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First off, you are very welcome for the last ask I did and I am glad that I didn't mess anything up. Also, I (finally) got an idea that almost certainly has already been done but I'm to lazy to try and find. Keith or Lance accidentally texting the other with one of the pining texts and the other playing along.

i actually don’t really have a text like this!! the only one i can think of is this one! but it’s old and i was hype to make this so i hope you like it! :)

keith might be just a littleee thirsty for lance…..

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Hey Um,I don't know if you still do requests but if you do and you find the time,Could You maybe draw Seb and Jim Watching "Family Guy" for the first time and Seb just can't help but constantly point out how much Stewie reminds him of Jim and Jim just kind of laughs as he proceeds to secretly hold up a pocket knife behind Seb's back.ALSO I FRICKING LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT AND YOUR ARTSTYLE AND YOU'RE THE BEST MORMOR ARTIST OUT THERE ILYSM

I hate this a lot thank you

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we decided that it would be absolutely hilarious if matt turned out to be even more of a flirt than lance and then they both jokingly flirt with each other all the time… this leads to very unhappy and jealous shiro/keith and a very proud pidge 😂

pls enjoy 💜

(shipping shiro with both matt and allura is a constant daily struggle for me…….. i really need shatt to be more popular tho because it’s precious but also the ship name makes me laugh every single time)

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Renora: "So... this counts as 'together-together,' right?"

“So… this counts as ‘together-together,’ right?” She sat down on the bed next to Ren who was still reading, wearing one of his shirts as a nightgown. 

“What, us?” He looked up, confused.

“Don’t be stupid, we’ve been dating for a year now. I meant Yang and Blake.”

“…I think you should ask them.” 

“They hang out together all the time. Sleep in the same bed. Cuddle when they’re drunk. Wear each other’s close.” 

“We did that before we were together-together, Nora.” He sighed and laid his book on the nightstand, wrapped his arms around her to pull her close. 

“Yeah, okay. But I saw them make out behind the trash cans yesterday.” 

“Okay, we didn’t do that before we were together-together.” 

“Told you so.” She smiled and pulled him close to kiss him. “They are totally dating.”

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Would Sportacus like Robbie with long hair? I can imagine Trixie & Stephanie trying to braid his hair😂😂😂😂

!!!! yes 

(robbie might try to look annoyed but he very much enjoys the attention c: )

and yes, sportacus would also love it a lot !

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Ooo ooo what about #56 for whiterose YOURE THE BEST BTW

Thank you anon friend!

#56. Are you flirting with me?

For some reason this turned into a continuation of this. Hope you enjoy!

It was late, and though Weiss was exhausted, she lay awake in the dark. The bed was unfamiliar, almost too comfortable after weeks of sleeping on the ground.

She shifted onto her side, staring into the empty darkness of the room. Every time she closed her eyes she found herself forgetting that she was in Mistral. The bed beneath her felt too much like her bed at home.

That isn’t home, she reminded herself. Had it ever been? It felt so good to be free of it, yet every time she closed her eyes that freedom began to feel more and more like a dream that was about to be ripped away.

All of a sudden there was a knock. “Weiss?” Ruby called through the door, “Can I… can I come in?”

Weiss was at the door in an instant, pulling it open and gesturing for Ruby to come inside. “Of course! What is it, what’s wrong?”

Ruby shook her head. “Nothing! I just thought I ought to check on you. I was worried.”

Weiss sighed and rolled her eyes. “I’m fine, you dolt. You should be asleep.”

That earned her a sarcastic smirk. “So should you. And I’d like to point out that I’m not the one who fainted this morning.”

Weiss was glad of the darkness to hide the heat that rushed into her face. “I– That was– ugh, you’re insufferable. Look. I’m okay now, see? Go back to bed.”

Ruby turned to go but then hesitated, chewing her lip and staring at the floor.

Weiss frowned. “What is it?”

Ruby glanced up at her. She looked almost shy. “Can I stay with you tonight? I…don’t really feel like being alone.”

“Of course.” Weiss breathed a quiet sigh of relief. The prospect of sharing the room with Ruby suddenly made the space feel much more comfortable.

Despite Weiss’ protests, Ruby insisted on taking the floor. After they were both settled, she lay on her back, listening to the soothing sound of Ruby breathing.

She could tell her partner was still awake. “Would you like to talk?”

There was a long pause, and Weiss began to wonder if Ruby was actually asleep when finally she spoke. “Not right now. I can’t… I just want to sleep.”

“Are you sure you’re comfortable down there?” she asked, for what was probably the tenth time.

“Yes,” Ruby sighed, “I’m fine.”

“It’s warmer up here, you know.”

“Really, Weiss–”

“The company isn’t so bad, either.”

“Are you flirting with me?”

Weiss nearly choked in surprise and embarrassment. “What? No! I just… I want you to take care of yourself!”

A horrible, awkward fell, and seemed to drag on forever. Dammit, Weiss silently cursed. Now she’s uncomfortable and I’ve ruined everything.

Suddenly, Ruby’s voice floated up out of the dark. “I wouldn’t mind if you were.”

Weiss found she didn’t have the words to respond to that. She managed a small “Oh.”

Ruby got up from the floor and came over to the bed without a word. Weiss pulled back the covers in silent invitation and Ruby climbed in, curling herself up against Weiss’ s body. Weiss settled into the comfortable softness, burying her face in Ruby’s hair. It was… intimate in a way that she didn’t know how to describe, and it was nice.

The two of them stayed curled up that way through the night and into the morning.

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Hi is it ok to request a hc? For the bullying clay hc one you did but romantically clony? if that's ok, if not no worries. I love your writing and headcanons for clony so much!

Romantic Clony with Clay being bullied and how Tony reacts:

(I’d just like to say thank-you for being my first request and for the kind words; it means a lot :) I really hope it’s to your satisfaction; I struggled with writing it a little ‘cause I found I didn’t think it’d be that different from the original- with the added bonuses of kissing and cuddles ;) So I hope it’s okay!

Warning: Offensive language/comments, that I in no way tolerate but have used for the purpose of these headcanons.)

-The whole happening with the depositions and the tapes being made public are surprisingly the least of Clay’s worries while he’s at school- the other eleven leaving him in peace for the most part. The problem, apparently, and the cause for his constant torment and teasing at the hands of his peers, lies within his relationship with Tony, “I hear you like it in the ass now, Jensen.” … “I always knew those gay rumours were true, Jensen. No wonder you don’t have any luck with the chicks.”

-While Clay feels his face heat up at the remarks, he tries to not let it get to him- usually responding with a sarcastic comment of his own that sets the others squirming uncomfortably, “Yeah, that’s usually how sex occurs when you’re a guy with a boyfriend.” … “The terms actually Bisexual, but if that’s your start up line to offering your services, I think I’ll stick with my own boyfriend; he knows just how I like it.”

-Tony’s not so passive, often finding himself knocking a few assholes into lockers- Clay’s had to physically hold him back on more than one occasion, not wanting to have his boyfriend suspended. “Come on, Tony. It’s only words, it doesn’t matter” … “Of course it matters, Clay. You matter, okay?”

-While they’re walking down the halls together, Tony likes to hold Clay’s hand- not to lay claim to the younger boy, but to show everyone that he’s not to be messed with. Even then, if someone looks as if they’re about to start trouble, Tony throws his arm protectively around Clay and pulls him in close to his side, followed often with a gentle kiss to the temple.

-One day, Clay’s on his way to meet Tony for lunch when he’s thrown harshly into the lockers at the side of him. Before he can get his bearings there’s a punch to his face, followed by one to his gut which has him on his knees, gasping for breath. He barely has the time to register the sneer of Monty’s voice before he’s being hit again, “You really are a puff, aren’t you Jensen?”

-Tony knows something’s wrong instantly when Clay’s late to meet him and takes straight off to find him, lunch immediately forgotten. His blood boils when he catches sight of the commotion and realises who it is getting the beat down- He doesn’t think he’s ever punched someone so hard in his life, strength fuelled by rage. He only stops because Clay begs him to, “Tony, stop. He’s had enough. Please.”

-Afterwards, when they get home they cuddle in bed and Tony takes it upon himself to gently kiss every single one of Clay’s cuts and bruises, as if it would heal them all right then and there- with the way it makes him feel, Clay’s not sure it couldn’t.

-Every morning, without fail, Tony’s on time outside of Clay’s house to pick him up for school and is always waiting for him after, ready to take him home; Clay always insists that he’s okay riding his bike, but Tony doesn’t want to take the chance of something happening to him while he’s not there.

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Hearth, C4, F4, C2?

hearth may be a pinball wizard but he still cant figure out how to play mario cart and it pisses him off,, but in other words look at that cutie!!!

((you can find Hearth is c2 here!!))

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do you know of any fake marriage wolfstar aus? I'm dying to read one but can't seem to find one :)


That is a tricky one! There are quite a few fake/pretend relationship fics floating around but ones that are involve a fake marriage specifically are really difficult to find. I managed to find one. Hope you enjoy!

The Big Gay Honeymoon Heist

goldensnitchgetsstitches | Mature | 7,299 words

When Sirius accidentally wins a Honeymoon Getaway (strictly for married couples only) Remus plays along because, hey, free alcohol. What he wasn’t counting on was everything that could possibly go wrong, going wrong. To top it all off, it turns out Sirius is also a method actor. (WIP)

You can find all of the other fake/pretend relationship fics that I have recced in the past, here

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Hello, I would like to ask you to take a sale Muffit Spider Asgore a donut. Ps Sorry for my bad english pps I Art makes me very happy

I hope this was what you meant💦 I really like getting to draw food and fashion, so getting to draw Muffet making a sale to Asgore was a treat. Especially since I ADORE donuts, for drawing AND for eating.

Anon, I hope you enjoy this, and I’m very flattered to hear that my art makes you happy! Thank you for the request!✨