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Do you know fics where Yuuri beats Viktor at competitions?

*screams* Anons, thank you so much for this request! This is one of my favourite AUs!! Get ready for a wild ride, because I have a lot of great fics to share! Hope you like these!

Yuuri Beats Victor at Competitions/Rivals AU

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 127k
Pretty sure everyone’s read this one… but if you haven’t, do! Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. Thumbs up!

Stay Close To Me by jazthegr8, Teen, 18k
Viktor looked scrolled through the various tweets already calling his Grand Prix Finals loss the ‘upset of the century,’ as if he didn’t know that already. He was a five-time Grand Prix gold medalist, three of those had been consecutive. Viktor was painstakingly aware of how shocking and upsetting it was that he’d fallen to an embarrassing last place to finish this year’s finals. Role reversal where Yuuri beats Victor at the GPF and becomes Victor’s coach

Make It Good, Make It Better by Jack_R, Not Rated, 27k
It’s 2008 and it’s supposed to be Victor’s year. His short program is incredible and this year, the Grand Prix is going to be his. That’s what he thought, until Yuuri beat him. Great rivals AU!

Husband vs. Husband: Figure Skating World Championship by heartsdesire456, Teen, 13k
Friendly rivalry between husbands Victor and Yuuri! The big question on everybody’s mind is, “Who will win gold, Victor Nikiforov or Katsuki Yuuri?” Very sweet!

Never Enough by ireallyloveicecream, Mature, 35k
All Katsuki Yuuri wanted was skate on the same ice as rising star Viktor Nikforov. But when his dream comes true and they meet, his awe for him mutates into a cut-throat motivation for retaliation, sending the two of them into a rivalry that should’ve burned into the history of figure skating. Intense rivals AU!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Teen, 54k
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. AU where young!Yuuri and young!Victor skate against each other in a friendly rivalry. LOVE!

Bedroom Warfare by RedishBlueRose Explicit, 2.1k
Victor and Yuuri’s rivalry isn’t just on the ice, it’s also in the bedroom. Quick, HOT rival AU. Yummy!

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Yuuri competes against him again, a completely different skater this time. Amazing fic!

Reaching for the Stars by LainLikesSweets, Gen, 744 words
It is time for the Grand Prix again, but will Yuuri be able to keep his calm this time and show the world his true skating? With Victor as a competitor does he even have a chance to win gold?

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 14k
It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player. JUST READ THIS… you can thank me later!

[GOT7 Reacts] to their s/o refusing to cuddle because it’s too hot

request by a lovely anon :)

Mark: He gives you a sexy stare,“well if it’s that hot I can undo a couple buttons babe” You start to blush and get even hotter when he says this. “You know what it does to me when you blush.” He says undoing more buttons. 

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Jinyoung: “You should have told me you were hot.” He goes to turn on the AC and comes back “How about now?” He says lifting your chin up to look at him. You could never resist that, and it felt cooler so you agreed.

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Jackson: “It wasn’t just me who thought so.” He takes off his jacket. “Oh Jagi, I think it just got warmer” You laugh and say that gives you more reason to not cuddle if it’s warmer walking away. “Okay okay okay how about I put it back. Baby~~” He says chasing after you.

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Youngjae: “Too hot? But it’s never too hot for cuddles. Come on… please~~~” He does unintentional aegyo at first you say no again but he starts to fan you with his hands “See it’s colder already!~” and you give to his cuteness.

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Jaebum: “I agree it’s pretty hot.” He says. Which surprised you because he loves skinship. “But should we let that stop us?” He whispers into your ear. Then he wraps his leg and arm around you. But you don’t fight it.

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Bambam: He sexy-cute stares at you. You stare back at him being serious. Then he pushes his slightly damp hair out of his face (which he knew you loved). “Oh come it’s not that hot you baby” He says teasing. And pulls you into him anyway. 

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Yugyeom: “Noooooona~ please. Pretty please.” He says tugging at your shirt. You look back at him and he starts doing aegyo (which was pretty rare). And you give in just because it was so darn cute. “I call big spoon~” You comment how he is like 6ft tall so of course he would be big spoon. Which makes you both laugh.

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Exo’s Reaction to their S/O’s being a actress and watching one of her intimate scenes in a movie.

Resquest said: EXO’s reaction when their s/o’s an actress and they have to watch her intimate scenes in a movie. Thank You.


Xiumin: *while watching the scene he looks at you and asks* can we do that tonight?

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Suho: How can you do these kind of scenes? Is this movie even PG-13…. Nope I don’t think so but hey you look hot! *smiles*

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Baekhyun: Jagi, let’s turn off the TV and let’s recreate it. *turn on mode* 

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Lay: Baobei, you’re such an good actress. *feeling proud*

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Chen: Agh…What are you doing to me…I swear you are my weakness

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Chanyeol: Oh wow!! Looking hot! 

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D.O: *mentally plotting a murder, because someone is kissing you and touching a lot and its not him*

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Kai: *turned on* ‘maybe we should do that or something else’ he says.

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Sehun: Uff, Jagi looking smooking hot in the TV but you much hotter in person. 

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Beyonce Gets Political, and I Get Snatched Bald: An Overview of Themes and Motifs in the Formation Music Video

It is important that you know, I am not even a Beyonce stan like that. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the post I am going to relate. If we were not perfectly convinced of Jacob Marley’s death before the play began, then there would be nothing remarkable about him showing up at his “business” partner’s house to bitch him out in the middle of the night.

It’s also important to note that Beyonce usually doesn’t go in for this sort of thing. She’s not really the Artist/Activist type. This video is the most political she has ever gotten, and I swear it took the convergence of Black Lives Matter, Black History Month, Mardis Gras, a Nat Turner Rebellion movie, the blatant disrespect of casting a white man to play Michael Jackson, and all the planets to bring us this blessing. Many have said Formation is the phrase, “I love my blackness, and yours.” given physical form. It is all that and more.

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This opening line prepares us for the realness to come

Let’s start with the fact that Formation features a voice over by Big Freedia the Queen Diva of NOLA Bounce. If you don’t know Bounce music, or you don’t know Big Freedia–and if you don’t know Bounce, you won’t know Big Freedia–let me direct you to Youtube so you can educate yourself. I recommend you start with Excuse, and Y’all Get Back Now. Big Freedia also has a very nice feature in Ru Paul’s Peanut Butter.

All throughout this video we are treated to imagery from Black queer culture, from Big Freedia’s voice-over, to dancers, to queens just slaying in the beauty shop. Again, if you are unfamiliar with the richness of Black queer culture, I direct you to the internet, because there’s just too much to explain. Start with Paris Is Burning on Netflix and go from there I guess? Like, literal books have been written and it is too big an undertaking for me alone. But Formation is an anthem for Black Femmes as much as it is for Blackness in general.

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Beyonce heard all y’all talking that shit about “Why is her hair always done, but she can’t make sure her baby’s hair is done?” Uh, because Blue is a child, and that is her NATURAL HAIR, and she clearly is ROCKING IT.

In fact, this video features A WEALTH of natural hair, textured hair, weaves, perms, braids, Black hair in general.

Note: Baby hairs are small, fine, wispy hairs on your hairline that your mother would brush or gel in a specific way. If you don’t know what a baby hair is, ask a Black person, or someone with “ethnic” hair (gag).

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In fact, every single person in this video is Black except for the cops.

And let’s talk about that scene

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A little black boy dancing his heart out in front of a line of cops in riot gear,

and the cops put their hands up. YES YES YES YES YESYEYSYESYES!!!!!

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Please note the multiple nods to Majorette culture (okay ladies, now let’s get in formation, prove to me you got some coordination, slay trick or you get eliminated) which is very southern.

Formation is very southern

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From Southern Gothic imagery

to people dressed for Mardis Gras

To the scenes with people dressed in 19th century Creole garb, in their parlors, with fans.

Now let’s examine some of the lyrics:

My Daddy Alabama, Mama Louisiana

This is more than a statement about Beyonce’s roots. The vast majority of Black Americans can trace their ancestry to the South, after many of us moved to northern cities in the Great Migration. To this day, the majority of Black people in the US live in the South. I’m a New Yorker for generations back on either side, but guess what? The family reunion each year is held in Virginia, because that’s where my people come from.

I like my negro nose and Jackson Five nostrils

There has literally never been a more full-throated, stalwart, stark as hell positive affirmation of Blackness in mainstream, popular media since the original Black Is Beautiful movement in the 60′s. Maybe not since the Harlem Renaissance? I predict In a few years, people will be inverting their contours and getting plastic surgery to achieve the coveted Jackson Five nostril. Only by then they’ll rename it something more palatable to the mainstream (Read: white people).

I got hot sauce in my bag

Let me tell you something about my septuagenarian Grandparents: they literally always have a bottle of hot sauce in their car. Like many retirees, they like to travel, take cruises, do old people stuff. Never have they ever gone anywhere without a bottle of hot sauce. Never has my grandfather been in a restaurant and not requested hot sauce–even though he always has his own.

As I type this, I have a bottle of hot sauce on my night stand, next to my bed. Why? Because I put that shit on everything, and it’s just more convenient to keep it handy. I put hot sauce on pepperoni pizzas. Sometimes I sip out of the hot sauce bottle like it’s a fine wine.

I make all this money, but they’ll never take the country out me

A reminder to never forget your roots, a statement about preserving your identity under the pressures of assimilation, or commentary on respectability politics–no matter how much money you make, how famous you become, you’ll always be Black to the powers that be? Trick question. It’s all three

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Note: Red Lobster is known to be the de-facto Black date night restaurant. I have no idea why.

All of this culminates in Beyonce, sprawled atop a NOLA police car, sinking into the flood waters of Katrina. She metaphorically drowns the police in a flood caused by the colossal abdication of responsibility by those in power at the expense of the disenfranchised. She is prostrated on the symbolic corpse of the oppressor as it is subsumed by water.

I Literally Can Not.

Other images that made me want to praise dance:

  1. Black man riding a horse down the street. Little known fact, Black people were some of the first cowboys in the American west. For the most famous example, see the actual man The Lone Ranger is based off of.
  2. The newspaper with the picture of Martin Luther King and front page headline that read, “More Than A Dreamer.” A reference to the #ReclaimMLK movement, which is about countering the sanitized, white-washed, commodified version of his message with the reality of his radicalism.
  3. The fact that the portraits on the walls of the mansion are of Black women
  4. I slay, I slay, I slay

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Like Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows | Fred Weasley

Words: 756

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Requested by: @astronomicalfreddie hi. so, i saw your post of the weasley children and was wondering if you could write one on fred where its xmas and he is desperately trying to make hot chocolate but something goes wrong and you can take a hold of the rest. but if you are super busy then i get it. i’d love it when you get to it. sorry if this is a lot.

A/N: Hey guys! I’m sorry for the delay but I was kinda out of inspiration, but don’t worry I’m back now. I hope I got your request right darling and I want so say thank you for being so nice with your request and understanding. I hope you liked it! 💙💙💙

The thunderstorm outside was only getting stronger and although there were so many people in the house, you felt utterly alone since everyone was already fast asleep. If only Fred was here to keep you company, he always knew how to calm you down and in his arms there was this odd feeling of safety. But of course, Molly wouldn’t let him even go near you the time you were staying in the Burrow.

With the noises becoming more than you could handle and the darkness surrounding the room, you decided you had had enough. You moved carefully as to not disturb Ginny who was sound asleep in the other side of the room and tiptoed to the door.

Thankfully, the old door didn’t creak too much and before you knew it, you were already making your way down to the kitchen, but were surprised to meet a mop of red hair. In the dark it was quite difficult telling which one of the twins it was, but you always knew somehow.

“Hello, stranger.” Fred greeted you with a smirk. “Hard time sleeping?” he whispered and started approaching you slyly, wrapping your arms around your hips and pulling you to him.

A thunder startled you and you almost jumped but his grip on you was tight - he could tell you were shivering though. Leaning down, he placed a soft kiss to your forehead and it warmed your heart. Fred might have been a five-year-old trapped inside a young man’s body, but when you needed him, he was always there.

“I bet you can’t sleep because I’m not around.” He joked again and you playfully slapped his chest.

“Keep telling yourself that, Weasley.” You stood on your tiptoes to kiss him and lingered a little on his lips, before pulling away and making him groan in protest. You smiled at the effect you had on him.

“I wish I could stay with you.” He murmured with his face buried in your hair. “You could sneak me in.”

“Sounds like an excuse for your mother to kill you.” You laughed softly.

He hummed in response, but you could feel the grin on his face. “I missed you, love.”

“I know, I missed you too. What were you doing here?” you did your best to look behind him, seeing a mess all over the kitchen. There was some kind of liquid spilled on the counter and you could detect a smell of cocoa in the air, but you weren’t so sure.

“Attempting to make a hot chocolate.” He finally let you go and you approached the mess Molly’s kitchen had turned into.

“Not much success, I can see.” You giggled and he made a grimace.

“Oh, I’m sorry angelcakes! Not everyone is perfect like you!” he placed a hand over his heart in fake hurt and you laughed.

“I’ll take that as compliment.” You winked back at him and pushed him away using your hips as you started casting charms to clean the mess.

Apparently though, he wasn’t having it because he slowly approached again and snaked his arms around you again, peppering your neck and collarbone with small kisses that tickled but you wouldn’t let him win this.

Ignoring his attempts to distract you completely, you continued pouring the right amounts of each ingredient and even added a tiny bit of salt like you used to do it in the muggle world. He didn’t give up though and his kisses trailed down your shoulder blades and arms, making you shiver at the feeling.

You pushed him away again, doing your best to hide your smile. “Aren’t you going to help me?”

“Fine, fine.” He let his hands drop and grabbed the whipped cream as you finished with the actual drink. Handing it to you, you added a swirl in each cup and playfully spread some on his nose, before kissing it off and you could see how he both enjoyed and hated the way you teased him. Finally adding a few marshmallows, you smiled in satisfaction and handed him his mug.

“You know what hot chocolate and marshmallows reminds me of?” he asked with a suspicious smirk and you raised an eyebrow. “Us, because you’re hot and I want to be on top of you.” He finished triumphantly with a wink, making you burst in laughter and almost spill the beverage all over him.

“What a line!” you giggled and made your way back upstairs with him following you like a lovesick puppy that he was.

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Hey it's your good ol donut anon. I've got another idea haha! I'm currently on my period and it's kILLING M E. So, how about hcs (same people and s/o ya know da drill ;)) about their girlfriend whos on their period. Like they would request something like "would pls drop kick me in the gut?" "can i use ur thigh as hot compress?" then what if during their period she would get sUPER EMOTIONAL at how beautiful they are like they would legit shed tears just for that reason because? sAME.




  • honestly, it’s Dazai so he’s used to your weird questions. He’d definitely allow you to “use his thigh as a hot compress”
  • actually finds it adorable that you’re super emotional about him 
  • will give you all the cuddles (include chocolate and hot beverages)
  • will also get you days off work so you can stay home and cuddle
  • if you’re cranky, he knows how to get you to smile


  • slightly terrified of you at first and runs to hide with Kouyou
    • Kouyou pushes him to actually go talk to you 
  • softens up once he sees you in pain and being super emotional, so he gives you cuddles
  • he might be a bit set off by your temper since he’s also a hot-head, but he’ll try his best to swallow his pride 
  • after he gets used to it, he’ll have his subordinates get you whatever you need and spoil you to make you feel better
  • thinks that it’s adorable that you’re freaking out over him, will actually blush, but it’s Chuuya so he’ll try to hide it


  • spoils you when you’re on your period 
  • uses his mafia boss status to spoil you with chocolate and hot beverages
  • lowkey finds it adorable when you start getting all emotional over him, but he just kind of sits there and smiles while stroking your hair
  • can’t really take any days off work, but he lets you come with him to his office and when he has time you can expect all the sweets (remember that giant table of sweets for Elise? Yeah)
  • memorizes your cycle and starts preparing for it when it’s around your time of the month


  • will only get you the most extravagant, and elegant forms of pain killers - you have to feel absolutely no pain or it’s not good enough
  • servants surrounding you 24/7, making sure you’re comfortable 
    • you basically have your own spa following you everywhere
  • will pamper you himself when you’re getting super emotional over him, finding it absolutely adorable
  • be a bit weirded out by your requests but….it’s you so he reluctantly obliges
  • you end up actually looking forward to your periods just because of how Fitzgerald spoils you 
More Than Measurements (NSFW)

No, you’re amazing, nonnie! I’m sorry you waited for such a long time. Thank you for the request.

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The panic began setting in the moment you came home to an empty apartment. He had promised when he dropped you off at work that morning that he would be waiting for you. Not hiding in the studio. Not partying with the guys. The nights before tours were reserved for you alone.

He had promised…

“I’m home!” you called. No response.

You tossed your bag on top of the mound of shoes that were piling up beside your door before walking from room to room, turning on lights. Anything to make it feel less empty.

Seunghyun was prone to this sort of thing. He could get so wrapped up in his own world that days would go by before you spoke to each other. Like you inhabited two different worlds within the confines of your apartment. You could still find signs of his movement everywhere. Crumbs on the counter, the invisible battle over television stations, the bed made ever so differently than how you left it in the morning. When he finally came home, he would lay his head across your lap as he joined you for a movie on the couch and you knew you had your Seunghyun back. Or at least for a little while.

In the kitchen trash you found the remnants of the wine bottle he had managed to polish off earlier that day. You noted how he had remembered to wash his glass in a feeble attempt to hide it from you. Down the hallway you could see a feint light that shone from behind the cracked door to your bedroom.

So he is still home.

“Seunghyun-ah,” you tried again. No response.

His clothes had been ripped from their hangers and strewn across the bedroom floor. The suitcase he was supposed to pack laid empty beside the closet door. You could just make out Seunghyun’s body underneath the duvet. He was facing away from you, staring out the glass wall that overlooked the cityscape. You hovered in the doorway for a moment, bracing yourself for whatever state you might find him in, before stripping down to your underwear and throwing on one of his discarded shirts.

From the way he stayed perfectly still while you crawled into bed you knew he was awake. Somehow his lack of response made you all the more furious with him. He could make you feel so insignificant as if the fact that he wouldn’t see you for the next three months meant nothing to him. That your place in his life had become a matter of convenience, a mere living arrangement, rather than genuine affection.

The muscles between your shoulder blades tightened from the stress and you took a deep breath to calm yourself down before you spent the better part of tomorrow bedridden from the pain. Then you rolled onto your side, determined not to let what little time you had together go to waste, as you spooned your body around him.

“I see the packing went well.”

“Don’t start, jagiya.”

His voice sounded hoarse and completely devoid of its usual warmth but that didn’t stop you from letting out a sarcastic gasp.

“He speaks,” you teased.

“Just leave me alone!”

Seunghyun nudged back hard against you with his shoulder. Stunned, you let your arm slip from around his waist as you were pushed back to your side of the bed. In all of the time that you had dated Seunghyun, he had never once yelled at you. He got quiet and distant, virtually shutting you out, but never raised his voice.

But what scared you more was how you barely recognized yourself in the midst of it all. Normally you would have protested or cried or hugged him tighter but as you stared up at the ceiling you couldn’t bring yourself to do any of those things. He was too disorienting.

It was a constant game of push and pull with him. Every time it seemed that he was letting you in, giving you glimpse at the real Seunghyun and not just his TOP persona, he would disappear again.

Suddenly the bed seemed too small for you both. Like he could feel you straining to keep your composure and that any moment he’d reach out to you and you’d be undone. You wanted to hold on to your anger a little longer because it felt like the only instinct you could trust. Quietly, you slipped out from under the covers and began to pile his clothes into the open suitcase.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s my room too,” you said without looking up. “If you want to sleep on the couch that’s fine but I’m sleeping here and I’m not sleeping in this mess.”

You grabbed his burgundy smoking jacket that laid crumpled next to the window and were just about to add it to the pile when the tag caught your attention. You squinted your eyes to be sure you were reading it properly before looking over at him.


It was the first time you caught a glimpse of his face. His eyes were swollen from crying. The corners of his mouth pulled downward as he fought off another wave of tears stirred by your gaze.

“I thought,” he started to explain himself. “Maybe if I worked hard enough that I could…”

The jacket in your hands was two sizes smaller than what he normally wore. You vaguely remembered him ordering it amidst all the talk of the upcoming tour but you couldn’t recall him ever wearing it. The prognosis was much the same for the other shirts still in your hands. That’s when it hit you what was really going on. Though he played it off, he wanted to look his best for the fans and for what was likely to be Bigbang’s last stage together for a while. So he’d set himself up for failure with the impossible task of dropping enough weight to put him close to Jiyoung’s size.

Then you remembered your weekend in France last month; a belated anniversary present to each other. It was one of your favorite vacations together. Seunghyun was more giddy than you had ever seen him as he showed you his favorite sites. Every meal was a different restaurant, half of which you didn’t know what you were eating, followed by a brisk walk to the hotel with his arm draped securely around your shoulders. His obsessive calorie counting fell by the wayside. His morning runs grew more relaxed, almost lethargic.

It was the first time he seemed so at ease with himself in public and you were as proud of him for it as any time you had seen him on stage. But looking back now it felt bittersweet because you knew how hard it had been for him to pick up his routine afterwards. That he was beating himself up over crème brûlées and tartar rather than focusing on what the trip had meant to you both.

You perched beside him on the edge of the bed and gently pulled the covers from his face so you could stroke his hair. He hated crying in front of you but this time you couldn’t give him his space. He tried to turn away but you slipped you leg over him and straddled his waist to keep him in place.

“I don’t want you to remember me like this when I’m away.”

“Shh,” you said as you kissed him on the forehead

You felt his breathing steady underneath you. His urge to run slowly subsiding into resignation as your thighs loosened around him. You scooted back so that your hips were pressed against his, slowly leaning down to kiss the exposed skin just below his navel. He flinched, hands clenching the sheets, as you pushed up his shirt to run your tongue from his abs up to his collarbone. He tried to meet your lips when you reached his face but you drew away, your hands pinning his wrists down when he tried to pull you back.

“I’m so tired of you shutting me out,” you said. “What are you afraid of?”

He looked almost guilty. His eyes were barely able to meet yours and when he finally answered his voice was meek.

“That I’m not good enough for you and I’m terrified of the day you finally realize that.”

“Do you think I care about measurements?” you asked, pointing to the suitcase to emphasis your point. “They’re arbitrary numbers to me. They aren’t the man I’m in love with.”

“I just don’t trust myself not to lose you.”

“So your solution is to push me away? Because that’s what you’re doing and it hurts me to see you like this.” You were vaguely aware of your nails digging into him but he didn’t complain. He was at a loss as to what you wanted him to say. “Give me a chance.”

“Anything for you,” he said.

Your grip on him loosened. He sat himself up against the headboard while wrapping one arm around your hips to steady you. You circled your arms around his neck and your lips met his in a barrage of hungry kisses. You left each other breathless as you parted just enough for your eager hands to undress each other.

Seunghyun hugged your naked body to him and the warmth of his skin made you shiver. His hips thrust into your touch as you let your hand play with his growing erection. You couldn’t help but smirk and he quickly returned the favor by massaging his index finger against your clit. He slid his tongue between your lips to swallow your moans.

You were dripping by the time you guided him inside of you. Seunghyun let his head fall back, exposing the neck that you wanted to mark so badly, but you refrained. You lowered yourself further, pushing him as deep inside of you as he could go, and rolled your hips in a steady, clockwise motion. The headboard knocked against the wall as you found your rhythm.

He was getting close. His breathing grew erratic but you slowed your pace to make him last a bit longer. Seunghyun wasn’t the type to beg. The closest he came to it was the look he gave you in that moment. His eyes locked with yours and pleaded with you for his release. You brought your mouth to his ear, letting your breathing grow heavier, and lifting yourself off of him.

“No matter what,” you whispered. “You’ll always fit me.”

You let yourself back down, plunging him so deep inside of you that you couldn’t help but moan together. He held out for as long as he could and kissed you hard just before he came. You fell exhausted beside him but he scooted you closer so that you could lay you head on his chest because he knew you liked listening to his heartbeat. You didn’t want anything to interrupt you but the glow from the digital clock on your beside table caught your attention.

“We should get some sleep. You need to be at the airport early tomorrow.”

“If it’s alright with you,” he said. “I don’t plan on sleeping tonight.”

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How hot is it where you live??? I live in Arizona and I have to wear my hijab and it's comfortable but I get so sweaty and gross. and I'm in my house most of the time in the AC because it is to hot to be out in 110+ weather.

It gets up to like 115 sometimes higher for me;;

But I can’t imagine the heat for you! Oh no! I’m really glad you get to stay where it’s cool because heat stroke is Not Fun™ ^^ ~Admin 404

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Can I request Asahi for the ask? Thank you!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality/worst quality: both his best and worst quality is the fact that he can remember the tiniest of things. This can be good because everyone appreciates when someone remembers something they said a while ago, and it comes in handsy when he has exams. But this can be bad, since he will remember if someone hurt him, or said something he didn’t like about someone he cares.
ship them with: Aone and Ushijima (fight me)
brotp them with: Noya and Tendou
needs to stay away from: Ice cream. He will devour it in an instant and get brainfreeze. He NEVER learns.
misc. thoughts: He’s a ball of love trapped in a man’s body. Please protect him, and respect him. He appreciates respectful people, and will never turn down displays of affection from the people he loves.

Thanks for requesting one of my faves :D

Character ask for Iwaizumi Hajime (as requested by @misslorable) Thank you, darling!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His arms XD No but, for real, his no nonsense personality (when it comes to things that really matters) and his dedication.
worst quality: Iwaizumi is flawless though????
ship them with: A life of peace and quiet. Oikawa, because I am basic. But I also ship him with Daichi. 
brotp them with: Kageyama (he’ll be a good big bro to him), and I really want him to meet and get along with Bokuto???? And I also feel he’ll go along well with Ushijima. IDK why…
needs to stay away from: pranks (set by Matsukawa and Hanamaki)
misc. thoughts: Iwaizumi makes me swoon.

anonymous asked:

yo semi-embarrassing request, but could you link me to some of your favorite stydia smut fics/fics with good stydia smut?? i'm tryna get in the mode to write some myself so I'd like to read some others to jumpstart myself, pls and thank u :-)

  • Rain and Bad Weather (series of three smut fics) Absolutely gorgeously written… one of those things where you can’t even fathom why it’s so hot because they’re not even doing anything particularly dirty, but it’s so hot and you’re like “Uh, what did you just do.” And then there’s the emotions, and the emotions are hot too, let’s be real. Dialogue on point, so IC, 10/10.  
  • Lasciviousness isn’t’t even sex, their clothes remain firmly on their bodies, and it’s still one of the hottest things I’ve ever read, bar none. I’m serious, I said “oh my god” out loud several times while reading it and I read it out loud to two of my best friends and they both felt like terrible people afterwards despite the fact that NOTHING HAPPENS. Then again, I do have a weak spot for dry humping, so that might be why I think it’s so amazing. WHATEVER, I LOVE IT, LEAVE ME ALONE. 
  • Bar Out
  • Climax is just making out, but reading the description will give you an idea of how to write an incredible sex scene. This is one of those fics where every last breath feels incredibly important. The emotions and dialogue are so on point. The best way to describe this fic is “tantalizing.”  
  • From one end to the other is hella depressing but the little smutty vignettes are hot and it has my favorite aesthetic position in it, so A+++ to that. The sex scenes are spread out but they’re really good in a way that’s not romanticized, but it flat and frank and I find it to be really appropriate for Stydia. 
  • The We’re All Shook Up series has gorgeously written smut. We should all aspire to write stuff this hot and well written simultaneously. 
  • I’m sure you’ve read this one because everybody in the stydia fandom has, but the Heisenberg Anthology series should get you, it’s like a list of kinks Stiles wants to try out after Lydia devirginizes him and their pwp turns into porn with feelings way sooner than Lydia would like. 
  • By the same author, Happy Endings is an AU in which Stiles is a masseuse and Lydia lets him get her off and if you want to go to hell you can read it. Have fun. 
  • Lazy Lover series as well, super dirty. It starts off with Lydia having trouble falling asleep and Stiles is like “Yo I can get you off” and she’s like “Well sure that sounds better than being perpetually awake” (I mean, she’s not wrong) and then they just start having a lot of sex all over Beacon Hills, scarring most of the cast of characters on TW. 

There you go. The best of the smutty. 

Dear miss hot chocolate lady,

I think we might have had a fundamental miscommunication here. I am not disputing the quality of your product, it is very nice hot chocolate. I especially appreciated your thoughtful inquiry re. my gelatin tolerance, and your subsequent inclusion of three whole mini-marshmallows, which was either sincere generosity or an apology on your part, because really there was only physical space in the cup for two, two-and-a-half tops.

I am disputing your grasp of the English language as used by normal people who buy things in the society we both live in. Because generally in said society, when one requests a ‘small’ hot chocolate, one expects a fairly standard-sized cup, robust yet somewhat smaller than the 'regular’ size, which is made for giants and contains enough hot chocolate to drown a horse.

Whereas what you have given me, was clearly made for a motherfucking pixie.

And I am not a particularly short person, miss hot chocolate lady, and even if I were there would be no reason to assume that I had such a complex over my teeniness that I need assuage it with teeny tiny doll house props, so that I may feel my Liliputian hands are mighty Hagridian mitts, as indeed they do when they are cradling the product you handed me.

Also, I happen to have a cold, much like the majority of your customers now that autumn has finally dropped its mucosal shroud firmly down over our heads, and another barrier to my full enjoyment of your delightfully wee creation here is my conviction that every time I sneeze the involuntary muscular contraction of my fist will crush my itsy-bitsy beverage like a dainty sparrow’s egg clasped by a half-ton robot not programmed to do that sort of thing.

In conclusion, to borrow from the timeless words of Agent J, I feel like I’m'a break this damn thing.

Beautifully Bad S.W fan fiction ch 2

Stella’s pov

“Samuel Wilkinson come here” Andrea yelled while she held me on her side like a koala “What the hell Andrea” i punched her in the boob. “Andreaaa” Nate and sam yelled. “STELLA” nate yelled “SKATEEEE” i yelled and hopped on his back. We all walked outside we were near our venue. “Wait i need to introduce you to sammy boy” Nate said stopping and turning behind him. “Hey im sam” he said lets just say jesus christ that boy was hot. “Im stella, um stella mason” i said looking into his beautiful eyes.

Some how we all ended up at a coffee shop which was much needed, “Hi can i get an iced caramel macchiato” “wait make that two” sam said standing next to me and giving me a wink. What a flirt “that will be $7.67″ i was about to pull out a 10 dollar bill but sam decided to pay “What the hell sam i could of paid for it” i said hitting his arm “dang i can’t be a gentle man or what?” he said giving a light chuckle. Me and sam were actually pretty cool, i mean he’s so chill which makes him even hotter.

We all headed back from our little adventure, and there were some fans at the fence and they were hyped so we signed stuff and took picture’s. “SAMLLA omg you guys are too cute” one girl screamed “OTP OTP” they all chanted “Look guy we’ve go to go sam said throwing me over his shoulders, which only got the even more hyped. We all got on the tour bus very happy, i decided to shower because it was pretty hot and i felt sticky. I grabbed all my clothes which was sweats and a plain white crop top but it was hella comfortable. After my shower i  hopped in bed and Andrea showered 

“Nateeeee” i yelled from my bunk “what” he yelled back “Where are you, come here” i yelled. “Aye lets hit one” i said as he was walking over to my bunk “Sammy you in?” i said “uhhhh yea let me grab a bong” he said digging through his back pack. “I’ll grab Andrea and the jacks and Nate grab water and stuff” i said making my way to the bathroom to get Andrea “ANDREA WERE GONNA GO HIT SOME OUTSIDE COME IF YOU WANT” i yelled banging on her door. I also made my way to the jack’s bunks “Were gonna go hit some let’s go” i whispered opening there bunks up. I grabbed my converse and tied them up. 

Sam’s pov

We all headed out front to this park by the buses, i was walking with stella “Wait let’s go get kenny” stella said running to his bus, she banged on his door really hard he came out too after a long time of stella convincing him, shes so nice and sweet. She was beyond beautiful she’s bad too. “I haven’t hit one in a long ass time” she said getting really excited. We all made it, we all passed it around 4 times. Let me just say stella was so hot “Let me hit another one” she said grabbing the lighter, “watch what i do sam okay ready” she said as i watched her mouth, she did a french inhale. And damn it was hella sexy. 

Andrea’s Pov 

“Let’s play truth or dare?” i said “suree” stella said and the boys agreeing, “okay sammy truth or dare” Nate started the game “dare” he said giving stella his jacket. Honestly they are so cute no wonder why everyone ships them. “Okay make out with stella for 50 seconds” Nate said smirking. “okay” sammy said facing stella, i don’t want to get into details because there my bestfriends but it was heated. 

Well we all made it back to the bus and sammy and stella were hella close and they decided to sleep together in his bunk. “Sorry sam but your hoodie hella smells like weed.” stella said laughing her ass off. 

Sam’s pov

“Stella go to sleep” i said holding her tight in my arms. “Andrea do you have any milk duds?” stella whispered hanging half he body off the bunk, i had to hold her from her waist. “Here babe want some” she said laying back “babe?” i said with a smirk. “Lets admit it your hot im hot we can be hot together.” She said, “Yea okay tell me that when were not high. “We look at twitter sammy” she said falling asleep. As we spooned i looked through her twitter.

@og.stellamason; sam is actually pretty cute not gonna lie 

@og.stellamason; if anyone has any edits or pics ill rt some ;)

@og.stellamason; Sams hella chill wth

@og.stellamason; who’s going to digi

this helllllla sucks im so sorry also please please please request some imagines and au meme’s because ill be starting to do those too.

xoxoxoxo, Baddie will

You’re beautiful

anon ; Aw aw aw could you do one where y/n is feeling really insecure about themselves and pietro comforts her and breaks his narcissistic figure acting all lovey dovey

a/n ; i tried to focus on what y/n is insecure about , it was hard for me to actually write because i feel insecure about most things about myself, but i hope you liked the story!! request are still open!! send in your ideas!!  


Pietro Maximoff imagine #3 

Originally posted by wehavesass

it was a beautiful hot summer day, like literally way too hot to even step outside. i was sitting on the couch with wanda, nat on the floor complaining that’s she hot, steve, clint and thor are in the training room, tony, vision and bruce in the lab and last but not least pietro was in the kitchen getting getting me, wanda and nat a drink.

“ We should rent a beach house “ Nat said sitting up looking at me and wanda with a big grin on her face. i looked at wanda then back at nat. “that’ll be a great idea” wanda said getting up from the couch to help Nat up from the floor. “ you in y/n ?” Nat said looking at me with a big smile, “i don’t see why not” looking at pietro and he made his way back to us, “ you can count me in as well “ pietro said giving out the drinks, “alright well i’m gonna go tell the rest, go pack up your clothes that you’re gonna bring. this week will be fun!!”

Nat and Wanda made there way to the elevator and soon disappeared. i sat their thinking about the way i look in a bikini, the way my thighs almost touch, i wasn’t fat nor was i skinny. but i just hated the way i looked. shrugging off the thoughts i made my way to my room with a frown, i felt a breeze and a blue blur and then pietro was in front of me. “what troubles you dragul meu ?” looking at me with his icy blue eyes that filled with concerned, i started to cry while the thoughts came rushing back. “y/n don’t cry..please tell me what is wrong” pietro said put his warms hands on my face and wiping away the tears with his thump. he picked me up bridal style and next thing you know i’m in my room.

sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at the floor upset about how i couldn’t tell pietro what was wrong, i didn’t want him to know and i didn’t want to bother him with my problems.

” y/n “ Pietro said sitting next to me, waiting for an answer as to why am i upset. i looked at him and i saw how his icy blue eyes filled with wordiness. “i just hate how i look in bikinis..or just in general i just hate how my body looks” looking away with more tears forming. Pietro grabbing my hand and kissed it and then kissed my forehead.

“ Y/n i think your body is beautiful, you’re beautiful no matter what. ”  he said grabbing me into a hug, i wrapped my arms around his neck, fiddling my fingers in his white-silvered hair. breaking the hug, he then kissed me passionate, making his way down my neck.

 “tell me dragul meu which body parts you hate?” giving me a smirk, like he knew exactly where i hated the most. “my thighs..” he then pushed me so i was laying down, he went down to my leg. he started to rub my thighs sending butterflies to my stomach. 

“pietro , what are you doing?”

 i asked enjoying what he was doing. he gave me a little smirk and began kissing my hips then making his way to my thighs and kissing them. he knew this drives me crazy and only craving him where i want him the most. “are you trying to teasing me“ biting my lip so i wont make moan. he gave me a smirk 

“maybe but we’ll save that for later” he said pressing a kiss on my lips, craving for more than just a kiss.

A/n - theirs imagine #3 i tried my best for him to be lovey dovey again this is my third story, ill have another onoe up maybe later or tomrrow! im still taking in request so feel free to send some!!


Another part of the interview from today’s news (16 June): [only Yuzu’s parts are translated]

“Good morning.”

(It’s hot today)
“Indeed, it’s quite hot, isn’t it?  I do hate hot weather.  Because I am a skater, perhaps. “ (laugh)

“It seems that there were some requests [from fans] for me to perform a Japanese-style programme and I myself wanted to try it.  This might be a real challenge even starting from the music, but I should be able to evolve by mastering it.  I also think it might be a good opportunity for others to learn about the Japanese culture.”

(As for the Pyeongchang Olympics)
“For me, it’s only three years remaining, while people say there are still three years.  By identifying the scope of my performance and my weaknesses, I would like to make this coming season a fruitful year towards the Olympics. 

(After being asked to write his motto this season)
“NISSHIN NIPPO” [steady progress and advancement day by day]. I know it’s originally “NISSHIN GEPPO” [steady progress day by day, and advancement month by month]. The life-span as a competing skater is not necessarily long, as compared to other athletes. I’d like to continue progressing every day and advancing every day, rather than making only one step forward each month.”  

Translation by Sophie Moroi on FB (and slightly edited by me here)

The other part of the interview: [X]


she’s kinda hot // 5sos

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