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Knitting Commissions!!


Having trouble finding fall and winter accessories that match your favorite outerwear? Want to buy your loved one a unique handmade gift for the holiday season? Then hire my needles!! :D

I have been asked many times before about taking commissions, and up until now have accepted them on a case-by-case basis because of the uncertainty of my schedule. Now, I finally found the time and courage to open them up on my actual knitting blog!


  • Pricing will be based on the complexity of your design choice and quality of your desired yarn
  • I require a 50% down payment in order to purchase yarn before beginning your commission
  • No adult-sized garments
  • No blankets
  • You don’t have to shy away from non-accessory requests; I have over ten years of knitting experience and can make almost anything!

Direct inquiries to with the subject line “Commission.” I love working with people on creating the exact design they envision, so all questions and suggestions are welcome!

Current WIP, (undershirt, shoes, and tights are accessories already downloadable on my site) any suggestions/requests for accessories to go with it?


Summer Fashions 2015 or Something

Thank you for all your Simple Clothing and Accessory Requests. If your suggested item didn’t make it, you can probably expect to see it in the next update, because you guys all have so Seriously Great Ideas. It might also be Secretly Included(!), as I didn’t take pictures of every single new clothing item.

anonymous asked:

This may be odd but do you think you could find any cute cases for the 3ds?

Not odd!

But I didn’t really find very many. Here are a couple:

Bunny Ear Silicone Case - $18.00 + free ship
Hello Kitty Hard Case -  $10.00 + free ship
Evee Hard Case - $14.98 + free ship
Kitty Silicone Case - $15.00 + free ship

You can also get a clear case (3DS / 3DS XL) and either put cute skins/decals on them or decoden them like sorayraya’s designs or other deocden designs.

Happy shopping. ^^