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i just love the idea of elias hugging chise in the couch while they are reading and chise falls asleep so elias has to carry her to bed but doesnt want to put her down so he just grabs a blanket and sits on her bed with chise in his arms, all cozy and warm

((Aww, that is adorable! So adorable I have to write it!!))

((Also, I’m getting a lot of Anons in my inbox with these prompts. I’d understand if the request was, like, NSFW, but these requests are just so adorable! I wish people knew who came up with the ideas.))

“You really have a lot of old classics in your library, Elias.”

The redhead rubbed the end of her eye for a moment. She brings her hand back to grasp the back of the cover of the book held in her hands. It’s relatively small, but still fit snugly into her hands and had just the right amount of weight to it. The text could be a lot bigger but Chise Hatori wasn’t complaining. She was actually infatuated with the story past beyond the rich ink. It was one of the oldest classics out there from what she’s heard - Hamlet.

Elias was actually surprised to learn that she hasn’t read nearly half of what he had. When she browsed through his library, she became interested at the known titles and admitted that she had never read Shakespeare. Or Edgar Allen Poe. Or any other classic author, really. It made sense when he thought about it, but it still surprised the magus, nonetheless.

Most of his library consisted of either fiction or documents. Being on Earth for centuries really gave him the chance to collect any literature he found interesting. To humans now, it probably was all boring because they weren’t contemporaries. A part of him was relieved that Chise found pleasure in indulging herself in what he had. She already went through 3 other books of his and was still going.

Elias rubbed the side of Chise’s cheek with a gloved thumb. She was getting tired now and he could tell from this angle. She settled onto his lap right when she began reading and hasn’t left since. Eventually, the monster’s back started to hurt so he had to lay back on the couch. It didn’t stop the redead from laying on top of him and resume reading the book. It seemed like she wanted to be within his touch while she read the literature and he had no complaints about it, either.

“Tired?” He asked. She groaned.

“No, I’m fine. I just really want to get through this…chapter…”

She yawned at the end of the sentence. She glared at Elias afterward in case he’d say anything. The monster simply remained quiet, which gave her the chance to go back to the book. He actually found it cute that she insisted to stay up. It was flattering, really - especially since she was on top of him. He came to enjoy feeling her touch, so laying with her on the couch was more like heaven for him. He grew to like toying with her hair and feeling the ends of it.

Elias continued laying there with her and watched the sunset get darker from a nearby window. He felt Chise’s grip on the book soon loosen as it slowly lowered to her body. He watched with interest as she gently set it on top of her chest and rested the side of her head onto his skull. He tensed at this sudden contact and waited for what else would happen.

As soon as he heard her lightly snore, he relaxed. She had fallen asleep. How adorable. The monster gently gripped her shoulder and rubbed it gently. He waited a few minutes before reaching forward and carefully taking the book from her hands. He bookmarked the page for her and set it on a nearby coffee table. She stirred a bit on his chest but soon settled back on the top of his vest with a smile.

“I knew you were fatigued,” He patted her stomach softly. Her response was to nuzzle his chest further.

He’d never get tired of nights like these. “Cuddling” on the couch proved to be really enjoyable, and Elias had very minimal complaints. He could probably go a full week laying down on anything with Chise. And these warm feelings…They usually came to him whenever he and Chise were close together. And instances like this was just one of the many factors that gave him this warm sensation. He’d proudly say that he’d never grow tired of it.

Slowly but surely, Elias rose from the couch and held onto Chise’s back to ensure she wouldn’t fall. She gripped the end of his vest and simply pulled onto him tighter. He put another hand under her waist and stood. He walked through the hallway and up the stairs, grasping Chise in his hands and gently making his way through the door of her bedroom. As soon as he was sure she was still asleep, the monster leaned down and carefully placed the redhead down on her bed.

He motioned her underneath the blankets and tucked her in from shoulder to shoulder. Something about this was upsetting him, but he couldn’t place a finger on what it was. He felt something urge him to join Chise in the bed, so he carefully slipped off his shoes and set them aside. The monster carefully climbed over her small figure and settled beside her, nuzzling his skull on her shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and motioned her back to his stomach protectively.

“I was hoping you’d do that,” She quietly admitted.

She trailed her finger on the front of his fang slightly. Elias held onto her tighter as he motioned the blankets over himself. He was rather glad he joined her. The nights sometimes went real cold when he placed her back in her bedroom rather than beside him. And if cuddling on the couch made him warm, then so should sleeping with her, too.

“I learn more about you everyday,” He slipped off his gloves. “I can probably start making assumptions on what you want, Chise.”

“Really?” She asked amusingly. She turned around to face her husband and teasingly poked him on the skull. “Then what do I want now?

Elias pretended to think about it. “Hmm. I’d say…you really don’t want me leaving your side in the middle of the night.”

She bit her lip and looked away. “Yeah…you’re right. But I wasn’t thinking about that.”

“Oh?” He asked.

She went forward and tucked her head under his skull. Elias tensed and waited for her to say something, but she never did. She rubbed the side of her cheek on his collar instead and scooted as close to him as she could. Slowly but drearily, she started to daze off without another word. Elias placed his hand on her back and heard the soft sound of her breathing start to steady. He rubbed her back and continued to listen to the delightful noise.

Right before she fell asleep, he heard her murmur. “I want…to dream about you…”

He could say the same, really.

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im not sure if you take drawing requests but i get huge anxiety when i have to go out and socialise with people and i have to go out tomorrow so i was wondering if you could maybe draw solas a little cross eyed with a butterfly on his nose to help calm my nerves? p.s i adore you a lot, your amazing and your art is so beautiful and cute and i love everything about it c:

Good luck with your outing, anon! You’ll be ok :)

Dating Samoa Joe Would Include :

REQUESTED BY @blurredlyrics !


- he’d be nervous to ask you out at first, because as much as he exudes confidence and cockiness, he had to admit he was scared you’d reject him.

- he had the bIGGEST smile on his face when you said yes, excited to spend some time with you on a nice date.

- for your first date, he’d take you out on a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, obviously not caring if what you wanted was expensive - because you deserved to be treated well.

- a lot of people think he’d be the guy who’d fuck on the first date but he waited after a few dates to have sex with you.

- once you two were exclusive, he’d shower you with gifts and affection. flowers, jewelry, makeup, anything. anything he noticed you had your eye on, he would buy for you.

- you’d have date nights whenever possible, even though his schedule was busy due to his career.

- when you two couldn’t make time for a date, you’d face time for a few hours instead. it might not be much, but he’d do anything to be able to hear your voice and see your beautiful face as much as possible while he was gone.

- cuddling

- so much physical contact,, like so mUCH.

- he’s like a leech tbh, wanting to touch or hold you whenever possible. you’re cooking? there he is, snaking his arms around your waist as he stood behind you. you’re reading? he’d be trying to distract you from your book so he could spend time with you.

- clingy

- he gets jealous pretty easily, not necessarily possessive though. he loves having your attention and will go to desperate, almost embarrassing, lengths to get it.

- kisses, hugging, cuddling, everything

- nicknames

- hugs from behind

- he’d always be joking around bc he loved making you laugh

- he’s always proud to show you off to others

- you two are always comfortable with talking to the other about your feelings or problems. in fact, he’s the first person that comes to mind when you need to vent - and vice versa.

- he’s your shelter - from bad situations, bad people, anything. you always feel so safe with him. you feel that nothing bad can happen when you’re with him.

- he can be protective of you at times, but definitely not too much. he doesn’t want you to feel suffocated or smothered, in his opinion that’s completely toxic. he has total trust in you, there’s no reason to be possessive.

hope you liked! 💘

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Hi there! Love your writing again of course!! So I was thinking of a Jeremy prompt in the GTA AU. Reader is the newest member of the crew and Mica or other crew member is teaching her how to pickpocket at a bar. Jeremy is there for protection and has to step in when one mark the reader scammed gets too aggressive. Basically Rimmy Tim to the rescue if you please!

A/N - Thanks for your kind words and your prompt, buddy! I hope you enjoy this little GTA Jeremy thang (I seem to get a lot of requests for that!). I do really like the idea of tiny Lil’ J being the bodyguard that everyone underestimates because of his size :P

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, alcohol, some violence but nothing too major

Word Count - 2, 308

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Do you take requests at all? I'm kind of new here and your comissions aren’t open so I was just wondering if you do. (I apologize if this has already been asked before, or if this is something you get a lot. It's not my intention to annoy you or say your art isn't worth paying for.) Sorry for the verbal diarrhea as well, I'm not the best at talking to people ;u;

It’s alright! i take suggestions for things i like(o/verwatch, ocs, d/oroheodoro, etc), but there’s no guarantee i’ll do it! Depends on the inspiration/ complexity/ free time i have! i’ll be opening commissions again in late november/ december

“We’re going to be real here for a moment.

I know I’m not a beauty queen. I’m super pale, I have dark circles under my eyes that would make any spa worker request a pay raise to treat, I’m going grey prematurely. I’m also pretty sure that I weigh next to nothing and there are many people out there who could snap my twiggy self in two.

I look like Hell. I’m not asking for pity, I’m admitting a truth. That…other people acknowledge. To my face. Every day. It’s fine.

But I probably look better in heels than a lot of people and that’s pretty great.”

BTS As Boyfriends (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

warning: large amounts of fluff ahead

Hyung Line version here


  • the hopeless romantic boyfriend
  • an actual prince charming
  • libra is ruled by the planet venus
  • venus is the goddess of love and beauty
  • so expect a sensual relationship with him
  • will charm ur pants off with sweet yet sexy words
  • loves to shower u in affection and praise
  • libras live to please their partners 
  • so he’d go the extra mile to make u happy
  • so flirtatious
  • winks and butt grabs
  • spoils u 
  • brings home a thousand gifts when he returns from overseas
  • “jagi this reminded me of u. and this..and this…and this”
  • takes u to expensive restaurants
  • shows up to ur doorstep with flowers and chocolates
  • at home spa dates where he decorates the room with roses, lights candles, and gives u a massage
  • is very sociable and will always have u by his side when going to events
  • introduces u to his 2568 friends
  • carefree and lighthearted
  • couple rings, bracelets, and necklaces
  • couple selfies
  • giggle fits between the both of u that last 20 minutes
  • knows exactly how to lift up ur mood
  • always makes time to facetime/call u when he’s away
  • libras like harmony and avoid conflict
  • so arguments are rare
  • an amazing listener
  • his scorpio venus makes him a bit possessive 
  • and also very passionate and intense
  • always holding ur hand or has an arm around ur waist
  • king of skinship

Originally posted by taectless


  • the committed boyfriend

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Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)

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I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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an anon requested some BNHA themed Inktober prompts and I couldn’t stop myself making a semi-fancy graphic for them.  
If you end up using any of the prompts please, please tag me, I’d love to see your art! 

(big thanks to @mochiako for helping me come up with these)


oh hey I said I would stop drawing The Half Cat shit like months ago or smthing but look how things come around in the end

also yeah uh sorry for not letting ritsu actually protecting mob or vice versa in a tanglible way I just. rly love the prolonged suffering
'When you’re black you have to fight': Tinashe, Kehlani and other female R&B artists struggle for attention
Only three black women have topped the charts in the past 10 years. Here's why.
By Gerrick D. Kennedy

Three years ago, all the signs pointed one way: Tinashe was on her way to pop stardom.

In 2012, when she was just 19, she produced two critically acclaimed mixtapes that landed her a deal at RCA. A year later her debut single, “2 On,” made it to No. 24 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Her 2014 debut album, “Aquarius,” was met with critical acclaim and she was nominated for a BET Award.

Since then, the singer-songwriter has toured with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, collaborated with Britney Spears, earned praise from idol Janet Jackson and issued two buzzy projects, including last year’s digital-only work “Nightride.”

Yet Tinashe’s career has hit an impasse.

Nearly two years after it was announced to much hype, RCA has yet to release her long-gestating sophomore album, “Joyride.” As a string of genre-hopping singles and collaborations with artists like Spears, Chris Brown and Young Thug failed to produce a major hit, “Joyride” and her young career have stalled.

Attempting a restart, she has learned many things: that pop hits speak louder than reviews, only crossover stars make real money and being a black female performer comes with inherent challenges.

“Critical acclaim hasn’t been enough in my experience,” said the 24-year-old, who was born Tinashe Kachingwe. “The label appreciates it, but the music business, in my perspective, is still so much based on revenue and how much they are making in sales. That’s where it gets really [crappy].”

“You just want to make art for the sake of art,” she continued, “and not have people [care] about a number, first-week sales or things like that.”

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A Moment (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: In which Richie and Eddie are both flustered by a moment that was rudely interrupted.

Prompt 86: “Have you seen- oh

Prompt 42: “I’d like to talk to you when you have your pants on, okay?”

A/N: Thankyou to who requested this!! This is so hard not to make sexual as the request specifically asked for them to be in the middle of a ‘moment’ like a make out and they’re walked in on. Please don’t think I’m trying to sexualise the kiddos in any way shape or form because that is not my intention. ALSO, they’re 15 in this fic!! I’m this age and people at my age are doing MUCH worse than making out so please keep your argument about me sexualising them to yourselves bC TEENAGERS MAKE OUT, TEENAGERS DO A LOT OF BA D THINGS

“Eds, hey- Eds.”

Eddie grumbled, pulling the sheets over his head to block out the voice of Richie Tozier.

“Eds, c’mon. Get up.”

“Fuck off Richie. Don’t call me that.” Eddie hissed, staying under the sheets and attempting to fall back into a peaceful slumber.

Richie frowned, his head tilted with his glasses falling down his nose. He lifted a single finger up and pushed them up, leaving yet again another fingerprint against his dirtied lenses. His imprint smudges the sight in once light, but Richie barely notices.

“No one is fucking here, I think Bill and Stan left.” Richie pestered on, grabbing Eddie’s shoulder and shaking it heavily.

Eddie frowned, eyes slowly sliding open and a groan of frustration leaves Eddie’s lips and he sits up, glaring daggers at Richie with fresh tears of waking up abruptly on his waterline.

“Richie, you fucking asshole. That is what you wake me up for?”

“Well, I woke up alone and I didn’t want to be alone. Why is that a problem?”

“I barely sleep as it is, Richie! You just fucking broke me from an actual good sleep!” Eddie cried, anger pulsing through his veins before he quickly calms down, grabbing his hair strands as he places his head in his hands.

Richie couldn’t help but feel guilt for his own selfish actions, sighing quietly and awkwardly patting at his bare thigh as he only wore underwear and a random band tee, as always, to sleep.

“Eds, I’m sorry.” Richie sat down, climbing onto the mattress next to Eddie.

Eddie was silent for a moment before speaking up, “It’s fine. I didn’t mean to totally freak out.” Eddie too let the nickname slide, as he played with the edged trim of the blanket that covered his own bare legs. 

Silence pierced the thin air of Bill’s room, as the two sat in silence next to each other with their elbows grazing one another. Richie sucked in his bottom lip, and shuddered as he wasn’t covered by Eddie’s bedding and was exposed to the late September air.

“Why don’t you sleep good, Eds?” Richie questioned, with his head tilted and looking towards Eddie.

Eddie nibbled at the skin that peeled from his lower lip, rubbing his hands together and he shrugged.

“I..I guess it’s just nightmares? They’re weird. Like, fuck.” Lies. Total fucking lies.

“What are they like?” Richie watched the way his hands moved and jittered, which was a sign he was lying as well as the lip biting.

“Well,” Eddie started, before trying to find his words as if thinking through everything he was about to say and how he would say it, “Um, just stuff like me getting sick. Shit like that.”

Richie thought about how long he had to think about his supposed ‘nightmares’ and his response to his question. Richie nodded, not pressuring the boy any further.

Eddie gulped as he thought of the real reason, one of his slight fears that often triggered his anxiety late at night. His sexuality. See, Eddie was still curious and testing the waters with himself; not knowing if he was into girls or into guys or both. That wasn’t the problem though, his problem was his Mother. His mother would possibly think that Eddie would be screwed up mentally and have many mental illnesses if he told his Mother that he liked guys in any way shape or form. He’d never get a break and he’d never be allowed to have sleepovers like this or even be allowed to talk another male ever again.

Eddie cringed as the thoughts came back to him, quickly trying to shake them away by focusing upon Richie. 

“So, how was your night? Sleeping, I mean.”

“Oh, I sleep like a fucking rock.” Richie chuckles, his shoulders moving as he chuckles. 

“How is sleeping like a rock a good thing?” Eddie tilts his head, looking to Richie, “Rocks are hard, it must be hard to sleep.”

Richie smirks, “Maybe that’s because I am hard most of the time.”

Eddie is confused for a moment before realisation hits him forcefully and he groans with a blush spreading over his cheeks, “Fuck off, Richie. You know what I meant.”

“Especially morning wood, oh boy, let me tell you-”

Eddie clamps a hand over Richie’s mouth before he gets more flustered than he already is. Eddie’s eyes are wide, staring into Richie’s without blinking. Richie can’t help but notice how the two boys were as close as ever, with Eddie obviously blushing like a tomato. Richie felt his smirk grow even more under Eddie’s palm and he wiggled his eyebrows at the crimson boy.

Eddie felt the movements under his palm, staring into Richie’s large eyes due to his spectacles, before sighing in annoyance.

“Seriously, Richie? Your lenses are jacked up.” Eddie removes his hand before taking Richie’s glasses off slowly and carefully.

Richie was too slow to protest, feeling his own face heat up as his whole face was no longer hidden by his coke bottle glasses which covered a lot of his insecurities up.  Richie felt exposed in a weird way, not being able to see Eddie properly but Eddie being able to see every pore and flaw that laid upon Richie’s face. 

Eddie breathed hot air onto both lenses, using his own shirt to wipe away each of the finger prints and splashes from substances that had stained the lenses.

Richie watched with blind eyes, barely being able to tell what he was doing for him. His eyes were squinted and his head tilted forward and staring directly at the hazed actions.

Finally, Eddie was done and he lifted them up delicately, placing them back on Richie’s face with a small and soft grin. 

“Be more clean, asshole. Isn’t that much better?” Eddie folded his arms over smugly.

Richie blinked and pushed them up higher on his nose, this time with the small space between the lenses and not smudging them like he usually does. He could see much clear, being able to see the soft sun rays peak through the curtains and shining on Eddie’s baby face. He admired everything in that moment, how one eye of his was squinting due to the orange-y hue that blinded one of his eyes from seeing Richie properly and the other remaining soft and bambi like. How Eddie’s right corner of his lips was arched higher than the other and how his usually neatened chocolate strands were in fact out of place and going in every direction.

Richie couldn’t help himself, he really couldn’t. The moment before him couldn’t be more flawless.

Really? You’re gonna do this now? Now-

Richie’s thoughts were cut off by his actions as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Eddie’s.

Eddie’s smug look was wiped away in a split second, his eyes widening as he stared at Richie’s closed pair of eyes with shock and in awe. Eddie had both of his hands raised at the side of Richie’s face in shock which soon, he melted. He melted perfectly against Richie and his hands fell onto his cheeks, feeling Richie’s heated skin beneath his clammy palms. 

Richie felt his hands snake around Eddie’s waist, pulling him onto his lap for a better position in the kiss. Richie, being much more confident than Eddie in the whole ‘first kiss’ scenario as Eddie was of course, oblivious on how to kiss.

The two newly found 15 year old boys, had their arms all over each other with their lips smearing against the other pair that battled for dominance in the kiss. Richie ran his tongue across Eddie’s bottom lip for a silent ask for permission, knowing his boundaries due to Eddie’s phobia of anything to do with germs or sickness’. Eddie hesitated, before opening his lips to allow Richie swirl his tongue inside in perfect sync with Eddie’s. Richie was soft, comfortable and caring for Eddie, making sure to not cross any lines that would make Eddie be disgusted or revolted in any way.

Eddie then pushes Richie forward. At first, this caused Richie to think that he did somehow cross the line but instead- he was pushed on his back and Eddie was sitting on his lower stomach.

Richie stared up at Eddie with soft eyes as well as a smirk. “I always thought you’d be a bottom, Eds.” 

Eddie’s chest burned bright as his blush had spread all over. “Shut up, asshole. I don’t like it when you call me that.”

But oh, how they both knew that what Eddie had said was a lie.

Eddie then leaned down, his lips colliding with Richie’s again, tasting the same blackberry bubblegum that lingered on Richie’s set of lips from the previous night whilst his own tasted of mint. His legs begun shaking lightly from the intense makeout session that was happening currently, only for Richie to place his hand on the back of Eddie’s thigh to soothe him.

Hey have you seen- oh.”

Eddie flung himself away from Richie and Richie fell off the mattress head first with a grunt of pain leaving past his pink and swollen lips. Eddie pressed his back against the wall, tidying his messy hair and trying to cover his own flustered blush that had been permanently tattooed onto his cheeks.

Both saw Stan, stood there, with a water gun in his hands and his own face heating up in embarrassment from walking in on a situation which could’ve went anywhere if he had not walked in. Stan gulped audibly and looked elsewhere.

I’d like to talk to you when you have your pants on, okay?

The two boys looked at each other in horror and realised how the situation must look to someone like Stan who just walked in on the two boys pantless and in their underwear with Eddie sitting on top of Richie in a heated makeout.

“No Stan it’s not-”

Stan had already walked off, without letting Richie finish his sentence.

Eddie quickly reached for his inhaler which was kept under his pillow, taking a few quick puffs from anxiety racing under his skin. Richie looked over worryingly before sighing.

“Look, don’t worry. Lets just get dressed and go talk to him, kay’?”

Despite Richie’s comforting words, Eddie couldn’t help but feel his fear of his sexuality raise higher and higher. He pushed it back as both him and Richie dressed themselves in their usual attire for the day.

Both boys, once done changing, looked at eachother with soft eyes and Richie then offered his hand out to Eddie and tilting his head as if he was mentally asking, ‘Are you okay?’

Eddie nodded, reaching his own out and grabbing Richie’s for comfort. Richie then walked forward and guided his soon to be boyfriend out of Bill’s empty bedroom.