requested by jess


my roommate lovingly dubbed this “The Anime Last Supper”

(hope you don’t mind a triple date instead!)

made another one of those palette challenge things, i wont be taking requests for it rn but feel free to reblog this and have ur followers challenge you

ya can repost it on other websites or w/e but for the love of god credit me, i even made it easy for u and slapped my url right on the top so u cant say u forgot who made it




I decided to post a bunch of requests at once cus’… why not? It keeps me focused on the goal! What goal? Well to finish the requests ofc!

Just a little side-note to what Gabe and Jesse are cookin’: It is something called chocolate buns.. I think. It’s made of puffed rice and chocolate… and basically only that… :| they are super good tho!