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Maybe I’ll have a new request ask event period.
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Soul Punk Patrick moodboard for anon! sorry that it’s taken so long, i’ve been going through some stuff, but I’m back! Hoping to get some requests out today. Tysm, everybody!!

56. haze

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Title: haze

Pairing: Choi Minho/Reader

Summary: The best way to make your morning beautiful is food, sunlight and the love of your life.

Request: Minho takes care of his clumsy girlfriend.

The best way to learn you love somebody; it’s when you see the beauty in them even in the simplest of times. The morning had been as usual; the birds singing their melodies outside her window as the little strikes of sunshine made their appearance through the curtains; however, her hands reach for the other side of the bed, and a part of her expected to see her boyfriend by her side, his feet a little bit out of the bed as he has an arm sprawled over his face. Instead, she just feels the coldness of the other side of the bed, and surely, it was pleasing to feel her tired limbs getting that refreshment from the bed, but she was worried. Had Minho come home last night?

A yawn leaves her lips as she sits up on the bed, running her hands through her hair as she makes her way out of the bedroom. Last night, she had gone to sleep wearing one of Minho’s shirts, instantly missing him when he sent her a text indicating that he was going to arrive late, if not at midnight because of practice. The material was a lot softer and it seemed to linger with his usual cologne, hence why she adored to steal some of his clothing from time to time.

However, she stops walking towards the kitchen when she hears a soft snore.

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[x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly!)

Steve: *walking towards you* y/n? Fury sent me here, he said you came here this morning looking for me.

Y/N: Yes, I was looking for you. Hi uncle. Well, technically, grand uncle.

Steve: Uncle? W-we’re related? I have a family member? *hugging you and yelling* I have a niece/nephew, everybody!



Requested by @azundel

Mark: Hello everybody and welcome to another video of prop hunt. There are currently three people here but I’ve been told that…
Jack: Yeah, my friend Y/N is going to be joining us today. Some of you might already be fans of hers, I’ve known her for a while now and…
Bob: She’s so friendly and she just gets on with people and I think everyone apart from Mark has already talked to her or met her.
Mark: Just single me out there, that’s fine Bob. *laughs*
Bob: I’m just telling the truth.
Jack: Okay Y/N, just texted me she says she is logging on now.
Mark: Alright…
Y/N: Hey guys! I hope I didn’t keep you too long.
Jack: Hey Y/N we haven’t been waiting for long. Don’t worry.
Bob: Hi Y/N.
Y/N: Hi Bob!
Jack: Mark?
Mark: *stares at the camera in shock*
Bob: You alright there Mark?
Mark: Wha…what? Yeah of course.
Jack: Introduce yourself to Y/N.
Mark: Oh. Right. H..hi Y/N nice to finally talk to you.
Y/N: I know! It’s great to actually talk to you and not hear Jack droning on about you. *laughs*
Mark: You have a cute laugh.
Jack: What?
Bob: Mark seriously?
Y/N: Thanks Mark.
Mark: Before we start this game can everyone just agree that Y/N’s voice is so calming and relaxing?
Bob: Mark…
Y/N: *laughs*
Mark: Like I could listen to it all day.
Y/N: I could listen to you all day too. Your voice is so soothing.
Jack: Y/N don’t encourage him.
Mark: If you think it’s good now you should hear it in the bedroo…
Jack: Mark! Children are watching this! Get your mind out of the gutter!
Bob: We have a game to play here!
Y/N: Don’t worry Mark, we’ll talk later.
Mark: Sounds good to me.

I know everyone has done deh drama club aus already but,,, here is more lmao

  • Evan ends up running the spotlight because he’s too terrified to run the soundboard because if you mess up with that, the entire production can be ruined, and he doesn’t need that stress. Plus, he can’t be a stagehand because he can’t see in the dark well AT ALL and the one time he filled in for a stagehand he tripped over one of the set pieces and everyone in the audience heard him fall and it was awful, and he can’t deal with personal mics because all of the actors are horrible at not switching their mics out and not taking them to the bathroom with them (here’s looking at you, Jared) and he’s not confident enough to yell at them to get their shit together, so, yeah, Evan’s spotlight. It kind of sucks because their spotlight is ancient and it’s super heavy and always shaky and it’s super hard to change the size of the light, but most of their productions don’t even use the spotlight that much, so he figures it’s probably the best job he’s going to get.
  • Alana is stage manager and she’s super nice until like three days before the show when she’s been known to make the freshman extras who keep screwing off cry because she’s not going to let them ruin her show because of freshman drama. She wears a fanny pack and it’s full of extra batteries, bandaids, tape, and other miscellaneous stuff she might need to keep the production from going to hell in a hand basket. All of the stagehands love her because the actors are all scared of her, so they listen when Alana tells them to take off their insanely loud high heels when they’re walking around on stage because “the audience can hear you, you know, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t hear you.”
  • Jared is that one kid who always gets the antagonist roles and, even if they’re supposed to be super serious, he ends up making them funny. He improvises all the time and it makes the other leads want to kill him sometimes because he changes his jokes up at every performance so half the time they can’t even keep up with him and they end up looking like idiots, giving their costar a weird look and saying “uh…” after he spews a bunch of over-the-top nonsense that the audience finds hilarious. He gets yelled at all the time by the other actors, but the drama club adviser loves him, so he pretty much gets to do whatever he wants. Jared’s super dramatic during bows–he’s even had people carry him out on stage before–which pisses off the leads because then people hardly notice them coming out after him.
  • Zoe’s one of the few band kids the drama club adviser managed to rope into playing performances and she actually really likes helping out with the shows, so she usually shows up to the practices she doesn’t need to come to and helps out with whatever needs to be done. She usually doesn’t distract anyone and she isn’t under foot, so Alana lets her stay and uses her as free labor essentially. Zoe’s painted more than a few sets in her day and she’s stood in as a stagehand during the early practices when people are still missing because of homework and other clubs because Alana has yet to strike the fear of God into them. She’ll hang in the back of the auditorium with Evan when Alana doesn’t have a job for her and they’ll work on their homework in the back rows, chatting quietly because neither of them want to get murdered for being too loud during practices. When Evan’s busy with spotlight, Zoe will hang in the girl’s dressing room and play her guitar, which usually leads to all the girls yelling requests at her and everybody completely disregarding the playlist one of the leads put together to pump them up before practice.
  • Connor is curtain. He just sits on stage on the stool reserved for the person on curtain duty and opens and closes the curtain when he’s supposed to. Originally, he was also supposed to have some stagehand duties, but he’s been known to yell at the actors for screwing with the props or being too loud so Alana let him off the hook and only makes him help with moving props when they have to move heavy pieces like couches. Connor spends most practices–and most performances–reading his book of the week on the curtain stool. He also shows up to practice high a lot, but, then again, so do a lot of the leads, so nobody really cares. The only people brave enough to bug him are Jared and Alana and Alana is usually too busy with other people to really stand around and chat, so he’s usually stuck dealing with Jared, who won’t shut up. Literally, Jared never shuts up. Connor usually tries to ignore him and just read his book, but that can be kind of hard when Jared overturns baskets from the prop shelves and ends up covered in a surprising amount of plastic snakes and freaks out because its dark on stage and it looks like real snakes. There was also a time when Jared pulled an old telephone down on his head and Connor thought he’d given himself a concussion or something because he kept acting dizzy for the rest of practice, but Jared could have just been faking.
  • Cynthia is a stage mom. No, scratch that, Cynthia is the stage mom. Even though neither of her kids are actually actors and it’s generally actors’ parents who end up devoting the most time as stage moms, Cynthia is backstage at every performance, helping the girls with their hair and helping the boys with their makeup. She buys flowers for Zoe and Connor and acts super proud at the end of each show and Connor always says that it’s weird that she gives them flowers, they’re just stage crew pretty much, and then Cynthia goes off on how important stage crew is and how the performance would be nothing without music and the curtain opening on cue. She always compliments all the kids and she especially likes to tell Evan how well he does with the spotlight and how steady he holds the light and how smoothly he tightens the light’s focus. She thinks Jared is hilarious and never understands why Connor complains about him so much, which Jared overhears and proceeds to be a dick about for the rest of practice. Cynthia’s also the one who provides all the backstage snacks and calls ahead to TGIF to let them know that forty kids are going to be showing up there the next day and they should be prepared.

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