requested by dark siren

Siren!Dark Headcanons

Requested by an anon! Again, assuming you’ve read this list, ‘cause I’m operating under the same rules such as dehydration, hiding his tail, etcetera, etcetera

- He’ll prey on anyone and everyone, but he prefers to take boats in deep water. That way it’s harder to notice

- He mostly hunts when it’s convenient for him, but he’ll kill whenever he very well feels like it

- Also can read minds

- His teeth are razor sharp

- Extremely territorial. If you’re in his water, you can’t hope to see the next morning.

- His tail is jet black, but it shimmers blue and red

- Same as Mark, can walk on land if he wants to, but he never really wants to.

- Voice doesn’t work as well out of water

- He looks the same, save for more chiseled features

- still does the neck thing

Headcanons: Dark with a Siren S/O

Request: “heyy, i know you said requests were closed but when you do feel like writing again would you mind writing a bullet list or preference about either dark or his S/O being a siren? i don’t know if you’ve done this before but i find the idea really interesting, love your writing by the way!!”

• He would be actually quite surprised by the sway your abilities have on him

• Its almost intimidating for him, to be with someone who holds a power over him

• He goes into a trance-like stance when you sing and is embarrassed about it

• He sometimes sings too and you enjoy it, very much and make comments that he might be one too. He just chuckles and kisses you

• He is kinda jealous of your ability though. Its so much easier than his wooing tactics.

• He will often ask you to sing. Because he honestly loves it that much

• Compliments, beautifully worded compliments that make you swoon a little

• He has a recording you don’t know about. It was hard to obtain as he was narrowly avoiding the trance like state I mentioned earlier.

• He listens to it when stressed because your voice is just an instant stress reliever

• He doesn’t like you singing around other people because they might fall in love with you too! Protective Dark is protective.

Headcanons: Natemare with a Siren S/O

Request: “Holy shit your siren and dark headcannon is just what my friend and I were talking about rping except it’s the other ones dating Mare! If you’re free from your requests, could you do when Natemare’s s/o is a siren?”

• Don’t fight me on this: Duets. 

• Very spontaneous ones at that.

• He loves your abilities and he loves how it affects him. He gets so cuddly when he’s no longer in the trance. Possibly a bit flirty too.

• He brags about your abilities SO much

• Each time you use your abilities on him be will get you back. Playfully

• Unfortunately for you - he can disappear and lead you on a goose chase while using his siren like abilities

• He will mostly lure you away for hugs. and funtime ;)

• You two are like a musical power couple and its intimidating and cool 

• He does get jealous if you use your abilities on others though

• There was a small argument about it, now its just a boundary you don’t overstep