felt like a betrayal to me. I had been down this road before, and I wasn’t willing to walk it again.

“This Bucky though… do you think that he would have told you about his relationship with Nat eventually?” She asked casually.

“Yes… I mean… I don’t really know, but I would like to think he would. It would have been better if maybe he had told me before we had slept together,” I answered bitterly.

“That’s true… I just… I don’t know. I feel like he knew he would have to tell you at some point – maybe he didn’t want to ruin what he had with you?” she asked tentatively. I shot her a glance as I thought it over. “Hey! I’m just saying maybe there is more to the story!” she added defensively as she raised her hands up at me. “Have you at least talked to him?”

“No,” I responded curtly.

“So basically you cut and ran as soon as you found out?”

I spun on my heel at this so I could turn to look at her face to face. “I don’t want to be manipulated anymore. I needed time and distance to think before I hear him out,” I responded snappily.

“Okay Okay. Remember you called me to try to help you through this, and that’s what I’m doing.”

I sighed as I rubbed my throbbing temples with my fingers. “I know… I’m sorry. I just… I don’t know. Can we go back to the cottage?” I asked wearily. The intensity of my headache had gone through the rough and all I wanted was to lay down and rest for a bit longer now that I had eaten.

“Whatever you want kiddo,” she smiled as we hooked arms and walked back to the cottage side-by-side.

I wanted Bucky there more than anything, but my own fear left me paralyzed. He would have to make the first move if he did really care, because regardless of his intentions for not telling me – this mess was his making. 

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Company (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! First off, I just want to say I’m sorry that this is kinda short haha, secondly, I’m sorry for posting it late, anon!! I really wanted to post it on time but I had some other projects to complete first😅 and lastly, I realise that I apologise too much haha…anywaysss, enjoy!!

Request: Hi, today is the 5 year anniversary of my cousin/best friend’s death and I’m just kinda sad and I was just wondering if I maybe could request an imagine where Bucky walks in on reader crying and comforts her and lots of fluff? Thanks in advance!😇

Bucky let out a breath as he held the towel around his neck, having just came out of the shower. He had used the shared bathroom as there wasn’t hot water in his, weirdly.

He slowed in his footsteps as he heard a quiet and muffled sob. Bucky came to a stop as he frowned, wondering where the sound was coming from. It was pretty late at night so he wondered who could still be up and why was that person crying.

Walking forward again, he stopped in front of a door, leaning closer as he heard the source coming from here. Tilting his head to the side questioningly, he realized that it was your room. He knocked the door, feeling worried. “Y/N?”

You didn’t reply, but he could still hear you sniffling. Bucky knocked again. “I’m coming in alright?”

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lacrosse | stiles stilinski

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a/n: this is my first of many teen wolf imagines on this page so if your a fan please click the follow button and send in some requests to see more of your favourite teen wolf babies on my blog!!

request: stiles x reader, reader is cousins with someone from the pack and they all set you up with stiles!!! thank uu!!stiles x reader

“(y/n) sweetie we’re here” my mum shakes my shoulder softly, i yawn and stretch my arms glancing out the window as a sign comes into view ‘welcome to beacon hills’. i take in my surrounds as we drive further into the small town.

my mother and i had decided to come down and visit my aunt and my cousin for the weekend. it was a long flight from florida to california but we made it in one piece to our rental car and now Aunt Natalie’s.

“excited?” i nod smiling at my mum “stoked” i roll my eyes before getting out of the car and following my mum up to the front steps. i rock back and fourth in my heels as the door flys open reveal my Aunty.

“(y/m’s/n)! it’s so good to see you” she squeals wrapping my mum up in a hug

“and is that my favourite niece?!” i smile wide “your only niece?” i offer and she winks at me giving me a bone crushing hug

“Lydia love (y/n)’s here!” she yells into the house “come in come in!” she grabs my bags out of my hands and ushers me into the house, thats when i spot the familiar red head.

“lyd!” i yell she sees me and we run to each other giving each other a long hug

“i missed you!” she gushes “me too” i gush back giggling.

“you look beautiful miss lydia” she smiles at my mum giving her a hug “thank you!”

“you going out sweetie?” Natalie asks her daughter

“Scott and Stiles wanted me to come watch the game- can i go?” she nods “why don’t you take (y/n) with you introduce her to your friends?” her mother offers glancing at me.

“of course! i was going to ask if you’d like to join me- ive told them all about you they’d love to met you” she tells me sweetly

“uh i don’t know im not really dressed for a lacrosse game” i tell her nervous glancing at mysweats “that’s not a problem ive got plenty of clothes you can wear we’ve just got to be quick can’t miss the start of the game!”

“is it bad that this is my first ever high school lacrosse game?” i tell her wondering across the fields toward the bleachers..

“of course not! trust me i don’t normally enjoy these i just like to come to support my friends” she tells me guiding me through the mass of parents and school kids..

“so how hot are they?” i tease and she slaps my arm “what?” i ask innocently laughing at the blush on my cousins cheeks .

“why else would you come if they weren’t hot-?” i ask.

“yeah they’re pretty hot” i jump at the voice and turn to see a brunette girl approaching us “oh hey allison- allison this is (y/n) my cousin, (y/n) this is allison she’s dating one of the boys i told you about Scott”..

“nice to meet you, oh and the other is totally single and not to bad on the eyes” she winks at me popping a fire into her mouth “ill keep that in mind, should we sit?” i ask the girls..

a loud ruckus of boys pile out onto the field the crowd cheering “is that our team?” i yell over the noise and the girls nod “here there’s someone we want you to met” Lydia smiles devilishly..

“lydia you are not setting me up please for the love of god!” i roll my eyes as she drags me toward the group of teenage boys clad in lacrosse gear “great” i mumble..

“Scott!” allison yells at her boyfriend to try and grab his attention he smiles adoringly at her and notices Lydia and myself standing beside her..

with that he turns quickly and grabs another boy by the shoulder pad and drags him toward us. my gaze falls to the ground till i hear the boys standing infront of us..

i shyly glance up to see the tall pale boy already staring at me, he’s brunette hair was spiked up and his big brown eyes staring into my soul. he was hot..

i feel nervous fiddling with my hair making eye contact with Lydia instead of the incredible good looking brunette stranger..

“Scott, Stiles this is (y/n) my cousin i told you about- (y/n/n) this is Scott & Stiles” they both smile brightly at me and we all mumble hellos..

“is this the single cousin?” Scott ask nudging stiles “what?” he breaks out of my trance looking up at his best friend “jeez lyd your making me out to be so desperate lonely girl” i complain crossing my arms infront of my chest..

“i don’t think it makes you desperate” stiles stutters playing with his helmet “thanks stiles” i giggle “you know who else is single?” Scott asks and stiles curses attempting to walk away from the embarrassment “this guy” he smiles sarcastically throwing his arm around the poor boy..

“good to know” i chuckle glancing at the girls who are also laughing.

“McCall! Stilinski!” an older man shouts assuming it their coach telling them it was time to play Allison pecks Scott on the lips and wishes him good luck before Lydia and Allison head toward the bleachers..

as the boys turn i grab for stiles hand turning him around “yo-” his eyes widen when he realises it’s me “good luck” i smile at him pecking his cheek “single stilinski” i tease causing the teen to blush like crazy..

i bite my lip and turn around jogging over to my cousin and my new found friend, i sit between them staring giddy at Stiles shocked expression. “what’d you do to stiles?” Lydia turns worry etched onto her expression..

“i just wished him luck” i smile at her and she rolls her eyes at me “i thought you didn’t want to be set up” she mocks my voice “oh hush” the three of us laugh and move our attention out onto the field to watch the game..

we jump up and cheer as the final siren sounds announcing our win, we clap and smile at our friends as they share a hug before heading off the field. we pile out of the bleachers and wait outside the boys locker room for the boys to finish changing..

we were all on our phones flicking through our feeds when the familiar sound of our friends filled the room..

“great game babe!” allison approaches her boyfriend placing a kiss on his lips “Jackson!” Lydia calls running up to her own boyfriend giving him a kiss and congratulations.

Leaving Stiles and I to ourselves “you had a really good game tonight” i tell him nervously “oh yeah?” he smirks confidence beating through him “yeah really” i tease placing my hand on his chest..

“fuck it” he curses before grabbing my waist and pulling me toward him as he places his lips on mine, i flinch before kissing back my hands making their way up to his hair before breaking apart.

“wow i didn’t take you as a dominant type” i giggle pecking his lips “im not usually” he confesses kisses me again “there’s just something about you” I look up into his brown eyes and smile..

giggles brought us back to reality as we shoot apart are friends laughing at us and hugging their respective boyfriends “this was the plan all along wasn’t it” Stiles asks and they nod as we both laugh wrapping my arm around his waist..

i guess beacon hills wasn’t too bad after all.

- 🌹

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Like Father Like Daughter, Pt 2 to Parental Advice (Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Fighting, racism, bullying, violence


Request:Hi again! I have pretty much a sequel idea to the one I just requested(I’m sorry that it’s 2 in the morning where you are and you’re asleep, but I didn’t want to forget it). My request is that reader finally finds a real and legit friend who is at her maturity level and is black, and her name is whatever you like it to be. She’s an orphan, and is new to the school. The two become 2 peas in a pod. But reader sees friend being bullied by the most infamous racist in the grade. And because reader is such a protective and aggressive in this type of  case, she gets in a fight with the racist kid. By the end of that, reader is suspended for two days. Tony finds out and he is-uh-hehe-quite un-phased about the racist. Reader and friend at end have sleepover at the Avengers tower, and friend ends up explaining her bully situation they all have fun with the Avengers and friend finally feels like  there’s some people who care about her. Reader’s happy, Tony’s happy. I know, my requests are so long. Hehe, guilty. Hope I didn’t disturb your sleep(or at least too badly

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After your talk with your dad, Tony, he watched as you came home excited to tell him about your day, and your grades rose to what they used to be. Your school finally knew you were a Stark, and stayed out your way, knowing you weren’t interested in making friends.

A few weeks had passed and then there was a new girl at the school. “Everyone, this is Frances, she’s new here, is anyone willing to give her a tour of our school?” The Principal. You saw how she was clearly nervous, and reminded you of yourself. You put your hand up and stood up.

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on the topic of eating on the bed

summary: in which jin catches you eating his oreos on the bed and it’s probably not the first time this has happened but it’s definitely not gonna be the last – jin/reader
(cross-posted on ao3)

notes (1): i ate oreos on the bed while writing this, but sadly i was sans jin
notes (2): i need more jin stuff in my life
dedication: to the anon who requested this and my younger cousin cheska for suggesting the tickle fight

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@athirstygoil, here are some Blook doodles for you. I’m not particularly good at drawing Napstablook, but I did my best.💦

Thank you for the request!✨ I would love it if I had more requests, but my blog is not exactly popular so I’m thankful for the requests I have gotten so far.💕 Thank you for adding to those, haha!


- iwillshipwhateveriwish request

“Oh my god!” you giggled drunkenly, swooping your beloved cousin in a tight hug. “I can’t believe little Amelia Pond is married!”

The red head giggled back and swung off her husband’s arm. “I know!” she exclaimed. “And to this guy!”

Rory took a minute to process her words before giving a half-hearted, “Hey!” To which you just laughed at with Amy and left them alone to chat about grown-up things like honeymoons and how much the caterer was.

Taking a deep breath, you slumped into a chair and sipped your drink, watching people dance.

One guy, in particular, attracted your attention.

Your narrowed your eyes at him and cocked your head in amused interest. He was dancing enthusiastically among everyone, waving his arms haphazardly. It made you laugh out loud. The guy had dark hair that flung this way and that as he spun around giddily; he was attractive and definitely kept hold of your interest as you watched him.

As the night went on, you lost sight of him and resumed your chatting with old friends and relatives until you were just passing by the bar to order a stronger drink.

Leaning against the frame of the door- was him.

An inadvertent smile crept onto your lips and you flickered your gaze away from him quickly, accepting your drink and turning back to watch Rory and Amy act like sweethearts.

“You’re Y/N, right?” A voice popped up at your shoulder.

Nearly choking on your drink, you looked towards the speaker and realised that it was the same guy.

“Oh, umm, yeah,” you replied, already feeling the blood rush to your cheeks. “I- err, didn’t catch your name?”

“Me? Oh, I’m the Doctor,” he told you with a confident smile, leaning back against the bar to watch Amy and Rory as well.

The Doctor?” you asked with a quirked eyebrow.

He turned to face you and gave you another blinding smile. “Yes.”

You couldn’t stifle a small snort at that. “What? Like, just the Doctor?”

A nod.

With a shrug, you replied, “Well, fair enough, nice to meet you, Doctor.” You offered a hand which he accepted briskly.

“You, too.”

The night continued on with the two of you sharing a deep conversation until the bar had closed and people had all drifted off to various hotels if not home.

“Geez,” you exclaimed, checking your watch and noticing the time. “I’m supposed to be going into work tomorrow- well, this morning.”

The Doctor seemed unfazed and just gave you a wide smile. “You know, you don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

Scoffing, you fixed him with a look and reaffirmed, “Yes, I do. If I want to keep putting food on the table for- well, just me really- then I need to keep my job, which I won’t if I skive tomorrow- today, even.”

With a knowing smile, he just looked at you and told you, “No, you don’t. You could come with me, and you’d never have to come back.”

You raised an eyebrow.

“Let me show you something,” he said suddenly, taking your hand and leading you out to the car park. At first, you couldn’t see anything particularly intriguing, but then you caught sight of an incredibly blue police call box planted rather firmly off to the side.

He nodded to it and told you, “Go on, go inside.”

Shaking your head slightly, you did so, if only to humour him. Sparing him one more glance, you grasped the handle and opened the door.

Wait, what?

You stepped back outside again.

“It-it…” you tried, peering inside and out of the box multiple times before you turned back to him and exclaimed, “They have seriously upgraded Police Boxes since I last saw one.”

Raising a surprised eyebrow, the Doctor stepped over to you and mumbled to himself, “Well that’s a first,” before encouraging you inside and explaining, “It’s a TARDIS, it can go anywhere in time and space, anywhere you want.”

Turning to him, you searched his face for any hint of mockery, but there was none.

Only pure delight and childish excitement.

“Okay, Doctor,” you grinned. “What’re you waiting for? Let’s go.”