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Hi ^^ I was wondering if I might be able to do a prompt request for a domestic spy/assassin couple if that's okay? Thanks ^^

  • “There are four cans of beer, thirty pounds of C3 explosives in our fridge and no food. I think we need to go grocery shopping.” 
  • “You keep getting shot at and you need to learn to be less reckless about yourself because I care about you, okay? So I’m cutting off sex every time you do some stupid shit you could’ve avoided”
  • “I’m pretty used to you disappearing on me for days at a time. I don’t mind it, I have my own work to keep myself busy. One night you show up seriously injured, insisting on not going to see a doctor so I have to stitch you up myself”
  • “Honey did you see my gas mask?”
  • “You want to try and live a normal life, so we moved to the suburbia. I’m a really good actor when I need to, but I’m completely hopeless in all neighborhood social functions. I’d rather have my fingernails pulled out by the russian mafia again than spend another hour talking about Kevin’s new golf set”
  • last but not least, the classic: “We were assigned to kill each other. So the only viable option is to turn on both our agencies and possibly go out with a bang” 
Fic 456: Baby Makes Three

I had a request for some Dad!Spy with Baby!Scout and StepDad!Sniper. By the end, StepDad!Sniper had turned into awkward kinda BF!Sniper, but hey, every relationship has to start someplace, right?

The night air was cool with the first hints of winter. Leaves, dry and brittle, rustled in the breeze as they spun in a small flurry around the wheels of the truck. The bright reds, yellows, and oranges that the hordes of tourists had enjoyed for the last few weeks had faded into brown, even as a few hardy survivors still fiercely clung to the spidery branches that reached into the sky. It was a far cry from Australia, but all in all it didn’t bother Sniper that much. He just pulled his woodsman’s cap down a little more and was thankful for the sheepskin lining against his ears.

Turning his attention back to the view in front of him, he could see the lights of Boston out in the distance shining brightly against the black void of the Atlantic behind them. He hadn’t cared for the city. But then again, he never really cared for any city, so why should this one be any different? There were too many people, too many cars, and too much noise. He much prefered his perch outside the city lines.

As he sat there he could feel the camper gently swaying beneath him. Indistinct words reached his ears, but knowing the man inside, they were probably French. They were interrupted a moment later by a muffled cry and Sniper sighed.

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iSpy by Kyle and Lil Yachty for Namjoon? Thank d00d!

I spy with my little eye

A girlie I can get ‘cause she don’t get too many likes

A curly-headed cutie I can turn into my wife

iSpy by Kyle ft. Lil Yachty

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

I really dig this song though! It’s highkey my fave. 

- Admin Dayna

The boys left early rise from Korea and landed late night in California’s LAX. They all jumped into their designated black, tinted-window van and were now on the way to the hotel. Car rides like this always started off high spirited and died down to soft snores and the reflective glares of iPhones and leisure thumbs.

Hobi – per usual – snooped around in fancafes, seeing what ARMYs were up to, taking peaks at what was being said about himself and the boys. Taehyung was farther in the back of the black tinted van, caught between sleeping Jungkook and Jimin, both of which rested their heads on his shoulders as he silently – and intensely – watched some drama he had recently found himself hooked onto.

Yoongi sat at the window seat; the very seat Jin wished to sit at but Yoongi was too stubborn and lazy to get up and let him have it. His head rested against the window, while he (as expected) slept peacefully throughout the ride with headphones in his ears. Jin sat sandwiched between Hoseok and Yoongi, long since over his mild disappointment about him not getting to sit at a window. He had just fallen asleep from scrolling through twitter.

Namjoon was shotgun, wide awake after sleeping through the flight to the U.S. He had a habit of going through the twitter and Instagram pages of BTS, and somehow finding himself on the personal profiles of ARMYs. 

Little known fact; Namjoon liked to lurk through fan’s social media. Not so much the profiles dedicated to him and the boys – while he appreciated the love and support, he liked to see the actual faces and interests of those who walk with them. He liked to see the selfies of fans. He liked to know what they did on their free time, if they have a cat or a dog, what hobbies or adventures they go on. Truthfully it felt a little invasive but it was a fun way to pass time.
This time, however, one of his ARMYs seemed to really catch his eye.

Her bio was a short lyric from SZA’s Hiijack, reading; “🌸 young savage girl lost among the lily pads 🌸” Her name was nowhere to be found, but her overall Instagram was aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Mainly a bunch of pictures of friends, plants and the occasional book she must have been reading at the time with highlighted phrases. Namjoon found himself staring for an incredibly long time at one picture of the girl. Her hair in a big and curly fro with wildflowers stuck in them 

Does her skin naturally glow like that or is it just makeup?

She’s literally golden –

Her hair looks like actual clouds –  

Wonder if she’s a photographer… she’s good at taking pictures -

It’s surprising how little followers she had… barely any likes… girls like her usually get likes by the hundreds, maybe thousands. She was interesting, assuming from the pictures. She had to be to have Namjoon scrolling to the end of her Instagram feed, tempted to slide in her DMs but knowing the consequences behind doing such.

He cleared his throat, tore his eyes away from his phone, locking it and peering out the window with furrowed brows and slight disappointment/distress.

A fucking shame, y’know?

She was cute.

Spiders and Tea

From this request: I LOVED that Moriarty fic, could you possible make another one? Like she is working with Sherlock, but falls for Moriarty. She tries to stay away from him, but he figures out her love for him so he makes it were she has to confront it and give in.



Moriarty loved spying on Sherlock. It gave him an unlimited high that he was able to ‘pull one over’ on the detective. Sometimes, when he was extremely bored, Moriarty would make it incredibly obvious that he was spying, just to see how long it took the detective to figure it out.

Ever since you’d fallen in with Sherlock, Moriarty had taken to spying on you. You were a peculiar thing, and not just because you were seemingly close to the detective. Moriarty found himself smiling or chuckling to himself whenever you danced around the flat or told a dry joke, trying to lighten the mood at a crime scene. Sherlock rarely expressed any sort of emotion towards you. He merely did his work, sometimes allowing you to contribute your two cents.

“Sherlock,” you asked one day. “Would you tell me about Moriarty?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s he like?”

“He’s a pest.”

‘Now, Sherlock,’ Moriarty chastised to himself. ‘It’s not nice to call others names.’

“But what’s he like? He must be incredibly smart if he’s the only one who’s ever really been a… challenge for you.”

“His skill set could be seen as impressive if measured the proper way,” Sherlock said.

“And what way is that?”

“Compared to a toddler’s. Or John’s.”

Moriarty sniffed at the insult. He knew he was better, smarter than Sherlock. And he knew that Sherlock knew that, too.

“Why are you wasting brain cells thinking about him?” Sherlock asked, which was the closest thing to a personal question he’d ever asked you (usually, he just deduced everything).

“Is it really a waste to consider and contemplate your enemy?”

“To become an enemy, one needs to be a threat.”

“You don’t see him as one?”

“No more than a spider sees a fly as a threat.”

“What about a spider and another spider?”

Sherlock spared a disdainful glance in your direction.

You shrugged, carrying on. “Well, if you’re a Brown Recluse, he’d be…”


“A Black Widow.”

Was that… adoration in your voice? Could you possibly find Moriarty’s talents and skills awe-inspiring? Was there a hint of kindness in your voice upon baptizing him with that nickname?

‘I need to get to her,’ Moriarty thought to himself. ‘Fully assess the situation.’


You poked your head into the abandoned laboratory. Only a few dim lights were on, bathing the machines, tubes, and vials in shadow. You stepped around the room, studying the chemicals and equipment.

“You’re a brave one, aren’t you?”

You didn’t turn but froze in your spot. Moriarty saw the way you were holding your shoulders as if trying to give off an air of strength and comfort. “What do you mean?”

“Coming to an abandoned place in the middle of the night because an anonymous letter requested your presence,” Moriarty said, taking a step closer. “That’s not something most people would do.”

“I’m not most people.”

“Indeed not.” Moriarty studied you for a moment. “Most people would also turn to face the person who lured them here.”

“As much as I like looking at you, I know who you are, Moriarty.”

This sent a small chill down Moriarty’s spine. “How?”

You finally turned, pegging Moriarty with an intense stare. “I noticed you, or rather, someone spying on Sherlock and I the other day. He’s told me of the times he’s caught you and the battles of wits you’ve had. I assumed you sent the brilliantly worded letter.”

“So you didn’t really know.”

“Call it a hunch.”

“And did you get a hunch as to the reason I called you here?”

Your self-sure attitude wavered at that moment. “I can rarely understand Sherlock on a good day. What makes you think I could understand you?”

‘A hidden compliment,’ Moriarty thought. His heart softened slightly. “You should give yourself more credit. You understand more than you realize when it comes to that buffoon.” Moriarty noticed the light blush cross your cheeks. “Why do you think I’ve asked you here?”

You shook your head once, but your eyes were trailing around the room, down his form, searching for a hint, a clue of any sort. “Well, unless you’ve got a slow-acting aerosol poison or a sniper, I don’t think you brought me here to kill me.”

Moriarty nodded.

“You know I work with Sherlock… but you could just as easily go after him. And you must realize that Sherlock’s attachment to me is barely there, meaning I wouldn’t be a strong enough of a reason to get him out of bed to look for me.”

You took a step forward, peering into Moriarty’s eyes. For once, Moriarty felt vulnerable, as if you could see parts of him that no one had ever seen. Yet he stood his ground, peering down his nose at you.

“It’s almost as if you simply wanted conversation.”

Moriarty’s mouth lifted at one corner. “What can I say? You like me, I’m intrigued by you… Shall we get tea?”

First Date- A Captain Swan One-Shot

Title: First Date
Request: Could I get a Captain Swan Parenting. Like the reader is Captain Swan’s daughter and has her first date with boy they dont really like and Killian, Charming, and Henry are very against it, but Emma, Snow, Regina, and Zelena (because well she has changed) help her get ready, but all of them end up spying on the date. Could it being with the reader being asked out in Granny’s and the family hears about it. Could it possibly end with them all getting caught spying. This would mean alot thanks.
Pairing: Captain Swan x Daughter!Reader

“So tomorrow night will work?” Ian asked Y/N as they sat in a booth at Granny’s.
“Yea.” Y/N smiled, “I can’t wait.”
“I’ll see you then.” Ian smiled back.
Ian then left, followed by Y/N.
Granny had over heard their conversation, and knew that she had to tell Y/N’s parents about it.
Luckily, Killian and Emma came into the dinner about a half hour later.
“Nice to see you two, I’ve got something to tell ya.” Granny said.
“Why hello too Granny.” Killian chuckled.
“Your daughter was in here earlier with that boy, Ian.” Granny said.
Emma shook her head, “Of course she was.”
“She’s always running around with him.” Killian added.
“He asked her out on a date tomorrow night.” Granny said.
“She’s not bloody going with that ass of a boy.” Killian said to his wife.
“Killian, stop it. We’re going to let her go with him. You just don’t like him because your only daughter finally found a boy.” Emma added.
“Your father doesn’t like the boy either, neither does Henry.” Killian said.
“You all can get over it and let Y/N be a teenage girl for once.” Emma said.

The next night, Emma was helping Y/N get ready for her date along with the help of Snow, Regina, and Zelena.
“I don’t need this much help…” Y/N kept saying.
“We want this date to go well for you.” Snow responded, “You’ll thank us later.”
“You look pretty Y/N.” Regina smiled.
“Now go show Ian how great you are.” Zelena added, “If he doesn’t die when he sees you, I’ll be surprised.”
Y/N blushed, “I’ll see you later.”
“Bye kid.” Emma smiled.
Y/N ran downstairs, and outside to Ian’s car.
Killian and Emma watched from out the window as the car drove away, when Killian added, “Let’s follow them.”
“What?” Emma exclaimed.
“We won’t get caught, let’s just go watch them for a little while.” Killian suggested.
Emma laughed, “Alright, you over protective dad.”

Emma and Killian followed Ian’s car all the way to the resturant they were eating at.
They watched as Ian and Y/N walked in, and quickly went inside themselves.
The two sat down at a table nearby, but not too close to Y/N and Ian’s.
“She’s smiling.” Emma said, “That’s a good sign.”
“He better not try anything on her.” Killian said, staring Ian down.
“Killian just relax it’ll be fine.” Emma added.
Y/N just happened to look over, and she saw her parents.
“Oh shit.” she mumbled under her breath.
“You ok?” Ian asked her.
“Yea.” Y/N responded, “I’m great.”
From the other table, Emma knew that Y/N had seen them.
“We’ve been caught, no what’s your plan?” she asked Killian.
“I didn’t think about that.” Killian responded, “We just stay here I guess?”
Emma laughed, “This was dumb we ruined her first date ever.”
“Oh well.” Killian said sarcastically.
Y/N suddenly got up from her table, walking past her parents.
She slid a napkin onto the table and continued walking to the bathroom.
Emma picked it up and read it aloud, “Hey mom, dad. Doesn’t surprise me that you’re here. Ian’s being sweet, don’t worry about anything. I love you two but you’re both insane.”
Killian laughed, “At least she’s not mad.”
“She probably is but won’t release her anger until she gets home.” Emma added.
Y/N then walked back past her parents’ table, and Killian said, “Love you, Y/N.”
Y/N smiled, trying to hide it, as she sat back down with Ian.
“This is fun.” Killian added, smiling goofily.




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If you're still taking requests (I know you have a lot), how about a scene from your Ideal Lapidot Fic?

boy howdy I sure would love for someone – anyone – but me to write this 1947 Soviet Spies AU, wherein Peridot is a military scientist charged with stealing the secret to nuclear warfare from the Americans, and Lapis is the ex-Night Witch spy whose last chance at redemption in the eyes of her homeland is to make sure this scrawny annoying scientist doesn’t get killed 

The Hybrid- Part 1

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 1 (I was inspired by a request @shadow-cass​ )

Summary: Klaus meets a werewolf he quickly gets attached to.

Words: 4927

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I want to know if you guys like it, please, let me know what you think ;)

Enjoy :)

Originally posted by darksoulandhiddenthoughts

(Takes place in 3x09)

Klaus had been tracking down a pack of werewolves in Oregon. It was the full moon soon so he decided to follow a group of campers deep in the woods. It was night and he was hiding and spying on the werewolves that were getting prepared to turn. He noticed most of them were avoiding a small group that had settled apart from them. This group was composed of four men and only one girl. The young girl was trying not to get in the way, obviously scared of her… what were they? Father, brothers, uncles? He couldn’t tell. But she had bruises all over her naked arms. She was obviously cold and she kept rubbing her arms to get some heat. “Ariel!” the hybrid heard one of the man yelled. The girl jumped, startled and nervous. She rushed to the man who had just called her. He was yelling at her about some food she didn’t take or didn’t prepare like he wanted to. The next thing he did was hitting her. He slapped her so hard she fell on the ground. Every werewolves around saw the scene but didn’t do anything. Klaus wondered why they didn’t help the poor girl that was getting beat up just in front of them. The way she was being treated reminded him of the abuse he used to suffer from his father. He was becoming angrier each time the man laid a hand on her.

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jroseartmusic  asked:

Hey im obsessed with your prompts i was wondering could i have a "i have a secret/secret identity au" (like ex. im a superhero or i turn into were-cat) if that makes sense

here you go!! 

  • you’re a superhero and I’m a supervillain and we ‘meet for the first time’ as civilians and you’re oddly familiar somehow but hey you’re cute so
  • somehow you don’t believe that I’m famous and I don’t want things to change between us so I’m going to keep it that way
  • I thought you were kidding when you said you were a secret agent but now that there are people shooting at us and yep I definitely believe you
  • you’re certain I’m some sort of secret agent spy and you’ve been tailing me for hours and wow you’re really bad at being inconspicuous
  • I’m your doctor and you seem to be getting the weirdest injuries, from radiation burns to frostbite, and I think you’re some kind of superhero?
  • every full moon you disappear and ‘get sick’ or 'were out the entire night’ and don’t you think I haven’t noticed
  • I was undergoing a mission overseas and I was in disguise but guess what you’re here on holiday and shit you came up to me and said I reminded you of a friend and now I have to play along

- jo

ask and you shall receive @supercorpppp

“Ms. Danvers? Your eleven o'clock is here.” Kara sat down her pile of paperwork, and peered over her glasses at her assistant.

“Thank you, Mon-el. Send her in.” Kara’s puppy like assistant left with a slight bow of his head. Shortly after, Alex Danvers made her way into the large office.

“You analyzed the tech?” Alex nodded, and produced a small box from her pocket. Inside was a secret camera that had been implanted in Kara’s office. Alex, as a favor to Kara, analyzed it in her lab to see where it came from.

“You already know who it belongs to, Kara.” Kara sighed and hung her head.
“I thought we were making progress with that. Thank you, Alex.” Alex gave her sister a smile before leaving. They were both way too busy for idle small talk.


“I heard you wanted to talk to me?” It was now past midnight, and Kara was sure that Lena Luther would not show up, but here she was, standing in the doorway of Kara’s office with the same look of coldness that she always wore. Kara set aside her seemingly endless pile of paperwork.
“Yes, Ms. Luthor. Please sit.” Lena did as suggested, leaning forward to place her elbows on the CEO’s desk.
“I’m sure you know why I asked you here, but I shall enlighten you anyways.” Lena raised her eyebrows in a ‘do Tell’s sort of way. “L-corp tech was found hidden in my office. This clearly violates the truce our fathers made. Now-” Kara was cut off by Lena(who had clearly not been paying attention! The nerve!)
“Go on a date with me.”
“…what?” Kara’s awkwardness shone through her stony CEO filter. She quickly put her exterior back up, however. She was Kara Danvers! CEO of Krypton Corporations! She would not let some girl make her feel awkward and embarrassed, even if that girl was her arch nemesis. “Ms. Luthor, this is serious! I would appreciate if you treat it as such!”
“I am being serious, Supergirl!” Kara bristled at the Nickname the media(more specifically Cat Grant) had given her when she had taken over her family’s  company. “I have no idea how L-Corp tech got into your office, and believe me I will deal with it! I do know however, that I could use a drink and I’d like to get one with you.” Kara had to admit, after the long day she had, a drink did sound appealing. Plus if Lena got drunk she could probe her more about the L-Corp bug in her office.
“Okay.” Lena sat up straighter, a small smile tugging at her lips.
“Really? Great!”


“Ms. Luthor? I do truly appreciate the drink to sit her in silence. So please, state exactly what you want.” Kara said in her best boss tone, making Lena stop glancing around and stare at her. 

“I’m waiting for something.” Lena answered shortly, ticking Kara off. 

“Well, if you’re waiting for me to fly, I can assure you, you’ll be waiting a long time!” Lena smiled at the familiar phrase Zor-El used to use when in meetings with Lena’s father. 

“I’m waiting for Kara to appear. Not supergirl.” Though Lena’s smile was kind it still pissed Kara way more than it should have. 

“And what exactly is that supposed to mean?!” Kara’s tone had a slight bite to it that made Lena’s smile drop.

“It means I want to talk to you, not Supergirl! You remember when we were kids and our parents would force us to socialize at gatherings? You were so kind, and bubbly. Not this stony person you’re being now.” 

“We’re not kids, Lena.” Kara’s voice was soft and it was obvious that Lena had hit a spot. Talking about her parents with her enemy was not something Kara wanted to do, 

“Maybe not, but I know you’re still the same person. After all, Stony Ms. Zor-El would never post pictured of popstickers on facebook, purely because it’s her favorite food.” Kara knew she shouldn’t have accepted Lena’s friend request, and now it was biting her in the ass. 

“Thank you, Ms. Luthor. I will have to pay you back for the drink.” Kara said shortly, as she got up from the table. 

“Kara, wait!”

“Please, make sure none of your spy tech ends up in my office again. Have a good night!” Kara left quickly, leaving a nostalgic CEO at the dark, and lonely looking table. 


More will be on it’s way!

Dance with Danger [Bucky x Reader] One Shot.

Title: Dance with Danger

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Rating: Mature (Smut. There wasn’t supposed to be smut originally, but there be smut.)

Request: Can you do a 1940s Bucky x reader where Bucky first saw her performing at a ballet and he just fell for her right there, and turns out she’s a Russian spy?

Summary: Bucky is fascinated by a mysterious ballerina who is more than she seems.

Originally posted by skinon-skin

“This isn’t how I expected to spend my last night home,” Bucky groaned, and Steve hid a smirk.

The Stark Expo had been thrilling and Steve fully intended to sneak back later that evening to try his hand at yet another recruitment tent. Bucky had found the expo exciting as well, but the dates he had brought had lost their enthusiasm shortly after Howard Stark left the stage.

So they had begged to go see a show. Bucky had been willing to oblige, expecting to be dragged to the cinema. He didn’t realize they had been talking about watching a touring ballet company. He tried to beg off, he even attempted his best embarrassed look as he told them he didn’t have the money for tickets. But his date wouldn’t hear it, and lucky enough her father was friends with the theatre director.

Bucky’s last-ditch attempt to get out of it made him look pleadingly in Steve’s direction. Steve was too amused though, and a little bit of culture wouldn’t kill him, so Steve remained content to stay silent and enjoy his friend’s disappointment.

Twenty minutes later found the foursome seated in the theatre, the girls tittering in anticipation. Bucky glanced at the program in his hands and grimaced. The Imperial Russian Ballet Company, that sounded…dull.

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Do It For the Pack

Originally posted by obrienoder

Requested: Yes, by some sweet anonymous!

Prompt: “ hi, i was wondering if you could do a theo raeken smut? maybe something like you’re the new beta at scott’s pack and theo gets jealous because you’re in the pack and he’s not and you hate each other. but one night stiles told you to spy on him and he sees you and you both end up having rough sex 

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Character: Theo Raeken

Word Count: 2.811

Warnings: SMUT, anger, Theo

Type: Smut ;) 

Author’s Note: First, I would like to apologize for the wait, I’m really sorry, I’vee been having some problems at home and at school, so I wasn’t in a good time to write. And second, I guess this is my first time writing ‘rough’ sex, so I apologize if it is not what you expected!

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Just a few requests I wanted to do (I was going to do much more but i’m getting sleepy lol maybe tomorrow i’ll be able to draw the other ones i wanted to do)
( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

1. invisiblemelonmoose: Archie/Maxie or SIlver/Kris from pokémon? Dorks being dorks.

2. toast-prince: you should draw demo in a formal outfit! like a tux/kilt combo like he’s gettin ready for a nice night out or something

3. sugartits23: Maybe Medic trying to comfort Scout who is crying, or vice versa, please? ;; I love your art, dude, just keep doing your thing!

4. wallabygod: There’s very little Medic and Spy around so maybe them hanging out?

I hope these are fine for you all~ uvu ♥

Spy!Luke Part Three

Part One: (x) Part Two: (x) Part Four: (x)

“Don’t look back, princess. Just run.” Luke called as you ran as fast as you could down the hallway. His light footsteps were just behind yours as he followed, routinely turning to make sure no one was following. A loud burst of sound flooded the halls as the scene before your eyes was suddenly painted red. Someone had set off the security alarms. The building was going under lock down.

Time was ticking and you had no idea where to go.

“Come on, it’s this way.” He directed you left into a separate hall, quickening his pace. You followed suit but not without noticing the way his hands were fumbling about behind his back as he ran. At the next intersection, he stopped. His hands separated from each other as the cuffs clattered to the ground. While he rubbed the ache out of his wrists, he observed each path and it’s contents. Your focus, though, lied on the fact that he had just cut himself free of his cuffs in the matter of minutes.

“Here, turn around.” He pulled on your arm to get you to turn before a strong force pulled against the cuffs. They, too, quickly clattered to the ground. When you faced him again, there was only confusion. “Alright, we need to get going. I’m pretty sure- What?”

Luke had finally caught the expression on your face, his mimicking it immediately. Without a word you just held your wrists out to him. He looked at them and back up to your face.

“You could do that the whole time?!”

“Well, uh. I- yes and no.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Look, we have to keep moving. I’m pretty sure it’s this way. Let’s go.” With that, he took off again. He lead you down numerous halls, their paths tangling into a maze that had destroyed any sense of direction you once had. When he finally slowed again, it was at a large door with a shiny silver plaque that read “Research.” 

“Luke, I thought we were leaving. Y’know, trying to get out of the place that wants to kill us.”

“Just give me one second, princess.” He mumbled as he entered the lock code into the keypad. It beeped as the locking mechanism clicked over, allowing him inside.

“We need to go. Now.” The sirens had yet to stop and the fear of being caught again continued to rise in your chest.

“If you really want out so bad, it’s out the door then take two rights and a left. Just go. I’ll be there soon.”

“No, Luke, we- wait… How the hell do you know that?”  His eyebrows furrowed in concentration as the seconds ticked by. You watched as his teeth pulled his lip ring into his mouth, something he does when he’s at a loss for words. It made you think about the ten year span that he had disappeared from your life without a word.

It made you doubt everything.

“Luke, how in the absolute hell did you know that?”

acoustcmichael requested part 3. I think that means I’m doing something right. Right? This is for the spy!5sos blurb night with acoustcmichael and featuringluke

MC sent as a spy to kill the bidders: Bitter Epilogue

PT 1:

Sweet end:

-I had a request for MC being a spy ending, MC being tortured, and MC dying so I thought well why not all of them? 

WARNING. Scenes of Torture. Drowning, shooting, wounding, beating, rape.


The night of the auction.
“She’s taking an awfully long time today.” Ota said grumpily, folding his arms as he leaned back in the couch, turning on the big screen in the penthouse lounge. There was a slight fizzle, a strange sight for the usually excellent connection, but none of the five men thought anything of it as they anticipated the auction.
The lights in the basement floor flashed on screen, and Baba leaned forward rather eagerly, having put up a few pieces for the occasion himself. Suddenly, the screen went black.
“What?” Soryu frowned, narrow eyes slimming even further as he studied the television.
There was a loud noise of static, and then the screen flashed to life again. However, there was nothing in the world that could prepare them for the scene they were shown.
A voice came on, mocking and lazy, dragging out each syllable with an amused note.
“I wonder why she is taking so long today.”
Her face came into view.
“She was supposed to kill you. She failed us.”
The voice snickered.
“And so, she is going to be punished.”


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My Cindy - Peter Parker x Reader (Uncle!Tony)

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A/N: Oh my god my room is so cold. Also, hey. I’m back. I’ve been sick (I’m still recovering), which is why I haven’t posted in two weeks.

Request: “You should totally do one where Tony throws a party (maybe halloween?) and the avengers are invited and reader, Tony’s niece, is dating Peter (i.e. Spiderman) and they end up going onto the roof to slow dance and they just spend the whole night up there together being really sweet and he kisses her until they realize that Tony’s been spying on them and she wants to kick him in the balls but Peter’s all cute and like ‘noooo I want to spend time with youuu’“ (by @traumatizedteenager ) (pssst…my prompt lists are 1 , 2 please specify which list you are requesting from)

Warnings: None, sooper spoopy halloween

Words: 1107

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anonymous asked:

Are there any good fanfics that maybe the admins haven't recced because it wasn't main!kaisoo but might have really good side!kaisoo.

i feel like i read a lot of non-kaisoo fics ahaaaaaaa


  • bloody kisses - sexing, suhan, xiuhan ficlet collection of vampire!au
  • Days of Abandon - xiuhan, celebrity!au, manager!kyungsoo (i lovE THIS I LOVE XIUHAN) (by the same author as Love From Last Night)
  • Dr. Zhang - sulay, doctor!xing and patient!suho, crack
  • in for the kill - krisbaek, wolf!au (warning: dubcon)
  • Into Your World - baekyeol, highschool!au, drama/romance/sliceoflife (warning: abusive relationships) (note: this was discontinued but the kaisoo parts are really sweet)
  • listen to your math professor - hunhan, college!au, crack (note: this was also discontinued but the kaisoo parts make me laugh a lot)
  • Moments Like These - baekyeol, basically the story of their relationship (this is A+ romance right here) (i cried ;A;)
  • Once Upon A Dream - taoris, fairytale!au, comedy (tbh the kaisoo is so short here) (but this is really good) (by the same author as Fall Underneath)
  • please touch me - xiuhan, highschool!au, luhan watches his hot neighbor do /stuff/ through the window
  • Revolution - hunhan (slight!lukai), mama!au
  • Someday Dream - baekyeol, highschoolreunion!au, fakedating!au 
  • The Dame - baekyeol, spy/detective!au, murder mystery (thank you nao !!!)

Admin J’s:

  • Another Unbelievable Night with The Boys - ot4 chinguline where they need to break out of jail to get to the halloween party where kyungsoo’s bae nini awaits hehe
  • make a wish - it’s more about baeksoochen friendship, but kaisoo here is also very sweet ;u;

L: Then Came You (gd I love this fic, it’s a baekyeol intertwined with kaisoo.)

lowkey wishes supernova had side!kaisoo so i could rec the frick frack out of it

- Admin Y

Knot in a cherry stem. [ Steve Rogers one shot. ]

Summary: The Avengers enjoying a night off and playing games. 

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request } 


-Scared?- Tony asks Natasha while holding a bowl full of cherries in his right hand.

-I was a Russian spy and i am a woman. Of course i can do that but i won’t do it in front of all of you.- She says

The Avengers are sitting around a table. Enjoying their free Friday night with a few drinks and games.

Natasha speaks again.

-I have a better idea, you guys should do it and let the ladies watch and judge.

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hello love! may i request cs + #60 for the drabbles <3

pretty sure you didn’t want a semi angsty spy au but here’s a semi angsty spy au, hope you like it, love <3

60. “I can’t explain right now, but I really need you to trust me.”

Emma knows how to compartmentalize. She keeps her work life separate and her personal life separate, knowing never to let the two even begin to touch. It’s the only way to go when you’re working as a spy for a secret organisation.

She keeps late night missions in one place. She keeps her grocery list in another. She keeps her extensive knowledge of hand to hand combat in one place. And Killian Jones, neighbour, and the only friend she may have ever had, in another.

She’d moved into the small seaside town when her job in Austria was over, opting to take some time off from work while still helping with researching for them. Technically, it was desk duty. And technically, she hadn’t “opted” for it more than it had been “forced” upon her by Ingrid when she got shot during her last job. It wasn’t that fatal, and Pan got away, which meant that she was sent to Nowhere, Maine, for her safety after her identity was compromised.

Meaning, she has to work extra hard to track him from her unrecognizable corner of the world.

She hates it, not being on her feet and in the middle of some fight or the other. It’s all she knows. But some part of her likes the quiet that comes with sitting by the ocean, the ease with which she tells the handful of people she talks to her real name, the odd comfort when Killian falls asleep on her sofa after a long day of work.

Killian Jones hadn’t been a part of her plan. Not at all. Her aim was to stay underground for a few months, nothing more than a year, and then get back out there. Now though, every time she thinks of leaving, she thinks of leaving him. Which basically means she tries as hard as possible to not think about leaving even though she knows it’s inevitable.

“The pizza should be here soon,” Killian announces as he comes out of his room, sweatpants hanging low and threadbare shirt stretching across his chest. She tells herself she doesn’t stare, but she’s a trained bullshitter, so, whatever. Sue her.

“Great,” she replies, attempting to focus her attention back on Netflix.

Killian sits down next to her, his body pressing against hers from hip to knee. She doesn’t know how this man weaseled his way into her life, but now she can’t imagine anything else. He takes the remote from her hand to stop her mindless scrolling just as there’s a knock on the door.

She gets up before he can, and grabs the cash off the table before opening the door. She’s already paid and has the pizza in her hand when she hears the heavy shuffle of boots at the end of the hallway, where her apartment is. Discretely, Emma peeks her head out and immediately feels her heart speed up at the sight of two burly guys she’s pretty sure work for Pan.

They found her. Fuck.

She manages to move back in hastily, but without causing attention to herself. She hears them banging at her door, and she knows any minute now they’ll break through it and realize she isn’t inside. Emma doesn’t have much of a choice at this point.

“What’s wrong, love?” Killian asks, twisting to watch her with a concerned look.

“I– I need to go.”

“Come again?”

“I need to get out of here, I–” She drops the box on the kitchen counter and makes a beeline for the fire escape. Killian’s up and catching her elbow before she can reach for the window.

“Swan, what the bloody hell has gotten into you?”

“I’m sorry, I need to go. If people come by here looking for me, tell them you don’t know who I am, I can’t have you involved in this. I can’t explain right now, but I really need you to trust me.” She gets it out hurriedly, and feels her voice shake more with every word.

“Emma, if you’re in some kind of trouble, I can–”

“You can’t do anything, just trust me, okay?”

Killian nods even though he looks like he wants nothing more than to argue. “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t know when I’ll see you again, but–” she breathes in heavily and does what she’s been stopping herself from doing for months and surges forward to kiss him. He melts into her immediately and gives as good as he gets. She wishes so hard that it didn’t feel like a goodbye but it does. She breaks away and breathes hard.

There’s a loud shout from one of the men outside, no doubt in frustration and she knows her time is running out.

“Go,” Killian tells her, letting her go. “And Swan, please be safe.”

She nods and is halfway out the window when she says with a weak smile and a determined set to her brows, “I’ll find you, Killian, I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to that, love.” 

oppaships  asked:

Hi! ^-^ May I request Wonwoo + 12 please? Thank you very much!!!

12 “Every time I see you, you have the same exact book as me, and I just need to ask, are you a spy?”

y/f/b = your favourite book

  A content sigh escaped your lips as you sat down in one of the big fluffy chairs of your local library, y/f/b cradled in your arms. As a college student in Seoul, you didn’t get free time often, let alone some free quiet time. The only moment you let yourself have was every Thursday night. Once a week, you’d go to the small library near your house, and you sat there for a few hours with one of your favorite books.

  The first time you saw him, he was sitting quite a few tables away, a copy of the same book as yours in his hands. When he looked up, feeling your eyes on him, you simply smiled and held up your own copy before going back into it. That’s when you’d caught his attention. Your smile had been so genuine and you’d been so beautiful, engrossed in the words and biting your lips every time something important seemed to happened, that his heart couldn’t help but skip a few beats.

  Wonwoo already visited the library a few times a month, also being a fan of books, but you’d given him a reason to choose Thursday night as a time to come every week. He’d arrive before you, watch from afar which book you would pick that day, let you settle down in your usual chair, and then stalk off to the same section of the library to take a copy of your book. At first, it was because he was hoping you’d notice him again – he was always making sure to sit where you could see him – but he’d learned to also appreciate your tastes in literature, and often ended up leaving with his book to finish it is his free time.

  He thought you hadn’t noticed him, since you hadn’t smiled to him since that first night, but how could you not notice the cute boy that was always there on Thursday nights and always picked the same book as you? At first it was kind of creepy, as if he was stalking you and not even bothering to hide himself. You just hadn’t said anything yet, as he seemed more and more into what you read, sometimes not giving you the hint of a glance after he started reading.

  That night, you’d chosen to re-read one of your all-time favorite books, and it turns out that Wonwoo had already read it, so he let himself be entirely distracted by you for the first time in weeks. He kept his book opened a few pages in, but he just kept stealing glances your way, not noticing how you were also checking up on him, as you usually did. After a while, you noticed he didn’t seem to read at all, as you were almost halfway through your book, while he was still on the first pages.

  With a deep breath and a metaphorical shove in the butt, you got up, and walked towards where this cute, but kind of creepy boy was sitting. As soon as he noticed you, he went back to reading, but the words were a jumble before his eyes.

  “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” You whispered – you were still in a library, after all. You didn’t wait for his answer before speaking up again. “Every time I see you, you have the same exact book as me, and I just need to ask, are you a spy? A psychic maybe?”

  Wonwoo was at loss for words. You’d noticed him? You’d actually seen him pick the same book as you, week after week for all this time and you’d never said anything before?

  He tried as best he could to save himself. “Well… I mean… I guess we just have similar taste in books. I remember we were reading that book a few weeks ago and you smiled at me because I was reading the same. I guess it just happened again, right? Wow, what a coincidence. This one’s a great book, isn’t it? I mean you’re reading it, I hope you think it’s good.”

  “How would you happen to know?” You smirked a little at that, amused by the flustered look on the boy’s face. “I mean, you have been stuck on page…” You snuck a glance at his open book. “17 for the last hour and a half.”

  “I…uh… I mean, it’s just…” You raised an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to stop stuttering. When he saw you, still smirking and looking way too amused for his own good, he just shut his mouth and lowered his head. “Sorry…”

  You softly smiled. “Hey, I was just teasing.” You bit your lip, unsure of what you should say. “Would you like to get coffee?” After the words had slipped from your mouth, you weren’t sure who was more surprised: the cute boy, or you. Luckily for you, he nodded silently, and this became the first of your many post-library coffee dates to come.

//admin cora//

Your fingers traced over the smooth metallic surface of Luke’s antler necklace, turning the jewelry around in your fingers and sighing as you stared at the empty space next to you. You pushed yourself off of your bed and walked over to Luke’s dresser, sliding open the top drawer where he had his rings and other necklaces stored. A sudden beeping noise caused you to jump, your eyes averting to the green flashing light before a compartment in the dresser opened. Your hands shook as you pulled the secret drawer out, your heart nearly stopping in your chest when you found a gun.

“Babe, have you seen my antler necklace?” Luke rushed out as he stumbled through the door, his head dropped down towards his knees as he tried to catch his breath. His head rose up to meet your terrified gaze, Luke’s eyes instantly widening as you stood there with tears threatening to spill out. “Y/N-”

“Who are you?” you choked out, trying to keep your eyes off of the weapon that your fiance had been hiding this whole time. Luke felt his heart sink in his chest as he stepped closer to you, instantly causing you to flinch as you moved away from him.

“You have to let me explain later, I really gotta go and I need that necklace-”

“Who are you?” you repeated, your chest rising and falling at a heavy pace.
Luke’s baby blues glared at you as he tried to find the right words to say, his mind racing as he let out a deep breath. He could easily just bend your arm back and snatch the necklace from you- he’s had more than enough training, but he could never take advantage of how vulnerable you looked right now. And that’s how Luke knew that he loved you- his instincts were conditioned to fight, and in any other scenario the perpetrator would have been lying dead on the floor by now. But he just couldn’t get himself to move because the only person he could trust was terrified of him, and he couldn’t stand being the reason why there were tears staining your cheeks.

Luke swallowed the lump in his throat before running his tongue over his lips, his hand running through his messy hair as the other lifted up his shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest. “I work for a spy agency. Not real estate.” You gave a small nod as you stared at your feet, a tear slipping from your eye as you reached out for his hand, a glimmer of hope shining in Luke’s eyes. You slowly peeled his fingers apart and dropped the antler necklace in his palm before turning away and letting out another sob, Luke’s heart breaking as he stood there helplessly. “Y/N-“

“I can’t believe you!” you screamed, your voice shaking as rage rushed through your veins. “The hands I let run over my skin every night have killed people! Oh my god, I’m engaged to a fucking murderer. Does my ring have a tracking device in it or something?!”

“Just let me explain,” Luke pleaded, his hands self-consciously sliding into his pockets. “I’m not allowed to tell people, okay? No one’s supposed to know that this agency even exists. I would never in a million years even think about hurting you. You’re the only person I trust,” he rushed out, his heart slamming against his chest as he silently begged for your forgiveness. “I love you so much, Y/N. You have no idea how much I’ve done to protect you.”

You nodded before staring at him for a few seconds longer, longing for his warmth as you stepped forward and clung to his body, Luke’s arms instantly wrapping his arms around your waist. “I love you,” you whispered into his chest, his hands running over your back as you felt him kiss the top of your head. “So is this why you love Will Smith so much?”

Luke laughed at your question, pulling away to attach his lips to yours before kissing along your jawline and resting his head in the crook of your neck. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know, but I have a really important mission I need to get to right now.”

“Be careful,” you told him, holding his face in your hands before pressing a kiss to his lips. 

“Always,” Luke breathed out, delicately running his finger over the curve of your cheekbone as he studied you. “I’ll always come back to you.”

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