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Is It Worth It?

Request: Hey, can I get an imagine based of #6 and #13 with Derek Hale? Thank you, I love your blog btw :D 

#6:  “Is the love of two people worth all this destruction, all this pain?”

#13:  “I need you. I’m tired and broken, and I can’t do any of this without you.”

For: @marvelousjesy

Word Count: 1181

A/N: I have issues with updating, I’M SORRYYYY….AND THANK YOU SO  MUCH FOR LIKING MY BLOG! I literally do this for you guys :)

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You wished you just passed the ice cream shop. 

Maybe then you wouldn’t have Kate’s claws at your neck.

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Dating Horace Sumnusson would include:

requested by anon:  “ AH. CAN YOU DO A “dating Horace somnusson would include” IM SORRY I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND YOUR HEADCANNONS ARE AMAZING-”

all other headcannons can be found on the navigation section of my about me :^)


- He’d literally be the sweetest ever I s2g

- Him asking you about his fashion choices 

- Of course they’re all great

- Him being extremely blushy and awkward

- Doesn’t really know how to cuddle cause a w k w a r d

- Him literally checking in on you all the time cause he’s worried if you’re okay or not

- You’d ask him a lot of intelligent questions cause you think he looks adorable rambling on about that stuff

- You asking him about your outfit everyday

 - Of course he thinks you always look beautiful

- “Do I look okay, Y/N?”

“You always look great, Horace.”

“Are you s u r e?”

“Positive, Horace.”

“Thank you, I love you.” 

-  Enoch would tease you two a lot but he can fight you ok bye 

a/n: omg i am SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO GET UP. idk for some reason it was so hard ??? meh sorry. dating enoch #3 will be up within the hour! love you all, headcannon requests are open ! i hope you enjoyed xox


A Liam Dunbar imagine

“Hey you going to the game tonight?” Scott asked me.
I closed my locker smiling at him.
“Obviously Scott your my favorite player. But shh don’t tell Liam.” I laughed.
Scott chuckled, “I promise I won’t.”
“Aye well I’ll see you later. Have to find Kira.”
I nodded saying goodbye as I walked towards the parking lot. As I got closer to the buses I could hear a weird noise. Not bothering to pay any attention to it. But it kept getting louder. My heart was pounding, I was getting scared and fast.
I picked up my pace trying to find Liam’s car as quickly as possible. But that noise it was getting louder and louder. And that’s when it hit me, it was coming from the buses behind me.
I turned around to face the four yellow buses, looking between the first two buses I saw. And then I peeked over the bus my heart sanking and breaking into a million pieces.
“Liam what if someone sees us?” Hayden giggled.
“I promise no one will. We’re way behind the bus no one comes this way.” He reassured her.
She smiled kissing him, Liam kissing back harder. I grew angry walking towards them.
“Are you sure about that Liam?” I asked him.
Liam pulled away, Hayden scared out of her mind.
“I I.” He stuttered.
“Save it.” I replied back trying not to make a scene.

Days past and I still have not spoken to Liam. He would send me multiple texts and a thousand of missed calls and voice mails. I didn’t answer one of them. They were all lies, if he was sorry he wouldn’t have cheated on me.
I sat in the living room watching TV, when the doorbell rung. Thinking it was Mailia I answered the door. But instead it was Liam.
“Bye.” I snapped trying to close the door.
He stopped it with his foot.
“Please can I talk to you?” He pleaded.
I rolled my eyes moving to the side of the door to let him. He walked towards the living room, I sighed this isn’t going to end well.
“Look I’m sorry I really am.” He began.
I smirked, “REALLY?! If you were so sorry why were you kissing her Liam!” I shouted.
He grew quiet fumbling with his hands.
He shrugged, “ I don’t know.”
“Unbelievable. And to think that I was going to take you back if you asked.” I admitted.
He glared at me, “ Take me back? Who said I wanted you back?”
I was stunned did he really just say that to me?
“What do you mean? Why did you come here then?” I asked him.
He rolled his eyes, sighing in annoyance.
“Look I came here to apologize for lying to you. But I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I love Hayden… Not you.” He answered.
“What?” I asked shocked.
“I said-” he started but I cut him off.
“No I heard what you said. I just can’t believe it.”
He shrugged, “Well believe it.”
I shook my head, I was getting more pissed off than before.
“Your breaking up with me. And you thought it would be okay to cheat on me and then come to my house and tell me you love someone else! So everything you said was a lie. Everything we WENT THROUGH ment nothing to you!” I ranted.
Liam stood still not saying a word.
“You think your in love with her, yet she’s only been here for a month. But of that’s what you want then so be it.”
He frowned walking past me.
“ At least now you can’t say I didn’t apologize for my mistake.”
Liam left, I slammed the door behind him. Falling to the ground sliding my knees towards my chest. Why does everyone I love leave me in the end.

I Love You. - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested by @princessshelbyy3 -  Liam imagine where you and he are having problems lately then later on he freaks during lacrosse and you end up calming him in the locker room and he tell you he loves you (for the first time maybe)

Word Count: 2,387

Warning: Feeling useless (Not sure if this a trigger for some people, but just in case.)

Author’s Note: Because I have seen other imagines very similar to this one, I had to change it up a lot. I hope you understand and I hope you still like it.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Liam and I were having another spat. I’ll admit this time it’s my fault… again. However, I can’t help but feel jealous about Hayden. Ever since she became a chimera and asked Liam to help her, I turned a little green with envy. They were constantly together, attended pack meetings together, and he’s even cancelled several dates because of something supernatural related. I’m always the one left out and never included in Liam’s supernatural world.

I get why Liam doesn’t involve me in his supernatural life. I’m not like him. I’m just a regular clumsy girl with no super strength or powers. He only keeps me away from his supernatural world to protect me, so he says. But how is keeping me away protecting me? I worry about him every night he’s out. Terrible scenarios run though my mind every time I notice he’s not in class and skipped school for whatever reason.

The constant worry of about Liam’s life, Liam shutting me out, and with Hayden in the picture, I couldn’t help the horrible feeling of Liam leaving me for Hayden. They not only have so much in common, but they belong in the same world. A world I’ll never be a part of.

Except tonight, I refuse to be left out, whether Liam likes it or not.

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&&. hayden panettiere rp icons

Under the cut, you will find #100 BORDERLESS RP ICONS of HAYDEN PANETTIERE as requested. The original pictures aren’t mine, but I did resize and add a psd to them so please don’t claim as your own and please don’t use in any other hunts. Please like or reblog if you find this useful, thanks!

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The Other Woman – Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by isitlike-theocean/stuckinherewaitingforyou - Can u write an imagine where u’re Liams best friend and in love with him but he’s with Hayden and u 2 were bff once but she got popular and left u. So you tell Liam what your feelings are and he kisses u, u 2 start to date in secret cuz he’s still with Hayden but then she sees him kissing u, she get mad and the 2 of them broke up and u start to avoid him cuz u dont wanna be the ‘lover’ but then he kisses you in front of the entire school before a lacrosse match and says he loves u. Ik this is sooooo long but I love your writing♡

Word Count: 3, 139

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader Characters: Hayden, Theo, Lydia, and Mason

Warnings: Mentions of sex, no actual descriptions of sex, reader being the cheater/other woman, cheating, a couple of curse words.

Author’s Note: I got a bit carried away with this one, because it was so detailed, I had to get it all. That’s a good thing! I promise! I loved writing this one. It was kind of fun.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

People were whispering behind Y/N’s back as she walked down the hallway. She’s not a werewolf. She’s just a normal human being who makes mistakes, just like everyone else. However, she didn’t need werewolf hearing to know what those people are whispering behind her back, because she knew exactly why. 

Hayden Romero was her former best friend. They had met in sixth grade when their English teacher assigned their seats next to each other. When the girls started high school, things started changing. Hayden made the varsity soccer team and slowly cut Y/N out of her life. Suddenly, they weren’t friends anymore.

Liam Dunbar is Y/N’s new best friend. I guess you can say he replaced Hayden, and Y/N was glad he did, because he was by far the best friend any girl could ask for. He’s kind, sweet, funny, and always managed to include Y/N with his friends. Somewhere along the way of the inside jokes, movie nights, and study sessions, Y/N fell in love with Liam.

She couldn’t tell if he felt the same way. A part of her was hoping he did, but she promised herself she wouldn’t say anything. She pushed her feelings aside to avoid ruining what they already have.

But then something happened. Liam and Hayden started dating. It came out of nowhere. One day they hated each other and the next, they were kissing behind the school buses. Y/N didn’t know what happened, or how it happened, but the second Liam told her he was going to ask Hayden to be his girlfriend, she supported him.

Until, three weeks later, she slept with Liam.

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