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Prompts for a depressing drunk?

TW: Depression

TW: Alcohol/ Alcoholism

1. “ One of these days, I’ll find all the answers at the bottom of my bottle.” 

2. “Don’t you think you’re drinking a little too much?” “That’s the plan.” 

3. “Why do you drink so much?” “It’s called ‘drowning your sorrows’, it’s my preferred approach to life.” 

4. “That can’t be healthy.”   “Does it look like I care?” 

5. “It’s none of your business how much I drink. If I want to bury myself in booze then I will, So, Buzz off.” 

Hope these work, if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

veterinarian! Vernon

ask anon: CN you do veterinarian!Vernon plz (with hint of romance between a pet owner)

Admin note: OKIE this is really late but then again so are the rest of our requests lol, hope you enjoy! it might be a bit reader focused welp whatever

  • ok so
  • Hansol was new to the clinic in your neighborhood
  • he had supposedly transferred from somewhere in New York
  • which had surprised the entire staff at the clinic
  • you knew all the staff well since your puppy needs to get vaccines quite often
  • your friend was a nurse working there
  • and during her lunch break, she told you about the new veterinarian transferring
  • “He’s supposedly a big hot-shot according to some people. I mean think about it, why transfer to this small clinic in the middle of nowhere from a place like New York?”
  • you laughed at your friend’s comment as the two of you played with BongBong, your Maltese
  • “But you work here!” you say as you pick up BongBong in your arms
  • “My point exactly, I like being boring.”
  • “You never know, he might have a good reason” you tell her
  • “I just hope he’s hot, I’m so single it’s funny.” she tells you as you both start laughing
  • “Whatever helps you sleep at night friend” you tell her
  • the both of you walked in right as an emergency patient is brought in
  • “Yikes, that’s me, catch you later y/n” your friend grabs a clipboard and runs into the examination room
  • you hear her yelling a few seconds later as she runs past you
  • “Whoever he is, he’s late and we have a puppy who swallowed some rat poison, and I REFUSE to accept any excuses he may have.” she shoots you a wink as she runs back into the emergency clinic
  • you sit there with BongBong and smile to yourself
  • you admired your friend so much, she cared a lot about her work as much as she would never admit it straight-up
  • “Excuse me!” you turn around to see who’s talking to you
  • it’s a guy with a stethoscope around his neck and his uniform is crinkled and you can see street clothes underneath
  • “Could you bring me pre-anesthetic blood work for the emergency patient that just came in?”
  • “What?” you blink a few times in surprise, “Me?”
  • “Yes, please, quickly!” he says flustered while dropping his stethoscope and bending down to pick it up again
  • “I don’t work here” you say holding up BongBong, “I’m a pet owner”
  • “Ah” he gives you an embarrassed laugh while bowing slightly
  • “Sorry.” he says racing down the hall to the exam room
  • you laugh as he goes and you notice he left behind a pen that fell out of his pocket
  • Veterinarian Chwe Hansol
  • it reads
  • he must be the new vet
  • you hear quite a few stories about him from your friend over the next week
  • “I walked into his office to hand him his list of appointments, and you know what?!?!? He was dancing to a Drake song and I was just standing there, like what do I do now?!?!” she tells you on her day off as the two of you walk BongBong through the park
  • “Oh my god which song?”
  • “Is that important? He’s a good dancer, not really my type though, but he’s cute I guess. I think I’d prefer someone outside of the clinic though. He’s always there late at night making rounds after we already have and saying hi to all the patients and giving the pets treats.”
  • you listen to her ramble on about what he does
  • “Like once he decides something even if it doesn’t follow basic protocol, anything for the health of the patient, he’ll do it”
  • “Really nice to all the staff too, brought donuts, I was- oh my heart.”
  • you remember his pen and ask her when he works
  • “Oh? he works everyday, I don’t know how he manages.”
  • so you go in later that day for BongBong’s appointment and to return Hansol’s pen
  • you sit in the examination room and wait by passing the time staring at the various charts and diagrams lining the room’s walls
  • “BongBong, maltese, ten months old… ” Hansol reads off without looking up from the clipboard
  • his glasses are balancing on the edge of his nose as he quickly pulls it off to get a closer look at BongBong after setting down the clipboard
  • “Looks like the little guy just needs to get a shot and go home and rest” he said giving BongBong the cutest smile you’ve ever seen
  • he looks up at you
  • and jumps back a little in surprise
  • “Hey, you’re the person I accidentally thought…” he rubbed the back of his head and gave you an embarrassed smile
  • you laugh lightly and introduce yourself
  • “I’m y/n, BongBong’s pet owner. You dropped your pen last time-” you pull it out of your pocket and hand it back to Hansol
  • “Oh thanks! I’ve been looking for it. You must be nurse f/n’s friend, she’s always gushing about you.”
  • maybe you’re just imagining things, but did Hansol blush?
  • “I’m Hansol, by the way, though some of my friends just call me Vernon.”
  • “It’s nice to meet you Vernon.”
  • for the next few days, you get to see more of Vernon
  • in the mornings when you’re waiting for your friend to check up on BongBong
  • Hansol always runs past you, his tie not properly done, uniform a mess, and two cups of coffee in tow
  • already trying to do fifty things at once, from checking on overnight patients to checking the appointments for surgery scheduled for the day
  • but once he sees you, he comes over to you with a big smile and asks how you are and how BongBong is
  • “Are both cups of coffee for yourself, Vernon?” you say hiding your smile behind your hand
  • “Hm…? Hahaha noooo, of course not, this second one is… for you!” he says holding up the cup for you
  • “you didn’t even know I’d be here.” you laugh and take the cup
  • “Please, don’t tell the others that I drink two cups of coffee every morning since I’m such a mess.” he jokes giving you a playful jab with his elbow
  • “I won’t since you gave me coffee. My lips are sealed.” the both of you share a smile and every morning after
  • if he saw you, he’d hand you his second cup of coffee before raising a finger to his mouth to make the “shh” gesture and walk off briskly to attend to appointments
  • you were around often enough that he would join you and your friend for lunch breaks in the waiting room, with BongBong always taking a liking to Hansol and sitting under his chair
  • “Yah! BongBong, I thought we were best friends” you’d say laughing
  • “BongBong likes me better, y/n” Vernon would say teasing you by cooing and feeding BongBong treats
  • you also noticed that Vernon was always super compassionate towards every animal he came in contact with
  • your friend told you how he never was around for when they had to let go some of the patients that came in
  • and on those days, you notice he doesn’t smile all that much and he looks like he got zero hours of sleep
  • he always busies himself with all there is to do
  • he worked himself ragged, the guy was a bit of a mess anyway without his coffee 
  • but he would always pull himself together eventually
  • talking to all the pets in cute voices, giving them all nicknames
  • making sure to always call all the pet-owners frequently for reports
  • and he’d always ask everyone how they were doing and insist they call him by his first name
  • “Yah, y/n I left my purse in the clinic, I’ll have to get it.” Your friend says reaching for her keys as the both of you sit in the café across the street from the clinic
  • “Do you want me to call Vernon and ask if he can bring it?” you say reaching for your phone too
  • you turn back to face your friend who is giving you weird looks
  • “You have Vernon’s number?” she says laughing
  • “Yea he calls about BongBong’s appointments and he usually has lunch break about now so…”
  • “Are you stalking our new vet, y/n?” your friend says narrowing her eyes and moving closer to stare at you
  • blushing you say
  • “No! Oh my god, I’m always in the clinic because of BongBong you know this!!!”
  • she crinkles her nose
  • “Now that I think about it Vernon does bring you up in conversations with me often. Don’t get me wrong sweetheart, I love you, but I’m a person too. But it’s always ‘y/n this, y/n that’”
  • you laugh and push her away
  • “So what?” you say defensively
  • “What if he likes you? Oh my god…. Lemme be your wing-woman!”
  • “Oh my god, get out and get your purse, crazy.” you tease her
  • but your cheeks are burning up
  • and she can see that
  • she sends a text on her phone with you staring at her suspiciously
  • suspicions confirmed when ten minutes later Vernon sprints into the café with your friend’s purse held in his right hand and his stethoscope in his left
  • “Here you go!” he says smiling brightly, “Oh y/n! I didn’t know you’d be here.” he gives you a cute smile
  • “I hate you.” you whisper to your friend who just laughs
  • “Vernon, I have some paper work to do, but since you’re on your lunch break why don’t you stay here and have some coffee with y/n?”
  • “Sure.” he says rather quickly
  • both you and Hansol proceed to blush with your friend giggling and walking away patting herself on the back
  • “Well at least I can pay you back for all those coffees.” you say grinning
  • “Yea, but you don’t have to.” he says looking at a coffee stain on the table
  • “Well I want to, you’re always so nice to me and take such good care of BongBong…”
  • “It’s no problem, that’s my job” he says cheerfully
  • “Even the coffee every morning?” you say laughing
  • he turns pink and you quickly focus on stirring your latte around, pretending not to notice
  • “Well, I enjoy seeing you around every morning…” he trails off sipping his coffee, “makes me happy to see how much you love BongBong with you always being there on time. Heck I work there and you still get there earlier than I do.” he says trying to casually blow past his earlier confession
  • you both smile into your drinks and avoid each other’s gaze
  • “Well, I enjoy seeing you work so passionately with each and every animal that comes through, you’re like a superhero, your cape is your uniform.” you say cringing at your own cheesiness
  • he laughs however and thanks you
  • “Well, it’s fun seeing you at the clinic, but I never really get to talk to you too casually like now.” he says looking up at you for your reaction
  • “True, this is nice.” you laugh
  • “We should hang out more then.” he says blushing yet again
  • “I’d like that” you say
  • as the both of you finish your coffees and meet each others eyes, laughing occasionally
  • you think what a beautiful person Vernon is on the inside and out
  • you pick up your phone and bag as the both of you prepare to go on your separate ways
  • “I’d tell you to call me, but you already have my number.” you say smiling
  • “I’ll call you then,” he said winking, “but it won’t be about BongBong.”
  • you give him your best flirty grin
  • “Call me if you want to hang out.”

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Person A is an immortal stuck in a teenager's body, and has to put up with living in a house full of actual teenagers. Person B is one of those teenagers, but also person A's ex-girlfriend's grandson. They don't get along. What would their fights be about?

Assuming person B knows that they are an immortal, and their grandmothers ex, it would most likely be about her. stuff like “You remind me of your grandmother.” or “You know, my grandmother used to call you a huge a-hole, now i know why.” or “God I am so happy you didnt end up as my grandparent.”/ “Don’t talk to me like that, I could have been your grandparent.” 

If B doesnt know they’d probably argue about more mundane stuff like cleaning around the house, laundry, groceries, curfews, boundaries, stuff like that. “You ate my brownies! They had my name on it!” or “Could you please stop leaving your clothes everywhere” or “stop having sex on the couch, people sit there!” or “hurry up and get out of the bathroom! I need to shower!” 

some-other arguing points varying between the two: 

1. “You know, when I was your age, I actually had some manners.”

2.” Shouldnt you respect your elders?” 

3. “If you tell me one more story about your ‘golden days’ I swear to god I will rip my ears off.” 

4. “Tell me one more war story, I dare you.” 

5. “These are things no one should ever have to know about his grandmother please stop talking.”

6. “Back in my day…” “Oh my god, shut up, I don’t care.” 

7. “I have been stuck in puberty for hundreds of years, I can complain as much as I want.” 

I hope you like them! If you need anything else, dont be afraid to ask! 

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This might be a little different for you but: hcs where Ethan and Jack are like brothers (Jack's the big bro while Ethan's the lil bro) and live together while in college, so they always go shopping together, host game nights at their apartment with Teamiplier, Felix/Marzia, Robin/Signe, ect., are very supportive of each other's life endeavors, and are each other's shoulder to cry on alk through school


- Overprotective Brother ™ Jack/Sean always taking care of Ethan no matter w h a t

- Ethan always looking up to Jack, role model forever, trying to be as cool as him and Jack just smiles.

- Jack dyes his hair and their parents are #shook. Ethan dyes his hair and Mom faints.

- “My brother plays baseball AND he’s on the football team”  “Okay but MY brother shouts at video games and can kick your brother’s ass any day, so whatsup.”

- Senior!Jack and Freshmen!Ethan

- All the girls flaunt over Ethan being the little brother and Jack stands by and kinda just  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Getting complaints from everyone in the dorms before it gets L I T during game night every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

- *wink wonk* Jack teaching Ethan all the shortcuts and stress-free tips of the college life.

- One time, Ethan had a shitty breakup and the next day Jack bought him all his favorite junk food and called in sick for all his professors and just took care of him.

- “Who needs hoes when you’ve got bros?” “You’re the best, Jack”

- Teary-eyed Ethan when he sees Jack graduate.

- Jump ahead and Ethan graduates and just this intense hug and Jack whispers through tears “I knew we could do it”.


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an imagine where the reader gets her wisdom teeth out and is super out of it and her bff Peter offers to take her home. So she is rambling on about stuff and peter offers to carry her and she's Iike no way petey I love you but youre weak and he picks her up and then he takes care of her and she falls asleep and peter stays until her mom gets home and then her mom accidentally reveals she never stops talking about peter because she likes him and then he next day he asks her out and it's fluff???


WH characters drunk.

Elias Goldstein.

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Yukiya Reizen.

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Luca Orlem.

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Klaus Goldstein.

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Randy March.

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Azusa Kuze.

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Joel Crawford.

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Vincent Knight.

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Cerim Leiado.

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Guy Brighton.

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Glenn Qing.

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Leslie Roseblade.

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Amelia Nile.

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Hyung line parenting 101

@svt-seokhoon-17  I have an family au. Cheolsoo are the parents of Vernon, jeonghoon are the parents of seungkwan, wonhui are the parents of minghao and mingyu, hoshi is a single parent raising seokmin and dino. It’s the 7 oldest being the parents and youngest 6 being kids |  Omg yes (like thoes soulmate, best friend bullet point things or something different)

requested by anon: “A Lee family au (father woozi, mother jeonghan, child seungkwan)”


Cheolsoo family

  • their kid is currently in elementary school
  • tbh Joshua and Seungcheol are the proudest hype parents ever
  • they’re proud Hansol can find his way from the house to the bus station
  • or if he remembers their phone numbers
  • they hype everything he does
  • even if it’s just putting on his shoes
  • nothing Vernon does can be called stupid to them
  • except for that one time he tried eating a mud pie made from mud, clearly
  • and Vernon isn’t a stupid kid
  • no not at all
  • he just likes hanging out with friends and watching youtube videos more than coloring in pictures of George Washington and reading short chapter books about a magic tree house
  • he only colors when he knows the homework is due the next day
  • and then he colors outside the lines because why would you want to color inside the lines, that’s boring
  • he somehow always finishes his math hw though
  • without fail
  • it’s like magic
  • he hangs out a lot with the Lee family’s kid, Seungkwan
  • not because the kid does Vernon’s math hw for him or anything
  • they’re best friends but Vernon denies this
  • which sometimes hurts Seungkwan’s feelings
  • but then they play tag or watch some mine craft videos together
  • and they make up and Vernon finally admits they’re best friends
  • and Vernon protects his best friend from the bullies on the playground
  • bullies being the girls who call Seungkwan ugly
  • Vernon will throw tanbark at them no joke
  • and you know he’d be that one kid that gets in trouble for putting gum in a girl’s hair but she was asking for it by making fun of Seungkwan 
  • and he pushes Seungkwan on the swings a lot too
  • never complains about it 
  • Joshua is the parent who works from home
  • because his child’s education is really important and they need to have one parent home at least
  • according to his how to be a parent book
  • also in charge of the school’s PTA 
  • so everyone knows Vernon
  • Joshua is always planning like fifty bale sales and a bunch of fundraisers 
  • also tries convincing the school to host a carnival
  • just so Vernon can ride the Ferris wheel
  • he also drags the whole family to church on Sunday
  • he always tries cooking dinner with an apron that says “Thank God for this chef”
  • but he can’t cook
  • at all
  • so Seungcheol always has to put out whatever fire is roaring in the kitchen
  • and then order takeout
  • Joshua’s one of those classy af parents sipping wine in the driveway with a book while their kid runs past screaming
  • “You’re doing great sweetie, don’t kill the neighbor’s cat like last time.” without even looking up
  • really loves his family though
  • reads bedtime stories to both Seungcheol and Vernon even though Vernon insists he stop
  • always packing Vernon’s lunch in a little brown paper bag with a heart drawn on it
  • which some people tease Vernon for
  • but he will fight them if they mess with it
  • and he secretly likes how much his parents care for him in the randomest ways
  • they have a pool in the backyard
  • so they’re always throwing neighborhood parties
  • Seungcheol can actually manage BBQ’s pretty well
  • so he makes stuff like hamburgers, hot dogs for Vernon and Joshua
  • he works downtown
  • pretty nice office space with a nice view
  • normal eight-hour work day type deal
  • never comes home and complains though
  • and always that parent dragging their kid out on the lawn to run through the sprinklers in summer
  • and tends to set things on fire with sparklers
  • rest in peace that poor rose bush
  • the one to mow the lawn in something embarrassing like just underwear
  • with Joshua covering Vernon’s eyes and yelling for him to put a shirt on there are children what are you doing you need Jisoos
  • Seungcheol also the one to go to the hardware store for a lightbulb and ends up getting the idea to build a treehouse
  • and makes Vernon help him
  • even though it ends up being Joshua putting all the planks together and Seungcheol meekly hammering them together
  • they often go on family vacations too
  • so they don’t have a pet
  • it probably wouldn’t survive
  • camping often because nature
  • though secretly they all bring like ten portable battery chargers each and use data to check SNS
  • they all drive to the beach and take lots of family photos
  • photos end up on the fireplace mantel
  • everyone who sees the pictures can’t deny how cute this family is
  • Vernon and Seungcheol teaming up to play a prank on Joshua, with whip cream
  • but they get caught
  • and end up being given a long lecture
  • Seungcheol nodding his head pretending to listen
  • Vernon mimicking Joshua
  • but mess with Vernon, or any of the family
  • and even Joshua can turn savage
  • next day your car is covered in soap or post-its
  • and you bring it up at the home owners’ association meeting
  • Cheolsoo will high five each other and smile innocently
  • like “we have no idea who could have done that”
  • fights are nonexistent
  • they all think alike too much
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family

Jeonghoon family

  • tbh if savagery were parents
  • Jeonghan always bringing in the latest gossip from the other neighborhood parents
  • ranting on and on to Jihoon about how one person didn’t trim their lawn
  • or how their cat keeps pooping in the petunias
  • like how dare they
  • and Jihoon just nods
  • until Jeonghan brings up the neighbors that party too loudly
  • then Jihoon joins Jeonghan’s roasting fest
  • as they both criticize their neighbor’s music taste
  • “why even throw a party at all?”
  • “I’d rather die.”
  • they’re always plotting their revenge on some random kid or neighbor
  • they tolerate the Cheolsoo family
  • though they low key like being neighbors because they can watch Seungkwan for them whenever he hangs out with Hansol
  • and then they can chill and do whatever they want
  • and the Cheolsoo family has lit pool parties
  • a bit suspicious of Vernon, but they love Vernon too
  • low key savage to their own kid too
  • “do whatever”
  • but they always secretly worry
  • and Seungkwan can tell this from their questions
  • “How’d you do on the spelling test? Not that we care it’s whatever.”
  • Seungkwan is a really smart kid
  • though they sometimes think he might be a pushover
  • so they try toughing Seungkwan up
  • going camping like the Choi’s
  • doesn’t go exactly as planned
  • too many mosquitos
  • not enough high speed internet
  • so the whole trying to toughen up their kid
  • doesn’t go so well
  • Seungkwan could end up crying
  • so they give up and give the kid ice cream
  • parenting experts clearly
  • Jihoon has an at home-studio
  • works on stuff and lets Seungkwan run around
  • might complain about annoying Seungkwan is
  • but let’s Seungkwan do whatever he wants
  • the kid running around and testing all the sound equipment
  • and listening to the music his dad is composing
  • being brutally honest and savage
  • because he learned rom the best
  • “you sure you want to put that key change there?”
  • “get out”
  • Jeonghan just stays home and watches reality tv shows
  • “Seungkwan, I swear if you keep doing that kid’s math hw… actually go ahead, we like that family.”
  • and Seungkwan will sit and watch too
  • and criticize the show’s plot points
  • before Jeonghan tells his kid to be quiet
  • but Jeonghoon love Seungkwan a lot
  • Seungkwan is always bring them his pictures, drawings, paintings, hw, tests, etc.
  • and they don’t say much
  • and so you’d think they don’t acknowledge the kid
  • but you’re wrong
  • all the drawings are hung up somewhere
  • the bathroom
  • the fridge
  • on the garage door
  • everywhere
  • and the tests always end up taped to the window with the perfect scores facing outside
  • and they’re always bragging about Seungkwan to their friends
  • “Yea my kid is a genius, I bet he could do algebra better than your kid” even though Seungkwan’s only in elementary school and doesn’t know algebra
  • Seungkwan’s always leads for the chorus shows and school productions
  • no one even fights him for it
  • the teachers just know
  • and he always drags Vernon into the shows
  • and on opening night Jeonghan and Jihoon are sitting front row center
  • with a huge af sign with Seungkwan’s name on it
  • not even caring they’re blocking other parents
  • proudest parents in the world that would never admit that nonsense
  • and they’ll tell you no recording because respect the school’s rules
  • but you know secretly they’re recording the whole thing on their phones too
  • to send to friends and family like they do every year
  • “The Lee Family would like to say Season’s Greetings”
  • and buy Seungkwan a flower bouquet afterwards
  • and all the ice cream the kid wants
  • maybe going with the Choi family
  • Jeonghan always buying takeout and putting it on fancy dishes to pretend he cooked it
  • fools Jihoon but not Seungkwan
  • who’s learning to be more savage each day from his parents
  • “If I wanted takeout, I could just eat next door.”
  • also Jeonghan’s the parent to smear the frosting on store-bought cupcakes to make it look home-made
  • “They’ll never notice”
  • Jihoon always the one doing the cleanup, washing dishes, mowing the lawn, changing lightbulbs (despite being short)
  • with Jeonghan telling him every five minutes “good job” without looking up from his drama series
  • the parents that prank all their neighborhood friends
  • “Quick we need to TP the house before they call the cops!”
  • Seungkwan’s just shaking his head being dragged into it like
  • “Again?!?!?”
  • “They forgot to bring in their garbage cans, this is deserving.”
  • end up all running away in the dark
  • and hiding in bushes
  • and laughing together as a family
  • before they start getting a bunch of insect bites from the bush
  • and rush home to shower and help each other with the anti-itch cream
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family

Wonhui family

  • appear as the family that’s most got their ish together
  • with Wonwoo being a smart professor with a library at home
  • and Jun with his artistic performance arts stuff at the local theater all the time
  • gives lessons to Seungkwan for shows
  • which Jeonghoon is ok with because it’s free
  • and Wonwoo tutoring Vernon
  • pretty calm and quiet parents at social events
  • except if they’re the ones hosting
  • then ish can get crazy
  • don’t play charades at the Jeon household
  • tbh their kids are always trying to ship the other to Canada or somewhere
  • “Hey dad I need a box.”
  • “How big?”
  • “Mingyu, how tall are you?”
  • “I need a box as big as Mingyu.”
  • “Minghao stop trying to ship your brother to Canada, you can’t afford the shipping fee anyway!”
  • Wonwoo always running around trying to stop the kids from fighting
  • Jun just casually in a corner, sipping wine and staring at the chaos
  • not even trying to help
  • just shakes his head and continues whatever he’s doing
  • and Mingyu is the actual adult of the family
  • like yes his parents pay the bills
  • but they can’t cook
  • he and Minghao may be in middle school
  • and Jun and Wonwoo may be the parents
  • but he’s always the one to cook and change light bulbs and make everyone else’s lunch
  • wearing an apron too big for a middle schooler
  • but he’s tall
  • Minghao denies being his sibling at schoool
  • even though Mingu is older
  • Minghao’s like “Mingyu who?”
  • Mingyu always trailing after Minghao to annoy him but also to get attention from him
  • Mingyu also teasing Minghao for being taller than him
  • and people tend to call them 2Ming for short
  • which they hate
  • don’t ever
  • unless you want a fight
  • separate friend groups at school but always sit together for lunch on fridays
  • and although they often argue
  • pray for Wonwoo and Jun if they decide to team up for a prank
  • let’s just say 2Ming is still grounded after the last “incident”
  • middle school = angsty teens
  • but Minghao and Mingyu are surprisingly well behaved
  • sometimes
  • they both have a lot of extracurriculars  
  • hecka busy schedule this family
  • never enough time for anything
  • Jun’s performances at night
  • Wonwoo’s lectures in the morning
  • martial arts class for Minghao
  • home economics class for Mingyu
  • Minghao always being done with the rest of his family
  • “How am I related to all of you?”
  • secretly loves his crazy family though
  • especially when Mingyu sticks up for him when people say he’s a crazy nunchuck wielding ninja
  • which he is
  • they both do really well in school though
  • cuz smart parents
  • Mingyu always reminding everyone about important dates and appointments
  • being the mature parent one minute
  • and acting like a giant puppy the next
  • too busy for family vacations
  • so they just go out to fancy restaurants to eat every weekend
  • the one family to sing along to songs together in the car
  • but if the kids see someone from school
  • “I swear I don’t know them, my family actually lives in Antarctica.”
  • don’t prank other neighbors either
  • mostly because they argue how extreme it should be
  • so generally when the Lee family strikes
  • they do four separate things
  • which is chaotic
  • but functional enough
  • Wonwoo always the one trying to calm everyone and be logical
  • Jun not helping whatsoever watching everyone struggle
  • Mingyu trying to fix everything by peaceful terms
  • and Minghao wanting chaotic means
  • they’re a mess, but
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family 

Kwon family

  • Seokmin is in middle school with Mingyu and Minghao
  • often hangs out with them
  • though he can’t decide which friend group
  • so he floats from one to the other
  • like's hanging out with Chan too
  • but Chan is still in elementary school
  • a year younger than Seungkwan and Hansol
  • Soonyoung doing that hard carry as the single parent
  • dance classes for the whole family though
  • it’s always lit at their birthday parties
  • choreos always on point
  • you know they rehearsed for that wedding they attended
  • “we have to nail the choreo to wow all the grandparents”
  • tbh also has a who’s the adult crisis like the Wonhui family
  • with Chan having to scold Soonyoung for forgetting to pick him and Seokmin up
  • and Seokmin just being a huge happy fluffball
  • like idk what’s going on but I love you all
  • Seokmin likes singing in chorus
  • so ends up seeing the elementary school choral director
  • and volunteering to teach the little ones
  • like Vernon and Seungkwan
  • and drags his dongsaeng Chan along
  • likes planning out all the costumes for shows too
  • and gets his dad to teach them choreos
  • and to just choreo the whole show
  • and Chan’s just trying to hide the fact he’s related to two huge dorks
  • but he’s a dork too
  • and just gives up
  • he’s a smart kid
  • like a genius
  • he’s skipped a grade already
  • and can sometimes help Seokmin with his hw
  • which surprises Soonyoung who doesn’t know what to do
  • but give his unending support to both his children
  • Soonyoung always asking the other parents for advice
  • but tbh do any of them know anything about parenting at this point
  • lots of full street block parties
  • Soonyoung is just glad to be included
  • his kids have friends within the neighborhood which is nice
  • probably the only family able to have a pet and still function
  • though Chan is like “Why get a pet, isn’t that what Dokyeom-hyung is for?”
  • which gets him in trouble with soonyoung
  • and he apologizes
  • Seokshine is still smiley
  • they get a puppy
  • and that puppy leads them to get fishes too
  • and another puppy
  • and that’s a lot
  • so Chan takes care of the fishes
  • and Soonyoung and Seokmin walk the puppies
  • Chan also does most of the cleaning
  • and god forbid there's a SpIdER 
  • because none of them will be able to catch it
  • except maybe Chan
  • and maybe Soonyoung, if he learns how to use a flamethrower safely
  • Seokmin always relying on Soonyoung
  • don’t mess with Soonyoung’s kid unless you want a hurricane to hit you
  • Chan really relies on Soonyoung too
  • since he’s kind of quiet at school
  • he’d never admit it
  • but Soonyoung’s stupid dad jokes and silly dances make him laugh
  • Soonyoung would legit fight a dragon for his kids
  • they don’t travel often
  • but when they do they always have crazy stories to tell when they come back
  • like the trip to the beach
  • where Chan fell into a tide pool
  • and Seokmin fell in after him
  • and Soonyoung slipped trying to save them
  • so they all ended up in a tiny tide pool
  • with fish swimming between them and starfish surrounding them
  • would probably dance as a family for money at a birthday party
  • and they’re pretty good too
  • they all love each other
  • they’re family

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misscoffeeapple  asked:

Hey, Im planning a fantasy Novel and I need a bit of a hand in one area, if you don't mind. There is this one thing (object/person/idea/whatever) that has been protected by one family for generations, and they've gone to extreme measures to protect it. But... I dont know what it is... I dont want it to be obvious like "the most powerful thing ever" or "the thing that gives you immortality", I want to be different. I was thinking either something dangerous, valuable, or secret. Any ideas, please?

So, for this one I kind of want to talk about some examples from fiction because this is a plot device that you can do a lot with, as evidenced by the fact that there are a lot of cool examples. Spoilers ahead.

There are two really good ones in Charmed: The Book of Shadows and the Halliwell Manor

Let’s start with the book.

Books are a good choice because they contain knowledge and information rather than inherent power. Yes, the demons and warlocks are always going after the book because it can help them become more powerful, and the book itself is enchanted so that only a Halliwell can access it, but the real power of the book is what their ancestors have collected, the spells and creatures they have encountered and collated over the years.

Now, onto the Manor.

Ok, so my memory of this is a little rusty, but basically, the manor is located on top of a spiritual nexus, which means it is very powerful. People born in the house (Wyatt and Phoebe) are capable of swinging either way, good or evil, and both do turn evil at different points.

Going back to the written idea, in the Swan Princess films, the bad guys are always practitioners of the forbidden arts.

 The spells to activate and harness the power to create, change and destroy are written on pieces of paper. Derek, thinking that the forbidden arts could be used for good (???), keeps the spells but rips of the bottom corner of the final piece so that it can’t be used to destroy if it ever got in the wrong hands. So that’s another cool way to have an object like that, to have the last piece missing and your protagonists (or antagonists) go on a search to find it.

Then there’s The Key from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Dawn herself has absolutely no power. Seriously, she’s just a teenage girl. But the energy used to create Dawn is one of the most powerful things in the multiverse. It’s a key that open’s a portal to a hell dimension, ad once it’s open, the dimensions bleed into each other. Hell on earth, basically. You see, these monks thought they could use the Key for good (Seriously, what is up with that?) so instead of destroying it, they hid it in a teenage girl they created from the blood of the slayer, and built entire memories and essentially a new universe that Buffy and everyone else would think Dawn was her sister, so that she would protect the key.

By making the object a person, there is a lot of potential for interesting character and relationship development. Ok, moving onto Harry Potter.

Alright, there are way too many to go into all of them  into here. I’ll just go through the highlights:

The Deathly Hallows

First, you have the Invisibility Cloak that protects you and others. Then you have the resurrection stone which have the ability to bring back the dead. Finally, there is the Elder Wand, known as the unbeatable wand. Of course, the Invisibility Cloak won’t actually stop you from dying. The resurrections stone doesn’t actually bring back the dead, merely an echo of their personalities. And the Elder Wand isn’t unbeatable or else there would be no way to claim mastership of it. 

The moral of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - one of many of the whole series, really - is that the only way to become the master of death is to accept your own death. Death can’t hurt you if you’re not afraid of it. It’s just a part of life. And so here we have the opportunity to convey your message or theme through your objects.

Voldies’s Horcuxes

Similar to the way dawn was created to hide the key, Voldemort uses already existing objects in which to encase his soul. The most interesting of thee (Harry isn’t technically a horcrux before you butt in, merely an accidental vessel for a piece of Voldemort’s soul) is the first we encounter: Tom RIddle’s Diary. Through the diary, the piece of Voldemort’s soul is able to communicate to anyone who writes in it and even possess them. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

There are so many more like the hat and the sword of Gryffindor and others but this gives you a general gist and you can always read the books to get more ideas

Some more tips

  • If this object is the thing that helps/allows the characters to get out of a tough spot, sor resolves a major conflict in the story, you need to establish what the object can do earlier in the story.
  • The main advantage of selecting a  seemingly mundane, every-day looking object to actually be this secretly powerful thing is that it can hide in plain sight. The disadvantage is that anyone could just pick it up with dire consequences. This gives the potential for suspense and tension in your story.
  • Think about making the object appear differently to different people
  • Remember that no matter how powerful or awesome your object is, that this is a story about people. Write interesting characters, with strong motivations who care about protecting the object, not because of the object but because of some trait or quality within them (eg greed, thirst for power, grief, love, fear, etc)